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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 37 - When All Is Said And Done What Matters

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 29, 2021 9:28 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 37 - When All Is Said And Done What Matters

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 29, 2021 9:28 am

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To turn from being yoked to meaningless things to life giving takes a supernatural prayer

Psalms 119:37

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19.

So here we go digging today in the 37 my home is so much and today I think is another real negative real prayer for those prayer warriors out there that I think this is spiritual warfare in a beautiful way and so 37 verse is actually the fifth verse in the section of the hay and is really really cool when you think that here how King David is asking God to use his mouth to express himself in order to accomplish these prayers, which is a phenomenal thing when you look at this particular verse and again as we have been tracking this since this is the fifth verse, and it would line up with the fifth anointing of the Holy Spirit from Isaiah 11. It is my idea of this is correct and so when you look at that none anointing. It is knowledge which if you look at this you go. What does this have to do with knowledge all that's one of the good things we get to learn today. In this particular study, so the verse reads in English in the King James version turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity and Quicken thou me in the way so that the first word there is always to start with the hay.

Since it's the hay section and were asking God to use his expression to do something in this case. Turn my eyes away well. Turn my eyes away. This doesn't even come close to what that word is in the Hebrew it is. We talked about before the beauty of King David Psalms of King David was definitely a Torah scholar and so these are all commentaries on the Torah. Along the way and so the word that he uses for turn my eyes away is the same word that is usually quoted as Passover. And so the first time you find that word that is translated in English as turn my eyes is actually when God blew the waters away and began a window below the cleanse.

After he'd sent the flood for Noah and any made a wind that would pass over the waters in order to you know the cleansing is taken place, and now we were going to do away with the rest of the judgment here by making the waters go away will simply along those same lines in just a few chapters after that, when you know the smoking furnace and the firing pot that that went through Abraham's offerings that made the covenant right they passed over.

This is the same word again.

So this is a supernatural Passover.

This isn't just turn my eyes away. Okay. And again you know that in the Passover itself. You know the angel of death passed over. This is this is a huge thing so you know it's kinda cool that were asking God to heal take that Angel of death away from me beholding vanity and what other words King David is not going try to white knuckle his way in a like I'm in a do it got a minute quit beholding vanity.

So then you know you go from the standpoint of okay. King David asking for this very supranational natural out of God's mouth Passover like you. This is a strong strong of a supernatural thing that is asking for to turn his eyes away and then beholding vanity doesn't just look at vanity, beholding vanity and and so you know you gotta consider what what would that be like checking my Facebook followers or you looking in the mirror or all sorts of different things like I want to do much TV at night so I don't get up early enough to study God's word so there's also two ways that this works it out in your life, but I thought I would share the story here in a minute of of how that worked out big time in my life because the next part of the verse says Quicken me which means make me come alive in the way which actually that's backwards. The way the King David wrote it. He said in the way Quicken me so the way as we talked about before, is the word Derek and it literally is Jesus okay because Jesus is the way but in a sense, it's also the narrow gate that Paul Bunyan uses he talks about pilgrims gotta go through the narrow gate. Jay's Jesus use it time and time again is this narrow passage of the way that we get to the father okay because he's the way to the father and there's a concept there that this is not just narrow.

It's focused okay and somewhat. King David is asking here is is he needs life, but he needs life focused on God. Right. That's how you get Quicken that you get born again is to be is to be Quicken, but it's also giving you the focus now to see where true life comes from and and therein is the idea of knowledge of being able to see this being yoked to it because the yoke has everything to do with your eyes your eyes and your yoke there there there there connected there connected by that letter. I am at and it's a beautiful thing, whatever it is that I do sit there and study with my eyes to become yoked to well I'd want my eyes to get turned away from being yoked to vanity and I wanted to be yoked in life.

So here's an example in the car business for all these years know there's this thing called the customer satisfaction index.

It's a number that the manufacturer would send out the surveys to all the customers to see what they thought of your dealership and at this point in time in the story them until 1991 I was the general manager of Crown Dodge in Greensboro, North Carolina, and it was my first job as a general manager and I worked my whole career to finally get this job and it just seems so importantly that I was finally the general manager and it happened right after the Gulf War and I took over the store that was losing money by the fistful and unfortunately due to the bad choices of the previous general manager of loading up on too much inventory, especially the wrong kind inventory the dealership you just lost tons of money. This particular year and it was really hard to break out of this cycle, but it was in and then on top of that in October of that year, 1991 after I'd worked what I thought as hard as I could to try to turn this dealership around I got a letter from Chrysler that showed that our CSI was like a 1.8 and they used to scale like 4.0 would be in a you can see 1.8 would be an F and if you get an F in your CSI for too long. They can literally take your franchise and so my the owner of the crown stores Royce Reynolds was nine and put up with anybody. CSI being down for any length of time and so I realize that I'm number one.

We weren't selling any cars. I don't think we had 10 cars out by 15 October and then the second thing is our CSI was just horrible at that. 1.8 and I had convinced myself that my career all that I'd worked for was over and I remember this prayer that I've talked about in previous app. No. I'm a Christian car guy.

Many times I call the five flame pajama cast pajama prayer but is essentially a prayer of listening for God like you asking the question, then you to sit back and you way you wait on the Lord to see what the answers can be and this particular day I knew that I was just essentially finished. I don't believe that I was even a Christian at this point, the amount think I'd been Quicken in the way of actually becoming a Christian, but I did know that seem like my life was at a trust, wrote crossroads of some kind and so I actually left the dealership on a Friday afternoon, went out and got in the field and just sat there trying to listen to God. Whoever God was and say what is all this about.

I just don't understand. I work work work work work so hard and it just seems like I'm failing, it's oh I fell asleep I got more trouble. My wife called you and me. My when I finally got home my wife was freaked out because work and called where are you there all upset. My wife's upset and sewed situation gone from bad to worse, and I still remember the answers. However, I was persistent so the next morning before work I got up and I began to pray again. Again, this prayer was to simply say okay God I need to know what are we doing here. I don't understand I don't understand I don't understand, and after praying for maybe 20 or 30 minutes God broke through and he simply said this to me and it changed everything he said when all is said and done.

Robbie is not a matter how many cards you sell and it stuck in a matter what your CSI is the only thing that's not really matter is how many people you really help in all my goodness you see what happened as I had been be beholding vanity you, regards to sell that number but was my CSI that number. None of those things were important right he heat he gave me the way that the way to properly run a dealership is just to simply help people so I with this new information I went and called the meeting, which normally didn't happen on Saturday and I do set everybody down and said okay for now on, guys, we are no longer going to sell cars were no longer going to service cars.

What we can do is working to help people. I don't care if you have to send in the Nissan store what you gotta do maybe go tell me don't need to buy a car right now, but the ideas that I want you to sit there like this is your mother, your sister, whoever, and just figure out how can you help this person if we go about helping people. We will be succeeding regardless of family cars.

We sell and regardless of our what our customer satisfaction number is well. Needless to say the dealership completely turned around. We sold over hundred cards that month. Our CSI skyrocketed, and in my career was launched to some extent, but that didn't matter. Did. What mattered is that we help some people okay and I was quickened in the way. In other words, I get to see the way God wanted me to do things and so as we pray as I prayed through this first turn our eyes away from holding all this work vanity all these things that we want in the Lord. Quicken us in your way. In that in the way to the father that truly would help other people

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