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New VP Harris Gaffe Brings Major Consequences

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 30, 2022 1:49 pm

New VP Harris Gaffe Brings Major Consequences

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 30, 2022 1:49 pm

New VP Harris’ Gaffe Brings Major Consequences.


Here's brings major consequences of folks there are times statement is a public figure. Usually when you make to correct yourself immediately is really a sense of the knowledge about her mouth, but what we see time and time again with whether it's Pres. Biden, whether it's vice President here since I was vice President her sisters overseas a very easy trip. Okay this is a trip you do. It's to an ally you go to the DMZ with North Korea you take the photo with the military. That's their North Korea could respond with some real Q-tips of rockets but nothing directly at you I get should be pretty simple for a seasoned politician so is by the California Atty. Gen., a US Sen., and our vice President, but she goes by the she's not speaking in that like another language or anything. Speaking in English at the DMZ in a message to the South Korean people and this is what she says is a very important relationship which is an alliance of the Republic. It is an alliance that is strong and enduring and today there were several demonstrations I just went one of those demonstration of the point was rockets being launched by North Korea, so she was done speaking, where's the correction like she doesn't realize she cheated more prudent north, but I'm sure she doesn't catch yourself.

So what's going on with these present vice President is they don't know they're not even paying attention to their own words than only not paying attention, which words have consequences when your world leader and would think about what you sent me.

But the consequences you have a situation where you're in the DMZ. You are staring at an adversary and you say our adversary is our lights.

This would be the examples you could give where this would be similar would be ridiculous what they're doing that. And of course the media totally covers for the as if nothing happened, and if she had if she had stopped yourself right that exits you wouldn't be time with this question is why. Why is is is she's not paying enough attention to the one simple speech she needed to deliver this trip. This is simple this is what you do you go to your ally South Korea you make the speech everyone does it, it's normal.

This is not high intensity. This is not like dealing with Ukraine Russia is not even like dealing with the actual order crisis we have here shows the DMZ border to go to the southern border. But again she doesn't correct yourself. So whether it's Biden who he never does it it itches your gaffe after gap, but you can explain this away with age. This is that you or anything like that but it's it's embarrassing for us upon the international scene for the United States nursing process. Yeah I'll horse it embarrassing for them, so our allies are embarrassed our enemies are emboldened and were made to be a laughingstock of the country.

This is while Anthony blanket is out there talking about more sanctions being imposed on Russia is sabotaging of the gas natural gas pipelines, not to be significant enough prices for Eastern Europe. I'm not saying we should sanction the by the way, but it's just this is it. Take a comedy of errors. You just there's a lack of competence is when they get up and speak you don't feel confidential.

You'll feel competent if you think they are not prepared you for like right there unprepared to having read the remarks is how she opened her speech never went back to corrections and weird the way she does it tell it like this and this is a joyous occasion know it's relates it's that it meant that voice active board type yet still never ever came to peace so I made again if they mock your present trumpeter are our colleague Mike Pompeo for trying to get the North Koreans to quit other nuclear power. Just trying to get that night. They mock but the idea of calling our ally. Our enemy an enemy or ally, never correcting who is who is writing this.

What is the stress level at the White House because the deal. He was behind must be very high not apologize for any of them, but I guess dealing with Joe Biden's 90s to write back because she did not quickly correct yourself at me like that line.

Catch yourself find move on to talk about today but this again. It's weird would it with a known major national disasters happening why she might not reschedule that event because again that's it.

To give me it's a gimme trip you go to your ally. Even I speech you go to the DMZ and you move along. I mean that you know they're deftly not trying to engage the way the trumpet ministration did try to actually figure something in North Korea make something to deal with North Korea so she's over there. This is what Congress Burgess had to say from Texas your target at the border here what we reply what you can show that we can replant shares a very important relationship which is an alliance of the Republic. She sounds so tired mentally tired lately because it's like the words are severely thinking think that's it's painful for speaking with Batista, but this is not this is a gap okay.

It's obviously it's a gaffe with the how do you get this wrong Col. well yeah how do you do that and how do you speak with such lack of passion. This is one of the most intensive geographic regions in the world. You are the vice President of the United States and it was so blonde lackadaisical inflation get the country room and then she gets the country wrong to you and this is a very serious note region of the world tensions there never completely go away. We don't even have a peace treaty with North Korea.

We signed an armistice in 1953, which basically an agreement to quit shooting each other. There's never been a peace treaty. We are technically still at war with North Korea and she seemed almost disinterested in this. And then of course misspoke and said that North Korea is our ally achieved by the way our borders are, which is what she and wrong border. Obviously, when you know I thought what Congressman Burgess said germs actually write to me and make may be centered down the board is not such a great idea in our southern border. Take a listen. Blanching never went to the southern border fence a level of expertise that she's going to bring that's what Wes is talking and that's the cars assignment is, this should not be difficult because this is historically it's been going on spec 50s but you do need to be prepped, because when you make the statements you got a propaganda wing on the other side of this, who will take that utilize it played over and over to a group of people that have no access to media public. If you zero people and in North Korea by utilizing that soundbite because they can play it and there was no quick correction so the NMC gave clear made it easy for the propagandist on the other side of this, and there are lots of North Korean propagandists social media all over the world that they they interact and then they get out and say you know we met the vice President say would be the long-term ally North Korea fires to short range ballistic missiles into the sea. On Thursday, hours after the vice President space. The round missiles launched by North Korea this week extending a record pace and weapons testing as it accelerates the push to expand its arsenal. Both Washington to accept his nuclear power and she calls them Col. and Alec actually had you mentioned three missile coincidences this past week one Washington DC and the trip was announced another one but she was in Japan and course to missiles fired after she left what what people need to understand, and I think most people do and that is that the Pacific rim of the Asia-Pacific region of the world is a tinderbox. North Korea is is a rogue state hermit kingdom.

Also they like Vladimir Putin from time to time indicate that they are going to use nuclear weapons. And we have to take that threat seriously. There are millions of people within range of their conventional weapons including the city of Seoul Korea with with several million people there and normal just artillery rounds can reach soul from from North Korea with a tinderbox into the you add to that J the whole issue with China and Taiwan struck the focus cannot be misplaced and we cannot let our guard down with Pacific region so the US and South Korea intelligence reports are indicating that it is very possible that North Korea is gearing up for a nuclear test one they have not done since 2017 out. And when when the former President got all the flak about sitting down with with the leader of North Korea and you know how we try to get dialogue how many nuclear ballistic testing we have none. None. Now we got him on the verge of it and we kind of fuel the fire by extending ridiculously confusing messages in the left-wing media's, given her total pass right when they see it, picked it up anywhere will now okay so that variably published date yet just to California online what he just called her yet broke hereby when reporting South Korea.

Actually, you wouldn't even mention a cardinal direction you want just a public appropriate. So why would she even wrote directly under any board matter don't even care to bring about an eclectic just think we took this on our podcast yesterday secure post podcast site with two people. This common mistake people make, which is what you brought up. There is South Korea's week colloquial call, it is Republic of Korea are okay. That's how I like it international events and then there's the DPR K and Q confusedly presents the Democratic People's Republic of China. That's North Korea I feel like her speechwriters didn't even want to go there so they like took that part out because that could get that a lot of people make that mistake they corrected even see the international bids. The guys like handle the flags of the song become the next amp becomes on the wrong Korea. That's one thing here. She could even get the north-south part right, which is more of the US version of talking about so I think I get you could go to that next level complication just in which you used to be able to do a few vice President states.

For now I but that means during that whole long flight over. Is she getting prepped will that's the question that I wanted to ask a meaning unit you see past her colleagues served in that region. I mean it so easily right to say it still a tinderbox and is very dangerous area to make a misstatement like that in the not to say I got it wrong. I made a mistake, let me be clear, you know, there are enemy yeah you was just think that she would correct it immediately and also served there for 13 months I've been to the audience. He realized that Jan and I have it sit tense region. Even in all of these here since the armistice was signed when you go there and I've been there twice.

It is a tense region because you don't know what they're going to do the other thing. Also in the US role in that zone. We are there as a part of the UN peacekeeping force. There are still other United Nations countries that have troops there is where were by far the largest foreign presence.

There is a course the South Korean military is extremely strong. They had been armed and trained by us for over 50 years. But the other thing about this that I noticed in her remarks in South Korea and in her remarks in Japan that she over and over emphasize that the United States will not waiver in its commitments to its allies. That's a good thing to say but the only reason that are our adversaries and our allies are talking about the US wavering is because we have for example in Afghanistan just a year ago so she's trying to reassure our allies that we won't abandon them. What a shame that we even have to go there.

It's it's an amazing thing to watch our foreign policy gets so difficult.

I say this all the time and I mean it when I hear them speak. Whether it's the Secretary of State or some of the military generals and this is no disrespect to the military or Adm. Kirby what he is doing his best competence is not competence building not mean that's the thing that so and then to the vice President states to go there and mess up the Koreas which is basically what she did. It is just it's breathtaking it is and it even contrasts of this of Nancy Pelosi's talk yesterday. She's older and but also their experience a meticulous and by 1870, time right away for whatever I end in sight will be needed to limit that's what she said let me sit. Let me read it, not you.

Because this is another scary one disaster relief funds. Some of it needed right away for Iran that she says in a Ian but it's not. It's more will be needed now. I hope that it was a gaff that she got Iran confused with Ian but I also hope it's not hey we got to be careful in her expenditures for Florida because we gotta get ready to pay some money over to Iran. He started thinking when they make the statement lies on the top your mind yet. Why is Iran being computers with Ian at the top of her mind that we are prepared. Unfortunately, it would appear if the Iranians would just cooperate with Pres. Biden inside the document. We are prepared to give them billions of dollars in sanctions, relief, and oddly, and ironically enough, they will use that money to do what we say were stopping them from doing which is producing a new care whether protesters are saying to the United States. We will topple the regime don't prop them up and unfortunately were propping them up so I get totally take your calls 100 684 31 two that's 100-684-3110.

Only the next topic ahead of the broadcast.

So you got anti-Semitism going on at your university so you want to pick somebody say delete investigate this way to make sure this is handled correctly. You pick someone crowded unindicted co-conspirator from Islamic terror group if they were making this up. The city University system of New York did so retirement that we come back on secular. If you have questions about comments about wanting hundred 68431107 is overly descriptive. Laugh a little bit, but we were also litigation. We are representing five professors from the Guinea system. The city University of New York system Jeff Almanza be joining us.

Also, you got to be listening to the secular by watching the secular brothers broadcast secular tells you where you can get it to work on rumble Facebook, YouTube, and also download on your podcast is anti-Zionism investigation a universe of choices who should we go to to lead the investigation of what's happening so we don't have this feeling were Jewish students on campus feel like they're being targeted or like the school is endorsing this kind of tardy. So, who do they go to while you go to see Sally Abdallah, the former employee of anti-Israel and unindicted conspirator in a Islamic terror case. The of course Karen talking about the Council on American Islamic relations Abdallah from care whose value diversity had at your school.

You say Abdallah will you investigate you work for care. We would miss it. Make sure these Jewish truths are treated nicely so you would think this is Jeff Bell about his encounters with even think this is an episode from Larry David right to curb your enthusiasm. Nobody would believe this so to set the state and by the way, we are representing five faculty of key universities that it is rarely investigate the other pal city of Citigroup's middle let Israelis come on campus to give speeches. Of course not.

Jeff we got this though we are actually file the title VI litigation were laughing. It's not money it's it's serious. But what part is Institute is really unbelievable.

Pick a person affiliated with care to do the investigation.

You can't make this stuff up. You're right. I'm glad you started the segment with laughter because you left for your crime. This is insane with is beyond belief. It is easily whatever example you want to take somebody who literally was a member of the KKK to investigate complaints of racism. It's insanity. This is care is an organization that the United States government has linked to being the part of common masses propaganda wing in America okay and city University of New York you would thinking be a little more sophisticated in this.

It's exactly this part of the problem. J. And Jordan is intentional actually trying to to tell Jews you're no longer welcome in any of our campuses, because you could not create a more hostile situation for Jews on campus into literally putting in operative operative bodily from the Minnesota we know what happened as Minnesota is from the Minnesota care and make them in charge of investigating anti-Semitism on campus so I'm holding my hand.

I'm holding my hand right now. A copy of the complaint that we filed with the assistant secretary for civil rights. US Department of Education patient and Jeff on is important for our listeners to know interviewers to know what exactly were alleging it in this week's race incidents back all the way to 2014. That's right, you know there been a number of cases brought a number of complaints brought since we work closely with the White House to change this so that you could, Jews could be included in civil rights protections under title VI so that federal funds are on the line for institutions that promote anti-Semitism or tolerate anti-Semitism against students and faculty and so we work with that and now we bring cases bring complaints and one of them was one the aegis of update which is against the whole system. The whole city University of New York system which is many many campuses and many colleges because what we're alleging it in in the complaint and as I wanted to look at it. It's almost unbelievable years and years of anti-Semitism across multiple campuses is a pervasive systemwide situation that must be addressed at the top level and as we see the top level is making decisions that seem calculated to promote anti-Semitism rather than fighting but you got you.

I wish I could say these are isolated events. We representing Prof. for you. There's a report now out of Berkeley and I'm all starting to see this and I got it and I must've gotten seven copies of the sent me last night and it Berkeley at the law school nine different law student groups have begun the academic year by amending their bylaws to ensure that Pro Israel supporters of Zionism are not allowed to speak on campus. The Dean of the law school who is a progressive, no question about Dean Chemerinsky but he is also a scientist said I would not be allowed to speak on my own law school campus because of the way that the students are reacting in there getting away with this, as if it's okay now it's getting a lot of attention. So maybe it shuts it down in California uniquely has an statute called Andra, that is their state civil rights statute. I have litigated that in California courts and it's very broad protection and does not allow targeted racial, religious discrimination, among other things, so there are avenues here, but it's amazing that at Berkeley free thought open-mindedness you know the marketplace of ideas here at June that Pro Zionism route and you have to be a card-carrying anything because is a very famous Martin Luther King quote where somebody started talking about Zionism. He said you know stop that when you're talking a design is mute on anti-Semitism. Let's be clear about this over the centuries. Over the millennia all kinds of words that are used to means you that aren't you. You know they use the wood in in in the not use bankers and global listings all kinds of words now in this generation. It's Zionist but Zionist means Jew.

That's all it really means and signatures on campus being told.

Your opinions are locally or frankly you're not welcome here. And so they're hiding their identities and articles maybe do when general election. One of Pres. Biden's advisors is most prominent Jewish advisor Jewish affairs. He actually told observant Jews like me are working out in public so this maybe we should stop wearing signs of our faith in public stop signs out leader Jewish know the answer. This country but every place the progressives dominate in every cultural place campuses. That's what's happening like the typical groups you think they would be banning these speakers like this of the Palestinians to the group. This is obscure through the names the women of Berkeley Law be a pretty broad Asian Pacific American lobsters that Middle Eastern and North African lobsters that would maybe it's a lot closer to what you think of a group that would benefit the law student of African descent in the clear caucus. So again, they talk about all this inclusion and bring everybody in it don't discriminate against anyone but at the most liberal city in the United States lived most liberal campus college campus and is known for historically and it celebrated a lot of ways for allowing this unbelievable amount of freedom of speech. There is less your speech happens to be in support even as a progressive progressive like the date of loss will says a progressive Zionist. It's been so all speech is okay you Margaret naked on campus with people do right but but that don't say anything about Israel. So I'm holding again in my hand a copy of the civil rights complaint we have filed Jeff. What's the next move on this but people want to know what we expect your meds to get that the Department of education we can commence an investigation. While there is hopefully a mounting pressure in the city University of New York for their love.

I think they need to clean house atop deity desperately needs understand what's going on here because they ignore one of our one of the professors we represent the redefining of anti-Semitism than that they were look at it and that is minute and official find by the government of anti-Semitism against him so he's asked for there to be some redress. They are simply refusing to communicate and they won't talk to him and they just make it worse by doing things like this, so we are hoping that by this complaint will actually across this universe to have really the millions of federal dollars in the membership. Listen folks will just talk about we take action. That's what were doing and we got bullied me will look at the situation on California as well support the work of and again let me know how to get caucus victim will be on Monday Monday secular SEKULOW we had actually 100,000 unique viewers this week on the podcast is really excited about that secular for decades ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena.

The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member.

If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular to secular way we are to get photos you want talk 164 3110.

We were going back to it is about ACLJ action topic to we did talk about Iran.

Of course all week because of the protest in Iran lack of the Wilson Obama this fish is they did support the protesters in 2009 received the same kind of behavior yet again from the Biden administration who wants this nuclear deal with more than they do, that the liberation of the oppressed people of Iran and ended at fortune is to say the least well and as I believe the people who protest their cingulate set that were asked to the US to coveted militarily take out this regime. It just stopped funding at that exact quote is stop funding the murders, stopped funding the people who shoot out the protesters because you two things one issue at a protesters people stop taking to the streets in influx of cash in United States sexual relief.

And guess what, people start getting a little more complacent they will get more handouts going and you don't have these mass protest movements is very unique in Iran basement since 2009 received this many people take to the streets, 8481 of you have already said a letter to your member of Congress to say hold Ron accountable for their support of terrorism for the killing of of this woman who was in their custody of their morality police and lost her life because her burqa was not as correct as they wanted some here we shall be like a strand of hair right and she is of dead that have a protest movement so we encourage you to go to ACLJ actually does not cost you with a two Sinhalese letters to River cars we have this tool that we've invested ACLJackson set up solute after putting your information and it ghost goes to your right representative. We have the letter written, but we encourage you like for me it comes up right here because it knows the location of this computer that's got the two Tennessee senators and art. The congressman from this district, so you can actually click on you what the letter that all three above senators like if you want to go to Haggerty blackbird and content. Lizzie said 8481 people of already done this, which is the amazing start to this campaign and look this Iran situation is a big deal and then you got this gap another one we talked about the vice President Of the knee at the Nancy Pelosi gap. The essay which is concerning because it makes you wonder if something else appear take a listen to Rob read it to you afterwards of the charter year, but that's what she said pastoring time. Some of that right away for whatever I end in sight will be needed It was disaster relief as it was about money from Congress. Some of it needed right away for Iran's that you correct the sub even now, but it's more will be needed now. I hope it's a part just a mistake because I know what it probably also is there getting ready to deliver a pile of cash. Today Iranians is only so much cash we can deliver so working to give you know, potentially, who knows how many billions of dollars to Iran to prop up their regime so they can then take their actions against the protesters are trying to get democracy for the people of Iran and at the same time and this is what's ironic word and what not get enough sleep to the people in Florida been devastated. Now off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina. I hope these are 40 and I have not 40 hope these are slips.

I hope that that the vice President somehow confusing the Korean Peninsula and I hope that Nancy Pelosi really isn't talking about that working to get ready to deliver a boatload of cash to Iran, I hear about on the latter that that's the case yet and that this is the concerning part is that it is wise on the top of her mind, which is thinking about a hurricane. Ian and Iran remain in egg goes to say where are the okay to come at a meeting to come briefings. Is this where their mind is on Iran instead of where it should be, which is on the rich right now is tumbling into Charleston, South Carolina, and that sent over 11 imagery was seen at a florets post.

This is still an active hurricane as we speak it it still at is still hurricane strength as a writer you so I this is to wreak a lot more havoc on the United States and outside write up the Virginian of the premises based on an answer has been praying for folks and friends while the listeners lot of friends in Florida yet more people are are back online. I see in the chanting of energy they have electricity stored in Florida so that's a good sign that some of the imagery now coming out totally devastate a weird thing called away hundreds to the viewing touch was on air 2006 843-1100 Denise Graff topic Marilyn online what he Denise call? What I now Pelosi cannot help but wonder not know know to make time to take us off the second Seder and tinsel, but they are dangerous and they are confusing and they send out a really bad message so look like we have our top two leaders of the most powerful country in the world. Supposedly I can't get accidents and kicking a speech without always becoming, never about the focus of the speech, but always about this that gaffe when he screwed up and that always becomes the Pope and I will state just as an American that's not good you not to like Joe Biden and VP Harris politically or their overseas speaking on generic basic things like we are allied with the people of South Korea. You don't want them messing that up because it makes our entire country socially internationally who don't see you do not make these a stream of your Republicans or Democrats.

They are representing you were there over there like you are not in every time every time Joe Biden speaks to me was horrible.

What he did but the congressman earlier this week and we've talked that that gaffe again embarrassing. So yes and inappropriate of embarrassing to the world.

Yes, and I makes us look like a joke. Well, this is any words of consequences and statements of consequences. If you consistently get it wrong it's not competence billing know is nonconfidence building and especially for the leader of the free world leader the United States. The country that emerge from the second world war as the leader of the world of the present United States speaks and people listen they listen to what he says what she says and listen with great care and they expect a coherent, cognitively accurate, correct statement, a statement that is a profound statement that mean something.

A statement that's given with deliberation, with thought and were not getting those were just not getting those it's the danger of this of course is like George says it's that it makes us look like a laughingstock on the world stage and that's what is the danger let's talk about something else and that is more developments in the ongoing battle between former Pres. Trump and Pres. Bynes Justice Department at this time there was appointment member.

The special master and then that special master made recommendations on how these documents at monologue and we handled and the judge. The judge can in disagreement or lease, in part yeah I read the order with great care. Several times this morning essentially judge can in the United States District Judge sitting in Fort Pierce for this is for the Southern District of Florida issued an order which essentially said early on that you appointed a special master to verify that the property identified in the detailed property inventory. What is that Eric that is an inventory that the FBI prepares or any government agency prepares after it has conducted a search. That's what they got and they got prepare an inventory and she said you used to prepare that inventory and you verify that it is a full and accurate extent of the property seized from monologue okay the order imposed.

She said no additional requirements on the parties regarding the detailed property inventory. The special master acting on his own decided to impose special requirements and to do so by requiring that the specific objections that the Pres. Trump was going to make attorney-client privilege and attorney work product privilege, executive privilege, Presidential record, whatever that is being made by when today September 30 on these thousands of documents and the District Judge Judge Cannon said there shall been reading from the order, there shall be no separate requirement on plaintiff Pres. Trump at this stage pleasantly well right now. September 30 it's a little early to say to review any of the seized materials to lodge any final objections. In other words, low weight a minute.

We've got thousands of documents not at this stage and not final objections, but she did not say that you didn't have to do that. She said 21 days after the defendant that's the government's receipt of notice of completion and I calculated ways. That is unless I want to explain this to people and because people also noticed you do this is what what is a notice of completion that were done.

This is the inventory that we have completed it. And this is the totality of the document okay and what Judge Cannon said the district judges no later than 21 days from that and I calculated that November 4, November 4, you will provide the special master and this is that the District Judge Judge Cannon said with one comprehensive annotated spreadsheet that talks about your privileges, your executive your attorney-client your Presidential record and then she said it's gotta be on a document by document basis is gotta adequately explain the precise bases for the designation. It's got a really good include neurosurgeons of executive privilege. If you have any. It's gotta be describe the scope and rationale from which the mass special master can evaluate so she's not taking Pres. Trump side.

She's as a matter fact putting a burden on the presence of Pres. Trump but she simply saying J give you more time to do it and as I read this. It simply means by November 4, but again dictating that no one should take this as a substantive determination of culpability on either side.

No it's not.

These are procedural low. That's what we want to explain this. These are procedural moves when you've got a seizure of documents so you did this is US attorney lighting fixture is routed to the same jihad documents. You made a list Humana list but here you got hundreds of thousands of pages.

That's right, and what she simply saying is give the President more time and I keep calm the President from former President drawn more time specifically till November 4 to assert his privileges and they've gotta be specific that gotta be on a document by document basis so she's holding him to an accountable standard that is admirable. In my estimation, but she's also showing one thing on the District Judge and you are the special master. You do what I say and how I say it. How do things look short is you're looking at right now politically because this was in the political background think it's stating now is hold you know what this means. How are things looking as you see it right now you follow closely what where you see the house and Senate. I think the houses is in great shape. Republicans being the number is but the Senate is actually turning back so receives a poll I ever say this worst ever. Still a lot of time less but still on time and were certain seals races tighten up in that we in a good way for kids Republicans but you keep it so radiating to we know how you did with Ohio.

You need to obviously like Florida there was talk, even of that race with Marco Rubio getting close and now it's he's a big backup it with a six-point lead so they sent to say that any of them are over.

It's not done but there's this trade back towards Republic is a that is intelligible to give training back towards Republican. So Dan is up tip is up. Herschel is up maybe a couple points and it would keep up to be that you two people the top of the ticket, that's a good driving side Georgia you need to think that Senate seats and that a +1 that would be an ideal to take out one of those very liberal visit Pennsylvania trying to hold onto a seat right you're just replacing Pat Toomey that grace is God's races is what it is. It is a race could be tight anyways right because it's a it's a per it's a purple state ready see another pickup possibly Arizona yeah Arizona, Nevada, yeah, looks like like salt in a window so you look at those racist tips so you gotta go East Coast Midwest and West. So then you go back to the skating of the at the allotted could be very different feel in Washington DC at the house in the center of the above are relevant in a house shows a load that investigations stop in and do investigations begin yeah reference to what would become the investigators will lead investigator. In fact, the binder ministration wisely is gearing up with the team to assuming that the there about to grab Derek that the Congressional oversight committee and the Judiciary Committee are to be doing investigations on some of their moves and how they are creating a hostile environment hunter laptop the on that so that God get out of the doubling is incompetent during this whole thing net worth you got to get wood from a net worth of seven to $12,000,000,000.02 years so then you have and then assigns a government employee Hunter Biden that the IG that was in charge of that is now being asked Cindy to appear before the Senate Judiciary committee reviewers lawyer you have him assert his privileges.

I would have and close his mouth there to do that and we respect that the member privileges lights and the concentrations are doing that Here's a that etc. you could assume that they're guilty there and try doing more. January 6, owing to yet examining Scott cancel that he they still fit interviews with Jesse's hottest life but which you can observe that she had to even she felt she needed to go to clear her name. He did not just see what she did testify that was actual see video of that some point, but they always think it's the hearing this week because they that it.)

Justice Thomas change his opinion. Please let me up. Breaking news alert that is not has a judicial philosophy that was preset the I think a judicial philosophy like his room with the with us every single time. That's what the left is like. Of course the other lame eyes. Anyway, we noted most of them.

And if you're the left side of the legal world justice also hundreds these don't like that he actually wanted answers that we have when in Pakistan we want to talk about the coming `lot activity or the ACLJ give everyone a moment to kill you leave your office to the philologists Pakistan space Lahore Pakistan which is a Christian hub inside Pakistan where a lot of Christians live at their predominantly is just known as pre-poor community that say that to been as this is the truth that educate you very much oppressed by that even this is the Pakistani government, but the Muslim majority and so a police see a lot of abuse by Muslims who think they can treat these Christian countries. However they want and what we saw this this just touches a very different kind of law we practice in Pakistan and chair Gil who leads up our practice. There is also US trade attorney as well as a Pakistan is ably sexy going back sooner. Give all the details right up were able to get more the stories visually to you as well. This Kaiser heartbreaking dealer tough this stuff this is really big for prepare for gases yeah this means that we represented a family Christian family back in April 2020, 21, either nine-year-old daughter goes to the store shows that ShopRite committees are small like town villages. That's not what would it be weird to the nine-year-old goes down the right lobbies. IBG is a better word of his expense loves and so that the snack shop is like extorting house so I a comes next and shows back with blood and in on parts of her body where her mother is saying okay what what happened.

She said demanded that things to sports at the event, so they know who it is now takes take some time takes until August this case to finally move.

That's when she did her family got place at ACLJ surf on just a Pakistan and so we start ripping the family. August 20 21 that just think about the time here took 33 court hearings over 13 months, 33 court hearings over more than a year, but the city philologists Pakistan attorneys were able to assure this man who raped his nine-year-old girl was a Christian girl thought they could get away because he was a Muslim party majority. I harvested the packs in the legal system is not horrible. It's got to get the system yet have an attorney like ours who can function. Do this for these families who have no money and put the justice because the police are also scared of getting involved. Now what ultimately happens he would put them away for so life is good. The right thing is also defined and we were able to get the family to which a counselor is this that this girl's obscene needs a lot of psychiatric help and so we it's kind of this fullscope legal were not doing legal average criminal law you're putting employees on lifelong people and their kids get great this is tough stuff and all and so you know when you get exec in the legal system in a volatile place where you got the Christian bows will divide out payee over the top but understand what we do is also this kind of full-scale approach in a place like that. You don't just say okay case over we got the source still help the family. I think it is work through the Arctic. We got the justice we did get them justice. 33 hearings. I want that the significant harassed by this means it for over a year trying to pay them off showed up. The school euro said he did it would. It was everyone in the village said he is wanted me was your people sob. So in a the Bible says justice just to sell you perceive you gotta pursue justice in these cases and in and anyone you we operate all over the globe. When you take Pakistan, which is not an easy place to operate just 40 ACLJ just help this family and this young girl was nine-year-old girl significantly but it took 13 three hearings I find that just incredible to think that 33 hearings over this period of over a year 13 months to bring this kind of justice and by the way he was a married man with four children, I mean. This makes it even more horrible when you think about it, but the persistence that we used in pursuing these cases is what makes them come out right life imprisonment to me was good sentence in Pakistan should have been worse in my opinion, but that's the best bargain again.

It's a tremendous victory. I think for this child and that's all she was J yes the child and and we got a team over there any people in the Senate so like you said it's a holistic approach is not the only country we operated in typical places and we operate in other difficult places as well now, but I what it shows is weak.

There were still able to operate in their legal system. Yes, I think that support pleasant because of your support ACLJ Raber reps her family could not afford a a volume Pakistan or can get out yet to get justice for their oriented counseling for that for their daughter. So in this situation, but I just as we said we can award before this is not unusual that this is kind of the norm store. This one actually had a better ending than a lot of them because in this case the girl survived that the but we we also reps a lot of things with the children do not. And we also represent a lot of families Pakistan where Christians are accused of things I did not write when they were in jail we got one that were working. ICC mentioned the other day she see how that were mentioned working with the UN arbitrary detention panel in Geneva this week we we practice there is less were practicing in the in these international tribunals to get justice and try there is a worldwide organization, office of the ACLJ our counterpart in Europe and straws, headquartered in Strasburg, the European Center for Law and Justice does a lot of work in European in the European arena and before the European Court of human rights as well. And so we have our lines of communication open and we have lawyers on staff and in the worldwide arena to do these kinds of cases we pursue them. We get justice this case today I think is a landmark case Pakistan inherited its legal system from the British. We follow that to its end and it's an interesting lecture and citizen. It's interesting that the legal system in Pakistan if you can get their attention actually does function and in it that I wanted change gears for a moment here the last couple minutes up we are expanding our outreaches in our communication capabilities.

You know more on every social media platform you can think of but we also Jordan Logan just launched a podcast were only they've only finished the third week and this week they cross a huge milestone in podcast and that is hundred thousand viewers yank your said and out different on the three episode Analyst is to sell into our pockets as you think that was just this week that just this week off three episodes and so we were excited to people who are watching it. A lot of people view that way. That's because of great production abilities. I think you that's mostly podcast of almost every podcast is also the videocast and difficult, but there are the traditional way soliciting your car as well through Apple iTunes and and spot if I and yesterday just to give you a sense of the podcasts that it was titled the Santos tested rest in peace Coolio and fast food chaos ahead of rear capital on we had. We cannot hurricane Ian and that the Santos kind how he switched from being polite politician to Santos to monitor in a crisis as a test of leadership that that impact of Coolio on our culture. Your gender has to lay my pillow sale and it in there because the we we have the advertisers for this podcast and that things Logan cannot pronounce as well as things Logan money. It's a serious it's great. It would North the Kemal Harris North Korea be asked to cover that for getting into it. That is a whole different whole different way of presenting it and it you need to subscribe to go to secular but brothers would not come. By the way, got the perspective of you know that your great uncle with the secular brothers in the 1940s they had handbag millinery store in Phoenix, up and down the East Coast and you got CT receipts and things to remember that sheets gold and silver very ethically.

But anyway, it's great and God secular or support the work of the ACL did help the ACLJ out as well. The more people want to talk to you next time

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