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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 40 - "Look Dad No Hands"

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 4, 2021 8:37 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 40 - "Look Dad No Hands"

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 4, 2021 8:37 am

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Here we wrap up the Hey Letter of Hebrew with the fruit of all the prayers in the Hey section and then bring on The Vuv Letter. Robby shares an amazing story of longing.

Psalms 119:40

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 you so much. As we get to dig around in verse 40 how fun the last verse in the hay section which you know this whole section of pay is this idea of expression in the just unbelievable concept of God is expressed himself through his word and it's something that we can study and so I so appreciate all of you who see the value of map as I do and decided to join me today.

I'm honored really and I'm so excited I can't be more.

This is the eighth verse rose to 40 verse in the Psalm but is the eighth verse in the hay section and so it's kind of like we talked about it's the fruit of all these other seven anointing's of the of the Holy Spirit on this letter. This idea of expression and then, read it to you and then give you the Robbie version of it is just a beautiful verse behold, I have long after that I precepts quickened me in the eye righteousness and so really if I can express this as I see it in the Hebrew. It's like look daddy no hands because it's really really cool that the word that he uses for longer after that.

First he says behold that which is this an amazing word in Hebrew because it's got this. It starts with the letter via right in the whole section is an and actually the word behold has two valves in the normally but the way he did it. He put unknown and it which is sorta like this seed like Lord, man, you gotta watch this headset that's like saying dad dad watch me and it says I have long and that word longer only find in the Scriptures in Psalms are mostly in the hundred 19 Psalm we've used a couple other times but this longing is like longing for what's coming at the end because it starts with the top of which is the letter of it that essentially means that an and so that really cool cool expression here is, like your member as a kid Christmas morning he started think about it like maybe 15 October and you longed for that well you know this is what King David is saying that he is longed after these could, which is the word that's been translated precepts. If you look at this word in Hebrew is really really significant when you think about it from the standpoint of the K because preclude him is literally God's mouth okay and in the beginning letter of it which is the pay is it's God's mouth and so he is longing to hear from God. Like we long first Christmas morning right to rescind the whole data login dear. You were a member of the longing for those times that that heaven is opened up and I could get to see your face in your word and and that's specifically in a kind of what I'm doing and as a result of all these other prayers that he sprayed you know the seven other anointing's of this idea of the expression of God's athletes in the hold. I've long after their precepts and then comes this prayer which is absolutely spectacular because I really believe what he's doing and in all these as I've studied it and study it more. I think I see that what he's doing is he's calling out the next letter with the letter that another words the hay brings on the above, and so this is the transition from the hastily snagged to give us something involved as a transition letter if ever there was one because it means amateurs more and there's more and some are really going to get a hold onto that coming up in the next eight verse and so we go get ready for that when he says quickened me that that that word Quicken starts again with the hay and it has to do with life right anything bring me life in my righteousness. Well, I think we know this, Jesus okay you can come in righteousness and but he comes down from heaven and and and this is the idea of the above in so many different ways right that it righteousness came down from heaven like Jacob's ladder right and away you go and and this is what this looks like so one of my absolute favorite preclude stories I could ever tell you is the one night in an here I was, didn't know it but what I know now is that I was longing to hear from God and he showed up in a marvelous way and it ended up clicking me in righteousness is just absolutely beautiful. So one night I was praying right and I'm praying that I would call the five slam pajama Pajama program truly just trying to listen to God, you know, help me out but I got things on my heart in this particular prayer I'm I'm concerned about the dealership. At this point my life. This is the year 2006 and I've got all sorts of issues that I think you're a big deal.

It's overly look back on it now. Unfortunately I have this will prayer my journals. I remember it well and and so where I was. I was praying and you want God and and and and and I was longing right.

I was like Christmas morning.I need a word here and he shows up in me says to me just this simply Robbie what you want. And of course I was so this particular time that he showed up he showed up in. I don't know how you put it but it just scared me it was just like oh my gosh like I'm on my face is really here and he really want to know what I want and all I could think glibly in the very second that he said it because it startled me so much that I was actually terrified that I said oh I just want to serve you, Lord. And when I said that he quickened me in righteousness. I'll never ever forget it because you may have heard that you know right before a lot of people say their near-death moment that they saw their life left behind from their eyes. Well, that's what I saw. As I said, you know, I just want to serve you, Lord, and he said do you any didn't say it in condemnation, but I could tell that it was like really want take a look at this and so he opened up my file and before my eyes flashed in a millisecond. So many things that I could see it was unbelievable. It was a millisecond of the time I was supposed to call my friend Ray and the time that I was supposed to take Stu to lunch at that time I was post in all these things he put on my heart like you basically put on my heart to do some for my daughter this morning so there always things that he's called me to do. Love actually preclude them.

He's expressed himself to me here that I did not do, but what was cool about it that every single thing that I saw with my eyes. I said well you know this is not a hard stuff. It's not going to Africa were learning how to preach something or whatever this this was all stuff that was easy for me and it was all loving your neighbor stuff.

I mean, it was all just showing people that you care and loving Ottoman One Life trade in one form or another. Things that he had put on my heart to do and and and was so amazed by that. I just got up from bed. This is like one or two in the morning and I start writing all these things down because I mean here is what was right.

These this was. He was quickening me and what I should've been doing, and so he shows me all these things and have to do with just loving on other people that I really he put on my heart I knew he had and it was just so beautiful and I went back to bed and I was lying there actually repenting like oh God, I'm so sorry this stuff I can do this stuff, do the stuff is actually excited about doing the stuff I reason I'm writing it down is because I didn't want to forget any of it is just absolutely beautiful stuff. Interestingly, when I got done repenting, then all the sudden from pan out of nowhere I started to see this goal, golden glow. This light that was just like unbelievable and I realized my heart somehow that I was going to see his face I I was gradually get to see the person who said subdued and I was just my mind was like just talk about a longing talking about something that you wanted to see.

I didn't even know that was in me but I was just like I'm in to see his face and see God I'm sick and I was just like my heart was screaming. I was so excited to see this thing and I actually woke my wife shook her Jesus did in the room and look at this light, it's unbelievable, which kinda killed the moment next and I didn't get to see his face but I got to see what I would call the before glow. You know, just this glory. But actually I've had in my eyes ever since and I and I see a disorder testimony myself of what happened that night because I never ever want to forget it because that in itself is one of my testimonies was I laid back down and I started to consider what it is that I just been through all the sudden it came to me and I'm sure the Holy Spirit is pointed out, Robbie. You know what you really want. You want to see his face you eat yeah you want to serve him and and you want that, but what you you you don't know how bad your heart longs to see his face I really had no concept. Until that night. How bad my heart longs to see his face or when you look at the word preclude them and it starts with this mouth or the face of God.

We knew the beginning of the word and then this letter that we talked about before, which is a hoof which is holiness. While this holy face is going to light up your world on and so already. I looked at my long I long to see one of as we in the hay section so excited to start above. Next time. Thanks so much. I'm honored that you study in the word of God

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