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The Mirror of a Man, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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July 19, 2021 8:00 am

The Mirror of a Man, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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July 19, 2021 8:00 am

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Greetings friends, new listeners and welcome to this program in the Archie Hardy ministries Sharon not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I'll be bringing today's message entitled the mirror of the man. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart because God's Word tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence, because out of it comes the issues of life and the only true mirror that we can look into and know the truth of who we are is the perfect mirror of Scripture.

It reads our hearts without distortion and our hearts reflect the mirror of the man I don't know the Lord. I probably will follow the Lord here tonight and I may go another way the when I had to follow the Lord that has thought about this.

My little grandson Noah.

He was in there and you I don't get to see them very much. Delegates seem a little bit and he's quite rambunctious. As you probably have seen so he's in there announcing it on. Try to get my thoughts together now and he's in there and he want me to fly airplanes and all the stuff but he's a very bright little boy.

He's very bright. I mean, I know I'm his grandmother, and I know you know I'm probably you know a little biased, but he is easily when he was like five years old pictures on very bright and very verbal conversation with a Mikey with an older person and I'll never forget you know in that room. That's been the catchall room for all the junk that you don't what to do with its ended up in that room that room over the years and believe me parts of plays parts of this part that we don't even know there's a big old brick in this big dog looks a whole lot better now that Danny and Helena got in and they really cleaned it out when that roof fell and then have a choice they had to do it, but there's been this briefcase that's been in there don't know how many years and was soon it was one of the props for one of the place, but it's a nice looking briefcase, the kind that not the combination locks in their absolutely for years and you know I don't know what's in your head for quite a while now.

I would say that this went on for about a year every time know the company would go there would bug Internet did not know what is in that case I think grandma what's in his briefcase and we got the same thing.

I don't know Noah well shows is that I don't know know what's in here for I don't know know and this went on you every time. It was like we never had this discussion before and he would be trying his best to pick that lot.

He depends, and he did everything he think grandma how can I get in your don't you want to know and said the next time we go through this.

This is been Going over a period of months and months and so one night he came in there and true to form he started up the same old thing grandma what's in here. Don't you want to know what's in your eyes, and I don't know know it. I don't know what might be some money and I don't know. It might be, but I only use it if he's not breaking all my breaking all my pencils because he's determined to stick them in their internal and they break so here he goes again with one my panda said no, you're just been a break another pen. There's no way you can open that with the pen. You know that by now it's going take somebody strong like Benny.

He's going to have to get a screwdriver and eat at the coming year. Maybe he could get open, but you can't get it open. Well, that is one stop you from trying. So he finds time and finally he decides he takes the pen and you know where the lift comes over he starts taking the pen and set a time going to get the lock that we decide to go up under push the lid so he's pushing her knees push and push it start to get a little bit and he's pushing when he's pushing it.

Finally he busted the scene busted open, running toward the seam and when he did that. Just joking around. I said all my goodness you done it. Now all all you broke it, now you are in trouble. He turned around and looked at me with those big eyes in his and I said all boy, you're in trouble now and I could just see the wheels in his mind already turning, he says, but grandma but grandma it's not my fault I said no, you're the one who did it but aren't you the one did you just break it open, but grandma on the only one to blame Jesus grandma didn't you tell me you would like to know what's in there. I thought what is now.

He was about like pictures old at the time five or six.

I thought to myself that young he already thought the blame for this not the only one to blame those exact words. A meeting just is not my point. I'm not the only one to blame.

But then I knew that there was somebody else to blame, and I knew it probably was me because I was only one elf said what he said grandma did you say you wanted to know what was in there.

I said I would like to know what but I didn't tell you to do that, but you do want to know what so the conclusion is he was going to do what I wanted him to do so, therefore, wasn't his father was funny, but the fact is people take that same type of thinking, and they go through their whole life that way and all use that same time and thinking it's about selling this one didn't for whatever reason it's not my fault I'm not the blame. I'm not the one with the problem.

It's always somebody else but you know that if we go through life that way were not fooling anybody but ourselves juke when you're five years old. I mean, I marvel at how bright the child was.

It took a very intelligent kid to maneuver all that is mine. So I told myself what he still little and he's really smart. Will you know that after a while that'll be a good way right but you don't if you're thinking that way. Later on, you know what you're thinking, how many same and so James says when you glass your actual space in the word. There is Genesis.

Your Genesis space or your birthday's the face you were born with, but you get up and you remember we already prove that you can't remember what you saw. He said it's the same way in the spirit. But he said that who leans over, leans over the looking glass and he says that one who begins to that one who begins and not just here but the Greek word says he begins to hear into that one who continues there and integrate what it is saying is you have bent over. You have leaned over the mirror or like wise man said you have leaned over that clear pool of water.

You have leaned over the mirror of God's word and you are looking into it.

You are seeing every detail that you can and your hearing the word of God, so that when you get out that you not only go your way. Knowing what you heard what you remember and you putting into action you put it in operation in your life and there are some things in ourselves that were never going to see until we stay in the word of God. That's why it doesn't matter how long you say it doesn't matter. Even if you are a minister of the gospel and you been saved 20 years or 30 years and I like myself have been saying you know many many years. I got the Holy Ghost when I was seven and I mean that's a long time.

That's a long time ago but I continue to look in the word of God. I cannot afford digesting all I know it all seated all been there, done it already know the moment doing that. There are things that will begin a crop that I will begin to get a foothold in my life. So you've got to continue to look in the word of God because there are things that were never going to see outside of God's word that slip over to Hebrews the fourth chapter you know this verse so quickly go ahead and read it. Hebrews 412 for the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is the designer of the thoughts and the intense of the heart.

There is there any creature that is not best in his sight, but all things are naked and opened under the eyes of him with whom we have to do now. We could just munch on this verse for a long time.

He says the word of God is alive and powerful. The best way to say it is the word of God is alive and active.

It says quick and powerful that say alive and active. The word quick just means alive.

Jesus is going to come for the quick and the dead. The quick being in the living and the word of God is powerful here. The Greek word is the word from which we get our energy are energized.

So here it's it's talking about the word of God gives life. The word of God gives energy and the word of God produces results and he says the word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. I like to think of it in modern terms of a surgeon's Surgeon's capital is so precise it is so sharp and when you have a skilled surgeon using a sharp scaffold he can just make the tiniest most minute they have to use those with a call at microsurgery. They actually had to have Mike had never seen when they're operating looking through microscope up here and operating because what they're doing is so small it's so teeny-weeny that they can't see it with the regular glasses they have to look special to do a brain surgery and things like that and how the word of God is getting real close. I mean, when you are operating on somebody's brain. You just don't go in there with just you know some big old sloppy thing you got to be so careful. Every little movement is not to be calculated because there is so much risk and the repercussions of doing something wrong can be fatal and nonfatal naked stating so, the word of God is precise like that sentence, piercing even to the word means it's all the way down to the core of your being. On the way to the core of your soul and spirit.

Not only cannot trade the core of your being actually done by asunder to and differentiate between the soul and spirit, and this is Apple because there are not many places that we read in the Scriptures where we see termination or differentiation between soul and spirit is the time we just put them together and call your man and that's all that we need to know the soul and spirit, we just club together we go from there. And there's not many places that we actually begin to be divided. But he says the word of God accurate, the word of God precise, the word of God right so far down that just like a surgeon's capital can divide the bone marrow. God's word can divide the soul and the spirit.

This is how God's word can look into our heart and see what manner of person we really are, you know that we need our skeleton, our bones is what we need to ambulate in the world wheat we can get around.

We can manipulate we don't have a skeleton. We were not we can do nothing. We need our bones in our skeleton to be a will to move, but it's the marrow inside the bone that gives us life. It's the marrow that produces the blood cells it's the marrow that produces the cells of our immune system and if somebody gets a sick bone marrow. There long for this world. There's not much treatment that we've gone a lot about marrow lab healthy person I healthy sibling that matches well because when your bone marrow is sick you're going to die. Amen. And so God's word is able to do by asunder, that the soul and the spirit just like a surgeon can do with the joints and marrow, so God's word is able to get deep down inside, and as we read there is not. We are times we don't bother going to read verse 13 there is not with him with you. We had to do in the Greek made with whom we have to give an account but all things are open. All things are naked all things are all God thing, and God sees everything they don't think that's a bad thing that that's why get to the word of God. The word of God because they want God's word to see everything one gloss over overlook make up excuses for bad behavior.

I want God's word to see everything. Amen. And I know for sure is on board.

I'm up here with this big map lab and off saying that I know what's up. The roads not too far away, because if you get up and say you're going to have to walk it so I know is I don't preach that you will get hit with that yes he does, but I found that if you speak the word you're going to have to talk. Amen. And so I want to run to God's word. I don't like it at the time like it when God's words come in and chasten me and know my case I don't like it anymore than you do, but nevertheless I know I will let the word of God do that and I will brush it off like people rush in and go their way, but I just come on work on me and not something that and I begin to walk in it that it's not too much longer that when you God that he will exalt you in due time.

It all feels good. It feels real good. When God exalt you against exultation and I want to be careful about this because we had time and I am just here with all this man's pride and honor and glorify me get me all my heart, with all that, all that stuff, you know that have been exalted because once the one that wants to exalt you not you exalt herself and not man exalt you because of what is that mean it doesn't mean anything to God. That means not that you don't get any brownie points and had about when God exalt you because when God exalt you. You are going to get reflected on so God is not against you been exalted only if you allow him to do it. The only thing is, is when he doesn't. There's no shortcut the way to be exalted is to be abased, amen. But when God lifts you up all the joy and what did James will be a blast will be blessed. The real blessing of God. Blessings on you, but God's blessings of the real thing and those are the blessings that I want so there's nothing from God. He is able to take the word of God and differentiate between our soul and our spirit and this is important because there are a lot of times there were things in Austin that we don't know. And then there are a lot of times that we are. I believe many people.

I believe that many Christians live their whole lives, mostly out of their soul out of their soul and not their spirit. Now they have a born-again spirit but I'm talking about that most people live out of their soul asunder spirits and that's why they make so many mistakes. That's why they have so many poor choices because they're impetuous because the soul is impetuous in Paulson capricious this always is carried about my emotions and the barometer of how things are is how you feel. This always is always great acting. You know the knee-jerk thing. That's how the soul is his whole life. Knee-jerk reactions. There are some people that you could come to them and you tell them something about somebody and you get them so start up and so person but you just tell them a few things in writing a walkable person and socket tool I don't think having checked out the story.

They don't know the other side of the argument they don't know how much of its true. They don't know how much your exaggerating. Are you put your own twist on it. Are you making your voice is something they said they said something in one tone of voice. You could say the same exact words in another tone of voice, get a whole another picture, but some people are so quick to their emotions. They react that's why they are always in trouble. You know what they say push my buttons to push my buttons. That's because you're always limited nurse in your out of yourself and your always pushing the buttons of the cell companies. Amen.

Now let's digress for a moment before you got saved when you were a sinner. Your spirit was dead.

How many on the go read all the verses that you know then how many know that Paul said in Ephesians a second chapter, we were dead in track. He said in Colossians, you were dead in your trespasses and sins. That meant that as far as I was concerned you had no fellowship with him you were separated from God. Your spirit was dead and therefore you lived out of your soul, your emotions everything you was not your song when out of your emotions because your spirit man one you did communication with God. Communication with the Holy Spirit. You didn't read the word of God and one that you got the bright idea that you were about to read the word of God. People testify. I read the Bible before they got saved in closing up and that was the end they thought it was the most boring thing reading the Bible you know what is well, because they were just like me, you very far what you because you don't know Chinese and when you're not saying you don't have the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that it is the spirit that receives the things in the natural man.he understands nothing he can know anything. He doesn't but the Bible says that we the spirit of that when we get saved we get born-again spirit that was quick were in contact with God now or in contact with the Holy Spirit.

Now the Bible is not a closed book anymore.

Now we can read the word of God and all of a sudden it's like it's like it's life filled with life and joy because not spirit that once was, now is born-again and it's a lie.

It's quick and now we have communication with God and the Bible says we can compare spiritual things with spiritual things that you try to talk to some it is not, and you try to get on some deep spiritual analogy you go over their heads, and you Spiro you know more just been scared him because the spiritual things. There not a spiritual person that we found Jesus stop and say hi. I got to go back into my mother's stomach was a teacher of spiritually. Jesus said if you can understand this knowledge and you're supposed to be a teacher if you can understand this much to tell you the things of God to realize that what we were sinners before we got St. that we were we were in a position where our spiritual mind was totally dead so we lived out of our emotions and that is where most people continue to live after you get saved in born-again and your spirit man comes alive in your spirit man then begins to hunger and thirst, and when you first got St. you just couldn't get enough duplicate or not you were in church every time the doors were open, every opportunity that there was a Bible lesson a Bible class was you were just coming because your spirit man was just wanting to catch up on. That's why Paul said it means buyback all the time you lost instead of all the years that you know anything about not just say so.

Your spirit is quick and alive. But the problem is is because we lived so many years out of our soul we learned how to go with our emotions. We just flew by the seat of our pants were ever anytime anything let us that's where we went and we were we were down, we ran out all around, and we just learned we are barometer by how we felt emotionally and unfortunately a lot of people continue to live out of theirs their soul. Now if you were raised around a lot of negativity if that was what you were around growing up around in the world that your tendency is always going to be the fall and negative attitude you're always going to be critical. You're always going to find fault with something you're always the following because that's the way you live for so many years. That was the way you did that in your soul that way. So when you get born-again you not to make a conscious effort that you are going to discipline yourself that you're not going to let your soul be the boss and let me tell you something this day is biopsy Opto. We can see the child. We see a child monies learn how to manipulate his parents because he knows all you do it crying that certain guessable and when you get okay will get what he wants to fall out in the floor or kicked up a little bit until the parents is waiting about that behavior anymore than a genuine need is nothing but a little bronze in kickball you want, I'll put you in your room and locked the door. You can't possibly finally after a while it gets the message.

Well, you're not going to get everything this way.

This is how it really works but if you don't do that you in the store at Walmart with some 780. That's what I embarrass you in front of everybody to make you look like a fool and don't blame nobody but yourself because you like that all the time and that's how they know how to do it but you're not gonna get away with that with God let you get by with it when you're wanting to three, but not when you've been saved for a long time is not let you get away with that behavior. And if you insist on acting like you're just like you like that, you look like a you're not going to have the blessings and the anointing upon your life right so the problem is so many people and their soul for so long that they had calibrated. Amen. I hope you're being spiritually enlightened by our message. The mirror of the man. Proverbs 2719 says that just as a mirror reflects a person's face, a person's heart reflects who he really is in the book of James is the New Testament equivalent to the book of Proverbs and carries this metaphor over stating that God's word is the perfect law of liberty, and like the mirror, it reveals the hidden and of our hearts.

The problem is, James said, we are prone to get up and go our way and forget what the world has revealed it is only when we continue to look into the mirror of Scripture and act on it that we are justified and blessed in all our deeds, but most people, including many Christians play the blame game. It's not my fault, and they conveniently suppress any pangs of conviction for believers. This is very serious because the Holy Spirit convicts us not to condemn us, but to bring us to contrition and confession and conversion, fallacious reasoning, arguing beside the point. Open the door to self-deception and presumption, and many Christians are not able to differentiate between their soul when their spirit, which can lead to natural carnal remedies that will only ultimately fail when it is the spirit that is under attack and in turmoil. When people live out of their souls instead of their spirits they learn to calibrate everything when an emotional experience level. As believers we must make conscious discipline not to let our souls be the boss and as born-again spirit like Christians, we can. If you are a believer dealing with emotional, mental and spiritual issues, or if you know someone who is, you need this message in its entirety mirror of the man is available on one CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer S K-1 34 that's SS and Sharon K is in knots 134 email to Archie Hardy, PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 21203 or go online and Archie Hardy.Archie again. Our mailing address is PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203. Until next time. This Sharon not saying now I have to

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