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Christian Car Guy Classic Interview with John Eldredge 2016

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 29, 2021 7:00 pm

Christian Car Guy Classic Interview with John Eldredge 2016

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 29, 2021 7:00 pm

A great time with the amazing John Eldredge from Wild at Heart sharing his book "Moving Mountains"

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These have been doing my happy baby and honestly if I could ask God for anything above your salvation. It's listening today that you could have. God would important to you. My passion is always been that you would have a conversational intimacy with Jesus and something that I've enjoyed immensely is made all the difference in the world of my life and one of the people that I spoke to Matt into me and somebody different ways over the last number years is John Eldridge, the author of wild at heart, and he recently wrote a book on this conversational in the sea, which he calls moving mountains praying with passion and confidence want to welcome John Eldridge to the show today to talk about that very issue conversational intimacy with Jesus, which I know John is a big part of your passion. Glad to be with you. Love the opportunity and ideas prayers as a place for so many of us that struggle with it.

Even if we been doing it for years and years.

So here's sort of a practical guide that can help along those lines, yeah, I want to enough books on prayer out there want to write but like I said show people how e-readers enough, you ought to do that by field into guilt now. Yeah, I guess I ought to pray more, that is not helpful, but I want to do with they pretty simple. If you break it down, like you know what you do function cars break this down into some simple things for people in prayer on the first big ideas.

You are just hitting on here with Mike. Let it be a two-way deal we do is we make prayer speech greatly. Talk we leave right try getting your marriage like that, you know that the idea is what will let them talk back begin open up the possibility God got a desire to talk your direction to now, and even just that simple stuff can open up some really wonderful you have a chapter on the list just listening prayer and what's involved with that which is just awesome. One of the other chapters that just grabbed my attention was also club close to your heart. Third graders at Normandy. That's the title of the chapter that she just got a go of the world where we are right now it feels like with the really big ideas.

I don't know how this got lost for folks is that we actually live in a world war. Now you more than 2 million children every year that are trafficked in the sex trade in a think about little girls are being forced into you know, having sexual things with with man every single day no reporter for a dollar like you understand there is evil in the world you know you take Isis set a new Wawa last December, their religious decrees that now there executing handicapped children and ghostly understand folks like there is evil in and and a lot of times like in the whole prayer equation you know people say why pray.

I tried it didn't work with like you're probably blaming things on God have nothing to do with him. Your enemy the evil one. The idea third graders at Normandy like you. You wouldn't want to hit the beaches of Normandy, and appear in your lunchbox and I that's the point you want you want to grow up load. Teach me to pray like that's our secret weapon powerful things we have to let slip. Learn how to do this thing so don't get taken out just you know we have a boot camp come up on the messenger and you might just this week I woke up just totally my truck that I've had forever and people that know me that you got on 40,000 miles on it went out and I got another engine put in an and the harmonic balancers is gone bad on that engine and I'm just totally defeated, you know, like, really.

The Christian card and you can get your own front and I got all these things going on and on and on waking up and I'm not feeling any hope, and I know it's warfare are not always things in Isaac's Lord I really need some and it hit me John's person. He's got a daily prayer which I've really really enjoyed many many times I got in the habit of doing, but I just sat down.

I just went to that and there's no explaining what the end of that daily prayer does for me. It talks about things that I really never had thought about asking in prayer like calling angels to come help me in the spirit of God lift up other people pray for me and things. It is just awesome and not to mention in a just bringing Jesus and your whole situation that daily prayer is huge. Yeah, it's real helpful to get accuracy of folks know why I get a prayer like on maybe but don't know how and daily prayer to something that we done over the years and give you some handrail gives you a starting place. I don't think prayers always know following what someone else's praying.

But sometimes it is helpful and it's become such a natural part of what we do not, I actually prayed like it before the morning cup of coffee like it first thing in the day because if I can dial in. You know like I can reconnect with God, our what Christ has done for like I can dial back into that every day like anything different for the rest of the day changes everything. The meetings I'm in visions I make super helpful. So yeah, I put that in the book just because it well you know but that Debbie place folks can go to to lean into something that sortie put down on paper and and learn to come to pray something like that be really helpful.

You can get spoiled because once you have that connection you wake up and you're not feeling like I can fix this. No way I can face the state figure out how to get you back your loan.

We gotta get our union back together because I can sense that is not what's going on here so another one of the really things and you've written about this and some of the books which have enjoyed so many of them, but is the idea that if it doesn't work the first time in and analyzes prayer for the rain is just one of my favorite things that you talk about what you share that with our listeners.

I think we can look at prayer like chopping down a tree you know you got your trying to change through prayer, whether it's good marriage. Finances are sums going on like you don't talk trio one whack at you know, drop the actual walk away you look at the story of Elisha and in the Old Testament Israel had been in a three year drought and then God comes to life want you to pray for rain to bring the rain. I want you to pray for, so some folks up in Sunday school. Remember the lesson goes up on the hill and up on the mountain there any praise and he sent his servant have a lot change on the horizon. Anything whether certain comes back and says no light goes okay go at it again. So praise again second time since his servant certain comes back not in a good third time since his servant certain comes back not been there boss.

I'm sorry Mike pointed most of the go forget working out like a stick that eight time right with it give up. He doesn't lose heart and and finally back to seventh time and back, and he goes yeah actually there's a cloud it's not very big but there is a cloud on the horizon in light like that that guy got there is our answer. Like learning to like hang in there with his heart is not an easy you know you don't just try going on at the all right. The book is called moving mountains. It's by John Eldridge. We got up as well as links to ransom heart ministries which are just as important, resources you want to.

Really cool stuff that is going to tell you if you belong to the tribe you can see videos of John doing live boot camp. You can read all these articles there's so much. There's so many resources with through that ministry ransom heart and so we can have that all available because again it's a big part of our lives.

Christian card to show John, thank you so much for being almost more than awesome. I love it :-( I've been looking part. Thank you for listing the Christian card I show today. Remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and have out this week spent some intimate time with the Lord. Thank you for listening to the Christian card as shown

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