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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 39 - Finding The Good

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 1, 2021 8:58 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 39 - Finding The Good

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 1, 2021 8:58 am

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All things work together for Good as this verse takes us a different place with that. Robby shares his leaning struggles.

Psalms 119:39

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. Sometimes I just come up with her somewhat. That means was the case with verse 39 as we are digging around Emily hundred nineteenths all and so the way I always just the light of my in that I know that wow I am fixing to learn something because I just got asked the Holy Spirit to come in here and work work work work work and honestly this is one of those verses. I will just jump in there and I hope you get as much out of it as I getting out of it so verse 39 and again we are in the hay section of the hundred 19 Psalm and this is actually the seventh verse which you know where you get a lot into why that's significant in the minute, but let's just read the verse turn away my reproach which I fear for thy judgments are good. So you know, as I study these things and I and I have sort of this sense that Isaiah 11 is giving a sort of. The key to the real deep meaning of these verses, Isaiah 11 being the anointing's of Christ or the seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit. And as these words are all Jesus. So you know every every letter and in other words, here we are in the hay section every letter has all these anointing's and so I believe as I have studied this and clearly this lines up with verse 39 because the seventh anointing of the Holy Spirit is a delight in the fear of the Lord and here we got the word fear right in here like we did in the previous verse of this lines up good from that standpoint I was trying to figure out where that fits in, and so you know, as I studied and studied and studied that delighting in the fear of the Lord anointing is that point of rest, so like you know after God's days. He rested on the seventh and like Jesus with his seventh word from the cross, said, you know, into thy hands I commit my spirit. In other words, he is resting there and so resting in that the light that God has. This is kind of where you land. There so as I thought about this turn away my reproach and again, like I always do go study that first word and it is the same Passover word that we talked about in verse 37 word turn away mine eyes from holding vanity.

So here were asking God in the letter course the hay letter begins the diverse with that same idea of pass over my reproach and reproach being met.

I don't know if you had a dad like mine but get a look that he could give you, that was reproach, and it was a sense of disappointment and actually was quite a wound in my life that my father was disappointed in me and and Satan use that to make me feel like I was of disappointment to him my whole life, which turned out to be a huge lie and when I was released from that lie. It was it was really a glorious thing but this verse really spoke in the bat because anytime I think of reproach I can see that look on my father's face and the look that I would get would be when I brought my report card home like oh ma'am, I was in the sixth grade the first time because had to repeat the six grade. My father was so disappointed that he wouldn't say you know Robbie, you did it, or you can just tell it was really a huge disappointment to him that I had failed math and done so poorly in all these different classes. My parents decided to have me redo the six grade in my fourth grade teacher had told my parents that Robbie can't learn you know he's probably given the path to being a special school Oak learning was a struggle for me.

And honestly I hated school, especially in those early years.

I mean I just hated because if I was felt like it was such a disappointment to my family, etc. I had all the reproach I can possibly have. So fortunately for me, God turn that away in the way that he did it was with the second part of this verse because it what it says is turn away my reproach which I fear for thy judgments are good and the neat thing about the word judgment. The really really neat thing about the word judgment.

In my estimation is that when you look at the letters in Hebrew.

One of the significant letters in the in the word judgment, which I think is just huge is attacked and that tat is the letter for good. Like when God saw that he made light and it was good or that letter tat is in the beginning of that whole idea of told you know this this goodness of God's goodness and it has to do with this letter, which means goodness and and it's almost like a pregnant when you look at the letter. It looks like it's pregnant and that means the number nine and so like a baby is a good thing and and so with judgment. You know God is looking for the good it someplace like Romans 828. You know all things work together for good for those who love God and the called according to his purpose. Will his judgments are exactly like that and and so what happened to me was when I did the seventh grade. After clamping for new six grade math teacher, and he saw something good in me and it turned away, turn around my whole learning because all the sudden he he jumped and then he said wow Robbie, you have phenomenal mind for spotting patterns like this is a real gift and all the sudden when I'd been told my whole life that I was essentially slow. Now comes somebody who found the good in my ability to learn and it's so encouraged me that it turned around where I began to look for patterns in the and I'm in in sewing.

I found the love of learning and I really ended up in high school straight A's because I began to look for those things which I knew I was gifted to do and I loved it and I loved it because what we can somebody look for the good instead of looking for the bad, and so herein lies the idea that all away was my reproach was turned because somebody look for the good in me right and so I almost get a sense of two verses out of Romans here with this particular verse and maybe Paul was thing about these when he did it that right there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus words turn away my in other words, my dad will never look at me that way again. You know my my heavenly father will never give me that look and all that had to be a supernatural thing out of it happen.

Will Jesus died on the cross to take away all my reproach that Passover itself right for thy judgments are good. In other words, God is looking for the good in you and calling that out. We all have plenty of stuff that were struggling with. But God is looking for you to walk in what your gifting's are and what your glorious in the way that he made you you special sauce and so as you begin to do that wow is not only the idea that you don't have any reproach but you can also just rest and in the fact that God is so good and and he's always going to find the good in you and as this absolutely beautiful thing if you're in Christ.

It's is kind of the prerequisite. This serve your listing to this and and you've never given your heart to Jesus like never really believed all yeah he came to earth as him as a man so he could die for all the stuff that got me reproach and in doing so, he took that on and turned away all that right so that I could wait father.

If you would pray with us right now have that kind of relation offering turn away my thy judgments are

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