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NRB Chronicles - 2013 Classic - Kamal Saleem former Muslim Brotherhood Terroist

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 3, 2021 7:30 am

NRB Chronicles - 2013 Classic - Kamal Saleem former Muslim Brotherhood Terroist

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 3, 2021 7:30 am

A gripping interview you will never forget on how God is at work in such amazing ways in the world we never see - here get a glimpse.


The Blood of Lambs: A Former Terrorist's Memoir of Death and Redemption

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World Mission report and water report we have for you today God is doing such amazing things in the world and I know you better hang onto your seats because how can somebody come from the Muslim brotherhood. How can somebody come from this faith of hate, of where we, rather than be talked about it, limited issue to come all Celine and Kemal. I know some listeners are probably little bit familiar with your story but can you share kind of from the beginning. You how you got involved in in the United States and what was, yes, I wrote a book of this is called the blood of claim six has the entire biography and you know I was born in Beirut Lebanon to Muslim Sunni family. My mother was ultimate her general at the fall of the Ottoman Empire. My grandfather came to Lebanon where I was born and he brought this radical Islamization agenda that Islam lives by the sword in establishing Islamic Oma, which is one work order under a law you know and so therefore you know she told me from my childhood. She said you will die for the sake of the life you were born to be a marker I you will give your blood for a lot you will kill others. She said if you kill a Jew, your hand will light up before the throne of the law and the host of heaven will celebrate your your victory, your glory if you give a Christian so she was training you know and dark and in the same manner. My dad was teaching me. He said the only way to make it to heaven is to die as a martyr. Islam, the Koran says what could've been quite a every muscle have to go to hell first purified. The only people that be paradise are those who died a martyr's physical and lost at the God of Koran. He said when at seven.

The Medina said even make an weapon but yet in developing musical. Those who die for the sake for law in martyrs and they are blessed and they are prospering in paradise. So therefore your first price to become an intercessor for immediate that 70 people at your family they can go to heaven without judgment because you died, you gave your your blood to kill others and that's how you make your blood holy martyrs, and as long as you kill yourself by giving other 9/11 was perfect that this is how you please a lot, you know, and so with this second drop of blood you'll get seventh through version. A female in heaven and have female have angels and with everyone has seventh two this is the price also martyryou get older women you want. Paradise is made for woman is not made for man. I made made for men than for women because the Koran be like the Bible of the Muslim says the fuel of hell is made of women. This is what I was taught for my child.

By the age of seven I start working my dad. You know all all of us work in the now and I was beaten up by several different gangs as I was going to work and one day I take refuge in the most and the mosque in mom's you know they were having study Islamic study and they were Muslim brotherhood began to make my rescue and save me and I became part of that movement. So were learning about the great Satan United States of America in the small state of Israel, and how we gonna destroy all non-Muslim nation, and by what means and what ways and how we gonna do it in the and who's helping us on the other side.

So from there the whole group joined the fellow I was seven years old will rejoin the PLO and I want for my first assault camp and sub 11 and check Tina in Beirut. You know I am I training on assault weapon from you know 50 calibers to AK-47 to using knives mixing an authentic or learning everything is kids redoing the big guy's job because they're just extra commodity you know and I went to my first patient, Israel.

I was seven years old. What gaseous through the Golan Heights to Israel. The second mission I was eight years old that it was a blood emission I. My best friend my shoulders.

You know, back you know from the mission, and every other kids get filled and from there went the Civil War in Lebanon killing Christians.

So we hated the Jews hated the Christians and I was fulfilling my mission and you know just making Islam prominent and strong. This is was Michael and and the we are, you know, the Koran says they will come about that.

There will be no other nation on earth as long been Islamic nation one world order under a lot. So we were preparing for this and illuminate the instigators make it happen. From there I worked for radical leaders. You know, you name it. In the Middle East until the Saudi Arabian government get hold of mid Wahhabi government were Sufi endurable hobby and we became, you know, we work together because both must have the same heart, the same zeal establish sharia law and every Western civilization. I was sent to Europe. You still do culture shock change from within. We found Europe is easy you know why the church was vacant dead people are more in the behind the bottle and soccer was the God of the nation in the therefore we just we continue to be a problem. The next trip I was sent to Tora Bora to fight speech eulogizing how to treat heatseeking missiles and this was my first encounter with American people when I met the CIA over there and I read the roof. My report to the Saudi government SF will you lose the war that America and Afghanistan said, these people are committed give their life, their finances, blood of the cause of other nations, specifically Muslim.

They are not afraid to give their life SF were not going to win this war because we are not committed to anything and we are not willing to give our life for the use, you know, we call the Afghan's view and and that so therefore I was sent, United States of America, and being in our meeting in Saudi Arabia. You know that America is so powerful that we could not hit it from out there like Al Qaeda digging 9/11. You know, and that the only way we can design is an injunction I need to for a couple different reasons. Your listening to a very fascinating segment of world mission report with Kemal Selim who wrote the book the blood of the lambs.

His latest book is America the beautiful, at best. That's a DVD mean nominal Jerry Boykin America beautiful vistas.

These are DVDs and dislocate the blood of the Lamb. Again, like him just that but were so blessed to have a subordinate go to break when we come back to work in the here wow it sounds like now. He's been through this research Center America sooner. Find out more. What happened in the story. Welcome back to this again very special edition of world mission report and we are with Kemal Selim from having how it's amazing and I'm so excited to see what God is doing in your life as it sounded little dark when we left you your going through this trap that the understanding of American culture, but must take pick up the start.

Well, God gave us ministries" ministries could ministries are: our mission statement is to wake up the church whom is an Aramaic word for the word arise. This is steam specifically from five in which he spoke Aramaic and not speak Hebrew or Arabic or any of the language.

When he went the Lazarus graveyard would use that for four days and said Lazarus arise in the new life was given. But remember, also, when he BF you know gyrus appreciated.

He said to him. He said my daughters dine with you, pray for you know that's the story of police yet and when he know Jesus to kiss redundant day and he arrived late and they set them don't bother lately is that and he said, have faith in God and he said belief is not bad but she is sleeping symbolize the church, the deleted means the truth and he said the truth is that there is sleeping, so he grapple with you by the hand and rose her up in the new life is given to give her something to eat. So our first call is to wake up the church, the love of God, the First Amendment, the love the Lord with all your heart, with all your mind, but I know I like all my listeners were wondering how you got from where you were. We got it we go to pick up the story with with when we left you. You were correct understanding what was going on in Afghanistan and talking to the Muslim brotherhood.

What was the transition that well we Saudi Arabian government get us through to America by Jesus you know and go student visas so we coming to America to invade you know through certain views of the Muslim brotherhood taught us how to infiltrate the civilization by marrying their women you know and defending their citizenship. So you get the citizenship you get to live in the on the Lamb and fulfill the purpose so we came to United States as American students and were looking to marry American women and so now we can United States my commission was universities.

The group that worked for meeting with me. The Muslim Association Muslim student union model Muslim youth of North America and of these are special group here, the umbrella over them exercise holding Muslim minority affairs.

This is a saw the umbrella and establish civil ideation Islamic civilize eight nation throughout the Western world. So basically we are invading a nation through doing what how we do it through that that module, you know, the Muslim minority affairs, and this is where we confuse the American students. This is where we use the America student recruitment to work for our benefits and to work in our side and turn them against their countries. This is where we educate in reading a brainwashed young men and women right there and tell them about a law and Jehovah God Almighty I the same God. This is where we just mix the mud and water and the second part is to get the jail system are you know what commission jail system is to create Between the black race, and the like for us to separate this nation and prejudice the and to create you know several civilization flashes and by doing so will become the answer will become the strong sewer the Nation of Islam was growing up in jail system radically through the black people. The third one was before neighborhood where we dealt with the gains we start establishing mosques and start establishing, you know roots in United States American areas skill that nobody wants to go there and now we are changing United States and in universities were buying the American professors. Anyone who would sell his life. You know, I will send them overseas to Turkey GUI UAE Muslim nation where they can be given a lot of side gifts and they could be a gift of their doctorate in Islamic studies, Islamic got histories and there is no growth to be leaders you know to come and start speaking for multiple become ambassadors know this. The same thing with the politician before the fishing was not my commission professors so we are working on all those levels in one day I was driving this little car Mazda RX seven sports car with a teacup and the I was really happy, you know, and I thought I was doing all something for the glory of a lot align Jehovah God Almighty are not the same God yard to different the different size spirits you know and one Israel and one is not that so therefore as I was driving this guy was high on drugs and he just cut in front of me.

I had my break is that of heading in and that my car traveled to the middle-of-the-road encrusted at the side of you know the street and an 18 wheeler was coming about, and it was just a great embrace. There might be able to get out the idea really broadsided my car and my car busted into peace and I ejected in my car, the premier fellow in a mud hole on my head back and my neck into places collarbone my ribs smile the whole left side was devastated.

Man came running to me and he said he spoke with his deep sudden accident and he sits on we get a big peer review and everything's gonna be all right now you hear I was going to lies that all I asked for help.

I didn't answer ready and that is a lot and I was really there because this man everything he said that he smiled and and as he smiled under like why is he saying what he saying so. And by the time you know by defendant was taken to the hospital and now the orthopedic surgeon speaketh means that your name is Kemal Celine. You have no friends.

You have no family insurance. You have no life with his little sudden mustache and no accent just said that's done we can take care of you. Everything's gonna be all right here when he said that the hours I was really scared when I had to jump in again but I'm going to time just runs.

This is a wonderful story you're not gonna want to turn that back as we can find out what happened.

He found himself amongst the Southerners that have been made in North Carolina where what what state were you done well.

I I don't save all-purpose flour came in January went okay. I understand. I welcome back to one of the more phenomenal world mission reports I've ever experienced. But when we left our era about the resident, the southern hospital and the man said, son, everything is gonna be all right. He was speaking to your heart yes to God be the glory, you know, it's amazing to know every man, every woman has a life that has a purpose.

God created us in his image for his great purpose that I have a great thing for you, declares the Lord to give you future hope you know and my story is hope for the hopeless Internet train you know all method of murder, spirit and hate which is zero-week-old life dark and we called darkness, life, and flip everything around. And so now I'm in hospital and I'm hearing this and start freaking out because they speak in the same language and I wake up the second day you know in the hospital and now this man walks into my room had a physical therapy this manual is. He left to work out this man was a man man and in every time he walked he posed you know that so when when he read my report. He said do I thought all this is an educated sudden he said. You are indeed do do ongoing. I said how did you know Charlotte is a cast on my neck or is the how my body is and he just looked at me and he said, son, we can take care of you and everything's gonna be all right now you hear me smile from ear to ear and I start saying always making ministry, Jean Eastman met her, depart from me, Satan in the name of Allah Comcast are safe in my namesake you and so I start speaking because they speak in the same language and one day in the hospital. The first guy came to meet me. The second guy walked in the orthopedic surgeon and that when he saw that guy and he said so. So what you doing here instead of saying good morning already. How you feeling and the guise of August. Guy told me about, and the doctor said what I told you about in first and start arguing who told him I didn't know these men are Fisher of men, each one trying to claim the catch these men in their closet was. It was the map of the Holy Spirit in their going out looking in notion of life to bring people to the glory of God.

And that's what I did not understand that they stand to make the story even better. Mr. macho man Dr. Boettcher walked in and he just poses and he put his hand on his knee screen dudes were you doing here and everybody's just like start telling this Sunday rent each other. They start hugging each other, kissing each other on the cheek and telling Chet I love you and I got all my God, they're not just Christians there.

I think you're having the sentiment don't billing level like this is not kosher and it so this is how it started, and they said the hospital discharge you can give no place to go when you take it home. I said I ain't go with you I'm not going with.

I said you give no place to go see terrorism.

Unlike the American military. No man left behind in terrorism.

The greatest commodities young man so the guy is your call. Our highest aspiration guy for the signal. So if you don't make it home, then data once again because you will point everybody so I didn't want to expose so with this.

I want the orthopedic surgeon home and for the first time my life I came to see the living word of God living word of God was not in the Bible it was in their life how they live their life. When I they put me in there best room in the house. The little three kids fondled a bad and they start shouting out welcome home. Uncle Kemal and I'm saying get off the bed little monkeys because in the Koran were taught the Christian and Jews are monkeys and pigs. That's their spirit that's where they made up know so their preferred spirit. So therefore, some of them get out of the bed little monkeys and these kids laid handle me, they start framing the name of Jesus Christ, I was trained to fight many warriors, but I was not trained to fight the I was exposed to something new.

It's called unconditional love somebody who doesn't know who you are and what you are willing to love you and give you the best they have say today I'm here for you. This is the church that I was not vocal because in Islam, everything is conditional today your my wife, but if you disobey me even if I was wrong. I have a right stick your head off my legal rights in Islam I have right each yeah I have the right to do anything you want. Same fight. Mohammed said if any man convert from Islam to so you know in Christianity didn't know who I was, what I'm doing what I my commission was these people were willing to give me the life sound now in their home and now much how the husband beating his wife. Unlike my father and my mother that you know if she said something mean to slap her across the face. All right the functionary have been the next thing she's trying and she's living in the E broker correct.

Same with all my brothers and my brother-in-law's house.

You know women is to be the subjugated finance in all level and she is not a first citizen. Only men are first citizen, Islam, and women are not. So that's why the covered they cover them in Shane and the man can do anything he wants. So with this this surgeon his wife with Ellen. We have a guest coming so go claim, clean the bathroom and the husband will turn others that were the Ajax honey surgeon that is not manually entered excellent job and the so I'm seeing all this like that's amazing.

And then I saw how they treat his children might might get mad at school seven years old. I was milking cow for him. You know, just to make living for the faint of these men and women are putting their life and spirit and soul and body into their children can make them successful. Everything in their life here.

There are teaching their children about the truth, and the only truth and righteousness, holiness were taught total opposites. We have full rights to lie about anything. If you are not among I have for right if you're not muzzle the life you when I was most, but now I'm seeing something brand-new.

And now I'm learning about Christian is not particular about their in their home. 60 million would come together and they have a Bible study. These men Christian business Association something like this in business men's committee really something like this. Yes and it will hold hands in the make a circle and I'm thinking more of man there holding hands like girl little girls ending events in the middle circle and to pray for me all father that you will bless Kemal that you think the scales from his eyes that your open eyes and ears of his understanding father that you give them a heart of flesh instead of hard stone father that you bless them that you healing that you help them recover all the stuff that they frame from angle you don't know me seeing Islam on Friday will we congregate in every city. When I was a Muslim. What we did is our religion is we send hexes vexes and curses.

We conjure spirit that car and so afraid against American seeds against the culture of culture.

We prayed against the military. I guess the government against good marriages were just cursing everything that American nap you know and with the same with Israel. Now here it's the opposite. These people are praying for healing for love and the worst part about the whole thing for me at from Muslim perspective to put a big basket at the end of my success for Kemal everybody start writing checks and drop it there and putting cash in. And this is to free my hospital bills the free me from my old bills that I incurred down from next date is wicked.

Why did doing something like this and I did and I'm going to jump it again. As horrible as that may sound like this is such a phenomenal story of love, if you don't think love never fails. You need to hear the story Kemal Celine. The book is the blood of the lamb's blood of lambs and when we come back to you are gonna want to hear more. This welcome back to the most phenomenal interview I've had in a long long time. Kemal Celine and understanding that I would've never gathered about what Islam is like what it's like to be inside the brotherhood of end of life in Lebanon coming to America now your you're in there in the seven home and there gathered around either praying for you believe in money for your wet what was next of the most amazing thing is that I was about to discover is what I'm seeing all this. I'm having a shifting in my spirit, Brown and my eyes are being open to something brand-new that I never seen in my life, and the truth that you know that we knew about Christians was not true. It was total opposites. There were good people and they had this pop life that they have been every every week this week and 1/2 a block over, and I'm thinking what I get to meet this potluck dinner. He has to name pop a lot younger like this guy must be really lucky and said I asked him where his path like this that he is everywhere and it's everywhere.

Everywhere you look at spotlighting the lively like God. While I was condemning it on and so one day you know this lady, the head of the house he was running a high high fever and she could not. She cannot cook and everybody said well let's put it in the hot seat. I'm doing hot seat begin to burn her unit. They burned a fever with fever, you know, and they put her in this chair. It was not hot and I'm looking at it and everybody said let's lay hands on her like in my country and let Haley handle so-and-so and go down killing more Perkins really that and I'm delighted begin to hurt her and everybody start laying handle her again and the and they start speaking in languages said they start praying that Scripture everybody was going all over the place on the light that is crazy and I never seen such a woman got up, the fever left her, and she became Miss Martha Stewart and she was doing the vegetable scene and get you.

I was on how to do that.

How how did you take that thing out of her. You know how good a hotseat is I want that magic can I buy that magic can I have it. They said it is not for sale for free and I said will give it to me. It really visit his name is Jesus a sublime allergic to Jesus and I just have the man they said no it's one strict federal it's inclusive.

So now on, I'm seeing all this and now they have an Israeli friends coming in and they're raising funds for his meeting. Jews were first on my life and the Jews were nice to an obscene how the Jews want to make peace with the Arabs love and the Arabs you know they're always trying to do this and I'm listening I'm going this is creepy. What was I and now I'm start making food for the Jewish people and you know how most of the colossal and everybody let me know. I just I start becoming a lover of God people the Christians and Jews an old something you know, my life was shifting. I was getting angry for my people and everything that Bill liked us about because there's millions like me this 1.7 billion out there just be in life to them, just like me and I will like how the idea how diet how do I go from here. So now I start looking at my God and your God, your God said he so loved the world, my God, so he sexily hated the world the whole world was Netflix worth Annette like they needed destroyed by the gun again and I looked at your God, he said that he gave this one here. He took the opposite. This one gave his son. This one gave an orphan man everybody for. Of this offer may get killed. There was that this will bring this riff about Jesus Christ is Shaman orphanage in a spirit of Ishmael on the left is Father's Day.

This one gave his blood for humanity. This one took over 275 million souls since inception of his law and I think to myself. The are not the same were talking.

We worship the same God.

This God.

These people have a relationship with him.

When these business they pray about the issues and and when they look at their issues and they read the Bible. One man said God just spoke to me. I will not literally. You know, he said I had prayed about this and he heard me. Look what he said and I looked at the word as an answer for everything he said. I said oh my God, how can that happen. What kind of this book is an old ancient book.

How could so I start seeing a relationship tangible relationship that is real I'm doing like oh my God, I have that flow. His name is Jesus. Will I don't want Jesus. I have something else. His name is Mohamed Ella. You know, and the so I was seeing how God is moving how his instrument how he talked about how oldest, now I want this but I do know how to go about it and all the sudden I start thinking to myself we are the enemy's life. We are the bad guys for the first time I was blind, now I see is the tangible grace that was in the house of my now one day the doctor gave me a set of keys.

He said the non-babysitting the children by way of managing the model and it's not kosher, I there's some love just change multitude of issues of heart issues and now he said here's the keys to the house. But here's one more key we bought you a 280 ZX all of us money together and we bought a brand-new car marlin so you can go. I don't deserve this. See, I had more money than all of them combined is the Saudi money.

The American people bump in their cars every day.

The supporting some going on and neither Menander like I really don't need it and he said that's our gift they gave out of their need to mining and and I could not timber handed the first thing when I went to my home I fell on my knees facing the Easter window toward Mecca and I put my hand up to heaven. I cried to my God, I'm off to be with Monet hello my Lord and liking what have you done such a thing to me a lot for me.

Among Christians dying for you is what I live for you to give me everything you want in a car accident. I had the problem but you put me among Christians. These Christians have a relationship with the God they cry for healing to receive really big driver loved it yet loved. They cry for breakthrough. The fabric did God speak to them. I want to hear your voice to I want to hear that you love me if you real estate a lot say anything and I was going to my gun in my mouth take my hat off you just block out and because I know if I got my camera and set people on the blog now that on this anymore. This is something you give man move out of Phoenix one way ticket you have to sign with blood.

And if I go back home.

My dad will be as my fifth brother will be my federal take my hat off Monday, he will literally fit my slit my throat always take my hat off beheading and in Islam: apostate, so I must be killed. So I'm going how do I deal with this and how that where do I go from here and I can't expose IM what we do in this nation because my family will get killed 11 people, so I'm thinking to myself what I do so I thought the best thing is to become my head and finish and but something came to my mind, the Koran said if you mock the law and your true Muslim diuretic like this alone will kill you instantly so I thought I gonna find out if this God is real, so I said a lot. If I died today and I see your face and you take them also need your help in a sad little live and how they live with you because you're a liar and the father flies your I thought the sword of falafel, big handle affect. I became the Jew and I became the joker and I was laughing at myself and cry like a little boy because everything my life was wasted.

Everything I've done, I lost my brother, I lost my best friends in battles less than like bloodied battles, the things within it were done it was not you know the brain could not understand.

And it's that spirit that inhabited us and now I'm doing like so I want to agree to grab my weapon cash to grab one of my guns and do what I have to do on crying and all the sudden I hear the voice of God. For the first time my life this God. He knew me by name. He knew my heart he knew Mike everything he knew me by everything and he talked to me like a father and he said to me come all the mall. The mall he called me by my name three times. He said the Jews, the Christian Muslim believe in the God of father Brent what you call in the God of father Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob. The minute I heard this, it was the first miracle I had in my life I fell on my knees and I put my hand in heavenly pride with every breath of life within the God the father Abraham.

If you are real. Speak to make God a father Abraham. If you are real I want to know you got a father Abraham Ginter room and he filled the room with his glory and his name was Yahweh, the Lord is one. I came to understand the father the son and the Holy Spirit for the first time my life are one and when I looked at him during his presence there is fullness of joy, love, healing power, glory, the host of heaven by descending into sin over his that open. Have you dressed like a Jew.

He looked like a Jew.

He has fallen. It has holes in his feet. This guy Hal was crucified because we don't believe in a prescription and now I'm looking at him. I said who are you, my Lord is that I am that I am I said I'm a Bedouin.

What is that supposed to mean. I have no clue.

He said I am the Alpha I am go mega on that list on the thought of IN the beginning of the end I everything I have known you before I formed the foundation of the earth. I have loved you before I formed you in your mother will mother will command arise, you are my warrior you are not there warrior. As I stood up my neck was totally fixed and healed my colorable my rips my hip, my knee everything that was broken is perfect. My heart was set free my mind all the sudden the spasm left my brain and all that.

Things that held me back was totally gone I was unusual for the first time my wife and I cried with a loud voice I'm set free and I said to him, my Lord, my little I would live and die for you. I committed my life to him stipulate to give in my life, even to the point of death, I will live and die for you sent did not die for me, I died. I stepped in my Lord, my Lord, give me permission by the skin of their teeth and by the eyelashes.

I will make just like Muslim style, and he said the harvest is plentiful. The workers are few.

Mind from Ali Baba and the 40 thieves to an investor. Jesus Christ, I could not fathom that. But if God gives take God in our I thought I'm the only man out there with this title, or maybe somebody else but I realize there are millions and billions of Christian investigators as well. This is one the administrative birth out of all this to bring back the hope of the love of God. How can our listeners. I'm sure that there is no untouched first heard this broadcast but how can a listers partner with you. How can we pray for you. What will our our information is on our website. It's called whom JOOME ministries.comis and also we have the 877 that's our number 274-7303 or 877 arise. 03.

These are they can get hold of us speak at your shoes speak at synagogues universities speak at the O'Reilly Newspeak center you may be you may have a Muslim neighbor even asked and these are wonderful resources that you can access and understand that it through the blood of the land and in his love to come. All I have to say that I'm a member of the God glory glory belongs to God because it is by the blood of lamb and the word of their testimony

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