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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 34 - A Heart Of Understanding

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 24, 2021 8:30 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 34 - A Heart Of Understanding

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 24, 2021 8:30 am

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The second anointing of the Holy Spirit in Isaiah 11 is - Understanding, here King David shares his whole heart on why we want understanding

Psalms 119:34

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 okay we are loving into the hay section of the hundred 19 Psalm Civic league today.

Get dig in the verse 34 and this hay section. As we talked about the letter hay is not unlike universal in any language. If you say hey at somebody trying to express themselves and that's with the letter means in Hebrew, and so here. King David is asking God to express some things so beautifully. It is so direct in it when you when you see as these verses unfold it in this section the hay section which were to get the verse 34 now which says give me understanding and I will keep dialogue J, I shall observe it with my whole heart and all my goodness is this a real nugget in that understanding and heart have so much to do with one another, which has so much to do with.

Almost always, you'll note in the hundred 19 Psalm that the second verse is not unlike the second anointing of the Holy Spirit from Isaiah 11 so the first anointing is a wisdom second anointing is understanding and so understanding fits with a hard because you noticed how many verses have to do with either understanding or they have to do with a heart that of the second verse of each section and the reason for that is part of the beauty of understanding the verse is God obviously expressing so that we can understand something, but the word being in Hebrew is understanding okay and and being a starts with a Bubba batlike were talked about, which means house we we did that sexually came to understand that a bat means house and your to build your house on a good foundation well your house is where you live, so to speak. So if your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Essentially what you know where is the holy of holies it's your house and that would be your heart and so so often you'll see that the second verse and each section has to do with your heart because when you understand something that lives there. You know, because when when we understand something, all of a sudden then we can start to keep these things treasure them in our hearts and so King David, here is unmasking for the understanding of the Torah and if once I can get that then I can observe it with my whole heart, so you know it's a beautiful thing as it literally is he he is saying again. Every verse is going to start with his hey is expressed to me Bina understanding of the Torah and and this is essentially Torah means Jesus.

I mean, the word is Jesus. And so how how wonderful is that as I was I saying put Jesus in my heart.

And Jesus is in my heart. And guess what, you get to do. Keep the law you write. If Jesus is in their writing.

You've accepted him as your Savior and you get covered in the blood more than good news. You are now able to modeling keep the law you could keep it with your whole heart, because that is the deal that is the deal you get the anointing of the second anointing of Christ, which is understanding it's it's absolutely all coming together here in this hay section of this Psalm so verse 34 when when you look at it in the hay section, you can go all my goodness. If I could understand right these verses like this verse itself in the light comes on. Then I get to see Jesus in each verse because it actually he's in every single letter and and so in this hay itself. Understanding that God spoke everything into existence and is he speaks into our lives, then obviously he speaks our life into existence and you know the beautiful thing you know about the Bible or the Torah as the case may be, is here. You have 66 books in the early knows how many chapters and how many words and how many letters are all Jesus. Every single one of them as you understand them.

You see, then they are making their enlarging your heart. As we talked about at the end of verse at the end of the Dollard section that they do run run run run. I talked about my life being touched like when my heart is enlarged right bit with smitten by God, and all the sudden I can fall more and more and more in love with who God and more and more and more in love with my neighbor this the allotted time for me. I get so hung up in the other 613 commitments.

That's the forest that I missed the trees which are clearly just love the Lord thy God with all their heart, with all their might.

With all my strength be owed is the word in Hebrew wholeheartedly and then to love your neighbor as yourself wholeheartedly right it is I get smitten by God that I'm able to run 8222B smitten for my neighbor because I want them to do enjoy all that that God has for them. I went them to receive the understanding of the Torah. I want them to be able to keep it with her whole heart want their children to be able to do that because I mean it wouldn't be just that much more beautiful of the world and so as we look at this verse there so much here that died just for me to ponder it. I could deceive. Obviously, like so many other verse Jesus is all over this verse and in so many different ways so I can't recommend enough, the joy of really studying the anointing of Isaiah 11 thinking deeply about what those mean and what King David is getting at in trying to anoint this way through this Psalm, which is clearly no, they consider the spiritual warfare is absolutely a wonderful Psalm pray these things daily in my soul. Once again thank you for digging with me today in the hundred 19 Psalm

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