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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 31 - Shameless - Vaccination

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 21, 2021 9:00 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 31 - Shameless - Vaccination

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Hidden treasures of teen health fund today were in one of the hundred 19 saunas were digging away verse 31 is also the seven verse in the dollar section of the Psalm, which the doll and we talked about is this door of humility that we go to in order to engage with God. It did not play, so to speak. As we get a better look at ourselves.

Often we can get a better look at God and so the 31st verse again. It has some huge meetings and has very practical meanings, but it is being the seventh verse.

It's kind of wrapping up. You know the seven you know finishing up before we get to the fruit of all this idea of the doll section and so here we have verse reads in the King James version.

I have stuck unto thy testimonies. O Lord put me not to shame. Now the word stuck there. This translate its document. King James is actually the word the box which starts in the doll and like all the verses in the section start with the doll it in that were debarked that Cleve is the same to Bob that we heard in the very first verse where he said my soul cleaves end of the dust will here he's cleaving to testimonies and when you think about testimonies. These are the places that we literally were an eyewitness to something that God did or again since the Bible itself is all a testament neither old or new itself testimonies eyewitnesses to all the stuff that God is teaching and God is saying. But it's also stuff that happened in your life and so to Cleve is sort of a holy word because it's got this cough. At the very end of it and and that letter is the letter that begins holiness and and it's a sense of actually that again. We've gone through the door of humility and and through that, you know, we have this soul that wants to Cleve the things. Unfortunately, we have a tendency cleaved all the wrong things. But the idea of soul ties again is very much here because he is talking about leaving.

In this case to testimonies things that were eyewitnesses to, and I'm sure that John Bunyan when he wrote a Pilgrim's progress very familiar with this verse and and showed us his is pilgrim would pull out his testimony from time to time and use that to comfort himself, and I hope that you do the same in ISO practical advice like this very morning to be completely transparent. I know there's a lot of opinions on this, and I understand completely, because I have really struggled with it, but yesterday I got my second Pfizer vaccination and I really struggled whether not to get vaccinated for a long time. I had all sorts of data on both ways and and and I'll just be flat honest that I main reason I didn't get vaccinated before was I read somewhere that it possibly could affect your relationship with God that this was some kind of a process where they are trying to get ready, your God, Jean, or whatever that had me really really worried that wow if I take this vaccination in I'll do anything that would hurt my relationship with God in a plus the fact that they used in no parts of aborted babies and and and there were just so many things that just made it very scary to even consider getting the vaccination from my perspective and but there are other factors just are and and one of those factors was that the nursing home than I do a devotion that wouldn't allow me to come in unless I was vaccinated and you know that's been on my heart happy. I've sent them my devotional jokes and all that stuff every week. That is not the same as going in the visiting is for people who haven't had a visitor for a long long time and they are all my friends and I love them dearly and I'm so sad that I haven't seen them in almost 2 years and so one of the things that by getting vaccinated.

You know I get I can go do this devotion which I felt compelled to do many times but then the killer kicker whatever you want to call it the thing that really pushed me over the edge was my wife right and and and she was like do this. I'm so worried you know I want to get you know she loves me and I and I and I really didn't want my wife to worry and I'm like okay you know I'm I'm in a cave on this that I was still very sore about my relationship with God.

And so you might imagine that this morning, having got my second vaccination. Yesterday I was you know, still Satan is bemused that little piece of stuff against me like Lola might still in a relationship with God. And so as I went into my devotional home series of things that I do every morning when I pray you know I was really looking to see was God going to be there and he showed me something so beautiful in a it's hard to explain what he showed me but at the last boot camp that we do through masculine journey and I hope you come to boot camp that were there were going to have here in the fall. You can find out more about that American but at the last boot camp. God showed me some things with my spiritual eyes that can only be seen through spiritual eyes and what he did this morning was he showed me those same things, and as I saw them with the spiritualize was the guy I knew that this isn't something you can see with your physical eyes and as I saw them with my spiritual eyes. He was saying oh yeah I'm right here, right, hence my testimony to arouse eyewitness right of these things that I had seen with my eyes then comforted me amazingly as I began to get back into my study and go back to my Scripture and and and and just get right where I need to be right because I was going to cleave unto that testimony, which is really really helpful. Right in the second part of the verse is really even may be more remarkable in his got longer-term things to think about because it says, oh Lord put me not to shame at trees cleaved the testimonies he sang all Lord put me not to shame and that this is an interesting thing because this verse the seventh verse when you track it along the other were letters that we've gone through. Usually this is going to have to do with delight. It's going to have to do with worship, but here he he's talking about shame and the reason I believe he is is because shame has to do with the fear of the Lord in the seventh anointing of the Holy Spirit in in Isaiah 11 is a delight in the fear of the Lord and and so this idea of being more afraid of God than being afraid of man is is really huge and certainly huge for David so the word shame, which is really translated almost bus so I was thought about when I look at shame. The other thrown me under the bus left this much in common of the letter in the room anyway.

I mean that the word in Hebrew, but in this particular case, David. Just as important bus he throws at top of the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet at the beginning of it and it's really subtle, but it's there. Okay. And what that letter is it's right God's stamp because it's the end of the aleph that and you know when Jesus said and you know I'm in the I'll offend on the topic you know this is a big big letter because it saying at the end of the story where you know what the truth is and so you put a top in front of the word shame.

It's almost like God don't stamp me among the goats here. Keep your eye negative of really beautiful little subtle thing is there if you look in the Hebrew it's there that Todd is is there before the word shame and a course or translating that put but the other thing is you can't help but think about don't stamp me right because with everybody's going to give stamp to either for good or evil but what what what David is asking here is is I cleave to these testimonies randomly keep the faith, keep believing in him and assure these things are so powerful. The stories that I know and in doing that, you know you are marking me actually with the other mark that would be the one. It's not shame, but the one to say that you are his son and so a beautiful thing, as I think about both the you know, day by day effective. This verse right of leaving to testimonies and then the not being put shame, partly at the end of the story right.

I want to be counted know among the so hope you enjoy this today on the 31st verse. The hundred 19 so

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