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One More Time, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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November 12, 2021 7:00 am

One More Time, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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November 12, 2021 7:00 am

Samson compromised his anointing and got by for a while, until one day he was empty, and the shaker was gone!

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Greenspan to new listeners and welcome to the sound of St. Sharon not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Today's messages by my father, brother Hardy. If you've ever wondered why you can't seem to maintain a level of liberty in your spiritual walk or sometimes have difficulty overcoming your fleshly desires and if you want more than just a breakthrough, but you want to stay through this message is for you one more time was given from his first real people not coming to church so much congregation slide can stay well. Slide now is slide, so we used to do because you will will you see something start soon. Pretty soon, so there is not about Sunday morning go.

This is nobody to say search for IRS picture crown. There I try to write crown of life you want to retreat once you start doing like a snowball will lock just say no say so far that's the easiest thing God says the convention all say that's all they did set my mind is made up this will say now Jesus is, Jesus, Jesus, you look Mark is the goal line.

You don't know all rights not doing the things that you use to more all Jesus invited one church set and do your first works over you when you first got say you want to get in the church here was prayer time say you couldn't wait to give them the word to tell somebody about Jesus all you should love them all will all want to get in the world, people of all righteousness like Enoch was right before God's sake, walk with God all cell sometime set yourself you will is my prayer time.

He's not going to keep me out of church all church members 15 minutes at the church for his truth.

Some people got just about salvation, but they should do more in the world and they will walk away from God and between this way. This way to get.please check the trap gets him in the classic example in the Bible is Samson. Samson appreciated your morning morning surreal, following simple Satan couldn't do anything with city getting city was surrounded, mapping gigantic case were closed enemy supposedly severed all Samson went to Gates's 40 feet high. Gates that are tons and tons away to grab more than one here and grab the other the other side walk. He walked up the hill. This was no little. You see, you don't want little by little and that's the danger you don't know baptize me to baptize some completely in covered outs, like now to get born again and you get one measures the measures of the spirit of the Old Testament, they couldn't have what we for like to come over. They could be baptized differs between the baptizer and the feeling is when you're filter filled up like David, did you run over a glass of water. St. put it in the sink keep the cap on is not only for one measure too much of remeasure for one measure cover the full vessel careful 3/4 cup fully cover absolutely covered with water that's baptized all they see is the most complete control of the ghost remember when you got remember when I got it. I remember when I came out of the middle of the church. How I got there I was completely controlled by the goals and say when I came across the church, my glory, that I was in knots. The dangerous time is wonderful spiritual this way.

Cecil Cecil call this the line of demarcation on the side of the spirit on the side of the flesh we talked in the flesh in control of the flesh. We talk about flesh phone users means the only for the flesh cannot please God. But if the spirit of God telling you you're not in the flesh and spirit. Make sure you control by the Holy Spirit in nature.

When you're in the flesh are controlled by the old nature and strengthen, how can you tell always full. You're getting close to being totally you can tell you're in the middle of the Cecil in the flesh is called in the spirits calling in during the battle, what you want. Remember what the spirit clearly, you couldn't stop you what the body how to passout closer spirit will still want your body funny woke up in the morning spirit still singing a song Cecil nothing to read the Bible and symbols, and joy came to realize you. Closer spirit testifies as you present what it is okay right to to the flesh, the flesh was record yourself to be dead indeed flesh from the Sam live on the God save the lives he was alive and you vibrating moving in the reverberating you will not prove the spirit and the spirit and the spirit was totally now here's the baptizer, the Holy Ghost, you're all in that Cecil broke through to your heavenly places to you singing and speaking in tongues can't start before the service, but many broke through and got all the way out spirit to speak in tongues. He was always out what nobody falls in the spirit of the Holy Ghost. See what it takes to get affordable spirit to stay for the spirit you kill that man die daily survival flesh will crucify me know sometimes it took them a couple days each breath you die and you fought against you. You know what you know when you finally die. Finally, was totally exhausted and could not fight anymore and it felt word you will fix the agent yourself. You smothered because of false little prayer was. It was there so that you could bring to crystal and pushed herself out and read all the pain again. And the nails to director Bonnie committee say you didn't want to die especially when you not see death.

Jesus didn't fight.

He made sure Scripture was fulfilled. He quoted chapter after chapter to make sure that he was given the witness to the surreal comedy so you fight until you were Diane and Spike Alice's timely see that's why Pollock was so amazed that he was dead so early. All of a sudden all your natural strength is: totally tall for the very energy are your muscles collapsing like Jesus. He said I am showing all joy in the pay rate so I know Foster's five you got it kill you come all the spirit of God to put on you, they say, to go fly Spike any time to stop all that far. Now all that is all that were seated and have a place for this fullness of joy the devil. Due to far you get to the place you came with the flash to follow the spirit with the teacher comes Samson have all the unknowns she got to do the thing he called you to do you stop doing the thing you have to send a stop doing things God called you to do this quickly. Stopping the Bible stop stop stop pretrip and I estate of the church and never go out and backslide to the fight to keep us in the morning to simply count yourself. That's what the devil what the sidetrack to get you himself will get you you to try to try hard not to pray. Don't do nothing else if I don't do anything else. I am going to change city. He was with city. Some of his could he be that way you have your morning because you see under the law that was no role in the Old Testament. They were against it where there is no law there was motion imputed even though it was most of the only Syrian included so long where there is no transgression.

Personal St. Paul says soon, but it's not because there's nothing that says Dell shall not criminally say a man but when the job of delivering this will, and then the demo having set up because he knew when it was his weakness, please contact first of all, the first soliciting this against the word of God because God sent Israel, God's people were not mixed with the Gentiles from the service anymore because I didn't want to hear the truth of the world excuse you a picture is say which of them also excuse the justice or 20 years. You better know all but set a trap free, since I wrote while see the church but God I can see your people follow the devil track didn't steal the kill that you might have life more abundantly found. We believers know Christian is supposed to marry a sinner soon as you marry the same again as soon as you marry a sinner you backslid what no you not that's about God when I saw Christ do you know you not going to suck all that when you join yourself you are you you wants to 45 years search with guaranteed safe, say before you marry a site where you want the top of Macy's's say parades in the congregation, the preacher preaches on because God cares about God cares about the plates are influence people will help you all just following up attention friends. It sounded face September is radio month and we want to send you a free gift. It could be a CD or a book and it's coming to you for free if you write in with the call letters. This radio station on the bottom left corner of your envelope. This will help us determine where program is blessing people like you write to sound in faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 don't forget those call letters on the front of the envelope and

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