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NC State Baseball Freshman Tommy 'Tanks' White Enters Transfer Portal

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June 2, 2022 2:43 pm

NC State Baseball Freshman Tommy 'Tanks' White Enters Transfer Portal

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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June 2, 2022 2:43 pm

NC State Baseball Freshman Tommy 'Tanks' White Enters Transfer Portal and may look to pursue his collegiate baseball career somewhere else. NC State baseball saw their season end after not being selected to the NCAA baseball tournament.

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Have financial capital financial is the gold show Joe where nobody makes $125 million a year is not what I was told okay. I hope you do meet. I hope you do. Why God still longing for the days where the Saudi royal family gets involved in sports radio as our bets are out that's on bets are out Dennis I can be bought. While I don't show where on television or on radio.

You can list it was all gross estate. You can watch us on W oriole sports plus on fire Roku android Apple TVs. You can also watch us on spectrum cable. If you're in the Raleigh area channel 1257 on an antenna 34.1 were all over the place we are were global for the fire TV and didn't gotta know Nepal yeah right you can now watch as the Nepal course is really really late on what time it is a lot of things a lot of things to do was a ice when I sat down this morning to kind of jot down all these are the topics were going to discuss like two or three, and from the time I got here about 945 until now.

We got like four others so we gotta get busy Dennis so so Trevor kills staying in the NBA draft is real quick. This kind of a lead up to this Trevor kills thing in the NBA draft drew Timmy coming back to get zag on a day after Turk Whaley and Smith also announced that he was returning to NC State. But if you think it's time to start feeling good about Wolfpack athletics coyote to the plate this fall is all gone on the first patch nights Sabe white BNC state run 26 on the season and still touting. I worked five day stretch currencies. They paid all night you get to the ACC championship game with three impressive wins, you lose to UNC which is painful. Now just on its own but were still confident that NCAA bid is coming, especially in light of what happened last year.

The fact they play in the leagues in the country's best league menu could make an argument I guess for the SEC fine, but it's either one or two, and they're probably both Ia and 1B and you have the most explosive offense of force in the country in freshman home run king time Tommy White you get inexplicably screwed out of a bid Monday and today it was announced that Tommy White is entered, the transfer port. If you're a fan of NC State baseball take the rest of the day off just like the rest of the day off.

I don't even I don't even know where to begin with this is this it, and I'll deal might be. Is it a tampering deal probably probably is a tampering does a lot of these things are tampering. Does he just want to go back to Florida that could also be the case is Florida kid right did he hate being a DH might have, but that was really at the end of the season. I mean for them for the lion share the season he was he to plan. First, they moved to third and I think ultimately Ellie and David decided that they were better with Gino Groover at first and Payton greeted third. Joshua moved to short Tommy like to play both Tommy White can just flat out rake this was. This is terrible, terrible blow to NC State's program, but for those people who insist that this is an and I'll deal and you might be right.

We went through this when Jordan Addison the wide receiver. All-American when he announced that he was entering the transfer portal mean think about it for Addison. No offense to pit and you could be you can put up great numbers. If it but where can you put up greater numbers than playing for Lincoln Riley at Southern With Caleb Williams is your quarterback mean when that and when that was announced the anti-anile crowd lost their minds like what we wait and see where he ends up now if he ends up in a place like just a Tennessee which was a rumor.

Well then, you could probably say that that's an and I'll problem or you reason that a problem is I don't find the NINIL is a problem at all.

Sorry, I know how a lot of people processes I process it differently. I think there's just going to be an adjustment. And the players should be able to take advantage of every avenue in the system legally within the system in Tennessee has done remarkable things in an IL in the collective and all of that tremendous way better than the program would allow buddies going out to play at Southern Cal for the best quarterbacks in the country for the best offense of coaches in the country. I don't see this as anything other than this is how I am going to be a top 10 NFL draft. That's a nice I could be wrong. There could be an IL component and there could be a tampering component also may like will first-round quarterback that have been playing with is no longer there than somewhere else, but they got a transfer from Southern Cal kids love us.

The quarterback was very handsome. Also, I remember it from Southern Cal yeah very very handsome, not quite as handsome, skinny techno because I don't believe anybody is as handsome as Kenny picking anyway.

He came to pit as I made the joke about where you go to put the play for with ketone slogans.

I'd forgotten Caleb Williams. As it turns out that pit is just anyway so 8/2 toff bit of news for NC State baseball. I made Tommy White was an absolute show every single time he came to the plate and absolute show what I want take anything away from a guy like Vance Honeycutt down the road UNC. What a phenomenal year and is that rare combination of speed, power, athleticism that you don't see enough inmate in what is a major league baseball but I will say yes in baseball. We don't see enough of this, the fast twitch athletes playing baseball so great player doubted UNC and he's in action tomorrow. But man Tommy White to watch him do his thing at the plate. Josh and I don't always get to go I love is good to go to my got people are already speculating to go to Florida State he could still stay as ago, the portal doesn't mean you have to leave and I don't think I was a little guy. I'll try give a little glimmer of hope to place our breakup songs again today so don't don't do that. There's got to be happier golden studio with my friend Coach Pete through the capital financial advisory group. We are talking retirement hotels longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan. This is the best of times and the worst of times and longevity risk me to live too long, but to me everyday lives not too long we want to money to outlive us and unfortunately many people have seen you out there listening to one of them.

Your money is not designed to outlive you.

You might outlive your money and that's not what we want to have happen as we get to that day after you run out of money not to be a fun time.

Let's design a plan that guarantees you never run out of money. We call it the GPI plant growth protection lifetime income for the next 10 people is the golden ticket out of the snow valuable to do at no cost or obligation, and all you have to do is call we make it so easy. Would you like financial independence into your retirement and beyond. 800-661-7383 that golden ticket is $1000 value or you could text Adam to 21000 for Coach Pete to root so move on to that. Let's stay with more upsetting news is more eye-opening, superb story in the athletic today somewhat disturbing but super Joe person covers the papers so David tempers real estate company that was almost certain created to manage the training facility that was being built in rock Hill South Carolina filed for bankruptcy chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Yes, it is interesting and basically what temper you know, released a statement saying that that were doing this to protect the legitimate his legitimate creditors. Okay, so here's why you file for Chapter 11 protection because there are, you believe that there are people who don't have a claim to your money. Now this is the David tempers money personally. Although he did put whether it's personally or one of his companies I think is one of his companies put $20 million into the real estate arm to pay creditors, but there are creditors who are owed in excess of $20 million that are in dispute. I do remember one of the one of the things that David Tepper when David Tepper was becoming not yet.

You know, risen to the position, but when he was becoming the owner of the Carolina Panthers.

One of the things that was highlighted and I don't know why but it was was his criticism of I believe it was.

Not was a former was was Donald Trump. Already the president. I'm not sure of the timeline, but I believe that Tepper was critical of. I believe it was during the campaign and why he was against the 45th president becoming president and he basically called him a fraud and a cheat and a liar because in many ways Donald Trump in his past refused to pay legitimate creditors. This is all documented nobodies get a dispute that the veracity of this so explain to me the difference I just this is all disturbing stuff and it's it's really going after the people of Rock Hill and that whole that whole development. They accuse them of essentially going back on their promise of the people that we have talked to, whether it's in the media or the elected officials and Rock Hill signal.

We presented several several other options to get to where we needed to be and they were all turned down. It almost feels like maybe this isn't such a good idea right.

I don't know. I don't know enough about it to be over the top critical of David Tepper but it's just all ate terrible look and I don't think he is doing himself any favors.

So in the city of Charlotte and the surrounding communities. So as it was pointed out to be today.

It's just another example of David Tepper not being able to read the room so it takes a while to learn how to be an owner just as it takes a while to learn how to be a quarterback in the NFL. David Tepper is on the learning curve. We just don't know where we don't know when he's going to get it, but this is all disturbing. They just fired the head coach of the team. Yeah, no reason your first feeling was he really that terrible fire room. He did make the mistake of saying before the season.

I wish they had given me the players I want. Well there is that it criticizes old roster, but you inspired it, then not after what that would've they played 12 games league whatever and whatever they played doing okay. They're not great enough to make the playoffs in MLS, but they're not an embarrassment. I keep seeing him on the goals of the week in major league soccer for the given amount. No slow store scoring scored so from June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak. Figuring it out on the fly to Kingsport to look at the 25th anniversary of the moon, presented by the company of North Carolina. Listen now my let's let's get to a couple of other things about the Rangers all night because Amanda gets going to gladly do a power play goal to funk it had tricked from the benefit of Patrick corporate Rangers one. Tell me if you've heard the score before 62 God oh I didn't realize that you just said they went 62 so that made that obvious immediately.

A very happy the here's the thing about the gable and I realize that there are many people who bought all my gosh the Rangers are amazing. There get a beat the light they might be polite. I'm not saying that they won't there really good. I push back on the well.

The Rangers word that good Carolina let about the care look at what the series probably should one game three, four or six based on the way they played the chances they had their little messy, but they had the more chances to score the Rangers registered more with and because they had argued with the best player in the series in eager sister, but I would point out that the Tampa Bay Lightning of been doing nothing for nine days and that matters.

Sitting around for nine days while the other teams play every other day and stay in a rhythm. Nobody is beat up. There's no nobodies played three games in four nights right there at the travel has not been daunting between New York and in Raleigh, North Carolina so it was like the Rangers came in exhausted, not to mention game seven was cut over in the second. So I'm not surprised. Rangers one game on them at home right.

I'm also not surprised that they allowed Andre basilisk E to play the entire game. He wasn't great, but he needed to play at all those guys needed to play the Rangers may very well come out and win game to and they might win it by the same score but this series is far from over. I will trust her to trust the two-time defending Stanley Cup champions and the best goalie on earth and under the Slutsky they're not a complete team still missing breakpoint and whatnot but there more than good enough to beat the Rangers and it is just one game. I do remember Carolina winning games wanted to over the Rangers and people think my gosh Caroline is clearly better.

It might've been a minute might've been clearly better game. Three. Justin would a it's managed just one day still still got a web still going to win three more all right to to the pitch United States wins three mill over Morocco. It was a friendly, you could say that it's just Morocco but top 25 FIFA ranking already. World Cup qualified had think had lost once in its last 34 matches. If I recall, John Champion, who was the play-by-play voice their own ESPN. Vicki said that during the match and had lost in like 18 months, and it only lost once in their last 34 matches. It was some ridiculous unbeaten streak. The US was also without three of their first choice players no surgeon your desk know Miles Robinson, the center back will almost definitely not be in the World Cup doing Achilles injury, Weston McKinney, although we did come on late in the match of the 72nd minute he's just working his way back from an injury so he wasn't going to start the game.

He really just wanted to get up about 20 minutes played about 23 or 24 minutes but it three nothing win is still impressive, especially early as they really did control plate was out there was a lot of really good things that that set up from Christian ballistic was tremendous in a essentially a long ball over the top that ballistic chase down like a wide receiver. Yeah, think about a wide receiver going for a deep passive looking back over her shoulder.

That's what ballistic did Eddie sit on the ball was caught it on his foot with one thought Jeff. He almost caught it on his foot.

It settled so beautifully. He made a couple of moves. He took it out a little bit wider and then stopped and served it across to Brandon Aronson, who was very impressive last night. He he he finishes it for one mill.

The team way a goal late in the first first half was that goal can't go can't be allowed if you're Morocco your keeper bus stop that. But regardless you know good strike all that and then policy gets fouled in the box late in the second half and because you write, who's been playing in Turkey is like had nine goals in his last 10 matches of the Turkish Turkish elite legal whatever they call it and any blizzard put them on the spot. He gave him this the shot and right finished it. Apparently they were teammates back when they were you 17 play in the United States so they have a history together in a friendship, so was cool to see that this is a good US team. I don't know how good right but it's a really good US team and I think that if you are a fan of you if you want to see the US to will the World Cup. This is this is a side that should get out of the group England by the way Ukraine did beat Scotland yesterday Ukraine and Wales on Sunday and the winner of that match will play the United States in the US is first match. Okay, so could be Ukraine could be Wales were the two Gareth Bales believes still still plays nationally for Wales so you'll see you.

The US should get out of the group. Iran is the other team there along with a but I think it's a team that could get to this quarterfinals that they can win their first row to 60 match their good enough to win their like they could be guaranteed the promenade not to be a favorite, but they're good enough to win and have a lot of options in the middle of the field and even upfront and if Christian ballistic and play at his best level. Then again, that they had a legit chance, so it to me it's it's fun.

It's fun to see this. I want one more thing scares me mandible to talk about this with Rex Hoggard in a little bit the Greg Norman revenge tour if you heard it had been in the very beginning they offered. The rumor is that Dustin Johnson is getting $125 million contract has not yet been confirmed, but heard those rumors before all of this will not surprised.

I won't be surprised. That's a number but if you have $125 million contract you're playing all eight you not just playing one euro to play all eight what is the PGA Tour do you what is the response yesterday.

The tour said essentially if you play that tour, you will face discipline and you and I believe the initial reaction was, you won't play both tours, you will choose that tour or the store and I believe that's what the PGA Tour must do their only option is to say if you play there you can't play here and I believe it should be for anybody that plays even one if the if the PGA Tour is not hardline. I think they're in trouble. I also think they need help from the Masters, and I expect Fred Ridley to speak after T shots are hit next week in London but I'd I believe they need help from the Masters in this regard because the money is to steep as we said yesterday the money is endless hundred and $25 million is nothing to the Saudi royal family. Nothing.

The fund bankrolling the store has $500 billion in 125 million for Dustin Johnson 75 million is the rumor for Louis was stays in the second highest ranked player in the world in the store DJs 13 was stays in his 20th.

The money is to great combined. That's 200 million so there's only 499,800,000,000 left there that's it that's it that's it. This is the atom gold shell June 19, 2006, but it all started May 6, 1997 the announcement that the Hartford whalers were coming to North Carolina transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly became split or look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Carolina listen my

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