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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 43 - Phenomenally Powerful 5 Words

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 8, 2021 12:30 pm

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 43 - Phenomenally Powerful 5 Words

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 8, 2021 12:30 pm

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Almost too rich to explain the power of this teaching, all that The Bread of Life, King David's House from Bethlehem would offer.

Psalms 119:44

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 and there's more is such an understatement. When it comes to the might of the above, I am almost feel like I did not even worthy share all that I have with you in this verse as we dig around in verse 44 today in the verb section, which in keeping with the anointing's of the word of the word. Five. In the letters of you know this would be the might versus is the fourth one and I just go and read it and then. Oh my goodness.

And there's more. And there's more.

And there's more I mean is just the might of this is is just beyond my understanding. Verse 44 so shall I keep thy law continually forever and ever. Just a few words. But oh my gosh is there so much here that's just the IP guys love the Bible the love this verse. I don't know. I did the landing for a long long time.

So as we talked about the event of his in on the letter in the alphabet.

That's kind of like and there's more. And there's more and continually, and so this idea that working to keep the Torah continually is of course right along the lines of that but what this almost like King David is doing here is he's quoting this verse from the law there that when it comes to what you do continually that first place that you find that in the Bible. In Exodus 2530 is where they were to put the shewbread out continually. Okay so this is where that word came from in course King David being the Torah scholar that he was. I mean, this is what he's sharing with you and this is beyond significant because the shewbread has everything to do with King David. It's got everything to do with Jesus and got everything to do with the tablet back so many things here and that this is going to go on forever is more than beautiful selectively unpacked at a minute so the shewbread itself.

When you look at that. It was on an altar. It's called a table but this table was made of shittim wood and that's very significant because what would happen in shittim was where the Moabite women right would seduce the Israelites of the very table that the shewbread was on was this picture of the sin of Israel being redeemed because what it was made of shittim wood as were several articles in the in the tabernacle that it's covered it's overlaid with gold left.

It's a picture of what Jesus does right at me and Ellie is enacted that the word is shittim, Uganda, Sally and say jump right out there and save it that you know this is something that's been known for a long long time and so here's this table and then the table has a crown on it in this crown the Jews teach and I think completely accurate has to do that.

It means it's the house of David's crown.

Okay. And of course it would be because the house of David came from where Bethlehem Jesse the Bethlehem I right in Bethlehem means what house of bread. So just just ponder with me for a minute then is as God was making this instruction on how to build this essentially altar for the shewbread right that it would be such a picture of the house of David in the ground that it is and then laid it later if you know the story.

King David himself would go to that table when he was surrounded by his enemies while the dust you get the idea of you know, the 23rd Psalm, which again is more than miraculous. When you think about the King David knew this he understood the shewbread had to do with his household and so he said you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies while they were in his presence. But there's another beautiful beautiful beautiful thing about this table. It's where it was in the tabernacle.

It was on the north side.

Why was it on the north side for two reasons. Number one we know through all out Scripture that evil comes from the north and and so this idea of the house of David. It's the government that brings bread. In fact, the word Lord in English means keeper the bread in a course you know Jesus has everything to do with bread in this table and I won't rob you of thinking all about the connections you know obviously to the Lord's table okay and and how this is the answer to our sentiment and the problems that come from the north, but also has to do with our fleshly lusts right in both the shittim wood and an end and our desire for bread we do crazy things. Okay so here since this so he'd eat he throws us out there right so shall I keep thy Torah continually knowing full well the Holy Spirit did and I my opinion, King David, that he is telling you hear this word if you know your Torah is good to know that that word continually note you know that that was a word that was used very specifically for that shewbread to be left out there continually for the priests and you might know that that Paul knew this pretty well-to-do and he was explaining to him is that there were these priest to get the shewbread anyway.

The 12 tribes all got a another 12 loaves. It's it's a beautiful thing and then he says forever and ever and it's really really really neat word in that this is again comes from Exodus, I believe the Chapter 11 where it says in the Lord shall reign forever and ever and again the psalmist and the Holy Spirit.

Aminah put this together to show you that this is not just bread that's gonna be there contingently, but the Lord is going to rain and so this table that's in the tabernacle has everything to do with with was the kingship of the house of David being there against the north against their enemies to protect us but also to feed us right because Jesus is the bread of life. Now if you're like me and you just love the stuff right that that that I get to enjoy this bread every single morning for this very morning as I'm learning these things that I'm sharing with you right I am in a continual feast in the presence of my enemies of understanding the connection between the 23rd Psalm and the presence of my enemies and what goes on in the tabernacle and and all these things are are the bread that Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the father making sure I get every morning and this is what I mean.

It makes my soul come alive and guess what you do when that happens, you naturally want to get on the radio and share alike of you are mean you had this to share this morning. You couldn't be more delighted to say hey if you guys ever seen this. You know, I know I'm not worthy to share at all but just know ponder these things with me about what the Lord's table meant and and and what this bread signifies affect the Jesus came from Bethlehem and the fact that Jesse came from Bethlehem means is God was making the tabernacle. He knew all the stuff he's painting a picture that that is just being on amazing so it is my prayer is certainly my prayer that you see the power the might of this verse right then so shall I keep your Torah continually forever and ever. And so is you have a chance to partake of this bread however you go about it right then you will keep it because it you forget the stuff and you're gonna want to share this stuff and by sharing it right you're feeding is Jesus would tell us feed my sheep. Putting Athena the feet of Jesus have been defeated. It's all right here.

I mean it's just it's it's it's beyond beautiful. And I hope you're blessed as much by this today as I have

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