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July 7, 2019 10:30 am

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July 7, 2019 10:30 am

Where's the beef?  Hamburger patties made from plants; Learning how to drive a monster truck; Dapper Dan's rags to riches story; The 97-year-old bagboy; A trip down the mighty Mississippi

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Where's the beef and it comes to us from Allison Albright in this age of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and well you know at least we still have the good old-fashioned American hamburger or not it's really flavorful. A really taste like the real thing that had I morning summer clapping.

What could be scarier than a monster truck.

Our Luke Burbank taming the beast behind the wheel, monster trucks, those big bouncy very American contributions of motorsport are actually extremely hard drive as I found out when I attended monster jam University will take a not so leisurely Sunday drive. That's later on Sunday morning usually means of travel. I journey down the Mississippi guys, our guide within 1500 well so far we have about 450 miles left seriously and culturally musically with his voyage down the magnificent Mississippi head on Sunday morning.

Michelle Miller has the rags to riches story of designer dapper Dan Jim Gaffigan defends the good old-fashioned cheeseburger and more coming up when our Sunday morning podcast continues where's the me that sizing pitch from the 1980s is suddenly exactly the right question is, are about to discover.

Thanks to Allison Albright of NPR and the other days Coliseum. There's a new twist on a summer classic and Julia Greene is about to get her first taste of this is the impossible burger. It looks Cook's even believes like the real thing. Michelin star restaurants are serving it up so is Burger King behind it. Pat Brown is a former professor at Stanford. You know, I've been talking to people about your fellow science as the first word that came out where brilliance the real deal.

Brown helped to revolutionize the way genes are studied. But during a sabbatical leave decided to shake things up even more to pick what he thought was the most important problem in the world that he could help solve once I started looking into it very quickly. I realize that the problem was the destructive environmental impact of our use of meat production is a leading cause of deforestation more than 1/4 of all the usable land on the globe is used to graze livestock on top is about one third of all cropland is used to grow food not for people. For these animals. In fact, it takes about 7 pounds of feed to produce a single pound of beef. Now Patrick Brown knew people would never give up on the taste of meat so he set out to re-create it is eureka moment came when he and his team found that very thing that gives beef beefy taste iron containing molecule called heme super abundant in animals and turns out.

Plants habit to Brown idea was to get heme from the roots of soybeans Like blood pressure test is like what you sow. The heme blood is what gives Romulus wafers but the thing that was more surprising in a way is that this what causes the magic to happen when you cook this is really that secret sauce of the impossible burger along with a mix of vegetable proteins and fats that heme is helps produce all the flavor and aroma of cooked beef beefy plan to now I'll turn this plan, we are just getting rid of that little cow light climbing is the senior flavor scientist at impossible foods. While it's her job to make sure the burgers taste great. Now comes the fun part. I like that very well. I don't know that I go and he is in the midst of a big laugh if all goes as planned, will be in Burger King nationwide by the end of the year and eventually you'll be able to buy the impossible burger in grocery stores but think you just really don't give up on real needs another company has a completely different approach ready for this. They want to grow needs laboratory a handful of years. The majority of them he made on this point are going to single out Josh Tetrick is CEO of just a food company based in San Francisco you are trying to grow needs in what we do is to so you know what you don't need billings about emotional need. All was well in the water knew the couple sold from the best animals you don't need to slaughter the cow to get great tasting what would process is just a natural dilution more efficient game is the P's process UCD South these cells from a chicken when they're fed with this mix of liquid nutrients and put in a tank like this one. They divide and grow, and two weeks later. According to John, to show you our hope for chicken voil really missiles right here in his lab, exactly.

So this is ground chicken. This is all it looks like you're asking me to be your guinea pig. I would love you all right, let's try it. So what is it taste like chicken. What is the cost of one like 100 bucks $200. Well, there's not really that price since the needed even for sale yet but eventually the goal is to make it affordable when selling their cell based me*I think will have a small scale commercialization before the end of your actually likely be years before cell based meat is sold in the US but back in impossible foods Brown in fifth, the future is now singing be able to move beyond the Berber, of course, regarding the prototypes fish for sure. And he says every day they get a little better at it. So do you think putting the conventional business out of business. That's the whole purpose of impossible food and food. This industry and this technology is the greatest threat to the future of our planet.

It is taming the beast.

Luke Burbank that is proving that anyone can drive a monster truck or maybe not. If you turned on the TV in the 1980s. You could miss that monster trucks coming to an arena near you. They promise to sell you the whole seat but you only need the and the edges of them all was definitely gravedigger so when monster jam owned the truck these days we chance to actually drive yes the gravedigger there was no way I was turning them down meant I might be digging my own great how many flips realistically will I be able to do by the school be chosen. Comments runs monster jam University out behind his house in Paxton, Illinois. I was there to learn how to drive one of these behemoths and if anyone can teach me.

11 time competition. What is like the best performance that a TV reporter has done on day one with this for you know it's a learning curve, while men was looking to manage my expectations. I was looking to prove I was worthy of driving gravedigger in a real event. Is there some sort of a no test. I have to pass for you to feel comfortable turning me loose in a real monster jam event. I see the way you can drive to see how you listen where you progressed throughout the day. How important is the helmet to this whole operation how important your brain.

The progression happened faster than I was expecting a good stop right there. From simple labs drag race did not know what going you the actual jumping of an actual monster truck. Yes, the key to staying alive explained coach comments was total commitment now I'm not saying I was terrified, but right here you can actually see me closing my eyes mid June.

It was a real Jesus take the wheel moment and after landing and forgetting to take my foot off the gas and accidentally going off part of another jump and rolling the truck over. I'd apparently proven that I was ready crazy enough to drive the real gravedigger anyway.

It started 36 years ago and it was really just a fluke. It wasn't a plan in a certain way. I had Dennis Anderson to thank for all of this since he invented gravedigger over three decades ago in Kill Devil Hills North Carolina local farm operations was working in the granary. My goal in life was to be a former but in his spare time. Anderson like to raise old trucks in the mud mud bog as it's known, and he noticed something if he took the tires off of a farm tractor and put them on his truck.

He couldn't be beat and I was king of the mud everywhere I went. Gravedigger you know I was the man to beat. Eventually Anderson moved out of the mud bog's and interregional tractor demolition and the crowds loved the job. Driving like a madman because you know always wanted this image of an evil truck with a good guy image and it worked. These days, Anderson sits atop a gravedigger Empire complete with multiple trucks, a state-of-the-art engine shop, a bustling gift shop and even a diner called diggers, which is where his daughter Kristin Anderson works that is when she is wowing crowds as one of gravedigger drivers all over the country and the world recognize me are the thing that I look familiar but it happens a lot really cool, you know that Anderson's sons are also drivers champions in their own right, and the trucks they drive faster, jump higher and are thankfully speaking for myself here much safer than the original model and all low low cost these days of 1/4 million dollars truck. Why millions of man monster jam event Saudi Arabia to China to Tampa. That's where I found myself getting ready to live out a childhood dream. This is a fireproof.

Finally the big moment had arrived.

Know what you think the guy from the TV show is going really slow in that monster truck okay I kind of was, but they are very hard to drive you have to steer the front and the rear wheels independently.

There like 20 switches that switching while you're driving. And honestly I was just trying to not break 1/4 million dollar vehicle before I knew it, it was all over I survive and maybe more importantly, so had the truck that I dazzled the crowd in Tampa.

Not really that was okay real monster jam driver just getting started and they have of heartland that is a rags to riches so I got three quarters of a century in the making is told to us by Michelle Miller as dapper Dan long ago on fashion's biggest night. He was center stage will 01 Mandela is like this, the World Series of fashion gala host Anna Wintour even gave him his own table which is filled with some major star power decked out in his design, including models Carly Clawson Ashley Graham and actress Regina Hall private and I got bold that looks really cool. We caught up with model Ashley Graham fitting just before the gala there so much history and what I'm wearing and also provided in the man behind it. So I'll little bit about the mat.

It's kind of been like a little bit of of a club and dap has always been in the club had to make his own roles, and now he's in the club.

What was your childhood like very cool born Daniel day in Harlem. He says his parents struggled one of the bottom, so anything that I did is a blessing you all want to learn how to still feel close to blog, he details his rags to riches story and a new memoir, which also chronicles his days as a drug dealer and hustler. He saw clothing as a way out.

Nothing transforms a person quicker than moment. Nothing quicker I can put on nice clothes, no matter how poor you will will you come from and you go downtown just like them.

He first sold his close out of the trunk of his car and opened a store in 1982. These are some of his early outfits. He took the logos from luxury designers and printed them on leather get the inspiration from one concept to a new concept. You build around that and that's what the local was even sold these one-of-a-kind offerings.

We were taught wasn't doing Taguchi wasn't doing it for anyone but nobody was so many close women clothes with prints all over. Did you know with his trademark. Did you know like that with, like a no-no.

Well, okay, okay, I had to be able to sell what they would fill in when making it better than they made so the answer to your question, yes I will go with my creativity. He built an unlikely Empire.

Celebrities like LL Cool J and salt-and-pepper war him but the designers he knocked off eventually came knocking with an assist from federal marshals and head court papers that we have we have the right to take anything with all of that logo on it in April. Dapper Dan went back to selling clothes on the street. I thought back then I went back to 2017. All that changed Gucci unveiled a jacket nearly identical to one of Dapper Dan's designs but get this, they didn't give him credit that created all pool she made amends and believe it or not, is now teamed up with Dapper Dan to create high-fashion it's a relationship.

He doesn't take lightly. Earlier this year when Gucci released a controversial sweater Dapper Dan who wasn't involved in the design demanded answers so you recognize that that was the way was that this could be construed as an affront to my culture. The sweater was pulled. And while some called for a company boycott Dapper Dan says he had a better idea why you get the most important people of color in Woodville so we can have a dialogue and your way which and how you will fix it. Whether he's enlightening a multibillion dollar company will master this game without doing any homework or young fashion hopefuls in his Harlem at Tellier Dapper Dan is grateful for his second chance the miracle that keeps happening the same year get all close partnership with Gucci. I will deal with Random House if I'm dreaming somebody wake me up in the entryway kill very hard worker. The secret to a long active life is quite simply in the bag are Steve Hartman, when you reach a certain age just getting down to the driveway can feel like a full day's work, but for 97-year-old Benny for Sedo of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Overcoming those stairs is just the beginning of his work time is up here two days a week. He clocks in for a four hour shift that is his job poker morning at the local Stop & Shop used to be a warehouse supervisor for a cosmetics company supposedly retired back in the 80s is been doing jobs ever since. As he says he loves a hard days work and always has. What was your first job you ever had, who may not know what age 7, so they shine shoes that wanted to do all know what your next job.

I want the borrowers school.

Okay that I went to the Army. He served in the Army Air Force during the war two was a goner be 25 Mitchell, Bob why mostly over northern Africa today is Italian casualties are far less consequential still approaches his job with that same tireless warrior like determination. For example, Benny says he'd sooner stack of honeydew on white bread loaf around the job.

I don't think no breaks, no breaks, no never like Moss is the assistant manager working went up to write out the yellow I learned about the hardware load. All I know why though coming out of work for the light on. That's going when I press this he said something really and he said why would I take a break when I only get to work four hours. I only get to work four hours as if bagging groceries was some kind of privilege bestowed upon a family that I did something good to stand around like an idiot. You have to have a reason to keep alive for Betty. That reason is to go out on not just a paycheck. Purpose.

He says you need to contribute at all times avoid at all costs down. Now I don't want to travel down the Mississippi is to gain a new appreciation of America and its history. This morning Morocco journeys to the great River's humble beginnings, the mighty Mississippi rises gently here in its headwaters in northern Minnesota before meandering past Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. 10 states, 2318 miles and it all begins here, some 200 miles northwest of Minneapolis. More keep than storied Colossus.

It feels great.

I know. It feels wonderful why did I wait so long that people say why did I wait so long to discover them. Connie cocked his head naturalist at Itasca State Park at the headwaters of the Mississippi River to River.

But we have to do is go from the walk across the West were going to need to make a wish because it is all that in 90 days, your wish will come true when this water will reach the goal for next there's no way to understand American history from the very beginning right up to now without understanding the river. Paul Schneider is a historian of the Mississippi probably like everyone who didn't grow up on the Mississippi. My early question was probably reading Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn. Mark Twain's Mississippi alive which boats, scalawags and gamblers has a hold on Asheville River for him becomes this place where all walks of American life, and intersecting cross interchanged by going in and out of but today's adventurers like Eddie Harris know the river has new stories to tell. Why can't we talk about the river. The modern invention of the modern entity that Eddie is taking his canoe down the length of the Mississippi River whites still seriously important and culturally musically with he was 29. The first time with next to no experience with boats along the upper river before the river to store small stream. I began to feel comfortable in danger days just all 30 years later and he took up his paddle again to make a documentary seven rounds burned and shall thwarted flow past Iowa and Illinois. We caught up with Eddie 500 miles downriver near his hometown of St. Louis. We were ever afraid of probably warning because the whirlpool will suck you in and you will drown continue drifting down past Tennessee and Arkansas 1500 well so far we have about 450 miles left and you're deep in the lower Mississippi with the rivers nearly a mile why and where we found writer Rinker Bock, another modern day river rat. This is based on 1846 design that I saw no photographs and not long ago, he built a 19th-century style flat boat. The boat waste 8 tons navigated Pittsburgh down the Ohio River and into the Mississippi. This is a pretty placid stretcher is basically straightaway when you get into the real sharp and I can be a little more complicated.

Rinker steered us towards Natchez, Mississippi, a center of trade for the pre-Civil War South's slave-based economy that house wrap there the briars where Jefferson Davis was married probably the wealthiest community in America right there. After all, God was today. It's mansions built by slaves or tourist attractions. So this is long on the grandest mansions ever built in matches. Scott Smith, who goes by Jimmy.

The cricket showed us along with mansion, begun in 1859 and never finished not disappoint. Look at that nothing else like it on earth. Natchez is days is a bustling port long ago receded the river itself remains as vital as ever.

Regardless of what the road, the reality is I need to give way to ordinarily processions of massive barges carry oil and gas, corn, rice, soybeans and wheat upriver and down. How important is the Mississippi River today to the American economy. 60% of our agricultural product goes down the Mississippi, much as 30% of a petroleum product upstream or downstream Mississippi so the Mississippi River is not just a pretty waterway around like something you learn about great history is the economic lifeblood lifeblood regularly threatened. Most recently, just a few weeks ago as the raging Mississippi flood farmlands and River towns. There are water from Minnesota to Louisiana bringing barge traffic to a standstill this year is with a generational flood likely for many people were impacted the worst flooding that they've ever experienced at the national water center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tom Graziano and his team hope to predict future floods with greater accuracy by analyzing past disasters like the great flood of 1927 and the great flood of 1993, 700 of Grafton's thousand residents have been a vacuum 85% of the town is underwater and then there was the time way back in 1881 when the river ended up changing course the town of Kaskaskia, Illinois ended up on the Missouri side. The Army Corps of Engineers spends billions of dollars a year trying to keep the Mississippi from we can have, but says historian Paul Schneider. There's only so much man can do to control it when it's not at its absolute while this behaves the way the Army Corps of Engineers in particular and the navigation industry needed to behave but it has not been no taming for this mighty mesmerizing River is the Mississippi River get the credit it deserves no no I think most Americans forgotten about it is not just its role in commerce. It's his role in the imagination and the American mind represents the power and majesty all characteristics that we want to give to this country we can find I'm Jane Pauley. Thank you for listening and please join us again next Sunday morning. No screaming progress and crazy time once final point is we need people in the best way to protect good people is to convict final season Millstream exclusively on

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