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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 42 - Your Innocence Card

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 6, 2021 9:37 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 42 - Your Innocence Card

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 6, 2021 9:37 am

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NOTE***** This episode may not be appropriate for children below 18 *****

After verse 41, and there is more, and this more is an answer to those who try to shame you most of all Satan. Robby shares a intimate story how he got his innocence card.

Psalms 119:42

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 mine with my love section is home from this retirement, a continuation that the vav means and there's more. And so we talked about yesterday. Verse 41 is. Let thy mercies, also under me.

Even my salvation.

According to thy word. So this next verse is definitely connected and there's more right so verse 42 is what would in a study today so shall I have where with to answer him. That reproaches me for I trust in my word, and I just oh my goodness what this verse means to me.

So as we talked about many times that that is we lineup Isaiah 11 with the seven anointing to what this would be this would be understanding which always has to do with your heart is understanding happens in your heart and if you want a really fun search to take your blue letter Bible input the word understanding and heart together and do a search and see all the places that those things are connected as certain certainly in the hundred 19 Psalm especially him always.

The second verse gives understanding has got so much to do with your heart so here right week.

We've just gotten salvation, and so now I've got an answer to people that reproach me and we talked about before this word reproaches that disgusted look people get on their face when they look at you. There really upset at you and you can't help but wonder who's the psalmist talking about that was reproaching him an enzyme in a kind of meditated on that I believe it's Satan right is the person that reproaches me all the time and and wouldn't be good to have an answer well without salvation on disk until you don't have one SU receive your salvation right and in in order to do that many use the word something God gave me which is very very precious and I'll call it my innocence card okay and so if you have an innocence card and your innocent then any time that the accuser says hey you know you're an alcoholic jury you're a pervert or whatever it is these years and Anya hold up the innocence card no imminent Jesus died for me so I have an answer wherewith to him that reproaches me because I trust in his word right that I believe what he said he was gonna do with a story that I have along this if you noted in other words, when you understand your salvation when you truly understand that the you get an innocence card okay and so I have a story that is just so meaningful to me. That is a complete application of this verse so one of my biggest problems in life honestly is been with last and it used to be with masturbation is that it was was connected to that struggle, and so you know I used to just calling. This was even after I got on the radio and in the first years my ministry and the amount of shame and reproach that was going along with this was absolutely unbelievable.

Well at blonder wonderful ministry called masculine journey, and at one point they my good friend Sam who leads that ministry was telling the story about a struggle. He was having he was going to this counselor and the counselor told him that what needed to happen was he needed to get in touch with his younger self, which he called a younger Sam in order to determine what the real problem was and then get Jesus into that to help Jesus. Give him you know how we always talk about judgments and interpretation of what the events actually were. And so as I listen to him go through the process he went through with little Sam and see the cleansing that he got to see the healing in God.

It gave me hope that like man at this can work for us and maybe can work for me with this horrible problem. I have with last and and so forth and so you know that within the next very next morning I just said okay Jesus work with me here what what is the incident where where is my little Robbie need to get into their where I got myself in the beginning of this horrible problem that I have and I began to think through and I thought of this incident and that incidents of that little boys do it now that was there that was knit and then I remembered this incident with a family member who just basically took off their clothes in front of me and I said that's not it, but you know I actually was listen for Jesus went on to several other, and he does get the thing go back to that one go back to that one and I he was like that's it right there and at the time I was 12 and I really had never seen a naked woman's body before and so all my goodness, this one was no upfront and personal right my face and it was actually done. I think intentionally in order to get me to look and so as I was reflecting on this, and Jesus was with me. He said Robbie you were duped out of your innocence. You didn't realize that they were taking your innocence right there and I said, but I'm not innocent. I wanted to look in the said will you know Robbie, here is your innocence card you want because I want you to be innocent and watch the whole this innocence card and that was exactly said to me, and I was like Jesus, you understand I'm not innocent. I wanted to look at and you know I very much involved in this, and I knew this was a family member and I knew it was wrong and argued with them for actually summed up.

Finally he said to me, Robbie, didn't I pay enough to give your innocence in this situation and and and of course I'm sitting there thinking, oh man, you mean you clearly paid way more than enough in order to give me my innocence card and I reached out and I took it my innocence card and immediately I had an answer wherewith to him that reproaches me okay because I trusted the Jesus was giving me this innocence card right. And again, even you know it immediately healed me with soap from so many effects of that lust that I've been through for years.

I can't even believe the healing that I received because I had that conversation was able to forgive all those people that were involved in all those years and then I had a really good time of breaking the agreement that I was what the accuser been telling me I was all these years.

A pervert right because I now have my innocence car and in such know I now have an answer wherewith him to him that reproaches me because I trust in your word and you see how that got down in my heart and that is understanding like I understood my salvation actually has something from my standpoint that I initially hold onto this innocence card and cling to it in time for I needed and so I hope that through the study of this verse today that you two will get that understanding that we know that down in your heart place.

As we look at this beautiful like and there's more so their salvation. Now with the salvation we have an answer wherewith guess what this keep going and there's more. And there's more and is coming next have the hundred 19 S.

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