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NRB Chronicles - Miracles In Action - God's Comfort After The Loss of Two Sons

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 6, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles - Miracles In Action - God's Comfort After The Loss of Two Sons

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 6, 2021 5:00 am

Angela Alexander shares her story of the loss of two of her children in a car accident and the Miracles in Action of what happened next

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We are so lucky to live convention floor of the National religious broadcasters convention, 20, 21 and ended my hat with me, Angela, Alexander, and yet he is obviously clearly a broadcaster and an author and the she does films and children's books, and all sorts of stuff just very fruitful Angela, so tell us a little bit about your story, you know, how did all this happen when it happened in Japan on military duty really yes Air Force reserve and I was working with a group of people, and attended that you cannot miss it. Alexander I need to speak with you now this is a couples weekend so I just thought you know the community joke walking thought about knocking the door of the small office. I was a man who was introduced and the priest began nervously, shaking, sporting equipment, the Red Cross, Angela. Your family has been in a car accident and from the looks on their faces, I knew this is no April fools joke the day before my husband and four children, was driving on Highway, California and a client cut them off truck at the center divider for MPEG-2 all knocked unconscious and did not call went backwards across the highway and fail 25 feet below and upside down on top of the parked vehicles with people entitled card got a card from their engine and not the rule of the people and vehicles were extremely shaken up but they were okay. However, my 28-year-old son passed away instantly and were trends they want out of the fortune into a biological into a foster and Teresa's mind biological son and ride with Michael to somebody about his time as to have retire from the Air Force and rolled my autobiography titled miracles in action turning the power and greed into Pete and that because although they passed away in his family. God allow both of them to write and leave behind the thick heretical goodbye letters for reef did not know about Roger's letter. Roger really did not know about Maurice's individually to send to the Holy Spirit and obeyed microburst that forwarded those letters. I'm sure the listeners are likely wondering what happened to your husband was in the car right yes and your other child.

My husband and my two girls survived. They walked away and went out when the fire department tell me 127 just around that shut it was nowhere you want to survive down to my husband's lap. Nobody was thrown from the truck. It was miraculous that they survive the guy get that they walked away while so then there were the letters that you find the letter I was the next day I was on it plus playwright from from Japan to Los Angeles and my thought I was. I was just thinking about that of Marie to the bottom of the full court press he was eight years old in the third grade at school now to be quiet quiet, never before so this is not one of many all the boy going nowhere. You now not only expressing but explaining why he loved that. And in all bye-bye VY gasped why and by by the other. Again, no, I wish a listers.

She has these letters laminated right in front of the clearly see young man's handwriting was looking well and that really you not got me through because he felt guilty, but not being there. I got the chills. A mom I would choose you now everybody from the beginning and the time he does all of my thought that he told me mother and all God's divine order. While there was another letter.

Yes, so before the double memorial service.

I was painting my kitchen client and frantic. I think that it is truly the I can think of right now I need to know that God is also, I really do think I like what I'm search effort and the houses there were so many people that run about going to the closing of closet shelves October 3. I was afraid for but created only back and orchestrated open how much of an elementary school with the endless class class, Maurice's classroom, walking past 10 o'clock room because the parent cannot safely do stuff around they would tell me how much they love can already miss different Marie Rogers second reclad grassy and I act like all other parent did what he might open house for the car crash second grade, arts and craft pipe that open house. Your parents are coming with no other instructions will God opportunity to project all the pipe wall ¬ the house with close doors. I think it down.

I opened it up and instead of yard emitted separate there, because we actually have the smallest backyard on the block and I had to remember when people in transition mode is referred to his heavenly home.

We have a big backyard and in the right hand side of the home is 58. On the three powerful words you wrote dad man Joy sure you all avoid using the word man enough of all of us also have a divided up beneath those words on a stop what you have and so that's Roger and his brother Marie is worth joy almost up to my knees way classroom orders. Dammit all may be that gave me that very evening and so when I was writing about so what I'm listeners. This just doesn't have a power about the matter begins right of picture process of our website microburst have to see this to actually believe that your city like oh my gosh. One of those pages of the other letters that say bye-bye on the bottom like oh my goodness how merciful are you home just like I am and what I was Angela.

You also more importantly to share and ethical argument began becoming so hard even to say their name was that I want to I want disobedience I was all obedient right away. Things will go. But I think I so we have the book action for a wonderful book and then there's the video is this child the children. I find that I take it about this in all my recent letter in the book.

How cool is call and air fee. This is beautiful. It was an like they've left at the arm for much of my uniform 120. Oh my goodness this right here, right this matter. In the book. I know I'm sick and I put out looking up back here for child on mother survive in a keepsake letter. Never put their loved one.

So I got a movie, so naturally believe this came I can accept because it's so much more I can show it right now, but this is when we got the okay not write about your whole you know what we went on Monday other people and the power and agree it's a piece of Alexander the insertion or be to share what God's given her passion for so I know a lot of people would tell me about the very beginning it was scary because the writing the book.

I like amazing testimony. My daughter took thousand got a good all the time. I'm not an actual statement even on my document states the search and miracle of miracles, always annexing you know when that I got billed and paid, you know, at the 11th hour. I got turned out you still pray to God all will be the work of the child survived toggle solve people that will God does come home to me first to break out of millions of people all corners of the world that people know that God will never leave you never have forced what is going to happen such an amazing thing that God is there for us moments, such as medicine and so I think how beautiful it is trusted you with this work where you live in Southern California. Really, you know there's a lot of people that make movies you will today.

I have because I just all sorts of people. That's beautiful well yeah we will have Angela on our live shows. When I do I have the pictures of all this you can see that God has a powerful message that he has for all of us.

I just know that no matter whatever happens, he is going to have something for your heart to let you know what evil. God bless you my

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