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Biden Labels Trump Supporters Semi-Fascists

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 29, 2022 1:18 pm

Biden Labels Trump Supporters Semi-Fascists

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 29, 2022 1:18 pm

President Biden spoke to Democrat party donors on Thursday and spoke about former President Trump's "MAGA philosophy," Biden stated "it's like semi-fascism." This is a U.S. President using highly-charged political rhetoric at a time when the divisiveness in politics is at an all all-time high. Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team break down the latest incendiary comments by President Biden as well as discuss the news and notes of the day. This and more today on Sekulow.


You will present by labeling trump supporters fashions talk about more now is your thoughts on this and what were 3110 so prison body goes into a DNC fundraiser in Maryland on Friday. They think you get in those fundraisers will start talking off the cuff. You can imagine it in his case like it's interesting political statements and there are reporters present, there's people present there.

Of course the people in your lobby does like talking to reporters. So whatever said is always ends up in the news. If there was anything newsworthy in there was an item that outlets like NBC thought was pretty newsworthy because Joe Biden if it's it's hard to remember these days it's early to feel this way.

Politically, that he ran as this kind of idea we can get all unite as a country and it's okay if you were, you know Maggie after okay if you're this it's not like I work. You were all Americans. But now he's got back to this that a very different divisive strategy that he thinks will help Democrats in the midterms.

I think it helped him politically be more relevant. He said this about magna Americans quote it's not just trump it's the entire philosophy that underpins the I'm going to say something. It's like sit by fascism, that 74 million people voted for thou trump in 2020. This idea that that we are semi-fascist and that he does acknowledge that statement to touch that bag is not just about if you're trump support if you like it around the sentence or any of these, 95% of the candidates who won the truck back to the primaries supporting of those you're now supporting some form of fascism which is our our country is only seen as a basically a step before calling someone a Nazi. What what what is a semi-fit precious is that like it is that, like Mussolini before Hitler met most bound, and mostly memorable factors within the semifascist are you, here's the problem it's it's heavy duty political rhetoric at a time when the divisiveness of government entities as an all-time I want to use us as a pivot point to say you had a rating of the former President of the United States home in Florida for for documents we talked about that on Fridays broadcast give a judge that appoints a special master then you have the department just the same. That's great that you're appointing a special master but were done with our review review is complete.

It's over. We looked at all the documents which does say this when you're handling a case like this. I available this case as most of you know, not this particular one, but one similar. That went on for number of years you have to's the lawyers or may not just be the lawyers may be dealing with their client that the former President. I don't know they're not responding at the speed of relevant they are.

Respondent responding at the speed of irrelevant and that's why I am not shocked today that a special masters appointed at least a judge is leaning towards a point in the special master, but at the same time, just as Paul's document says were done with the review which was already been shared so be that this is that the fascist tears how to play this different preservation just might think okay you're reading this report to the actually say it this way, he got asked after the fundraiser we talked about that Nicholas.

So they go I believe not backing away. Often the statements this is not a type of the White House that that would emit or go too far or as bit more about this. It's about about half the country. The political movement, labeling it as a kid I think you only use fascist in the sense of.

It's the word you say before Nazi that that weather usually gives the politics of the theories of what is fascist. What is that's how we can we hear the term and using it derogatory political sense, not in the historical context.

It is your doubts that's what excessive a Nazi, 1-800-684-3110.

What is is due the country was due to your community.

1-800-684-3110 join us on the broadcast support work in ACLJ blaze (matching challenge donate today W impact during the singularity of focus 21 800 684 31 to 2006 843-1107 I like to hear from our audience on this whole thing. How you react to be as a concern being labeled by the current President of the United States a quote semifascist coming. That's not just Donald Trump, God line that he's going after the President, but there labeling of whole body politic's. I don't like using the word fascist. I don't like using the word Nazi okay will fascist the Nazis in this country that are running government but also to say that the situation with what's going on with the present, the rate of the former Presidents house is taken a very dynamic turn. I will say Jordan and that the judge indicated on late Saturday. I believe that she was inclined to put a special master in place to review these documents, that is at an independent third-party taint review not just the Department of Justice and as I predicted, the Department of Justice is come back and said well that's interesting, but we already finished our review, which means a party finished a review of the if there is something that they think should be not included is not included.

Not it's gone to the Department of the FBI. The investigators on this, so I use that line which is actually it in a book by Gen. Madison says you gotta speak the note responding at the speed of irrelevant is not responding and unfortunate, not blame the Lord in this because I don't know what the dynamic is between the lawyers and clients and their next meeting may not responding of speed relevant here and and this is starting to have a dramatic impact on a political situation that is already dynamic to begin with and I say dynamic is because the current President of United States Department of Justice is going after criminally.

It looks like the former President of the United States you put all that in this mix guidance. I think that this is a another. This is broke. This morning the idea that Yuri got the special mass I program the weekend and then immediately department justices FBI's reviewed everything so what happens next that statement I and I think again this ongoing these legal issues at at what point. I do think it's getting it see things going one way the other, which is that this is kind of becomes a documents paper Gaiman. But the threat of indictment still hangs over the present and certainly the left is pushing for an arrest that that's what they want to see similar to it is a that Hillary Clinton situation where the right was say where the laws here. There say hey if you a few tomatoes allegations you should stand up you're out you stand by your allegation is obvious the bigger things at play here. They have to consider what that would mean an essentially threats what it would mean to the country as a whole so damaging young politically your ear when we in it in about a week. We are to be the final eight weeks of the election for the mentor it's it's we can't say well I think a lot of things can change. Of course, in two months which are what we are here at the threshold after the holiday would like that for the separate attention you. Not that this is what I think in the it's the level of angst whale. This is what I think we have to figure out is that we know that the rhetoric is going hard. We know that there's FBI raids on former presence homes I we know that those that that's not going to be over with and it the. The rhetoric is not going to be of what the idea is I think is easy for them to say these things about their fellow Americans when they say it's maggot because they don't acknowledge that that's that's like half the country, but that is about where half the country would vote. It's not that half the country is all about politics all the time but this idea there trying to scare people away because the way that American. Here's the term fascist. It is not just that with the authoritarian leader that you could sell those creditors.

I think the only way it's defined in the United States. We are talking just just in a regular way. Not that the class not a lecture you're calling someone a Nazi is just another way of calling someone a Nazi. That's the head of the last we should not be throwing around not to throw around to a group that goes to elections votes has asked political voice because you don't like the American first agenda or you don't like their position on drilling on oil or gas or taxes at its it's not like Donald Trump around starting wars or toward this kind of violence. This idea that somehow what was being exported.

Which is kind of us also associate with Nazis. It is invading countries, things like that but the idea if the rhetoric is gotten this far. They think this is the kind of rhetoric that's working we we had another new new wall were that's good to be the norm.

You could just possibly fascist. You got a pipe putting in the context of the whole. Looking at both with the state was going out of the White House and the President calling conservatives semi-racist.

I semifascist and then at the same time that you note authorizing the form of justice authorizing which is under present buying authorizing a raid and a search warrant be executed on the form present United States house which amped up again the the level of angst and at the same time, then you have a judge that the magistrate that sign the order that you never sign the order in the first place because he should've heard it in the first place he recuse himself from a civil case.

You certainly should do from a criminal search warrant, and then think too complicated even more. You have finally the lawyers file this motion to get a special master only to find out which is again not shocking to me that the bar justices Artie completed its review so you gotta put all that together and realize what's at stake here and this is a camping up the political environment to wait a level that I don't think we seen in US history. Now I think that calling people fascist is different than just saying conservatives had liberals had an ad aligned in socialist and the because even socialism is not identified us are the same as communist towards its it's different ideologies we have actual communist in the world were dealing with, like the Chinese Communist Party. We do have socialist politics in our country just like we have liberal politics conservative politics and again the American first. Either you can call isolation. As you can collect the terms but when you start using words like fascist. I think it's it's just very dangerous. I think a lot of people agree 100-684-3110 Ted Joyce on the broadcast go to phones and start with Bill in California on my four head built like all what the American people going to realize the Democrats there playing a game. Now in front of their Cuban what day are you look up the definition of fascism that I got it right here and want to read it it a political philosophy movement or regime that exalts a nation, and often raised above the individual and that stands for centralized autocratic government headed by dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition that the initiating Webster's of fascism so you got Joe Biden calling conservatives semifascist while his Department of Justice is writing his political opponents home and got a judge that you heard the case in the first place that that's what none of this.

You know I don't politics and its politics now to start an account.

Near the end here before the midterms and everything is tight now. That's where all reports are everything's tightened up but you have to ask yourself this question, do we want our body politic to be in this kind of situation and and I think the answer should be no that is very corrosive to a constitutional republic yeah II think again that that definition because fascism includes a lot of things and by the way, conservatism, America first rate would would never be a part nationalizing companies it suits you got a lot more similars to the government overtaking the government the unified government since of sound that states power to to act.

It's not about this independence to act. It's about again nationalizing that's with the Nazis were nationalists a socialist taking over industries that the opposite of of opening up your economy so I but I do think where the rhetoric goes is that you would labeling people as actual enemies.

Then you not just a political opponent that point noted enemy to the country right and when your necklace overnight argued case, the Supreme Court, I don't view my opponent as the enemy's lawyer for the other side minutes of that's how we live in a constant Republic.

We have the rule of law, but this is where you've taken you amped it up when the President of the United States starts, and course 11 side media is not gonna call anonymous calls conservatives semifascist which is a very significant indictment, so to speak. At the same time, his Department of Justice is gone in and conducted a a search of the former President of United States house under circumstances that are questionable at best. Let's be honest and is not defending the lawyers for the inorganic could be very complicated as to what the reason that they were late in filing all this, but the late filing is was answered by the department just as they were done so that little wing for 36 hours in it becoming meaningless because of not responding at the speed of relevant but all of this together is corrosive. Now, in the next segment will talk about what were doing at the ACLJ to get some of the bottom of this including you know big check like Facebook who were on watching their rumble YouTube job would talk about Facebook actually here. They're the ones that are worn by the FBI that hey that hundred bite story may be Russian disinformation. What's your reaction to all this morning hundred 684-3110 800-684-3110 take more because we come back break also port the work of the ACLJ were the last few days are matching challenge membrane at ACLJ.for any amount you donate were getting a matching gift horse. We encourage you to support the work of If you want talk was on air 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 secular brothers Gordon Logan's podcast coming out September 12, you can subscribe to that.

We encourage you to do that as well. Secularity from poster 100-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 so the media is talking about effective present by use the term fascist because semifascist is quite this way halfway fascist to describe a significant amount of that where poor people are politically American, which is what a strong country they do what their country's interest would first that doesn't mean they don't care about other countries and they don't care about allies. That's not the case. I think they do want a free and open economic system, which is the opposite of fascism. But we know what fascism is being used here, it's because he would go so far as how the Nazis called all of us Nazis so because of that he is this the term Downey tries to add a semi to it. A rickety keep to your photos, 164, 31, two, but the media said again. The way this is being used.

We are on NBC. I think it was starved by the interest right away. The White House didn't try to play this data tempered and over time in small group of activists or this or that. Not most Americans take less was interesting about this when he is described here is the word semi fascism to describe the magna philosophy this week and so that the March 20 was in Poland instead of Vladimir. And that he couldn't stay in power that became controversial, the White House veto backpedaled on that lot that there is no backpedaling on this.

It's clear that there's a more aggressive strategy. We talked about the way that they were handling the debate over student loans through okay so they're not backing down. The Department of Justice is executing search warrants on former President of the United States.

The President apparently is been thinking this semifascist thought for a while and now if this is aged things is articulating what he already believes.

So you ask yourself this question. While this is what he really believes and they're not willing to say it in your eight weeks from election is gotta be a political reason that they're doing this on. Talk about a 40 in a minute but what's the political reason are doing this now, Jordan, and I think it's a word he said is popular with the liberal base but you don't always do.

It's what your base will especially when you getting into the general election surpassed primary time so I things. This continued message.

It's not about him just out of from I think that's important member. He said magna he didn't say trump the acknowledgment that that movement, which is that I get a testament to the movement itself is bigger than just one person, which is also not very fascist. Because the again you don't buy his own statement. It's not just about Donald Trump anymore. It's about this idea of all these different candidates have been elected. All these are people one primaries Rhonda Santos of Florida is prime example of someone embracing the ideology calling Rhonda Santos semifascist excited. I would imagine CS and that is actually in line with a lot of if you see the kind of chatter on the left of how they describe the Santos he saw that these as he put it in the California just really hurt us about moving to Texas and the use of school shooting moved to Texas that this idea of a Texas tree was over and they're putting that up, trying to keep people from leaving California because of how bad it is there and say see in these crazy red states advised that guns it's unsafe to go to school so you like our lot heavy government policies which is again more like I get it.

If you really look at the idea of breaking all these philosophies that we could do that you could do it as an exercise is an educational exercise. That's not what your body is doing here. He's just calling you Nazi.

It's just a nicer way of saying and not quite as extreme and obviously that's playing up to not just like his base at a rally this was the top level fundraisers on the leader that is in high tolerable messaging that they're doing here, which is corrosive to like us into a Constance Republican take upon you, and I think all those people in that room there given $25,000 in those kind of numbers who are employing lots of people is that how they looked out of their employees might have different politics today that there there fascist affidavit strongly disagree with their literally an enemy of the United States of America back to the phones we go to in California on my three hey Tim, my call. For starters I was being called a family fascist.

I'm not a semifascist number two I think by administration go back to school and study what Nazi is done so if I was advised by an I were advising on the study people that were killed in concentration camps. The horrors of fascist sepsis is semifascist and what exactly is a semifascist essay I'm using is not to be pejorative, but mean Mussolini was a fascist. But when Hitler rose to power his fascism became even more finances horrible before it was worse when when Hitler comes on the scene. So was it was illegal for Hitler to me that semifascist I mean this is where the language makes a difference. Folks could you imagine the conservative political leader said this, I believe the Democrats are fascist saying I believe the socialist assignment saying I believe their communist it's a whole it's it rises to a whole different level. That's what were saying here and in language matters in words matter and the body politic matters, but these are calculated moves. I think that the search warrant executed on Trump's model of the property is calculated. You know it's calculating you know they thought about what are the consequences if we do this and everybody over the weekend. That's hasn't got all excited because the judge that I'm inclined to grant a a special master review this material that the Justice Department but takes the wind out of that balloon. Though the air out of that balloon this morning by saying by the way were done reviewing it.

We completed the review that's right. Responding to the speed of the relevant doesn't really work yet and I think also the legal process through this is to get the ups and downs of the legal process versus the bigger picture like like the special master to stop anything you still have it affidavit heavily revealed advice gone through that with Gonzales steps of the affidavit. We measure based on an affidavit we can see all the Jordan. But because is redact you they amped up the political heat in this country over a document to speak what is what it looks like yeah that's a thing what Willey told his regular lot there to be heavily redaction's then on the special master issue. I think that's net his brakes, and it just confuses people because it sounds like a big deal like this is a special, unique person and a except for the fact that it maybe goes another run through them, but we know the date they were dealing with 20 million documents here so it didn't take them more than a couple weeks and then they work as a ghost. I you type attitude that this idea is they don't like to see it all's okay now are done. Now you can best is what it time once it's clear that yet there is a clear document decennial to me that's a reason way to restart this process of with any effect you know they still should be filing motions to quash motions to suppress. I guess those will come.

I don't know. It's getting really late-maybe the President former Pres. cited it want that downside I won't be too hard on the lawyers or maybe maybe the present design you want that death could be approached think I'm going to jump one 800 684 31 two that's 100-684-3110 we come back and take more info because of a lot of phones come in my course of this, I think you get to the idea everybody does it really matter where you are the country they strip off side I think now that were true, not every primary, but many primaries start feeling the messaging of general election and it doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't benefit a blue state because that the house seats are up to. So all of this.

Again, you can assume what is the redder they're going to decide to go with two things can be very extreme. So we I think Ray to fight back stronger. Our beliefs stay with us ACLJ.V of this (matching transfer can double the impact your donation to begin, you donate $25. We've noticed her to match the $25 right away second forest of the pie, he'll be joining us to take her phone calls.

In this way hundred 60 the American Center for Law and Justice were engaging solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be now $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 rejecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular back to secular tearful closet 164 31.

The present United States goes to high dollar fundraiser, Maryland these expensive events. You know it for a very private that's is the medias around and as we don't allow it had a little private political meetings. So you give a speech that there saying it was unscripted. I got have actually have a hard time leaving. He just throws in fascist. I think he's a politician that is calculated and received Joe Biden scripted not scripted as a he's scripted much these days, giving a full-fledged speech. Please give these remarks and he says it. Here's a direct quote on this because there simply to put that photo is there talking to the media. So there's the recording of their videos of it and this is the media obit of the audio yet.

We did a full stable White House not backing down from it is not saying that this was wrong or taken out of context at all. Effect a double down. But, he says, quote it's in the Joe Biden such as Trump.

It's the entire philosophy that underpins the I'm going to say something. It's like semi fascism so he can go with. So he goes on to say that they please asked will play this out. What did you read about that we call people semifascist ticketless, so no backing Dudley down. I think it's also you know what I mean is it's it leaves it up to a force where most people go. If they know the term try to be there is a faith that is this political turgor familiar with airway of government is to right away to Hitler right away. The Nazis and investors that this is where you go is that's really the last semblance of of fashions that we see that a major scale unit put in these other ideas that use different terms autocratic authoritarian go through but fashions of the specific kind of political system and in the United States that's calling every minute of every this entire block of of of voters going into an election where people are unhappy but it's like well if you're happy. The other option is so bad you can't vote that way. This is a President that prided himself on being he was in. The great uniter right and then he makes that statement.

Listen Maj. Garrett from CBS News dimly spoke to the chair of the dancing. You're the President's inaugural address, the same way I did in that inaugural address Pres. Biden said we should not view each other as adversaries in this country. But as neighbors and we should treat each other with dignity and respect how to semi fascism is a label for the Republican Party fit that inaugural address was the one thing that present Joe Biden's man is always been consistent and he has always been somebody who does what my grandfather used to do, which is speak it plain speak appointment speak it dangerous. I mean speak it plain he man was plain. I believe the Republicans are semifascist but my goodness you just labeled half the country as as autocrats dangerous to the Republic so you know the DNC's response was very interesting speak it plain. They're not backing down from this so I wonder this when I'm wondering if we go into this play will be joined by my pump and when asking this.

Is this a politically calculated did they politically calculate this move Jordan to say we are going to ride on this.

This is not moving to ride the tails up this kind of review all these conservatives as semifascist Michael investors to semifascist. I think that there is deftly calculation that and again this is this just the other side because clear what they're doing is resurrecting Trump as much as possible.

They wanted to all be about him without him being on the ballot without him getting a chance to karate is not running a full-fledged care page that out. There may be endorsing Candace, but that's usually on the ballot.

I don't think they want you to focus it on the fetter of the world. They want you just think it over for the Trump answer the distant decide that that will work in enough states and are getting the media to write their stories today. They have a chance of keeping back the House of Representatives so that that is now the narrative that helps a lot when you try to get people on the left give you money because you know a guy write something up, but they have a reason to give also so I think the tougher rhetoric that radon Marla all this ties in together and it is seems to be like the White House is taking the strategy for new people even talk about that a lot lately killed the disinformation healing just started doing things to distance himself and had a restart as we go. That's what hundred 68431100 Justin North Carolina online to a just and general general statement, but you know, why should I and when I say that is a lot of the rhetoric right here and you know, I know how it goes its rating will not on your show another conservative shows with very reactionary I'm only hearing about what the Democrats are doing. I have are clear about what the Republic were conservatives doing the fighting back cities reactionary and that there's only so much you can get to yet. Maybe get use to four years, three Supreme Court nominees lots legislation moving credit that the present Trump in this grant, the congressional leaders.

But conservatives been in the minority, and somebody what he expects to be good.

I think that policy proposals there get a lot of attention is not a ton of reason that now they start getting more prehistoric intellectually essay why to vote for me. So think you're right to a certain extent, but you also have to just grow up with our politics and the politics are. If the house is run by Nancy Pelosi and the Senate is run by Chuck Schumer, the White House is run by Joe Biden. Guess what you actually doing a lot of is a conservative legislative policy proposals are not going anywhere. So what you have to do is start planning on what you would do just to push back on their proposals so we talk. Consider grant we talked about how we've they have legislated the funding of 87 they limit appropriated yet the IRS so that even if the house comes back they could they could put some riches in these program but that is what it is that you think that we don't it if you came to politics under Trump allow people did yes get used to saying for him to do this. What were directly measured is the capital of Israel. We do we do that in rented to support this ally and put America first rebuilt the wall. They said no we can't base our building wall and then you go back into reality of a Democrat political system when they run every every part right now.

Then the White House the house and the Senate yeah yes I think you just you have to take your steps back to incrementally get there and it shouldn't feel like I don't vote, but also know why your voting and what the tuition Republic. These things do happen. I mean, you do have seasons in politics you as a pendulum swing the pendulum swung very hard left and it was not working for President buying so what is he do, he brings it a little bit more centerleft still left with centerleft but then he doubles down and decides to label conservatives as semifascist but there's a political motivation for all of these actions we take your calls and 800-684-3110 is next. Yeah. And I think the part that to to the Republic is, is this divide and conquer idea which is even say Republicans so he stood still try to say see you don't. I'm not saying just the opposition is all that to my views. It's it's this group of opposition. But what we know is that is the single largest group within the Republican Party now and in the political movement we saw the primaries clear who people are choosing to represent them in the general election back the phones we go 164 3110 Rodney in Arizona on my one erotic thank you for taking my call model might talk about something that the same thing that Biden notes that all the Democratic argument that the left part that it would've been the biggest up for it would've been on every news station with them and we both blotted of printed letters in the newspaper been the biggest news story in duct tape and he's demonizing he's calling it CBS to cover this NBC is that big of a statement. I think that's these two parties.

If NBC's company right off the top and and all the different networks are covered.

There's a reason why is because labeling that many of your fellow Americans with a term that is associated mostly with Nazis. These days, that's an these days being since the 1940s that that's that that's going a different step.

It's taking a different that it is best to deplorable similar yet that but even deplorable were not associated with the Pacific military and movement. No okay so we played NBC.

We played CBS for this is making news people are more shocked even the left-wing media liberal media Pam Brown on CNN number 25. What about the President calling Americans just listen. He's Presently honest about what he feels in his heart and his soul and I think that's probably exactly what he did his heart and soul.

He thinks millions of Americans are semifascist. This is a guy by the way that's running for governor of Florida got the Democrat examination his heart and soul Charlie Crist who used to be Republican. By the way, believes now that Republicans are semifascist.

Let that sink in for a minute but I will say the media is is addressing this tactic because it such as extreme use of language at a time when the can't support the right of name-calling on the right Mr. that again politics is rough. It's getting rougher and rougher in our country. I think it's just put be put on display receipt, but this kind of rhetoric again would been told is shy away from talk about the issues that don't make it so personal to people. Obviously, as were getting close to the election.

This is about dividing neighbors.

It's about saying well if this day I think about this way. If the neighbor next door to you is a fascist ship that's like saying your neighbor next door is a Nazi, because they have different politics than you that's never been really where we were as a country, in the modern modern age at least an get to me though there's obviously somewhere. This is resonating where and I think it's again they go back to the mobs they go back to suburbs and yes, the economy, of course, these pocketbook issues always number one but if you look at number two and number three. They are issues like this how you feel about your touching up that so to me. None of this is unscripted. That's the part I don't believe I don't think anything is unscripted at the it's all happening for the same purpose which is to divide and conquer and and exactly silicosis. Maybe I should show up to vote that sentiment seeping in already. This very link that is exactly that's why think this was well orchestrated.

Was going take some more calls. Yeah I was going to Nick in DC on my three hey nicotinic.

There are some pretty obvious to me what the Democrat, the FBI have been trying to do. Donald talking about next year and basically get rid of him and if there is successful in indicting him and Donna Chapman. Is it game over for dollar chart if you're indicted. It doesn't doesn't disqualify because you presumed innocent. If you're convicted, that's a whole different story. But that would it would wreck havoc in the political system. If the Republican nominee was under indictment. Yes, I mean I don't imagine that you do. If the legal burden hurdles. One thing but to dismiss the realities the politics of off that and what that would do to the country at this demonstration feels like they're not going there right now but you didn't think the reiterating that no unit so I mean I would put anything by them yet that that the headline of Drudge which I think you he's the anti-trumpet show. Every single day, but is is a super pros have Donald Trump in an orange jumpsuit, you receipt so that is there is a push and I will I will tell all of you right now and I think you give Broadcast on if you know there's plenty Republicans. They may not love the idea, but it moves him out of the way, if any, it is perceived as more legal actions are just so distracting you for not disqualifying but so distracting that how could you possibly run this idea so that's we get into some next level political stuff which I get. I hope the countries up with the boy start calling people fascist to lay the groundwork to take that step. If you feel like it's going to be politically helpful to you, which is that is how the White House make a decision right now they were not a White House that would be well-run on that, but we everybody's had to notice that in the last couple weeks. Things of significantly change the country.

Politically, where people even since the rate to be since the rate they took a new turn yeah and it a much more aggressive transfer to quickly get John a California jungle. It will all laugh.

It's not all right more government control, not less. Know the government control to my mean you talking about fascist Mussolini was a fascist.

It was a Nazi. That was a form of fascism coming so this was this a very dangerous move John of what they're trying to do here and doesn't politically make sense that that they said it but they said it for political reasons yet though it doesn't. The politics don't add up legacy kit historical lesson here is that what they're doing here. They just try to say how do I consummate a Nazi. That's a Nazi because that many professors were key to offputting similarity people but semifascist.

Maybe people pay attention will get that they understand the hook for the week of the not there and what will be asked to see us if this was tried out to the group of donors which is a lot of what you do this, trying out messages see how people react to your friends or your voice was not going anywhere. If it works see a lot of attention. Do you start taking that to a campaign. Should we start hearing other surrogates were start here. The circuits already repeat that this is totally fine to say, this makes sense and this is how she later questioned by the NBC's and CBS's and see them in the world that may have been a little over the top. There still doubling down on are joining us. Next is my pumping from a secondary state are seeing a counselor global affair support the work of that's ACLJ.only back with more in just a moment were not matching challenge campaign vote for any money you donate. We get a matching therefore can T by Pompeo.

This is interesting as her tape up here because you about the monologue arrayed say this is about Donald Trump. It's about you. It's happening everywhere you look at it we saw late last week present by that this D&C of it say it's not just about Trump. It's the entire philosophy that about him anymore that about a few people. He's going to say something. It's like semifascist and it seems like a secretary Pompeo the present confirmed what you wrote. That was not my intent to agree with by that may be worth but point and the point I made in my piece was that that's right.

What we have are bureaucracy institutions that have been captured by the left by the political leadership of the institution and they are not coming after all of us to have a conservative mindset. It's not just about Jake.Pres. Trump.

It is about chasing down 501(c)(3) therapy that have a conservative ideology.

It's about chasing down parents who want nothing more than to make sure they have the capacity to know what the kids are learning at school. These are all things that are law enforcement agencies have taken on their prioritize things on the left and wasted because they have not done for an awfully long time and we have to figure out a way to put them back in the box to upon them so that they are doing the actual work that they were intended to mention that the Justice Department and the FBI and the Department of Education were all intent you more about America not about progressivism, and they've moved away from that is shocking to me is first about the President of the United States using the term semifascist now.

I'm still trying to figure out what semifascist is because as a semifascist is at Mussolini before Hitler arose because he was still a fascist.

Maybe when it arose. Historically, we know the fascism really went into the next level. All horrible semifascist is I know this.

It's a pejorative term and is labeled basically have the country is semifascist so I'm trying to figure out for me.

What is the political benefit of this because it seems that even the scene ends of the world and MN and NBC's and CBS's Briley drill down on his people about this. Although his people are doubling down on their way by waving the Bible to know what he means by coming to that product.

He read it but we what we know, though, is they do view half of America as indecent and wrong. All of them deplorable. Pres. Obama looked down and felt sorry for folks who join the military already said they cling to their cling to their Bibles and their guns. This is the same mindset that has run through of Obama to fight to the progressive movement. They view half of America as outside of the American norm when the truth it is. There is a fraction of the Democrat party. The progressive piece of the Democrat party that is deeply disconnected our Judeo-Christian heritage in the things that made America special, unique and exceptional.

When we see this distended nonstop essence and we saw the receipt for the FBI received as a raid.

See the media we sound FA's will come out of this is these are it's almost sometimes tough to distinguish to where those companies start where the government begins because while they were disruptor companies and that's kind of how they pitch themselves early on that existing part of mainstream, so it they said well hey we got this general warning and we started making specific political decisions about the of the Hunter Biden story that you know that we can't talk about, but you can talk about Russia collusion all you want and they're coming right on telling a 78 Mark Zuckerberg is not hiding that this and he FBI statement back was moved to this all time, but was very honest about what they did and what guy is not denied that up, and I'm sure it whenever they are Doing out that they got it wrong on the hunter by the laptop. I think your you you captured the essence of the challenge they they have inflamed half the country by their action. They have they behaved in ways that are so deeply outside the norm for those institutions that that that I hope to think that one. I hope that there is an election this November the put people in charge of the house that that will continue to unmask this will continue to share with the American people. The magnitude and scale and then the next right out the next President will take this as a theorist priority to reform these institutions not to make them not to make them conservative not to make them American institutions with treat every human being the same and provide equal justice under law, and are not constantly constantly going after those about who have deeply held conservative beliefs and deeply held religious beliefs of the puppeteer of the of the actions with the FBI unprecedented under the Department of Justice and America where they execute a warrant search warrant against the present United States home over documents. There is a document dispute obviously been going on for number of months, almost a year and 1/2 and and my community particulars is, I don't know the particulars but it ends up in an a search warrant search warrant executed by a judge to recuse himself from a case involving the former President and the former Secretary of State. He recuse himself from that civil case but yet did not think he needed to recuse himself from signing and executing a search warrant based on probable cause of a crime is been committed that eventually the former Presidents lawyers file a motion for special master and the Department of Justice. Of course, said we've already reviewed all of this, so there's no need for special mass was resisting review distributed and out and I said you know the words don't seem to be responding at the speed of relevant here, but that's their decision, and it could be complications with the client.

I don't know but I do know this. It helped the angst among conservatives even if they weren't pro Donald Trump this whole idea that that did that this is happening in the United States today eight weeks from the midterm elections issues to be the forbidden territory for the Department of Justice. It doesn't seem to be the rules any longer. But this really has amped things up remarkable good.

There was about about the President that they may well have gone after dump truck because he was But what we know what we know is they have not thrown out the normative rules that brought out the set of understandings that we have all operated on for decades and so it can require conservative to understand that and accept that except that these rules are now gone that the norms that we all understood that these institutions would operate within are now out the window. So long as the crew is in office it is. It's frightening to be honest with you to see the way that they executed a search warrant in a historical way way this so deeply different from how the things had been handled for decades in the United States and have an apologetic board and have explained to receive joy as a senior counsel for global affairs and folks who want to support your case, it is important time for us is this why we have to leave for folks like certain compound the team when the island with the four and we are taking action on these issues.

Yet the concern about the FBI squelching a media story when you had the New York Times famously published the Pentagon papers and now you know 45, 50 years later it's the exact opposite. The FBI understood the same. There's a concern about this and that but to tell them that don't run the story or words to that effect and twitter did kill the story and and Mark Zuckerberg was very honest face first time he made a lethality throttle. The LED problems.

He works at that whole idea is a lot of people say that's it.

That's a conspiracy that maybe it just bears me conservatives on there anymore. Maybe. But he has to talk about how they do it so is it doesn't stop you from posting.

It may be some people see it permitting much less people will see it, so that also taught at the pewter light what is going on there. Not just with the laptop but anytime they want them. We said before I get is the private company, but they have a huge benefit of the section 30 liability so they have become the government eight and so it's like the government has what do they think and invest the bureaucracy of work they jump on because they want that they want to keep that text.

We will use AC okay I think Lexington Pompeii also believes that this is not just about done helping more is implied said that as well relabel to pursue refreshed since he sent this not just from your included to identify back support our work. Donate today AC be part of her matching challenges AC okay

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