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How do PGA Tour events feel about the LIV Tour?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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June 9, 2022 2:52 pm

How do PGA Tour events feel about the LIV Tour?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 9, 2022 2:52 pm

How do PGA Tour events feel about the LIV Tour? Mark Brazil of the Windham Championship in Greensboro, NC joined to talk about the PGA Tour and how they're reacted to the LIV Tour, and what concerns he has long term about the LIV Tour.

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This is that the Adam goals you have financial advisory through capital financial This is the Adam gold show you've heard me talk about my karaoke song list that a lot of this is a this is right near the top of Red Hat roadhouse format. Any song that you don't have to carry a tune is a good does good obviously thing by the doors Lodge, Jim Morrison can carry to his great you generally don't have to.

I don't have the Jim Morrison deep voice all that you can basically just scream roadhouse blues. I would also say that, surprisingly enough superstition by Stevie wonder.

Very similar very very similar but there this is sort sort of the sort of the top of my of my playlists were doing karaoke my next summer somewhere where I don't have to go home and were available to do karaoke ACC football kickoff to be in Charlotte and in July I'm not afraid I'm not afraid to do it. I'm just not a mall all about. I hate Port Moresby to be in studio with this game paid me a very good complement I was out the day that Mick Mixon came on for the last time I joined the show and sang the Mick I know I was here you are here for that right and I heard them talking about how that I could carry a tune.

It was absolute dumb luck, but it was it was quite fortunate on my part anyway, so the breaking news today and that the PGA tour finally answered came out and doled out punishment for the now 17 former tour players that have chosen to take their talents to the live golf series. They suspended those players from from the PGA tour and they did not put a length of time on it and call it banishment.

They called it a suspension and how this is the work right.

I don't know what we just did we just know that lawyers are going to be involved and there are. I don't believe that people have. I'm not sure the tour is taking it seriously enough to be perfectly honest, I was not sure the tours take it seriously enough because they have taken going all the way back to the players championship held going all the way back to before the players when the news really started to hit home during the ugly, the LA open Tigers tournament: Genesis invitational now.

That's when Phil Mickelson made his statements.

That's when a lot of the players came out and pledge their allegiance to the PGA tour a. That's when Dustin Johnson and Bryson to shamble was going to play in the next event, pledge their allegiance to the PGA tour, Bryson saying as long as the PGA Tour's were the best players in the world play that's where I'll be well first part of that is still true best players in the world are at on the PGA tour that Bryson won't be whatever we will get to some of the comments of the players in a little bit but as long but my fear is that the PGA Tour is ultimately going to lose this battle because they cannot compete financially with live no chance, no chance to compete financially think about this Dustin Johnson in his entire career in terms of PGA Tour winning.

This has nothing to do with the FedEx cup $74 million is instability over how many years he's a 24 time winner yeah $74 million total on the PGA tour, they cut them a check for will split the difference is between 100, and 150 million they cut them a check for 125 million just to show up if he wins this week.

He makes for minimum because there's team money of as well. If he finishes dead last. He gets $120,000 PGA tour can't compete with the PGA Tour's total purse for the entire season is something in the neighborhood of 400 million digging up a play for the purses are 255 on live but that has nothing to do with the upfront money.

The guaranteed cash just for showing up.

Talking compete with it and if enough of the best players go, the PGA Tour will lose they'll have to rework sponsorship deals will have to wait.

Rework television deals. I don't know that the tort ever took it seriously enough. And now they are in my opinion completely. Behold to the majors. Do you think that the PGA tour was just right in the fact that what were the PGA tour there just yes is a place to play like yes I usually going off their name.

Yes I do I do life. I think that they have been feeling since of areas to get completely arrogant. This has nothing to do.

Washington has nothing to do is something to do with what the Saudi royal family wants in terms of scrubbing their image. It has something to do with that but I don't believe that they took Greg Norman seriously enough because Greg Norman. I believe that he has convinced the royal family.

You want to do this. Here's how we do it we blow them away financially because that's what they're doing.

Phil Mickelson is worth $200 million to anybody but that's what he got interesting. Interesting stuff.

Adam gold in studio them on their coats be diverted with the capital financial advisory group.

We are talking retirement coach. Let's say you have more than $1 million balance in my 401(k) revelations that determine how can that actually come back and bite me out because in this is a thing that we did we get the Mirage receiver.

Rogers affirmed the desert before you see what's what. Her head was not there when your financial garage is thinking that that total balance in your 401(k) diary is yours.

We have two people that want to get hold of the two uncles buckled North Carolina and Uncle Sam write both of her to do some damage to the balance depending on what kind of other income you have lose 40% of your value. So if you're looking at a million-dollar IRA Vegas we were 6000 you.

So how do we get around as we don't get around it could end up in jail to try to do what you can do tax planning to minimize the effect of taxation into the future. The text train is coming out and we need to make sure to minimize the effect of the derailment of a financial accountant for the next 10 people will do the no-cost relegation put together your very own tax and retirement plan 800-661-7383 or text Adam to 21000 per coats beetroot for a long time Mark Brazeau was the tournament director of the Wyndham championship is now the CEO of Piedmont Triad charitable foundation basically oversees the operations of the Wyndham championship. And I thought because live has happened. Now, we've had balls in the air for about three and half hours in England. I was wondering what the impact is on tournaments like Wyndham, which we care about. So let's talk to Mark Brazeau sir how you don't, Adam Paul Gautama. Like David said it's it's all right, let's let's get down to the.

The issue this is been a story in a major story and golf really for the last probably more than the last five or so months it's it's really stretch back a couple years since we started hearing rumors of this so from somebody who is so intrinsically tied to a very important regular-season event I how do you guys look at why you would create ideal think it will make go for the tort will preclude and you I went out to Memorial last week. Dual recruiting but also to no credit here. What's the latest and noted share by opinion with a tour that need to be strong and that's what they're doing and that's what they'd done today so you know II just feel like all this is unfortunate. I'm not.

I'm not upset with you the players that are over there. There's quite a few of those guys my friends. I don't like it what's going on but you not I understand I just I'm happy to see the Justin promises of the Lord. McElroy's Tiger Woods of the world stand with tour one of the quickest, what's best and you know I think that is obviously a morality part of this through that you can't you can't overlook as we start overlooking then then the sports washing has one let you know this is no big either taking millions and millions of dollars from the Saudi regime, which is not real high on human rights, no more pleasant from the Piedmont Triad charitable foundation, and they oversee the operations of the Wyndham championship is past tournament director.

There and I said this yesterday and this is no disrespect to any other regular-season tour event between now and the end of the regular-season. Yours is the most important one is the most significant one left in my opinion, and there are some other good events are not in. I'm not knocking any of but yours because this is sort of the you know that a difficult time during the regular-season of the PGA tour. Because really, everything is surrounding the majors from the PGA week we have a major event every month. Once we get through January and February and March were into the major season I and then the season ends, root it out just to be used to be years would be after the PGA, but there if that's not the case anymore and like I just don't know how the PGA tour can compete with the money that is being offered will get to the sports washing thing. The second is I think it's very significant how it's being discussed. How does the PGA tour compete with the money because we know that pricing is good as they were ready confirm that and there are rumors of Patrick Reed as a past champion at Wyndham two of the two of the six players were in your playoff last year or are in this field, and another one might be in future fields because he's talked no positively about the series has a PGA tour compete look.

They have the tort had about because I've been in. I would've been on the young determine advisory Council and an I was the chairman of it and also that through much of the policy board meetings in the in the player advisory Council meetings and for the past 10 years the tour has talked about and has been has been working on pumping a person is getting more money to the players and how can they do that it's okay now that they'd hit this is I think this is the first year audit their new television deal, they were able to do some of the things that they had been talking about in an all along.

They even almost coming in increase person like that on steroids. Our purse our purse itself is going up like 900,000 million dollars from last year.

This year Ariel was up it like for Mike 9 million to 12 million. I believe the some of the other events of the 15th out on the elevator plan for $25 million fine for you to find the crazy money and you know you can't talk about that without talking about sports washing and the got basically $1 trillion $500 billion-$1 trillion fit on the sideline yet always doing there just they're just trying to normalize their you know their regime and what they do in Saudi Arabia that through sport and probably a few other things as well but I'm not sure I want the PGA tour just to here and try to compete. I want the court to continue being in the strongest tour on the on the planet by far and just, you know, keep providing more and more incentives and and more opportunities for their members and especially you know, I would say their top 50 members if you will write not not just the other 10 in the PIP program which Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson finished one into two guys who clearly didn't need any bonus money, although maybe for log again under a marketing not to get into somebody's personal finances but June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly became split or look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Company of North Carolina. Listen now my thought, you're right.

You can't separate sports washing thing.

It is important and that of the press conferences that I will that I watched from from England were egregious and how they they basically just glossed over it. You know parents´┐Ż Make that even after right there there choking for words and that no amount of government good but my good friend that I know there are struggling with written but their taken money going to work your one thing you're going to see this. I think you probably Lord spoke to it.

I think what you see this tour become your lift pole with full DJ out of it, I think you for yet and maybe a couple others, but you see a lot. I don't know 30 of the players which I'm right and and and it also could become something for the guys that are in their 40s that probably are competing like they'd like to against the 20 to 30-year-old might be a place for them to land and make some money, and so on. So, yet I would see that you're going to see some of that and asked Scott if he joins that that he would be a good lustration yet. I me Sergio Garcia Lee Westwood, Ian Coulter, Greg McDowell, these guys are all in that in that area that not quite ready for the champions tour.

What would if the PGA tour allowed appearance fees would this go in some way to solving some of the problems that there are ways around that. That I'm sure that the Lipitor is looking at, for example, in a like I don't I don't really consider this an appearance fee at all but as you know Brent Snedeker is sponsored by Wyndham yes big logo is also sponsored by workday.

Well, I think that there is nothing in his contract event was conquered, but probably not come to the window, turn it every year, every year that's one of the so there I would not say that I would call that pay to play, but I would say that you guys have the opportunity to make a lot more money through some of their corporate relationship to pay those corporations that my plane was turning so you can see where I'm going is not that different than the pain of placing so except that these guys are no they are part of the family of their sponsors and they do a lot of things for one of them probably would be to go play determine which which is why you see on the RBC guys open Canada this week except to us who are no longer RBC guys Dustin Johnson and grandma down Snedeker's wonders what sentiment twice I go back to its if I one that twice looked Davis loves a three time winner Webb Simpson threatens to win.

Basically every single year again. Patrick reads been rumored to go to live.

He want to feel identified six years ago, yet you look you have a great event and then yesterday he and Bryson yet so look so what change isn't really about two minutes left here what changes, if more players close. I think we have just started here we've got basically six or seven now it yet. Would Bryson and Patrick at like six of the top 40 players in the world. Plus, fill what changes, if five more of the top 40 go I don't really think anything. There were so deep, so loaded with talent and you know anybody can win if they get a hot powder. Anybody can beat anybody. I met Peter tour right see if you remember in your your your top 25 laughter you one last couple years, or even if you're up from coming up to the contrary, tour of school you need gutter so good a good week together and just about any discussion when and I just keep thinking about this for Mike how this can affect our current don't really feel like it's going to get.

Are we on this a couple. Many are some of our past champions we not yet going to attack your cream Sergio but our game keeps our games on wheat we keep going and it's no they decide to do that so we just gotta understand that you lose a couple of guys, but it's really good players taken their spots and and some young players. This is one of the think I'm at my JJ that right now and you know this is why we do what we do we want to know who the next best young player quite a few in this year for sponsored really counted. Players are to be some investors will also we have keep working on our our relationships with both players and I'm not too worried about this live training on the night you have to use tricky, but I thought the final thing you really have like 20 seconds for your answers doctors the PGA tour have to have support from the Masters.

I think the other majors will fall in line behind whatever the Masters does do they have to have support from Masters? I sure hope we hope we get sure that would be a big deal know know? Now I know I don't I don't know anything else about that, but it would be a big Mark razzle connected to the Wyndham championship for a long time. I can't wait to see you. I'll be out there.

I might go executive director of it, but I welcome your foundation as well so I'm still very much all you you wear a lot of hats you will want to have August 4-7. We will see that you can buy, you got it Mark razzle with the Wyndham championship PGA tour man. Hope you got good lawyers. This is the atom gold shell June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak.

Figuring it out on the fly became the 25th anniversary of the presented by the Carolina listen my

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