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POMPEO IN STUDIO: “This is Biden’s Inflation”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 17, 2022 1:22 pm

POMPEO IN STUDIO: “This is Biden’s Inflation”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 17, 2022 1:22 pm

Former Secretary of State and ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo joins Sekulow live in-studio for the full hour to talk about President Biden's inflation and why nobody else can be blamed for the current economic state of America. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

This is by talk about that more today. Now, the opportunity is in the studio would be good.

Watch out for those folks were watching the broadcast of course from your listing as well. You can put your phone calls and a 100 684 31 two talk to Sec. Mike Pompeo today. Our senior counsel for global affairs. He's in the studio where this the full hour of the broadcast will be working through issues, domestic and foreign us started with some of the top issues that you heard of the tees and inflation is the from the by the ministries we keep hearing over and over and over again.

This is all about. Put this all about Russia is all about Ukraine, Sec. Pompeo disagrees and believes this is as we agree. The Biden inflation that is Biden policies a causes inflation. Mike you had you tweeted out today or it may be x-ray present bind is not to travel to Saudi Arabia to bring down gas prices is that he should travel to places like Midland, Texas, the American energy industry can pump just as much oil and this will make America independent not dependent and you we were independent couple years ago what you think's going on me. I can imagine no baking. The Saudis for more oil production is gotta be, but everything you worked on this is gotta feel awkward, like taking 14 steps backwards or it's it's remarkable.

I hear the present go out. He talks about Putin's tax output is inflation. No miss present you own every bit of that. These are these are policy decisions that they made in a day when they close down the Keystone pipeline they make it very clear that if you invest in fossil fuels. You will be penalized in a letter last few days.

Now baking the same companies that they threatened to put a windfall profits tax on threatening them eat you had this massive spending package.

This last COBIT relief so-called American rescue plan covered relief bill that is through dollars into the economy, then they have this set of incentives for people not to go back to work and so you have this supply chain disruption were weak in America in the United States of America. There is not baby formula on our shelves. The President's policies on this. They are the reason for the pain that American families are feeling all across the country. They can fix them. But has it doesn't appear to me to have any interest in doing so that's why do people in should to is the fix is in and we can take phone calls that if you have questions about it folks.

Sec. Pompeo what he would do to fix this, a 100-684-3110 because we've heard time your phlebotomist received escapable, they just claimed. Inflation is higher than every other country in the world is just not true. Inflation is up in the rest of the world but were at the highest points are tape up that we we are, unfortunately, the leader when it comes to inflation, but also things because of course inflation is up in other parts of the world because if it's up in the US we have a big effect on the world is absolutely true. US policy is followed by so many countries in the world how we think about our own interest rates, how we think about our own economy were the driving force at the Paris climate records and the follow-on meetings as well write these things all have huge implications if you're ordinary family in Minnesota or Texas or wherever it may be you are feeling higher prices and everything you buy from the seer you buy for your kid to that gasoline to drive a kiss that soccer games those are all now so much more expensive for you and people will stop were likely to get an infant recession that will have an even bigger impact on people all across every week. We know the policies which we delivered there for four years when it would have to guess that they would that ignoring works. We know it works we can we can demonstrably say that we had the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans were Hispanic women in the history of the United States of America.

We had an economy that was growing. We had risktakers out the will to build their little businesses. Every small company.

Every small start up in the country was willing to go out and take risks. That's all been blown up by this administration and the progressive infiltration to take a phone call one 800 684 31 to start taking those two I think you broadcast of people to share where you are and how this is all impacting you is important to Sec. puppets travel the country and the world we all want to know how this impacts you whether what different demographics different points of life different economic situation, 1-800-684-3110 particular calls will be right back at 1-800-684-3110 Sec. Mike of his in studio with us your senior counsel for global affairs was in the studio with stay for the flower. The broadcast talked to a number of issues, starting with it. We start with a little bit with inflation already looking at those international numbers in an area we again it's up but when they they say it's a pirate everywhere else.

It's not the highest as in the United States, and of course leave an impact on the world because we we had directors cut off Russian oil and gas without a backup plan for what we would do next because we are shut down our pipelines shut down new drilling. The United states that the it was 20 years since we had a new refinery, the United States of America would put one up right you get you getting letters from you. My getting letters from the present United States. The all companies, you know, threatening them saying what what how much money did you make and how much you make in 2020. By the way were to put you out of business for years. But we want to invest more when you said something also interesting in Mrs. what were seeing is everything that is going wrong. There is one enemy now and this is its inflation. It's Vladimir Putin, gas prices, which just round the corner from us were now premium six dollars a gallon. It's Vladimir. Food prices are going up it's Vladimir. They're blaming everything on Vladimir.

So you dealt with Vladimir Putin. You've dealt with the situation in Ukraine. To me it looks like it's just an escape for them. This is just an easy talking point what your sense that this is a Dodge and he is not honest and it's not how leaders react. Leaders take responsibility. I will things go wrong. Later steps up and says on the prize United States.

He doesn't come to the American people.

Is this present extensive but I can't do much about this and what we should do something right. He said this on guns right we should get this present, you are responsible for the outcomes for ordinary American families to use put this this excuse belies the fact this inflation began long before February 24 when Putin kicked off his horrendous campaign. His war of aggression on Ukraine. This is, this inflation is not a result of Vladimir Putin. There's no doubt that Appleton pressure on the Russian regime and put in a little less crude oil in the market has an impact, but it is the it is that it is the tale not the dog. The dog or bad Biden policies a set of progressive left advisors around them who are happy about these high energy prices because they think it moves to the screen transition faster. It's kind of the point of what they're doing. To be honest with ends were taken because folks are 164 3110 would take right off the bat until Pam in Indiana on line 1 a pain welcome to secular you're on the wondering what we can do American patriots who feel helpless only thing America is getting and I close the secretary meeting for radio broadcasts were getting dozens of these: everyday wear hard-working Americans what can we do know we had Sen. Blackburn on the other day she laid out some concrete steps that could be taken. We could be producing more energy here, but this is this is it this the heartbeat of America this with her saying that I'd what can what you think the priority items of starting with inflation and in the cost of living generally for people what you think the next moves need to be so look for ordinary citizens. This is our moment.

This is this the time we all go get after this in ways we have in first my first rule in guidance to everyone. I really appreciate this call, is don't let them gaslight you don't let them tell you this is Vladimir Putin's inflation. Don't let them tell you there's more than two genders. The let them tell you that your kid is racist in their schools defend the things we now don't give an inch on those core principle second. I will then have a big election here just a handful of months.

Indeed, people will start voting in the general election. Think right after Labor Day.

So, just a couple months from tell your friends make sure they're all committed. They understand that there is an awful lot of steak in November and that my last thought America's always had challenges when we get America back on the right track. It is almost always because people come together on our core institutions. Think of your church make book the extra chili for your Wednesday dinner at take care of your own family.

The these institutions of family and faith in church. These are the things that build and America and are the knuckleheads in Washington will respond when ordinary citizens like you, ma'am called in today.

Ordinary citizens like you return to the central things we know and continue to defendant in every form, where they are your kids soccer game. Are your church or in the grocery store you defend the things that matter to you to take your phone calls to supposed to called in at 1-800-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 secretary puppet. We don't want to things abide ministration is now traders going overseas to get oil and gas and we know there's an upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for our audience to have you in here today at because of being secretary of state CIA director.

What were those those meetings be like because it waits it in one since it's an ally a lot of issues. The special security issues, but that this we know that the current Saudi government not so happy with this. Our current administration because of the words that were used this administration to describe them and the threat that they were going to be punished, or even a regime change there once Job I became present. Now he's hoping to get a meeting with the current conference with Jordan, as as I said first step is to get it right at home. We should be producing our own energy that puts less dependence on us for energy from any place for any authoritarian regime.

The relationship with Nairobi is complicated.

I spent a lot of time in the region, not only with the crown prince in Saudi Arabia and with his father the king but with the MBC in the Emirates and with Israeli leadership we had this right, it is complicated, but we have this right there important strategic partners are, doesn't mean we bless everything that they do and that we don't criticize the things that they do that are inconsistent with our value set, but there really important partners. It all starts with the relationship between the United States and Israel. When you get that right when the whole world knows that working to defend the Israeli people's right the Jewish homeland of Israel that is a good start in the region.

Even the Arab nations appreciate when we do that well. Second, you have to be there and be engaged, you have to recognize that these are nations that are governed in a way that is deeply different than ours and you should you should respect that this is the path that they are headed down, and then make sure they understand that they that they need the United States as a security partners well then you have to talk to them a serious way publicly and privately are two different sets of conversations you need to make very clear that you understand that our collective work to really push back on the greatest risk in the region which is around our our our collective work together can secure the nation of Israel. America and the Arab states of the threat monogamy said Jeffersonian democracy doesn'ttranslate to the Middle East, but you had tremendous progress forward with the Abraham accords the Saudis and now cooperate with Israel in ways we never imagine that the court's reaction was to be up when the Abraham accords when you will as well. This will start a bigger warning than a snack that exact opposite effect. It seems like anything you did in your ministration by demonstration just wants to get rid of it or put up the consulate to Drew's line was there for that great event and now they want what they want to do.

They want to open up Palestinian consulate.

Two blocks away that they used to have as well.

Food kinda deemphasizing the human talk about moving the embassy back to tell me which violates a federal law, but it seems like the knee-jerk reaction is whatever you want to do the opposite. What the results are terrible. It's, it's remarkable. Some of this is just vindictive because no good policy explanation for what they've chosen to do. I give you one that's near and dear to your heart of the international criminal court mix a little bit in the weeds, but they try to prosecute American soldiers and Israelis. I was there yeah you work the ACLJ did amazing work on this. We sanctioned the ICC leadership and they undid it then it took this woman had been sued.

At least she's corrupt you know you probably know better than I did. In any event, they just undid up because well, Trump and Pompeo did it this this is something that the Ayatollah in Iran, the bad actors in the region. Hamas has belied the sheer militias in Iraq. They are welcoming this money. These resources that this ministration is not providing to the rain regime due to the lack of enforcement and it is really dangerous for Americans to see this path. This path with parenthesis move away from our strategic defense partners. The Arab states, our dearest most close ally in the region. Israelis in ways that are fundamentally inconsistent with what's in America's best interest to take your phone calls Afrocentric in New York online to hate Frank hi Kate: Mike Pompeo, thank you for your service with with Donald As President to a retiring guy in the very near future. This administration seems to want to just destroy any savings that we put aside our retirement. I have to put my retirement on hold now because what's going on.

The stock market plunged today and at we are losing money like you can't believe on a daily basis, but we we we hope that they reached the true bread waves in November and again in 24 jump in here Frank because I can not count how many calls we had Mike exactly like Frank's people and on the cusp of the time it worked for you see is 7000 8020 correction in the stock market's birthday and people are very very concerned the people right to be concerned and Frank, your point. This didn't have to be.

That's the best of what I write this. This wasn't inevitable was like well they come. It comes and goes. When you build a sound economy when you encourage risk-taking from entrepreneurs when you tell the American people you are with them you're not to climb on the back with more regulations when you tell them when you put climate change is your first issue is going to hurt the economy and the people it hurts. We talk about the economy is, is this abstract thing economy is human beings just like you Frank is here.

It's all of us who are trying to figure out a way to make it all go and if you're 60 or 65 or 70 and you think I want to spend more time with my grandchildren are, whatever it is that I want to do. Now you see that you can't do that. It's very troubling and I do pray to like you. I pray that we get this back, we get the economy headed back in the right direction and that the Frank you can enjoy your time with the kids this as soon as possible right back to him or your phone calls on secular 431 two will continue take your phone calls with secretary Pompeo stories the flower in the studios of course. I counsel of global affairs with the ACLJail would put us at this from the White House. The closing of the secretary Pompeo. This is a Peter Ducey Stuckey decree Jean-Pierre about the situation because regular sends these oil companies do more.

What about your green new deal policies want to shut down the oil companies shut down.

You don't eradicate them from the United States. Take a listen by three and fossil fuel is now on the table and continue to move forward with our clean energy proposal are climate change is working or answering. If you keep it that it doesn't make since what he wrote the letters to the oil companies over to Jamie's called New Mexico because I think this is the real feel out there hey Jimmy Walker secularly on the air like little Dragon that comment about you more Laura New Mexico number two oil producer in the country as part of New Mexico and currently compliant like they're proposing licking the prairie chicken and endangered species in their territory currently in basement of New Mexico and Not helpful. I also want to note that the car driven by Wall Street in 2019 20 when things were booming in the oilfield Wall Street currently."

Companies like my friend who got laid off because they could not compete. They could not better not oil or gas to raise the issue of regulatory issues up front and then is where you get leasing of potential oilfields off-limits off-line Mike because of the prairie chicken mean I guess the second gas is six dollars a gallon. I don't know if the chicken is in the glazing everything to come up with something so you prairie chicken which sounded so absurd and Melissa Spicer as the reason why we can't get energy to the prairie chicken is a tried-and-true what I remember the prairie chicken for my time in Congress, Kansas.

Jamie has prairie chicken stew and farmers were being denied the capacity to plant the field size same.

They're trying to put the endangered the prairie chicken. I think it was endangered species list.

At the time I was in the very inter-industry, the urine I Iran a little company called Sentry. We would did oil and gas equivalent. I sold equipment to small companies in the southeast part of New Mexico probably right right where you're at the western edge of the Permian basin. These are tough businesses. The good businesses that hire a lot of people in week we talk about oil. Everybody thinks of the big guys truth is, Jamie's folks like me and you and our little company who hired hundreds of people for good paying jobs Drive water trucks to put down all palms and do all all the kinds of hard work in the fields that deliver really good lives for people all across America to watch this ministration destroy those jobs to destroy that wealth to deny the ability to drill out a new field or explore someplace because of a prairie chicken set me up for improper chicken. But make no mistake about it, we can protect prairie chickens and still deliver affordable energy for the American people. These are not things that are in conflict. Jimmy, I'm so sorry to hear the yellow back at that experience and that again I think this is a story to off told across America today and I'm thinking about you not look upset. I can afford is like the cover gasket. It stops $100 bump stops hundred dollars which did not quite pull the car thinking how many people are in the situation where they can't do that they can't afford the gas so we have natural resources including oil here in the United States and we were guttural point when you were in office that we were exporting well. We were energy independent. We had a pipeline that was coming through and it seems like that either were going to Venezuela, which is unbelievable to me in Saudi Arabia. Maybe it makes more sense. But the policy I was say elections have consequences part of those consequences are policies. Remember when the secretary of energy Sec. Granholm was asked about this and she's laughed when she left she left in the face of the American people. The record people who both work in the industry and all of us to have people forget everything you have depends on these files. Write the close that you wear often come from refined petroleum plastic products. Almost all have natural gas of the it's now three 3 1/2 times as expensive as it was during the time I served the trumpet ministration think these are policies to your point today.

These are these are choices that this administration is made to placate the radical left environmentalists to make them happy to try and drive toward some nirvana that is an awfully long ways away if it's ever going to be and the people who bear the brunt of that ordinary Americans all across this country from you to take your call. So keep calling 1-800-684-3110 recent order issues to in the second half as a broadcasted average height of color New Mexico record numbers there. So if you got questions on the border comments on the board. If you live in those borders. I especially love to hear future because it kind of the dual impact of the economy and the influx of illegal migrants in your communities have the pressure that's putting on your community. So give us a call 1-800-684-3110.

I just won't hear from people across the country and try to do as couple weeks of the broadcast is not just how it's affecting you note New York or LA or Washington DC. But how it's affecting your business and how it's affecting you and we got Sec. Pompeo here to take those calls and said to answer your questions in the college and get it provide comments and also solution so 100-684-3110 was cultivated for Michael in California on my five hey Michael, I thank you for taking my call about to go disabled and my wife and I took on her father and helped her mother is helping her mother and I'm paying over six dollars a gallon began, and I can even fill up my gas tank and it it it it causing a lot of pain because under the former ministration. I didn't have these issues right and and you know I was thinking that someone said you don't let a crisis go to waste. But this is not a crisis. This is the deliberate act by this administration and it's just it's killing people. That's why people are leaving California in droves of things you race which I think in the gut just a minute left heirloom over minute I want to go to six I Pompeo analysis talk about this before and that is avoiding the crisis is don't get yourself instead of boring.

When we do in turn invades time.

I want about China doesn't invade Taiwan on the gas situation.

It seems like they did. They walked into this crisis and maybe on purpose and maybe now it's gotten out of control, even for the by demonstration. I think that is spot on. They knew they knew when they went to Copenhagen and cut deals with the Chinese and the Russians to eliminate coal with a new when they shut down the pipelines they knew when they put regulations on small banks across America. That said, what you can't support the little the little fossil fuel company of the energy company here in your home state and Michael Friel, California got a governor who is fully on board with that to you got district attorneys, it will prosecute crimes. These things are all in California. I know this Michael, and we are another Mike from California. I grew up in in Santa Ana, California week. We know that these state-level issues matter awful lot to ordinary Americans to and so we need to have a good election. We need good County Commissioner school board members district attorneys new governor in your state would be fantastic and then we need to have a big success in Washington DC in 2022. Those are the things Michael that can make your life better in California and I am praying that we get in when I hear from folks like you. I'm confident folks will get out and get after it.

As well, wouldn't remind people to the Sec. Pompeo's regular writer. There I that's a unique content just for the ACLJ that's up restored to broadcast a couple times a week but is unique today could in studio with us for the full hour so call would be part of the sugar couple lines of 164, 31 to 4 decades ACLJ's been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ you informed and now is a secular secular. We are taking 6430 with his unique special shows were live with Sec. Pompeo, who is joined to broadcast a couple times a week as a senior counselor global affairs ACLJ rights pieces for helps is behind-the-scenes as well but is in studio with us today.

It has been for the first half hour for the second half hour now it is taking a your phone calls your comments. We talked inflationary continue taking your calls of the economy. I didn't want to touch the border numbers right off the bat because we saw again this affects everything. This affects the economy affects all the cut everything were talking about 239,000 encounters along the Southwest border in May I could.

That is a record number that is up 38,000 more people that in April where was 201,000 and numbers and there were 15 people on the terror watch list captured sneaking across the southern border in May that one of the issue. If she thinks here's a 42% of those people that were encountered have gotten expelled by title 42, but this ministration was once again a writ of title 42, so let's take a look at let's talk about the 15 on the terror watch list which is shocking when you think that that's in a day. It really dangerous number as the former CIA director. We were constantly focused on making sure that we did everything we could to keep terrorists out of our country, especially those that we identified and put on our terror watch list right so you can always miss one knew there at the fake failures are possible, but what we have known people now saying the quickest way for me to come in and do harm to people all across America.

The quickest way for me to do that is to fly to Mexico City, walk, train, bus up to the border and then either struggle or be smuggled across the border identified 15 of them right 15 people in a single day that we caught not counting those that we may have missed a terrorist increase. The Sunday explosive goes off someone is a someone shoot someone on all the things the terrorist plot.

Someone who uses access inside the net states America to conduct a cyber attack on a country right through a physical mechanism. We worry about all of these things and what we cared about the southern border for a lot of reasons, we have to have a strong sovereign nation that the fans are border and has a lawful migration progress that makes sense for America, but we worry not only about the number of people coming across and the illegality of them coming across but we did worry about terror and we had these numbers down to a place where the risk of terror coming in our country was so much smaller.

We would've never found a day when there were 15 people on the existing watchlist that we encountered in a single 24. That seems unimaginable. It is a policy failure puts a lot of Americans around then there's the child smuggling in the sex trafficking. The look at the number and made the average number of unaccompanied children and cut customs and border patrol custody was 692 per day. Okay, that was upper Maple, which was 479 per day. Company children is heartbreaking.

It is heartbreaking ACLJ's done remarkable work on human trafficking for many many years. You. You are to be applauded for that.

But when the volume gets this level you can control capacity for the system to respond to that in a way that actually provides human dignity for these mostly children that are 12 and under, across the border. It's not possible for the system respond to that and so it is talked about it being a security risk. We know it's a risk to American sovereignty and then the human toll from this trafficking, the sex trafficking the minors that are coming across on the companies is is just absolute heartbreaking. And America deserves better. And so, frankly, do those people who are being trafficked in a way that is deeply moral as well.

Our folks we come back with, you should take a more your phone calls again at 1-800-684-3110 wonderful right now but during the break you like it.

One officer probably 168 one just opened up to one 800-6831 to grab that I were so flexible.

Border issues to these numbers because getting all impacts on triplicates for the Ford policy issues to with Russia with Iran with China all coming up but continuing to take your phone calls use this unique opportunity were Sec. Pompeo is with us in the studio for the full broadcast to take your calls so the topics that you universe and switching topics. Targets of the differing say of the line you get your call as well.

She can talk Sec.

I support the work ACLJ of and remember at the website you can find the pieces by Sec. Pompeo up 684 30 with his special broadcast live for yourself or stricter state might Pompeo's honor T with ACLJ is a senior counsel for global affairs of these other broadcast lobbies in the studio with us for the whole show and taken the phone calls with you. So I would arrive the bed and take another move so because this is a unique call to go back to that the gas situation inflation situation Pamela in Texas online for estate which should not have the real prize with with gas did prices. The penalty for calling you earlier.

Good afternoon. We're now business owner operator patient hundred dollars buying one timely change on the counter any real people are really hurting you.

Every time like you would live and feeling their color, whatever they could scrounge here like you know it's really really tough and you know it's is not just gas prices and when you're dealing with the gas station, but we think about this that you can't get baby formula in the United States of America like 1/3 world country. Gas is so outrageously price you can even fill your tank up, let alone your binder now.

By the gallon and food prices have gone up. These are real. This is great that you're here today because you're all going all over the country. These people are. This is the real people listen America is dealing with right now. Jan break Jack. I hear this every place I go, I've probably been in 20 states in the last three months. Meet with people from all call different walks of life, and Pam, I wish I could tell you so you just hold was unique or that I had heard something like it before it. It is doesn't make it any less heartbreaking. It also reminds us that this isn't about politics this about people in people's lives in the simple things that we try to do to take care of our families to take care of our kids to make sure they have a life that's better than ours. The folks are coming into your gas station who can afford to fill up the tank or half half.

Put half a tank in a whatever it is they can do on that particular day living paycheck to paycheck are being impacted by center policies driven by climate change believers in Washington DC who just don't care.

The same way Pamela that I could tell he was you cared about those people. It it it it not only breaks everyone's heart who sitting here today. We know this is not how Americans live is not how it has to be. We know that this can be fixed and I pray that we all begin to get this back. It's going to take a lot of hard work, but it didn't have to be this way.

I served in administration there for four years delivered really good outcomes of the people you're describing there because we cared about them and as we thought about policy, whatever.

What about energy policy about regulatory things about how we would address tax issues for those who needed that relief from the enormous burden that the federal government puts on people every day.

We were clear that our focus was in fact putting people like your customers, and that in the sites of our policy, we got good outcomes.

These these folks are thinking when it when they think about America. They don't see your customers they see, they see a very different person they see in activists from civil rights group were they see anatomies they see it. Activists on environmental issues they don't see the people who are being impacted by their very policies you want those policies it that the administration is to blame everything on his Russian so I we see now another billion dollars us into Ukraine. A lot of people predicted, this is going on the petition for years. So if that's true with. We have to prepare. We have to prepare course our economy. Possessing this ministry. They walked right into this with a they predicted that it was in a compass can happen before little bit wrong but I how long was to take it Russia but everyone was certain that they were to invade. They did invade, but there was dope. It was like there was no plan what they want to cut off Russian oil and gas to get it done. They sell that the American people and the world without a backup during our first step of someone who spent four years trying to keep America more prosperous and more secure. The first plan is always deterrence right and this is what that by the ministration did not understand when you tell Vladimir Putin I spent I probably spent 10 hours with them.

It is a bad guy, he is evil he doesn't care about human beings. So, sign me up for that. He's a bad guy, but it was the conversations we had were serious research because we had to deliver this deterrence.

We had to convince him that if you did something whether there was cyber attack on America.

Economic pain you customer car invade Europe as he did, will be real constipated.

I think he came to believe that on our watch and when present by the loss that we said, well, a small incursion might be okay or minor incursion might be a can be set by the way, he then went down the list of things we will not do right right told the bad guys say there's a set of things that are completely off the table in advance. You created an enormous about a risk and they created the perception for Vladimir Putin that he could move about the cabin and he has done that much to the detriment of the Ukrainian people, and of course it impacts us right here is how was you I was so shocking and stunning when Joe Biden said what they do. A little invasion of Ukraine that we may not need react. Let me tell you what were not going to worry. Take the following things off the table. So if on the enemy and thinking okay well at least I know my parameters where I go, with no reaction which included invading Ukraine to a limited extent. He never defined limited but who does this will divide job Joe Biden did we lost deterrence. I will say I'm worried about cascading crises is secretary defense was in Asia this week and said we don't want conflict with China. We don't want war we don't want economic conflict were not going to build a NATO superstructure there all things that we will not do.

I don't want conflict. I don't want war, but the way that you avoid those things is to make clear your head to seriously or serious about protecting the things that matter to us most and that includes the customers the Pamela was talking, you have to be prepared to fight for the things that matter to the American economy and if you demonstrate to the bad guys that you're not prepared to fight for those things. I don't mean sending the 82nd airborne I do not mean setting the hundred and first air assault division.

I mean make clear to the bad guys that we are proud of our nation that we are can apologize for America that will go to work hard to defend the things that matter to us most when you do those things you will get the respect from your adversaries that you need to create the very prosperity that we built out for four years and William in Washington state online. Three. If you talk to us folks to talk to Sec. Pompeo's unique opportunity.

One 800 684 31 two that's 1-800-684-3110 calls now it William I Michael labeled veteran unable to work and looking at my home.

It needs a new roof repainted not for vanity but for the purpose of protection against weather and I can't even afford to do the things on my fixed income so it's cheaper for me to have my house demolished and then put a travel trailer here and live in lab so that I can continue to pay all of the high-pressure that we are all bucking again. You know it was literally running me right out of my home due to the overwhelming cost of everything and I'm not blaming them directly, but you know it does have a major effect and so there goes my little sliver of the American dream. As you can.

This is this is unfortunate William, this is a conversation around the every day and it's it's getting more and more extreme overhearing people having to do so and Williams. He's thinking about you keeping the property, knocking the house down putting a trailer of the property, giving up on the on his American dreams. He says sliced American railing that Americans give him willing American dream. William tucked onto that personal thank you for your service.

Bless you for serving the United States and taking real risk for yourself and family for them to. Don't give up on the American dream.

I'm convinced that working to get this back it is it is not easy pass the plow. There's no doubt affect that there are likely even more difficult times in front of us. Yet because of the choices that are being made in Washington DC today, but don't don't give up on that dream and make sure everyone listening. Tell your kids the grandkids will get to go to the hard work, collectively, all of us folks like you called in today. Folks are listening want to go to the hard work when you get this back we will not be in this condition for ever really annual bill, we will build our pathway back from us I have faith in that our institutions here are strong.

If we work and we are tireless and we are fearless. What will get back you look at the house and Senate in November that the Republicans get the house in the Senate back the lease. You can then work what they're trying to do you not to get a lot of legislation through probably could buy more sign it directly.

She can stop you can stop it will also give enormous encouragement to the American people to see that yup America is headed back in the right direction. One of the things I hear from people is that other all the saying that there's no difference that it's lost I can tell you, having served in Congress for six years and then for four years in the drop initiation there different. Not all of them.

I get disappointed and Republican sometimes to make no mistake about. I hope when we get that Republicans get the chance to demonstrate American people why what it is we believe matter still do the right thing, but that there's a big difference among those who elect and those policy choices are the result of the choice the American people made. I pray that we get back right side become it up for those you on the life Julie Kathy and Whitney, if your phone calls as well.

Lots lots of talk that Seattle here shows that you mindset how all these issues come to ahead together, and 164 3110 is always been her to support the work of ACLJ new information there posting the pieces up every day so that we get to the broadcast of the don't have time to broadcast will be right back. I think you were joined by satisfactory from his in studio with us this flowers were great and recruiting more. Your phone calls right now. Like we said, and at target a host of issues that we talked about lobbies go back to the economy and how this affects really day-to-day life's obligor in order to have people where really been on hold over the first Julie in California online one Julie and honor think he liked to believe I'm doing. Thank you, Julie on Microsoft trying to clearly what do you see the relationship between faith and way the government handle economy because Judeo-Christian religion. We believe that individual flourishing human immune make more money and you contribute to your community and it came to the government is all about taking her money and spending it however they want because Julie did they believe that amount, can ask signum unveils his mom and say this. They believe the government is God.

In this sense that government is the salvation method upon which your economic life is built your education life is built so you have this government control ID or government is the way to do it rather than individual liberty and founders at a very different view of this totally different view of this, Julie. Thanks for the kind words Angie, I'm happy to second your motion words, you must now have a second your motion. Not only that they think Julie that any freedom that you had comes from their kindness from their willingness to step back when in fact we know that your human dignity and your freedom comes from and all of your rights come from our creator come from God, not from some government Washington DC they have that exactly backwards.

They think they own it all in anything you get a something they gave back to you as or different conceptions of America and there is is there is dangerous. There's puts at risk exactly what were seeing today in our economy theirs puts at risk the things that matter most in America that our faith institutions and things that are founders knew were at the center of human life that that's how we built the greatness of our nation was a central understanding of religious freedom. The capacity for people to make choices for themselves. These folks want to centralize all the power in Washington DC to deny that the creator provided these rights and they do they do in fact view our government as this supreme being, trying to drive every aspect of your life and that is much to the detriment detriment not only of our economy and our capacity to pay for things that do flourish and prosper, but it really gets to the heart of who we are human beings as well and they are dangerous Whitney in Texas online 5K Whitney, like a lot of American family vacation for the year. But what about our trip is that we are planning to go to an out-of-state hope that we are ready to learn with other family members that we already pay $2500 in annual taxes and insurance, but it was going to cost us over $5200 to get Eric to flights and car rental before we cast the car before we bought food paid parking trinkets and other things that look like an $8000 vacation to go to property following the financial position is to have a second to share that six of the cost.

It was for the family, but it's too expensive to go there is someone who is already plan financially to have a second home to gets the second this is this is the reality we see it sinning. Every strata of the economy really is absolute. It's hurting the least amongst us are trying to for diapers for the children. It's affecting middle class people who just want to go out and with their friends. Hop on their motorcycle right and go go riding in the mountains from Kansas. Not a lot of folks like to go out and do activities on the water in the lakes around Kansas.

That's expensive to fill the boat you you talked to Julie about airplane travel.

I've traveled a bunch of watch ticket prices for flights skyrocketed because of energy costs as well is hurt and everybody in every strata, and it will change our behaviors over the course of the coming months. It's it's why it was so important that we had a right for four years and we have to get back to the right place as well. Kathy in Pennsylvania online to hey Kathy, the secular called the government every ball to support all relocated into a United 810s of millions of dollars in its budget numbers for the facilitating the processing the housing. The transportation and up to various other locations is breathtaking.

But we have a policy in place and then on top of that they want to get rid of title 42, which will make it even more complicated for the customer more control so let's talk about the border for a moment what would be job one to get the border situate the security of our country and the control that area.

Again, I hate.

I sent Michael broken record, but we know how to solve this if we wait we literally it took us 2 1/2 years to get the policy right.

We had a bunch of cases thrown out in court at the front and where we are trying to fix the illegal immigration issue, but it took us to never have to tuneup years.

We got a policy was called remained in Mexico. I worked hard on putting it in place with the Mexican government the just said when most decent kind this nation anywhere in the world. File your asylum claim. But while were processing it USA yesterday in Mexico and it turned off the magnet to your point about the money today. Illegal immigrants come across the border you remember a couple months back. They were getting baby formula, while legal citizens here and I didn't have baby formula on the shelves. I was pilloried for saying that they know you don't care about these people you want their babies to be fed, but in fact what I really wanted was to make sure everyone had the food that they needed but we had to get the laws right at our southern border here is pretty straightforward to reinstitute remain in Mexico put the policy back in place support to CBP. These are great men and women who keep us safe and who turned back a lot of really dangerous people of make clear to the Mexican government that is intolerable that they help these folks get from the south of Mexico to the northern part of the country.

Those three things were central to and and finally by gas-filled wall. We cut it goes without saying. He put up a barrier. You reduce the illegal traffic across the borders well this a really good outcome. We did it. It had the exact right effect.

I think he's at 230,000+ in one month. I try to think of me walking into the Oval Office telling Pres. Trump that there were 230,000 people came across last month I would've probably been the former secretary of state and and and properly so it would have been right to do that one of the issues or silverfish up there. Got about a minute, 30 here and I appreciate right colonnade and end of library looking for some phone calls stay with Sec. Pompeo. No major cases, Supreme Court Dobbs history of violence increase. The FBI is finally starting to investigate these proportions. New pop-up pro-abortion groups that are threatening even more extreme violence that FBI announced today Pelosi done in time to play it. She got asked about it that just totally deflected but I Sec. Pompeo. We know that people out there they have been waiting for this moment for a long time, hoping that draft opinion that leaked is the final opinion even though it did to like the leak and that about the violence that is being funded at all these pro-life pregnancy centers sink close down now will give you 30 days were giving you time. If you don't what happens next may not beast just off at night or spray paint. This danger stuff. I come from Kansas which was the heart of the end of the summer person and their relation rest. Then he got very, very dangerous times. We need to make sure that the just above local officials are serious about prosecuting these claims going at identifying these extremists who are threatening these things we need to protect everyone from the violence that appears is not going to flow out. Is it one last thing I pray to that, we get a good outcome when that decision when Dobbs finally comes out to to grow off the books would be a blessing to all of humanity in us here at home in America years that will greatest I never knew I never thought we actually fit for elections and consequences three good report just say Sec. five has great to have you for the settle in our nose referrer audience as well functions by cancer for the family to his really unique about our touchiness

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