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What Makes Our Work

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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October 17, 2022 9:00 am

What Makes Our Work

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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October 17, 2022 9:00 am

No matter what your job is, we all have days when we feel like just another cog in the machine. But Pastor J.D. challenges us to take a higher view of our careers.

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Today on Summit line pastor Judy Greer talks about worshiping your work.

What I really want you to learn is how to serve and follow Jesus 8 to 5 Monday to Friday from the majority, are we so here's my question for us today.

What does it look like for your work to be Christian. What is it about a business that makes a business a Christian business line with pastor Jade.

As always, I'm your host Molly made a batch that you join us today whether you're working your dream job for just punching the clock to get a paycheck. We all have the dates when we feel like just another cog in the machine. We might even start wondering if what were doing, even matters might even start to slack off as long as our paycheck stays the same.

Today pastor JD challenges us to take a higher view of our careers unit gives meaning and purpose matter what job grab your Bible for today's teaching titled what makes our work. Most of us our lives majority of our adult lives is spirits at work and I explained to you that in my opinion the church has done a patently bad job of preparing you to follow Jesus at work. We talk about following Jesus as if it is primarily something that you do after hours something you do when you volunteer the church after your job is done, you get involved on the weekend you get involved in a small group and that's how we talk like that you know what you want to serve Jesus be involved in your church once or Jesus be involved in a small group sir Jesus going to mission trip. You need to give generously, and of course all those things are important, but really are.

What I really want you to learn is how to serve and follow Jesus.

85 Monday through Friday use from the majority of your week right so here appears to be my question for us today is my question.

What does it look like for your work to be Christian, what does it look like for your work to be Christian. What is it about a business that makes a business a Christian business, not first, let me acknowledge that there are a lot of really bad answers to that question. A lot of people think making it a business Christian means that you attach some cheesy Christian bad name to it like you open a restaurant called the garden of your garden leave and that makes a Christian or having a hair salon called his clips or a cut above or a coffee shop called holy grounds.

One of my favorites. Hebrews Hebrews at your coffee shop.

Some people think that it means that Christian business is one you force awkward evangelism moments into work situations, inappropriate, socially awkward things like I have an article appear from from the Associated Press February 7, 2004 about an American Airlines pilot's preflight announcements had everybody asked everybody on board. He said that if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, would you raise your hand. He said everybody else on the flight if you have questions about what will happen to you when you die, or what will happen you in eternity, you should ask the people rather his race right now. I will be walking throughout the cabin in the flight if you have questions. I will be happy to answer them and I'll be available after the flight and freak a lot of people out rightly imagine your partner play nasty what are you ready to be Jesus or not you can understand that American Airlines fired this guy you got any got in my gut feel right.

Like I admire the seal he just got back. By the way. Article sent from a mission trip that he taken to South America just fired up about missing the point where you live and you like what I admire that guy seal but I couldn't do that is because I would get fired so that would mean for business to be Christian that you're creating inappropriate awkward evangelism moments. That's what a lot of people think a lot of people just think that work will memorably be in and of itself. Christian work is like a necessary evil that you and I go through to provide money for our family and what God wants from my job is to make enough money to put food on the table to get my kids in the college and then he wants me to give a bunch of weights up to his work dies and you know you know I don't want to discourage those things.

Yes, we need volunteers. What we do here is vital in reaching our community and your generous giving toward what goes on here helps us reach that that that the million or so walls. People that live in our city so I'm not trying to start this project. I just try to tell you there is more at work in what you're doing at work, then simply make a bunch of money just to give it away walk is not necessary evil that you would not put up with to make money so that we can serve Jesus Christ. The rest of our week accepted 40 hours write a metal to what I want to try and give to you this weekend are five different things from Scripture that make your work in and of itself. Christian five things that make your work in and of itself. Christian okay you guys know that my normal my normal approach.

Here is one passage of Scripture, camped out in that particular passage, but I'm not to do that this morning. I'm actually going to be jumping all over the Bible and so hope you give me the grace to do that because of some things I want to try to tie together for you because I'm hoping when you come out of this. You can see your work and in your your calling your vocation entirely different than you give anything in. But by things that make work in and of itself Christian number one creation, fulfilling creation, fulfilling what start Genesis 215 way back at the original creation Genesis 215 said the Lord God, after he had made Adam and Eve made the earth the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and to keep it. Now you should notice that this is before the curse which means that this is God's original plan for man.

God created this beautiful garden and he put up a man and woman in it and before there was sand and before there was a curse. They had a job very important understand work was not a curse like before then they would've been lounging around having angels you feed them bonbons and rubber feet. Work was something God put into the original creation.

It was something he designed us to do something he gave us the capacity to enjoy doing that work work.

There is a very interesting and important Hebrew word is the Hebrew word abide about a body is a word that means more than just work it needs to prepare it means to develop.

It needs to develop something you remember the word that God used over and over again about creation itself. Whenever God created throughout the seven days. He says God made and it was God made and it was good. That's right now. Good is good, but good is not perfect.

Perfect means cannot be improved upon means it's it's absolutely perfect. There's nothing you can do it. Good means that while the essence of it is good there still some work to be done when you guys see my wife at church, her hair and makeup all exquisite, all dressed up.

She's perfect. She's working you cannot improve upon that when I wake up next to her in the morning.

She's good time, all the raw materials of their cultivating to be done. God put us in a world that was good with me that we were, which means we would take the raw materials of the earth and develop them for his glory. The farmer takes the raw materials of soil and seed and cultivates them in the cracks. The architect takes the raw materials of sand and cement and creates buildings for us to live in. The artist takes the raw materials of color or music and arranges them into art pieces that we enjoy the lawyer takes principles of fairness and justice and codifies them into laws that benefit society. The insurance agent helps create systems that protect us when we go through unexpected events in our lives is all part of God's plan. That's how he cares for us through the skills he's given to different ones of us to take his creation and to develop it. God is sovereignly at work in our secular vocation loving one another. Martin Luther, the great reformer said this quote when we pray the Lord's prayer the Lord's prayer we pray the Lord's prayer we ask God to give us this day our daily bread, and it does give us our daily bread. But how does he do it. How does he do it well he does it by means of the farmer planted and harvested the great debater who made the flower into bread. The person who prepared our meal got a gene that would be portable recently called God at work and he adds this. He said today at the truck drivers who all produce the factory workers in the food processing plant warehouse men the wholesale distributors, stock boys and the lady at the checkout counter also play their part were the bankers development investors, advertisers, lawyers, agricultural scientists, mechanical engineers and every other player in the nation's economic system.

All of these were instrumental in enabling you to eat that morning bagel. God could have given it to you directly because right by miraculous provision that he wants to adopt the children of Israel with the man I just brought the bagels on the ground in the morning. Let them pick him up. He could do that if you want, but that's not normally how he chooses to work, he works through human beings who in their different capacities and according to their different talents serve each other. What that means is that God is present in the world through your secular vocation. You're a believer or not, God is at work in that secular vocation that secular talent that he is given to you providentially caring for others through you towards your secular ordinary work of farming or building, or teaching math. God is at work in all those jobs taking care of his creation. Loving people. Here's a quick example Exodus 31 verse one the Lord said the stenosis. See, I have called my name vessel out and I filled him with the spirit of God, stop this. I will comes next. I won't let you get boldness for witnessing my ability to preach the ability to pray right.

God saw him speak in tongues you feel the spirit right living x-rays with ability and intelligence, knowledge and all craftsmanship, to devise artistic designs working, gold, silver, bronze, cutting stones for setting the carting woodworking every craft boat I've appointed him him all we have given all evil men ability they may make all that I have commanded you. God filled with the spirit and gave them abilities, not as preachers, not as songwriters, not even his people prayed in this situation, but the spirit and they expressed that their skill in the secular vocation that they had every bit as the spirit of God and doing that as Moses was in his reading and leaning teaching on Summit light Jenny Greer just a moment. I wanted to tell you about our featured resource to help you reach out to that person who has been undermined lately. The holidays merely want to set you up for success both with the shareable teaching here on the program as well as a resource to help you reach out to others. We created a set of greeting cards with inspirational versus on the front and blank space on the inside for you to see around the holidays really any time throughout the year to encourage others with handwritten note. We all know the power of receiving a personal message in the mail extend gift to someone you live this set of 20 cards comes with your generous gifts ministry to give us a call, except 335-5220 or check it Now let's get back to the conclusion of today's teaching here on Summit light. Here's Pastor Jean not felt this you do something at work that you're good at, and there is something strange is almost supernatural and you don't even really know how to put into words what's happening is whether you've got a believer you are sensing this are sensing the glory of God that is being manifested through you in that secular vocation as he designed you that way and he is working in you that way and you never know how to articulate it, but this is exactly what's going on is a God, glorify himself through that secular vocation. When you do your job when you were leaving, we are putting together the Corporation when you are teaching when you're developing your ability. You have sensed the pleasure of God at work inside of you, and you may not even have known what to call it God gave you that gift or something. Maybe even cooler will probably be doing some form of the job. Even in heaven. I love Tim Keller's thoughts on this. He says quote we get to heaven ministers and doctors will have to have the job training wears architects and arts are an artist will not, why your body and having somebody yell at you every week Tanya live right right I have a question I need you all over campus. How many of you are either in the medical profession were headed there or in the ministry, profession, or head of their leisure and not rely. I got bad news from you look like a majority of you that I get new job training in heaven already. By the way lobby lobby lobbying for management a bear when I when I get a new job you not want to be the stunt double for Vin Diesel that's the thing that's got me off you job, preach the word of God.

You need to be in the presence of the word of God himself. Whether others of you that have been given gifts and skills that you will as far as we can see me use it on for eternity because God gave work not have to be personal before, which means that the person's reversal to go back to what God originally created, which is that jobs that bring glory to him that benefit one another.

See John tell you some of you need to rethink your job fundamentally you think about your job as a gift that is given to you by God to develop creation for the glory of God for the benefit of other human beings. And you need to have the attitude of serving one another, serving other people in that job, not just making money. One of my favorite authors is getting Patrick link on your favorite business authors for snow, not a Christian but he wrote a book recently called three signs of a miserable job you want to say that you want to write down three right now I just subscribed week three signs of a miserable job and what he does is is is he gives you what the signs are in one of them that really got a hold of my attention was. He said that one of the ways that work becomes miserable to you is when you disconnect it mentally from those to whom you're bringing health and happiness to your job you hold book is built around this kind of label this this parable of a guy who retires from corporate America and goes into a little pizza parlor that struggling on the on the on the verge of bankruptcy and takes over this pizza parlor and one of things that he notices is how bad everybody's attitude is in the pizza parlor on they'll do their jobs poorly and so he teaches them in part how to start seeing how their jobs are making people's lives better. For example, he shows the delivery guy that when he gets people's orders right and gets them to their homes on time helps those people have a great evening and you can have a choice. Just knowing that is open Summit. Have a great evening teachers.

The cashier help smiling as she rings people up at the checkout counter helps people feel like they had a great experience in the money they spent eating out all this he says contributes not only to the success of the restaurant, but to the enjoyment of the employees themselves. When Cody goes on to say that there is a natural joy that we find in serving others. Here is the secret that Lynn Kony may or may not understand is I don't know if he knows got all here's the secret that he talk about netbook you have that kind of joy because God designed you that way all the secular book that was pulled across something of the Bible been teaching for years. When you see your work connected to God's creation mandate to develop the earth to his glory and the good of others start to get a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction out of it. So the first way the Christian that work is Christian in and of itself is that it is creation, fulfilling Donna with an attitude of service toward others.

Here's a second way that work is in and of itself. Christian to excellence pursuing excellence pursuing this is to be found in the book of Colossians chapter 3 the work that we do is Christian. When we do it according to the highest standards of excellence because we are doing it.

First and foremost forgot. Colossians 317. Whatever you do whatever you do it in word or deed, whether in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus is about one can you attach the name of the Lord Jesus to the quality of your job can you attach the name of the Lord Jesus and the quality of your job. That's what Paul is getting out here in everything give thanks to God the father. Can you give thanks in your job.

Yes your bad job. Can you give thanks to him for the work that you're doing in it for 22 slaves okay and everything. Those who are your earthly masters not by way of I services people pleasers, but with sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord writers are always met with Paul condoning slavery rather know two reasons. One, first of all, that word slave bear will be translated something more like what we would think of as indentured servants bite that said, the whole indentured servitude think that was a very unjust socioeconomic system also. Anything you guys that are in a very unfortunate place because you are in a unjust economic system you still realize that work you're doing. You're not doing for that master you not doing that, boss. You're doing it for God first and foremost is significant about that for you and me, you find yourselves about jobs where you don't like your boss is that right to live on. My job owns me. Both of these people the boss. What we did on them and he same even to the work that you do is not done for them it's done for God so if that's true for them.

Of course it's true for us that those of us in whatever situation. However, poorly we are being treated our jobs are done first and foremost, he says for God God.

Verse 23 whatever you do work heartily as for the Lord and not for men. Verse 24 from the Lord, you will receive the inheritance as your reward you are serving in all things the Lord Christ for the wrongdoer read that slacker. The slacker will be paid back for the wrong done and there is no partiality with apples in every job I do in every assignment I complete every chore I do at home.

Every paper I turned in in school. I am doing it first and foremost for Christ only say why are you working why is your works are diligent why it is so good, regardless of whether or not you get recognized because without you get a raise, say, why, why, my motivation is different than yours is not just working for the paycheck I'm working for the master really nasty here for minute. Some of you your job performance is a terrible testimony to Christ, so you students your academic performance is a terrible testimony to Christ your mouth, your T-shirts or your bracelet might say that Jesus is Lord of the way you conduct yourself at work says I do whatever I feel like doing with this means I am Lord's email says Jesus is Lord of the quality of your job says that you are Lord. The best thing that some of you could do a work is to keep your mouth shut about Jesus because your job performance to support your attitude so bad about the touch of second best thing you can do the first thing you do would be to repent and start obeying this verse and start working so diligently that would bring glory to the God that you're serving in all situations regardless of whether people notice regardless of whether you get reward regardless of the quality of your your boss because the whole thing with the slave master thing get his point there. Paul was so weak into that culture. The seeds that would ultimately undo the entire system of slavery argued by slavery and an indentured servant who was unjust.

They use these text right here say.

See Paul saying that no person has really right to the Lord over another person speaking to be one of situations and everything you did everything you do is forgot is not for people to the second thing that makes work in and of itself question is that it is excellence pursuing number three third individual Christian holiness reflecting which holiness reflecting. This is also from Colossians 3 lesson. Our work should make it obvious that we serve a God of justice and got a fairness I got a kindness work should reflect his character, which means that our work conforms to the highest standards of ethics I do not know honestly all the answers here because each field has its own ethical issues, some of which I don't even know how to pronounce what I do know is that our work is to reflect the equity, justice and kindness of God's character to Paul says this in Colossians 4 masters treat your servants justly and fairly knowing that you also have a Master in heaven work interaction you have you got a Master in heaven.

You will report to you treat somebody unfairly because they either able to find out about it or be can't do anything about it both as well. You got a Master in heaven will find out about it and will always do something about it. You might be able to get away with cheating others, but you will never get away. He says achieving God you have this disconnect you cheat and you cut corners work short customers all the while maintaining faithful church attendance as if God is happier with your participation many years with your emulation of his character in your chops you really want from you is not more church attendance once for US to walk in integrity and kindness and generosity and reflect his character in the way that you work those words describe your character. Please. Maybe it's time to adjust your perspective you're listening to Summit life with pastor and author Jeannie Greer join us a little late today you can hear this message again free of charge. Jeannie and while you're on there. Be sure to check out all the other resources we had, like the Summit life blog one of our big goals here at Summit life is to you up for success with teaching and resources that you can share with others. Some excited to tell you about the find new resource we have this mind together. We need green card. Each card has an inspirational Bible verse on the link inside to use this year around the holidays, any time throughout. We all know the power of receiving handwritten encouragement to someone you care about right now for a gift of $35. This might be the spot that eight 663-3524. Give I'm inviting you to join us again tomorrow.

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