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FBI Director In the Senate Hot Seat on Overreach

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 4, 2022 3:03 pm

FBI Director In the Senate Hot Seat on Overreach

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 4, 2022 3:03 pm

FBI Director Christopher Wray is testifying right now in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Wray's FBI has recently become embroiled in controversy and accusations of corruption. Wray should expect tough questions on the FBI's targeting of parents who speak out at school board meetings, the Hunter Biden laptop saga, and the recent whistleblower accusations. Jordan and the Sekulow team discuss today's high-stakes testimony by FBI Director Wray. This and more today on Sekulow.


Before the Senate Judiciary committee facing and grilling you informed and now want to hear from Sharon call secular considered aggressive. The Fisher now Christopher ready the FBI director testified you want to crush questions and pressure on the FBI's decision-making involving Hunter Biden classified that is disinformation. The laptop we have two named FBI ages that Washington DC one who is the head of the FBI's Washington DC a field office. So again having issues. That's where Andy McCabe came from as well with Washington DC overly politicized FBI, which is a separate office from the main headquarters of the FBI Washington DC but that is. It's the one that works most closely with as we talk about like the seventh floor also pressured on the violence at pro-life pregnancy centers see PCs that we saw with the reporting on on this broadcast and we been representing these pro-life pregnancy centers as they face those groups like James revenge. That violence continues. Whether it is our sin. Whether it's Molotov cocktails, whether it is size graffiti and the comparison even saw some of the Democrats are so so what about violence and abortion closely said you that we see that issue. But there is a huge uptick in the violence at pro-life pregnancy serves but again, this idea we are still dealing with an overly politicized FBI.

So whether it comes to the way they treat certain criminals.

The people committed crimes but the treatment is not the same whether it is who they decide to go after order tournament all that 100-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 but I'll go right and we saw Andy whistleblowers who came out who said their purging the FBI of conservatives right now.

Yeah well I believe that's true. The FBI has become a political organization when I was in the United States attorney's office in Atlanta. The one thing that you could always count on was that the FBI was going to give you a fair shake regardless of whether you are a liberal Democrat or Republican or conservative.

Whatever we never had any question that it was a premier law enforcement agency dedicated to ferreting out federal crimes in assisting local law enforcement that unfortunately has evolved not to be the case in expanding its domestic violent extremist data cheapening the examples of violent extremism calling domestic terrorist people should never be put in that category and the is the politicization to the detriment of the FBI is occurring in its occurring on a widespread scheme basis. The concern that I have is if your conservative FBI agent, you are being purged and you are not being given the right to pursue the evidence where it leads and you are being told that things are as they are not, in other words, the FBI is a political tool of the Justice Department and derivatively of the Biden administration that should not be the case, but we now know at least we know it's activity. The bolt who ordered" avenue of additional derogatory hundred by the reporting in October 2020, so it's all election-year focus political focus ended when we get towards another election which we are right now are sure to get past the primary season almost what they do they start again trying to use the executive branch, and law enforcement agencies to assist their political agenda. That's the worst of the worst in Washington is using law enforcement for politics overtake her because of this 100 684 30. What did you trust these institutions anymore. It's a big question. Would you would you trust you trust the FBI or do you think it's just been overrun by politics would take your call so that when 100 684-3110 the 2000 684-3110. Be right back on second directly to district. It is we know there been whistleblowers that come for Sen. Grassley to Congressman Jim Jordan who notified that the director Ray of the issues that these whistleblowers are coming forward and these are people I get there, not leaking to the media. This is going to the processor's post was going to the congressional offices that they're able to report the information by but keep themselves anonymous therewith inside the FBI in this a look there padding numbers when it comes to vest domestic violent extremism. I think we all know when it's the Biden administration in the elected political branch of the executive branch talking about domestic violent extremism. They are talking about the attacks of the pro-life purchasers to them. It's become. I think a political term to mean anything that's evolved with the politics of the right and the FBI.

Whistleblowers are sightless word your were going to work crimes, federal crimes and were being told by the connection course criminals may have made a political statement some point it doesn't mean that the crimes connected to the political same sourcing that issue about I want to play this up sooner. I Grassley because he had intro to the meeting.

They're not just asking questions they have FBI officials coming to their office say were being purged is the word used were being purged out of the FBI.

Conservatives are the FBI ticklish the center. Grassley is a serial project is just one example to make my concern clear in October 2020 and Avenue of reporting on Hunter Biden was ordered close that Hunter Biden information related to potential criminal activity.

According to whistleblowers. The reporting was either verified or verifiable via criminal search words but it was shut down on the basis of it being at risk of this information so you we hear the disinformation term limit the wheat. We know that the laptop is real and that that was taught we were told it was fake. If you talked about it your flag on the social media candy was shut down for the media counts, but of course it still dossier you can still treat all you want about that. We saw this happen a lot.

We saw a lot of topics that come up when they first were initially brought up they were flagged as disinformation like this fake news and all of those things that would happen and then six months a year later.

All of a sudden there fact obstinately's discussion point for about that with the origins of government. Some of the side effects of things that happened were limited the conversations blocked off until the New York Times decided we'd like to do an article on this and then all of a sudden it was fair game.

Those are the things that we've seen happen. Ensure you need to be able to make sure that what you're hearing is fact. It is true. We know that the fact checkers. The people and say this don't exactly know what they're doing. We've had this happen maybe on the platform you're watching right now for a lot of you where the outcome of the tri-fact checker case that we are here were doing and we have to provide with the legal documentation and that they always back off at the damaged already done. This is what happens with not just the news, not just with having Washington but the world around us right now where this idea of dis-in misinformation kinda permeates culture and it permeates now obviously, L yet it seems like the eye. The idea from FBI leadership that is certainly especially the step below the director Ray who I never thought is had a full handle on on this agency and the pump. The problems with the agency is the 80 the idea that your politics would even come into discussion or play is is inappropriate for the FBI defected the sink were purging out conservatives. They should even read it shouldn't matter. Anybody's politics then they should be trusted. Law enforcement agents mistreat the federal level, absolutely correct, absolutely correct. Look at the law enforcement agents of the FBI that I worked with in the US attorney's office with the finest group of law enforcement agencies in ourselves will say those that I worked with 20 years ago whenever he was with the IRS where that's not the case now, the politicization of these departments is permit has permeated them. You now ask their political views. You asked whether their liberals or conservatives what they think of this that and the other instead of looking at the statutes and deciding whether a crime is been committed under title 18 or title 26, depending on where you are.

That is not the case anymore. The conservative or liberal stand viewpoint of an agent should have nothing to do with that agent, woman or man investigating a criminal case, whenever that criminal case should be. Unfortunately, I see that I see that happening continuously. It is no longer the case. Jordan.I think again we want to your phone because 1-800-684-3110 is ultimately here for these at whether retire the IRS to say the FBI today. They all have law enforcement components.

Absent FBI that that is their main component, but the idea that if you lose the American people's trust that you can be an effective organization because when you whether you're being correct or not. People won't.

They will all they will be turned all of the pulses. I think the that's the biggest fear is that if law enforcement which we saw happen with the IRS to some extent, even more than a decade ago with the tea party groups. But if American people see these institutions as overly or totally politicized that even when they are try to do something good, you won't they won't get the credit for that, nor should they.

Because it it.

This is all self-inflicted liquor two years not even two years into this Presidential term.

This ministration it takes time for corruption to an out there it's ugly head now starting to happen. This will happen with the tea party movement took a little bit of time till all the stuff was uncovered. Gutter took a lot of time until people were brought to justice of but when you really look at it you go okay so were only 18 months and not even to this, it now feels like it's been a decade and is only been a year and 1/2 of a presidency, even though all are talking about 2024, which is wild to really start thinking about this is what's happening is that you're seeing now the ships that started happening 16 months ago.

Now they're starting to appear to the American people. I think this is that we were right on. We could see this pattern over and over again on the left is when they are in charge there fully in charge. They got the people in place. You get close to a midterm election which we are now get past the primary process started to be almost all but you buy into the next couple weeks and then suddenly your all their attention goes on. How do we make the right look bad. Whether not they bring any actual charges whether not they actually prosecute anybody but the idea is make them out to be the enemy and again you can have your own personal politics. You can believe the other side is you want to is the enemy, but you should not be in those positions the power to FBI.

If you can't take your politics out of your decision-making process and that that's their number one job of all federal employees should be. How are you putting my politics aside best as possible all the time. Always trying to work if the bias device. Is there any we all know that as human beings CV you have to set the tone that this is inappropriate and wrong. I don't know why we're having that discussion in 2022. Still about these agencies of the federal government without thinking and unity of half the country doesn't trust your organization puts at law enforcement serious jeopardy to will exhibit really does and Christopher Ray, who I knew from Atlanta when he was working in a law firm in Atlanta have known him a long time and I agree that I don't think this raise gotten a handle on this entire situation yet, the FBI, I agree with Jim Jordan Congressman Jordan in his letter to director Ray is focused on classifying investigations to meet a woke left wing agenda that I'm afraid folks is fact. Jim Jordan is not wrong on that.

I know a lot of people don't like him they think used to one wire to the other way whenever the situation may be, but the reality is that we are now classifying investigations as to whether they meet a left-wing criteria and if so, they're going to go forward. If not, they're going to be squelched. That's not what the Justice Department was designed to do.

It's not what it did when I was in the US attorney's office. It should never be that case, but right now it is in Congressman Jordan is correct yet what we do know as well is usually examples when Chris Reyes asked about will place we come back from break his ass out the violence of the pro-lifers. He says the uptick in violence.

He is honest about it, but then you put you put this into the bigger context of but would you trusted to do anything about. It's one thing to acknowledge that's a problem. It's another to say are you using federal laws to actually try and assist state and local governments to potentially bring federal charges against whoever is conspiring to burn down pro-lifers considers or making threats are the employees of the spotlight purchasers because we know that if your regular threats against abortion clinic the FBI be at your door. Once he figured out.

This is historically should make if you're making violent threats about some but you've got it. It's got to be both. So if you're the person fire Bob the pro-lifer existed they should usually have a no knock warrant at your door to you should be woken out of bed for the morning. We should be hearing about the stories about abortion activist who engage in violence being treated the same way as pro-life activist who may be engaged in violence or the threat of violence and of everybody was being treated the same way we would you be talking about it right now. But the honest truth is, he could not even in those questions, acknowledging it, which is great. What that wonderful will see the news we doesn't take anybody special the FBI to see its warranty bring federal charges.

They never know what hundred 64 3110. He was a call at 164 30 what to think FBI would treat you fairly one 806 the 2000 68110. I wouldn't worry her phone to just a minute but I wanted to play the said sinner Mike Lee brought up the violence of pro-life princesses and visit the FBI acknowledge that, but it doesn't take any but think special because he's all been reported the news. The bigger question is, is there any federal angle going on right like are they are they taking it because there's lots of laws on the books that they could bring, but would like were not hearing about mass arrests of liberal activists who are who are violent activist, why not.

I guarantee if you are someone who made a threat against abortion clinic.

The moment they do, that the FBI would be at your door. Rightfully so, but it's got to be on but you've got to bid than treat the same person who's making that try to get the pro-lifer to sinner the same way we so with all the cameras and all the information with all the law enforcement you don't really see the FBI holding press conferences outside of pro-life princesses. But what good it was considered likely take a listen first acknowledging that this is an uptick in this is a real issue. How many domestic terrorism investigations does the FBI currently have open under the category of abortion related violent extremism. I don't have the exact number but I can tell you that we have opened a number of domestic violent extremism investigations using our joint terrorism task forces that are specifically focused on attacks or threats against churches, pro-life organizations pregnancy resource centers.

Similar type organizations, including for example yeah I know off the top of my head. We have one you know in in Sen. Grassley's home state of Iowa in Des Moines.

We have one in Sen. Blackburn's state of of of Tennessee at the I have one and consider Telesis state in North Carolina. I forget all that you would know from the dates you don't have to be enacted that he did say that they there. They have some kind investigations going on lately. See the attack over months and weed.

I don't see hear or hear any news about anyone being arrested and all any decency likely would not be that difficult to figure out if you if you attack a pro-lifers center in upstate New York. It can't be that difficult to figure out who are the set who were who who conducted those activities because you know the activist are gifts to get over the not activists are the good of the potential people it would actually take it out. The step of violence which is two steps further I I think that was an inadequate response to Sen. Lee's question and I'm surprised that Chris Ray for not having been on top of that you know when these centers are attacked when the churches in the pro-life organizations in the pregnancy centers and similar type of organizations are being attacked.

You know the local FBI office in that area knows exactly who the activists are who are engaging in these activities.

Where are the arrests where are the search warrants at their houses. Where is law enforcement.

Where are those people who should be charged with enforcing the laws and real domestic terrorism against people who attack these pro-life centers and where are they and don't tell me that the local FBI doesn't have a list because I know they do of who the problems are and where they are and with that they should be arrested and brought to justice is just a woke left-wing organization nowadays and it just that's not on the agenda that's not what Pres. Biden said is the agenda that certainly is not when Mayor Garland senses the agenda and it's not going to receive down to the ranks you would use Wiley's loss related to gifts Idaho against you say that the state legend and violating people's constitutional rights except the Supreme Court just said there's not a constitutional right to, but you're also given. It is a part of that is also demonizing one side issue that you can expect that for baby political appointees, but should you expect from entire agency of government out of the fold. What hundred 64.

31. Go to Richard in New York on line 1 Richard Earl experiment FBI being a political written patient. I'm old enough to remember when news was losing and things hadn't changed who was blackmailing members of government because he used the FBI is a an organization to collect information on who they conflict with equipment, I remember them coming out with new stories about radicals in the 60s and about, the civil rights organization.

How how some of the members of bad Malcolm X and people like that who you know and what about that. They made up whatever stories they needed to make up to get by is always been a human beings with power you have to fight this biases constantly guys that had a great history I agree with your Chevy. It's if you actually look at its history from the 19 C 10 5060s see where they started. First it was politics against politics that one thinks of politicians in Washington fighting a politician wash to each other but now the American people are being treated that way, you see that you talk about like some of the civil rights we saw that the targeted at some of the leaders highly what it's got to his is bigger issue where it's not just like one or two people it's entire swaths of the country that have become the enemy to the FBI located at the if if they come into it.

Looking at all the people on that side of the island bad and it's not about just playing politics with the politicians. It's not about the leaders everybody. In fact, it seems like it's just average folks and that becomes a really big problem and become something that no one really wants to see it even if you're on the far left. You may think that's what you want to see me know if the tables got turned on you.

You would feel the same way. So this is where we need to actually have some sort of unification say this is too far you can go and start targeting people individual just because of their political beliefs is not how we work, or even if you think the person's political beliefs are utterly wrong. Your tongue that people who are violent because of its people who are extremely violent, as you said sure take care of that year she do investigation things happen when it goes it is much bigger just politicization up wielding up a can of worms.

I can't imagine any and I can imagine can sadly out for like they think far enough ahead anyone thinks part of heads like the idea of court packing a Supreme Court and don't feel like they think far enough ahead of what if this turns on us in two years. That is the stuff that really bothers me when it comes to specifically read it. It seems like the left. You know that we have Debra Messing say I did everything I can for Joe Biden and you still let Roe versus Wade get overturned like a fundamental misunderstanding of how this country works and this is the big problem we go play this to because there is a follow-up from likely choose to director Ray, then okay, if you know that these are different tags for these people, like you did a parents at school board meetings, thankless considering the large number of churches and abortion centers that are been firebombed and otherwise attacked it as a tag threat been created for investigations associated with those attacks. I am sure that we have threat tags related to this. I don't know what the threat tags are I will say this, we put out when the when the opinion first leaked we put out a directive to all of our field offices to be looking actively for potential threats of the very short you're talking about and I want to be crystal clear on this. From our perspective. I don't care what side of the issue you're on. I don't care who you are upset with or what you're upset about on an abortion or anything else you don't get to use violence or threats of violence to act on it and were going to go after that conduct aggressively. That's all wonderful having see evidence of talking the right way but you know where these processes where the arrests where are the where the people a big purple.

Why are we watching that on TV.

One thing we can get to the Fox news that they can get their cameras outside of their homes before they rate of not seeing the liberal activist they continue their tax as it you know it's ongoing violence and threats Molotov cocktails a Chris Ray talks about where are the rewrite that section of the American Center for Law and justice were engaged. Solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be managed. $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 detecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular. What hundred 684 31 two if you want to talk to us on air. That's 100-684-3110 replacer Ted Cruz said again there were the Judiciary Committee. Chris raced testifying as we speak right now. FBI director consider Chris talk about just the politics of the FBI. So get remember these suitors have got FBI agents coming to them saying this is happening inside this agency, so this is not just speculation but you could come up with looking on the out from the outside it.

This is people from the inside coming out to the sitters say this is happening there pushing us to put it to classify this kind of crime as domestic violent extremism when it's not. This is there pushing out people with conservative political views which I can think about the steps to take David to that particulars the takers director Ray.

I'm deeply concerned that the FBI and the Department of Justice to become thoroughly politicized. I think this is a problem that began during the Obama administration. I think it metastasized with career official during the Trump administration. I think it continues and is even worse today under the Biden administration. I don't believe you personally reflect that politicization. But I think you been unwilling to rooted out and unwilling to hold people accountable for the politicization I hear regularly from FBI agents and from professionals of the Department of Justice who were dismayed that our law enforcement has been westernized and politicized rather than remaining apolitical, as it has been for the history of our country.

I want to go to the fund 164 3110 at 2000 684-3110 and I think were Ted Cruz points out, the biggest issue we see this time and time again directly to ACLJ is it's not all political appointees that Piazza got a couple of those. But the bureaucracy has become weapon iced the career official's. The ones who remained inside who made this their career.

RRR reflecting their political viewpoints directly in there putting it in place. Inside the agency was go back to Fouts Mike in Maine online to a Mike like all I thoroughly agree with that in Kid Cudi statement and that's what terrified you know you terrifying is not an objective person who can look at what happened in the last year and say that the decisions and directives being made on law when it first called the wise.

Now Ray is which truck was, you know, McCain was all of those decisions on politically based and aren't going one way to keep his contributor was put out of the FBI fired which you hardly ever see because decision-making he was due because the politics that he let in to his decision-making process. He's fired but he's elevated by the mainstream media as somehow a barter inside these agencies.

I think that's were Ted cruises looking at it if and after these few more. These people start losing their jobs, losing their pensions and or and maybe even being punished legally. I think that's how you would at the problem but that is not the case and under the Trump administration we saw what happens when even try to touch these guys yeah you get you get bitten if you drive it to touch them. You get you get swiped back because they're so entrenched and they've been there for so long and their immovable, but I think Sen. cruises statement is really right on. It has become thoroughly politicized.

The FBI and is going to take a lot of routing out. I don't mean suppression.

I don't mean taming. I mean rooting out in order for this thing the straighten itself up and that they can figure out every single person or was it January 6 who violate the law of trespassing breaking the law that is involved in that they can't figure out who fire about abortion clinic and enter and it had a tendency to network with people that organize that that's what makes it's clear where their priorities are. The priorities are to publish push how how do we push a political narrative with law enforcement one 800 68 talk to the center you trust these agencies. He would you think they can be fixed with a beyond repair. 1-800-684-3110 what's happening this hearing, so you gazed at the question about the attacks on proliferates he sitters and get this idea okay. It's one thing to acknowledge them, which the news is that but where is the federal law enforcement. He says his investigation why we not see anybody being apprehended. This is this is not again should be treated like a massive. That's a massive crime. Organized crime rate were typewriter activists who are taking steps of illegal violent acts and whether they threatening them where they're carrying them out. This should not be so difficult to put some these sublease people behind bars to deter others so you know you can't just go vandalize a pro-lifers a Canticle fire Bob wanted you not to be charged with federal federal crime state current local craft so it sends a clear message to people you do. This is what happens to you, but were not seeing that the data we also got questions on the border because again it is about who else is coming through the border that would did impact FBI decisions. So the first question for Chris Ray gets on. This is from Sen. Cornyn about border security is our borders secure.

Take a list from your vantage point in your opinion, is the borders secure will boy I guess I'm hesitant to substitute my judgment for the secretary of homeland security ball. I can say is what I got a heck of a challenge and I admire their grid and their determination to get the job done because it's it's a daunting one. He acts like he is the role of the city, the FBI, when you got that we are plagued terrorist Peapod terawatts is that they are involved. It's not all that it's not all just CBP IP whose frontline. Their job is to go after these guys investigated men bring to justice the director of the Federal Bureau of investigation okay is not just some low level government employee is asked a question by United States Sen. is the governor is the borders secure and he can answer, or won't answer that question and says well I believe that the Majorca's and all the job that they're doing what you talking about, you can't respond to that question. What you therefore you can answer the reality go down there and look and see and the answer is no, it's not secure, you have to depend on what Majorca says what Biden says or what Kemal Aihara says you know it's not be a man enough to say that it's not be the director of the FBI and say that is not an facing and do something about it. To the extent that it's within your power and it is within your power to prosecute the criminals who are permeating the border, but don't give me a response like will I don't know that's a daunting task. I can answer. How ridiculous is that even there that tell like he has nothing to do with try to play it off like the FBI has no role if there's Peapod terawatts was coming over the border, or drug cartels. They are they are playing the main role in that. Especially once the people crossed over set dates that that did customer border patrol agents with their inside the country.

It is ice working alongside the FBI, but specifically to the major threats, such as the doctors, the folks coming through for time of the criminals coming through the known terrorist.

The known cartel leaders the known bad actors, the FBI's should be playing us interrogative at the photos Jerry in a Rhode Island online for major old name of Mr. Bonomo found the shoulder to shoulder in the trinket with FBI and various state and mitigation. What he think it's retired friend or skiing your friend from FBI do they have the gift in zone. What can be done can realistically expect that beyond quick blower or IG talk to them and their disappointment because it's not the FBI that they remember Jerry. It's not the FBI that they recall is not the FBI that they were dedicated in their lives service to do our work with FBI agents were fantastic. We never once talked politics whenever talk awoke.

We never talk right wing or left wing. We talked about crimes and criminals and doing something about it. And that's not what the cases today. Yes, they're disappointed.

I can tell you that if it is it is very similar to current if this will all the geewhiz galley talk like, you get ahead of the FBI hopeful about that's a question I step down, you know, it is always been too much for Chris Ray and I was really knocking on my door the morning saying that, but it's always been too much for him. He's never had a grass. It's just whether it was the post-Colbert was not a easy time to come in. I'll give him that the post Toby here, but he has never seen that the grass in that old boy kind of response like he's never heard a question before before city panel. These are not difficult questions like the most simple questions, and he can get. It's all different things know what they're doing about the border what they do not, but it now instead it's as a little kid under pressure 164 30 wanted to join us on the broadcast.

But it is getting worse because this is not a joke. When if the FBI's totally focused on politics and what about the terrorist coming through the border consider Holly again about the number of people on the terror watch list of the last fiscal year that they know these are people I know have come through the border illegally taken was a whistleblower has now come forward to Sen. Johnson and myself analyzing the situation is actually far greater than that, according to this whistleblowers allegations. There are 324 individuals were evacuated from Afghanistan allowed to enter the United States despite appearing on DOD's by a metrically enabled watchlist the is this is a watchlist that identifies folks whose biometrics have been collected and determined to be threats or potential threats to national security, including known suspected terrorists to this whistleblower says his lot more than 50 is 324 are you aware of this is DOD or DHS communicated this to the FBI. I know that I have the exact number. I know that there are a number of individuals through our joint terrorism task forces that we are actively trying to investigate. As a result of of the home. How many okay so there we go get to where the Afghanistan withdrawal has become an issue which we do is a mess and so so these over your 300+ people to get on those planes of the US we've already identified. These are people that the federal government doesn't process over years of of the elusive post 9/11 world, and they identify the specific individuals as a terror threat they got right on those planes another inside American during absolute disaster just around a year ago right at your house and Artie in America. Hundreds of people there were all these terror watch list again in a massive failure. We know that the withdrawal of Afghanistan was one of the biggest lenders and failures of very recent history, and with we did a 10 part series on it that's available on our website.

We really broke down the entire the entire withdrawal but in really the war on terror. What led to that in the goods in the batch the ups and the downs you would have a lot throughout it's been a very good war there were all kinda conflicted with their times were we were very much altogether on the same page machine early on, especially if Al Qaeda and the Taliban early on that moved to Iraq and that moved somehow to 20 years of war, and then a failed withdrawal that distant is back there less than a week ago to go after the head of Al Qaeda. It is it never quite ended, regardless whether what a site they may be able to etch it into on the view of the stone, saying they would use that you think this is the end of this war but we all know, as we see that that's not the case it's because some of those watchlist that we be able to create look at these wars are the short-term things anymore and we always have people who are moving in in the inside and you want to have some trusted you want to believe that what they're doing is for the right to the good of America. Yeah, I listen with with the fact his Word 2022 Al Qaeda leader gets taken out a sports cubes. That's great.

What was he doing there, but here is what he's doing this. There's while we may have intelligence presence on the ground that we have. We don't have a uniform presence on the ground in Afghanistan is it that's what's going on in Kabul. Imagine what's going on. The hinterlands that with a few thousand troops you hear about it in this effort.

For a long time these guys were on the run in their caves not able to organize attacks on America that need to be some threat from ISIS that was put that as well. They come right back there cockroaches.

They keep coming back and when you when you stop paying attention. They utilize that that opportunity.

I get to rear their ugly head.

So it's the one thing it's wonderful. They were tracking is out here for six months able to take him out the fact that senior Taliban official partner government cabinet there whether he negotiates with the US try to get the US to recognize of his official government and have you in recognition the of the list goes on and on in a sadistic, no problem.

I would put Skype my house that the head of the of Al Qaeda just gives you into a mindset of what you're dealing with. And when you totally just leave and you leave in a way that is so get. He talked about his evacuation, when you could've time to play this out figure out and say that everything will be perfect.

Afghanistan did at the way was that we start, I think we talked about how these things take some time were dousing a year later, what exactly that this evacuation is going to be fresh in the future.

164 3110. We have more sent to war.

There's more coming to this because even the way he dismissed the amount of different people coming through the border that is not such as Hispanic doctors that primarily just Mexico award northern trying 164 through the back door from here singularly hundred 64 3110 another exchange student recorded with Krista Ray on the border again. He's Artie at this point. Act like they don't have a role to play boil mild We will be doing that to free the FBI should feel like you are dealing with that.

But that is the question about the amount of people just take a list. This is interesting line of questioning in the way the Krista Ray response just downplaying it by 33 in one sector.

The Dell rail sector. They reported encounters from people from 150+ countries. In other words, is not just a South of the border issue in terms of Mexico, Central America, and the like.

This is international but human smuggling network. Would you agree with I don't have the numbers like it sounds like you do but I certainly know that it is a a an eclectic mix of nationalities and the volume is just staggering and that's a public security threat. Your greater threat to me, it represents a significant security issue and represents a wide array of criminal threats that flow out of the why.

Why is it that way maybe is that because the politics of play that he can even say for the FBI. I mean he has to be for him like like he's of the director. The FBI really how many non-talking in my prim individual capacity, but not in my official capacity. I mean, the senator points out something you say I agree with you.

It's an eclectic mix like you're in some departments during your just picking and choosing.

And you know we represents. He says a wide range of criminal threats that flow out of it. Well obviously it does.

They're coming from all over the place there on your terror watch list what you do and then you asked the question by another Sen. Heather was the same senator is the border secure and you can answer that. Of course, the board is not secure. You even admit it's a broken border that there's terrorist organizations and transnational criminals coming in wanting to do something about it. Chris Ray you the director of the FBI, for heaven's sake. He continues on with this because that's an order recorded.

Estimate the druggists problem. So the about the issues he's been asked about the acts like he does have a role in so he acknowledges the violence of pro-lifers are sinners says are doing something, but there's been no public action taken.

So again, this is not like they're investigating some massive organized crime unit 10 year spent about five people who who are fire bobbing. These places interested in the rest of people and help them and worked with them and send a message working publicly, where to file federal charges against you. This is going to be life altering for the rest of your your life. You can't just willy-nilly engage in this kind of violence but he doesn't go there. Then he gets pushed on the problem with the drug court problem in the United States and won't even acknowledge who is behind that sad to see that no they always they go there and they act like they know nothing. We know that they have as much info as they need. So it's his game.

They play with the American people reviewed FBI director, you don't know the biggest problems with the drugs on the street. United States, you should quit. You should leave your jive. You can answer that question. Take Alyssa because he can't or will street gangs. The primary distribution network for those illegal drugs to come across the border.

That certainly I think anecdotally I don't know that I have the intelligence assessment and friendly but I think we would say that criminal street gangs are the vehicle that we interact with the most as distribution mechanisms for drugs that are coming from the cartels and transnational criminal organizations south of the border. How does he not have the intelligence of any of you answer that question so do it is at a meeting. I guess that based on news reports again. I we can all see that a lot of drug cartels running throughout the border. We know that it designates of these drugs are made in other countries and working with these cartels, but the idea that we can bring out who the drug dealers are all he has that information.

Don't tell me doesn't because I know the FBI has that information. They track that information, but he won't answer the question he gives anecdotal evidence you've got actual data on this Chris Ray. I know you do.

Why don't you use it you know there being spread by the cartels and you know that there coming then into the hands of the street gangs. I'm sitting here in the studio and I know it and I'm not on the street and I'm not on the seventh floor.

The FBI building as you are is the director of the Federal Bureau of investigation and you can answer that question 11 you can only talk about anecdotes to be loaded. I think that in the days to take all of these agencies right now, especially the ones you know a problem that we sightless with the trumpet associate put in place these that first line of folks with was unable to get the job done a lot of Jesus with with the department just is just a sideline. The clear line of that wholly removed Krista Ray who kinda came out and people knew from the legal world, but they were taking on massive test.

I don't think there were for the job and they still are.

There is some are still there some ability or maybe it wasn't so bad that we are in a little bit of chaos going through people because you had at least trying to get people who knew what they were doing and could do a good job at it with this is what happens when you have these kind of appointed positions stuff can sometimes not end up exactly how you want right folks.

I think that you know what we see from this today. Is it dealt the only issues with egg knowledge are if the if it's in the news so nothing the Chris Perez asked about today is something that you couldn't figure out you not to be the FBI director. Certainly, he's got no Intel he says on the on on the drug crisis in America. So what are they doing. If he's not the if he's not working on terrorism that working on the criminal street gangs all its eclectic mix of people with this is his response back that it's an eclectic mix of people would have an eclectic mix of criminals and different different angles. Whether it's the cartels making $13 billion a year off just the human trafficking to people to the border is becoming of a bigger industry than some of their other nefarious work that they do so again II just think it we don't have even the leadership in place, it's like the mayor Garland that guy just gets pushed around by people on twitter and makes his like DOJ decisions based off what celebrities I recommend at an get out so we see the, the politics there and if they just all seem like they can't even like this. Ray said it had that he had to catch the wealth from my perspective that the FBI's for my so obviously they're not.

You gotta be really tough, really strong to take on these jobs. That's true because it's a mess. It's a disaster.

Given political purges inside law enforcement agencies society. What we had to take away from this, you better be extremely vigilant the next couple of months so take any politics for granted the ticket elections for granted Kansas as a reminder that yesterday we saw again the pro-abortion movement out in full force, but also just the basic app out there.

Also, the amount of new voters so these poles were relying on from the old way of polling. They're not they sent the case received turnout reaching numbers. I was a Presidential election years. So I just think it would allow these institutions to the right thing. We got to keep the pressure to keep the pressure on these folks, such as the days a test by the Senate.

But that all the issues he just shrugged his shoulders were to work in a sealed JVC that's on your website find a lot more about all the work to redo it in the mix of law and justice. What we can get to on the broadcast we don't have time to even get to today on the show. That's it. Talk to

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