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Dr. Speed and Jack Wingote

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September 4, 2021 12:21 pm

Dr. Speed and Jack Wingote

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 4, 2021 12:21 pm

Guest host Bill Mixon is joined by Dr. Speed and Jack Wingote to discuss COVID-19 Vaccines and insurance policies.



This is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it Sarah but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network lobby forgot show lobby is enjoying the weekend and would if you are a regular listener, you might recognize my voice the first Saturday of the month. This is Bill Mixon. I spent over 30 years with one of the greatest insurance companies in North Carolina nationwide insurance. I majored in insurance at Appalachian State and it would be my pleasure to take any insurance questions you may have.

Today, with me as Jack Quinn get of all choice insurance agency good morning Jack, Jackie, there yes good morning good morning Bill, after combining my agency with a small group of fellow agents and then that agency being bald out I went in search for my own insurance agent and I called Jack a friend from church is just been a wonderful person to work with. But before we get the Jack I got a wonderful friend joining us for our first segment, Dr. Britney speed, good morning speed. Dr. speed is an emergency room physician not in just one hospital but into dock, you must see a great many victims of vehicle accidents and I was hoping you might help our audience understand the importance of things like wearing a seatbelt, not looking at our phones when were driving which I really need chastising over and how dangerous it is to place children in the front seat of vehicles.

Where would you like to start and down got Internet today and where you might question it and kind of on your mind about Inca editing about not driving it certainly and any new thing in the last 10 years, 20 years working for you in the car and you know I think anybody could tell you that taking your eyes off curricula quite dangerous, but it doesn't take but seconds for someone or something about money and got a serious accident and you know it it's hard with all technology we have today, but when you're driving. I think it's important to recognize that things really can wait 10 minutes for commitment take it home rather than risk a terrible accident. After remind yourself how you might feel if you accidentally struck the monarch. No injured yourself for those in the car while the writing. If you were able to see something funny. During this brief moment, would you say 20% of the emergency rooms are vehicle accidents and had an exact percentage on it, but it certainly a lot of what makes up at the Tronic in the activation trip, certainly not. It's a little exciting but also a little scary when you get the caterer had got an MDC coming in our motor vehicle collision. I was driving on the way to the show this morning and pulled into a parking lot that didn't have all the lines in it and put my down to the phone for just a second to turn it off and look back up in some somebody on buddy my tongue was speeding through the parking lot and if I hadn't looked up just at that second when I had a problem and that was just taken a moment to look at the cell phone yet. I just I have a hard time imagining waking up in the emergency room, had my first question be in. Where's my child has my wife how often do you have to deal with trying to tell somebody the worst news in situations like that, is that a weekly thing that we collect ringback news or having worked even we don't have answers to that question. And when it comes to multiple victim motor vehicle collisions where there was an accident, for whatever reason they were looking they were on the phone and or just an accident.

It is like pressing and people you see the regret when you deliver news and you talk about the story and eat you know most of the time and I think having Chris on the receiving end as I don't know what happened, they just work into my lane. I don't think they saw me having to explain what happened.

I think there's a lot of things that go through their mind. During that time, including the family state how they can do. If this is in trouble with my fault and that and it's certainly a problem that could easily be avoided if you doing your best to focus on the road. One of my dearest friends from college. Somebody kept up with for decades a bit.

We talked every other week if not more, was at 10 o'clock driving down the road.

The drunk driver swerved out of their lane and smashed rod into her and she was gone that he walked away from what I understand he went to the hospital. Then straight to the jail just amazing how quickly the entire world can change and you just have to wonder if there wasn't a distraction.

Would you head just to be to gotten out of the situation like that where if it was just completely unavoidable, but I know that every day there are just horrendous accidents that happen in people end up and we are just so grateful that we've got people like you that have decided to make their life making people whole.

After they go through a really bad accident. Some of the worst accidents. I would think have kids involved in any stories you're interested in sharing my law-abiding compound chair back down you know anything I would thinking on that. Start a course pop into my head down head at that drunk driving or driving intoxicated. Quite often we see children as victims of this year. They were in the car during a drunk driver and didn't think of it than seatbelts, or didn't think that when the car seat or drove intoxicated with children in the car you know you're here level of knowing what the right thing to do is blow it. Of course when you're drunk and the things that get missed and we see dramatic pediatric care children accident in this case. And of course adult. We don't even get hurt. That's when people get behind the wheel intoxicated. Often people get hurt and it's something to think about for yourself.

I mean the end of the day your life in a taxi or cat is a lot better than I did. You know your life is worth more. The cabbage cheaper than all of the litigation you're gonna say. So why make the risk you know you should think about that before you drink alcohol and often we think people who unfortunately are victims of being in an accident from a drunk driver in its discretion. You know, you don't ever want to see that a lot of times those who do you cause accident because they've been drinking. There's a lot of regret. You see when you came in emergency room and you want everybody to do well but they're definitely suffering on a bit of guilt and one thing you can do is think about before you make the decision not to do it.

It's good to be the designated driver and it's good to remember that shooting for being right under the legal limits not necessarily the best thing just one drink can impair you enough to not be able to get out of an accident. So glad I survived my college days sit there thinking I am not sure I want to share that particular story, but I would think that there's an awful lot of people that end up in the emergency room that were the end up there and the other person wasn't actually legally drunk. They would just slightly impaired. We hear about putting children in the backseat is anything you can share help us understand a little bit better why it's important to note, don't become an anti-graphic country and their time in the five elderly were put in the back or put in the truck and the unsafe. So with that being said though, there are reasons that young they study anything they make rules and they have suggestions and they have long thought lost to protect people that they understand what can know they do the research and they make the rules because they understand that this is something that will help people, people of faith and in any event of an accident. Children in the backseat is typically recommended. I think they can change their state and children 13 and above I believe are recommended for the front feet that'll obviously differ on five because if you have the 13 or 14-year-old child is relatively small in line.

I recommend that the airbag deployment. The airbags deployed a certain height, and if you have a small child in the front. Even if the seatbelt is on it can hit them in the face they can actually lift them up to where they hit their head on the top of the car hurting her neck there certain reasons that they recommend that get back like the seatbelt like they airbag deployment. They could potentially cause more harm than good and will does assume words of wisdom. A lot of people will take to heart that's too often I see children as passenger seat: remember, it's much safer than that.

I want to thank you for talking to his cut off this you're listening to Truth Network and, and Jack, are you back here. It's so good to have you. Thank you. Be in with me Bob sure you have over the years have you been in insurance mob just turned 17 years old in two years. Before that 19 years Lily white here just gone completely wide over my my years with nationwide. But I guess that's better than always go to my barber and complying that every time he cuts my hair gets lighter.

He says shut up you should just be glad you got here side you I was you got how many locations nail we are poor location wanting Greensboro sort of our corporate headquarters equipment then we have one down towards Wilmington and one up in Hendersonville mountains. I got to get by and see that one in Clemens. This is the closest one to me. I had named in volume doubt which one are you working out of primarily equipment have lived and went for since 1999 I want to get out of college Appalachian State made the drive to Greensboro every day for 14 years and that just got to be started doing that folks what was your major dais.

Oddly enough I start a finance degree and then it was to extra classes to get a degree in risk management and insurance member wanting to go into insurance so would be cool to stay an extra semester in school, but you thought I had spellchecking to the Dunbar research from home.

Instead, I have enough hiked all the way that the school on mother stayed in school that so you went into insurance right out of college. No, I actually started when I when I moved once in Salem I went to work for a company that they bought and sold computer hardware like for big companies did that for about a year and 1/2 two years and decided that this wasn't the thing for me and I had a college friend who had gone to work for Toronto Farm Bureau.

He said why don't you get an entrance and, how happen I gotta tell you, be an independent right out of the box that I don't know that I was brought enough to doing that. Luckily I went to work for nationwide straight out of college and for at least 15 years.

We were the number one insurance agency, insurance company in the entire state so date they did a lot of those things that you independent agents had to struggle to figure ways or write out my life was a whole lot easier than your road was you nationwide is what you mentioned earlier we brought nationwide into our agency about two years ago just because they're the behemoth in North Carolina. Everyone knows nationwide and everyone knows Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley would be a good addition to our to our roster.

For many, many, many years. We were the number one although in homeowners and sometimes commercial producer in the study so it was, it was wonderful to be associated with them knelt there for some things.

I always like to share with folks and that is, in my humble opinion or not. Humble opinion, it is far better, even if it cost a little bit more to have a personal insurance agent you can sit down with if you need to were to be able to call in and talk to the same person every time you call in instead a doll in one of those 800 numbers and the chances of being able to talk to the same person twice is almost 0.

Sure you agree with me but I thought I might give you a chance to make different case, why is it better than the body pick up the phone and call your office instead of calling one of those 800 question bill the way I look at it in our information for fighting your is a lot of information that people can get in should go out and get your own research on things that you actually need someone who is expert in whatever field you can go to web MD all day long and diagnose her own health insurance can draw health concerns that you really need a doctor to go in there and truly break and what's going on. The same thing happened in insurance what we see you with all the commercials that happen on a daily basis.

I think you see more insurance commercials and anything else it's always a manger price save money here in saving money is great but no one ever talks about truly what insurance is designed and meant for him and we see so many people come to us and once we go through and explain XYZ coverage, you name it.

The lightbulb is only are you kidding me I was at. This will this was a what what I was at risk again but just don't understand insurance so it's good to have that person, you can call hate MI cover cannot sleep at night. Should I file this claim, but the questions that you're not going to get answered at a call center. If you give you word an insurance expert, then by all means call up to one 800 number and you do you become your own agent do that. My guess is 99.9% of the people out your listening in the world. The insurance expert so telling someone that butchered that is one of the most dangerous things in my opinions to have auto insurance with 181 800 number the homeowners insurance with a different one 800 number because then you've got holes and gaps in both companies can point their fingers and say it's not my fault that you borrowed a boat or rented a boat and there's no coverage for having that one agent that can oversee all your different needs and concerns and can ask you some pointed questions and say is this a risk. Is this a problem that you want to assume yourself would you want to spend a couple dollars a month to make this risks the insurance companies problem is that one of the biggest sales points. I like to share with people. Yet used to be if you went and you rented a jet ski. It summer vacation that you had some coverage for that. But in a lot of cases these days unless you had that coverage attached somewhere pay in a little bit of premium for you don't have that protection you see in that with most of the companies you deal with Jack so I think your point Bill having one agent and whether or not that customer is best with the same company.

If your home and auto carrier a great thing, but having one agent that appears that that's easy things with them at the heart like conversation. On the other side. Thank you and thank you all your listening to the network and Christian Karzai radio show this is Bill Nixon fill in the lobby while he's out in nature with gut check when get with this this morning. The insurance agent at one story I used to share a great deal right after I got into the insurance business. There was an article in the Winston-Salem Journal about a man that was driving past Baptist Hospital and he heard this cathodic and he stopped his car and he got out and he had run over child.

He did not even know that there had been a child, they are well he ended up in court and in the middle of the trial, the insurance company. He had wrote a check for hundred thousand dollars and got up and left him all alone sitting in that courtroom and he had to call a firm and tell that firm. I need a law you're really bad and the lawyers listen to what he had to say and I said will you know if your insurance companies already cut a check and left you this is going to be a hard case to win so we need all our money up front because at the end. If there's a settlement you not have anything to pay us so we had to figure out where to get the money to pay the attorneys well when he went to the bank.

The bank asked are you in any litigation. Are you in the middle of a lawsuit and when he said yes all the bank said no, so he had to got all his family and his friends and scrape together the money to pay the attorneys and at the end of the trial, the judge says you owe far more money than what you've got insurance to pay well. He said well we just file bankruptcy said will that's fine, but you gotta garnish your wages and your spouse wages saw this piece of paper we get to keep 50% of all the money you've got coming to you in the future cases I might decide that piece of paper in the judge said will that's fine we'll get a hold you in contempt of court. You can just sit in a jail cell to you all this worked out. I don't know whether he could a hired another attorney and got out of that part of it, but he didn't have the money to do. I had shared that story so many times and reprinted that article so many times that the gentleman actually called me up one day and talk to me it's a big deal, especially if you've got assets to make sure that you protect those assets in your future will income so that great big problems are manageable and that's the whole reason that insurance was created. It's to take care of the great big huge problems.

There's absolutely no way that you can take care of yourself. One of the wildest things that I discovered was to go from 50,000 to 100,000 can only cost a couple bucks right Jack, that's one thing still to this day flabbergast me just how much or how little it actually called to go from limits but won't really protect you, to wonder will make you really really happy that you have but that's a big deal that I had insurance per the professor at ASU. At one point, I think he made in every single class was the two best values in insurance is term life insurance and umbrella policies. You know, a lot of fun, especially if you got auto insurance with one 800-number in the homeowners insurance with the different one 800 number never even hear about umbrella policies you want to tell folks what they are happy to do it so umbrella insurance and if you think what an umbrella looks like it goes over and above you and your spouse. If you're walking on the street is raining and umbrella insurance policy to the same thing except it fits over and above your homeowners insurance renters insurance your auto insurance or boat your boat insurance. All of that gives you an extra for most people million dollars worth of liability. One thing that we were seeing male with what they call nuclear verdicts across the nation are you people getting accidents in their claims that get thrown in and the judges are awarding these large settlements so just having a million-dollar umbrella anymore.

Honestly, a lot of times isn't isn't all that unity were were seeing Morse 510 million-dollar umbrellas, even on our personal what I used to call a more golden handcuffs to see if you've only got $100,000 worth of insurance. Your insurance company is responsible for not only paying the hundred thousand. But there also responsible for paying your legal fees. That is until they pay the hundred thousand. So if you get in a situation like the poor guy that ran over the child in front of Baptist Hospital.

As soon as the insurance company said no matter what we do will going to end up right now hundred thousand dollars worth of checks to cover all the legal fees and whatever happens, why don't we just cut our losses will going to cut that hundred thousand dollars check mail and we can get out, get a real not have to pay for all those legal fees with you've got $1,300,000 worth of protection that insurance companies not going to cut and run anywhere near as fast so the umbrella turns into golden handcuffs between you and the insurance company forcing them or making it far more prudent for them to sit there and that courtroom next to you and not only cover the amount of the exposure the amount. This got to be paid out when the gravel chapel goes down. But there also having to pay all those legal fees.

You know I have the opportunity to sit down with the one my entrance here to let the lady part of all claims for the company were talking about umbrella and tricked the jackets like if I'm sitting down at if I know that I have $50,000 worth of money or hundred thousand. That's one thing that I fitted out the table and I have and I know that I have in $1 million extra.

I have that umbrella policy.

I'm much more likely to sit down in court tried to win the case for my client because I get it in the day of interest, it is a dollars and cents issue. I'm eager to pay out the hundred Romulus that he remembered to litigate this thought was also really good analogy, yet one time many years ago used to be that not only did umbrella sit on top of the home in the car but also set on top of the gaps between those two policies so if you did not have a boat policy that the umbrella would actually pitch in and take care of you if you had a boat problem in today's market, and almost all the policies that I've read about seen in red. If you don't have coverage already underlined. If it's not part of your auto policy if it's not part of your home policy where this is not part of a separate policy you don't have coverage so most of the umbrellas I am familiar with nail only sit on top of what you've already got coverage for underneath that umbrella is that the way you see in most of the policies yes are most I am sure if we dig hard enough into a policy jacket there, there might be little coverage here, but it's for something so nuanced that the likelihood that there's ever a claim brought up all matters probably very slim.

So we always will be wood. Let's just assume that is just covering the things that you have underlying coverage, point is your back to heaven somebody that can sit across the table from you. Look in the insect here's some risks you might consider is this a big risk that you want to take care of was this a small risk that you don't want to worry about is good to have somebody that is interested in you that can drive at your house who can sit there and do it estimation of what it would cost to rebuild your whose will and even though they're not good. I make, how much more's the agent could make if they talk you into spending an extra two dollars a month.

Yet a lot of the 800 numbers just want to give you the lowest price possible. The smallest amount of insurance possible because you have to only sell you $50,000 worth a lot of auto liability insurance. That's all.

The risk is where that agent that sit across from the table from you is going to say you know for just a little bit more for just a little bit more. You can go up to $300,000 and for a little bit more than that, you can go up $2,300,000 in my opinion the agent that sit in there across from you the one you can find when problems happen a whole lot more likely to take care of you and make recommendations that are in your best interest than those people that are on the one 800 number that you want ever meet won't ever see you probably won't ever talk to more than once you agree with me, Jack, I think the misconception bill that that we see is that people think that the 800 number or are cheaper than what the local independent or some other agent that is an actual person can provide.

I would say that in 95-ish percent of the cases when we see someone come to us were from one of the online carriers or whatnot we end up saving them money. Most of the top and giving them better coverage so there is a misconception with that. No way to look at is your get the same the same coverage or better in your also get me to build a more sump. Thank you so much for being with late this morning, Jack. I want to thank all of you that 2D and I want to tell you yet because it in the reaction to covert is affected great deal of our lives in a great many churches and a great many nonprofits. It is been hard to find a way to make a difference in the lives of others.

Maybe it's time to call those groups used to be a part of it. Ask if there's a way to get plugged back in 20 way that you could make a difference in the lives of people around you.

We need to get help by not fear that you're listening to Truth Network and and I episode 18. Jimmy is in great distress in his dream as valiant looks like he's about to go bumper-to-bumper with appalling and intense ever valiant here challenges the evil fee and the volume as to why Jesus hasn't come to the rescue of many of his saints before it's the right time restraint not to deliver them is for the purpose of testing done enough to see if they will cling to the end and LC as they come to count, they cannot expect deliverance now and will endure trials, knowing if that's to the glory eternal life that Prince comes in his and the angels worry you have already been faithful in my service to him how to sell things to receive wages of him. How old, have I been unfaithful to you almost fainted first set out almost choked in the swamp on you also attempt to get rid of the burden in the wrong way instead of patiently waiting for the prince to take it all. You did sinfully sleep and lobster will scroll also almost persuaded to go back side of the Lions and would you talk of my journey.

What you have heard and seen, it would lead as I glory old you do and say all this is true, and much more. Would you have left out the prince, myself, and on his merciful and ready to forgive. But besides these infirmities possessed in your country for their I allowed them to come in and I have groaned under them, and sorry for them and obtain pardon from my Prince then lost sleep, you probably on beware what you doing I am in the Kings Highway. Therefore take heed to yourself, then you widen this wheelbase traveled quite over the whole way said I have now go.

I was so with that through a flaming like a shield for the stocks probably on my face with that valiant, and this is sort. I love my God with my heart and my things. So with my strength with the fiendish fury upon you and Ralph got sky grew black with which it was more than valiant with that poor value shield in the sky grew black with this kind of presence in the struggle is held as Mortal Kombat lasted for about half a day even till valiant was almost quite spent, you must know that valiant by reason of his wounds must needs grow weaker and weaker than upon him trying his opportunity began in valiant sword out of his hand, then said, and with that he almost ran valiant like, but as God would have lifted up to deliver his last will to make a full end of this good today and valiant nimbly stretched out his saying against me buying the iPhone.

I shall take this just Dragon with that valiant clunk arose when away for seasons on this yelling like a Dragon on the other side. What size from valiant. I never saw him a while give so much as one pleasant look valiant fought with such vigor that his countenance never once relaxed its grim expression until he perceived Apollyon with his two-edged sword, and indeed he did smile and look forward until that point, the battle was the most dreadful site ever saw. When the battle was over valiant's thanks to him to Michael you can conquer Russia signed my phone to send sentence harnessed out with weapons that was ahead of Cynthia's battle, causing Michael and I buy/make the fall to my mind that we soon for another exciting venture. Now what I know is a lesson I keep learning time again in my knee instead.

Jesus said it so clearly, apart from me you can do what we need armor one we see you. Wow, I could not be more grateful to God for the spectacular acting job wow of Ben Webb as he played Apollyon in this episode, and then Jesse Cordy oh my goodness, playing the part of valiant item about you, but I definitely got shield delivered a lot of those lines, and that while God how how cool is it that he has provided us these tremendous actors like Jesse was the voice of lift looming original beauty and the beast that was a Disney classic animated one and then he also played the part of the Black Panther in his Utopia, so I may now amazing that God gave us those and you can find out all about these guys and all our actors cast and crew page Christian car as well as the podcast for Christian card I theater right there's a podcast for Christian card I theater itself so you can just go get all the episodes of Pilgrim's progress OF Christian card I theater right there in the podcast page of Christian card I theater Christian car

And of course I'm always so grateful to God for Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms and widows in this very week. I'm very very grateful that God is provided another car and means to get to another car, so to more cars for single moms and widows in so continue to pray.

We are so grateful for your prayers and grateful for those who have me Christian car and Jesus labor love. And then of course I'm so grateful for you listening that she would never show. I'm grateful for Bill filling in for me today so I can have a labor day excursion and so wow thank you so much and remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got all done we lack this is the Truth Network

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