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Canes vs Senators tonight!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 4, 2023 4:21 pm

Canes vs Senators tonight!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 4, 2023 4:21 pm

First Lady wants Iowa at the White House, too.

Jalen Carter only working out for top 10 teams

U-Conn’s 5th title


It was one of the most dominating NCAA Tournament performances ever…

-.U-Conn flicked away San Diego State 76-59 last night in a game that was decided in the middle of the first half.  Huskies win 5th title since 1999, most in that 24 year span…(UNC, 3; Duke, 3: Fla, 2: Kansas, 2; Villanova, 2; B1G, 1).

-Aztecs made their first 3 shots and 4 of their first 5.

-Scoreless for 6:10, smattering of free throws here and there.

-Lamar Butler’s 3 at 3:51 was the first field goal in 12:43!

-It was only the SDSU defense that allowed them any hope by halftime.


-Connecticut won this game on the defensive end.  At least that’s what happened in the 1st half.  SDSU could not score over Adama Sonogo, Donovan Clingan or Alex Caraban.

-Worth noting….Tristen Newton was a 3-year player at ECU before transferring to U-Conn….

-Naheim Alleyene played at VT before moving to U-Conn…


-They haven’t been as consistent as the others in that category, but….5 for 5 in title games and 5 wins in 9 trips to the second weekend…they have made the most of their chances.

So, the first lady, Jill Biden said something after the LSU win over Iowa that I am not at all a fan of…

-LSU is going to the White House – at least they’ll be invited to go.

-The First Lady, however wants Iowa to also come to the white house – and I’m not sure why.

-Caitlin Clark is great.  She was probably the best player in March regardless of gender.

-But, White House trips are for championship teams (participation trophy?)

-Kinda like when the Colts hung a banner at Lucas Oil field for making the AFC Championship Game.  Remember “AFC Finalist”.

Canes host the Senators tonight at PNC Arena with a chance to potentially all but end the Metropolitan Division race…

-Devils host the Penguins


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