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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 45 - A Lesson From Rahab

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 11, 2021 8:41 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 45 - A Lesson From Rahab

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 11, 2021 8:41 am

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King David new his Great Grandmother and her story to illustrate this verse and why it so illustrates the vuv and the continuation of God's Story. And there is more - Robby Shares a story that may surprise you.

Psalms 119:45

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Treasurers of team owners so much more available today around the and there's more section which above the Hebrew letter vav which we talked about many times is this idea of continuation. But in Jacob's ladder so to speak.

The straight line coming down from heaven and he keeps providing any key providing any key providing headset. If you miss that in this verse… The but anyway verse 45 says and right in the Idea of continuation and I will walk at liberty, for I seek thy precepts. Oh man, what an amazing statement. This is in so many different ways right. Remember last verse for timeout verse 44, save and keep his law continuing forever.

Never. Well now and there's more and I'm a walk at liberty right for I seek thy precepts now King David is here going to give us a little lesson in his grandmother's great-grandmother actually already have because that word for liberty in Hebrew is Rahab, which is really got a girl because she's the only person I got liberty. You know when you think about this verse, you can't help but think about Rahab because she sought by precepts. In other words, she was the only one in the city of Jericho that sought you know God, so to speak. And so, how cool is that that she was the one that got to walk at liberty and I don't know how this works out in your own life that I was certainly thinking about it that you know the precepts of we talked about. It is one of them is clearly in the Shema that love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength. That's when the precepts so we know that that idea of loving God with all our hearts in a wholeheartedly is is a big part of who King David was and how we get to walk at liberty okay so you know why I can ever think about this one story my own life as I've told you before we I worked at one point in time for Bob Neal Chrysler Plymouth GBU: actually I talked about when I got fired from there. But one of the risk. After I got fired has to do with this story where I wanted liberty but at this point time I did get to walk at liberty and I want to share it so we I was a baby Christian. This is about 1993 I came across and 91 and I became the general manager Bob Neal and it was just everything I saw God everywhere and just just wanted to find him and so I start a Bible study is got unusual, but I did right there in a car dealership on Saturday morning, which I had no concept that this would really upset the owners, but it did.

Apparently and I we created a mission statement that was a big deal back then and and and it had with the help of God. We know we will seek to win since it mention God and we put the mission statement right there and people. Reinhold Lamy called the state. The dealership and so little did I know all these things were upsetting my management. The owners of the dealership and it would be not uncommon at all for me to make some biblical reference in our sales meetings as God was teaching me so much about leadership and so much about sales and you might even heard me say you know will not won't matter how many cars we sold only matter how many people we we will help and so God blessed.

I mean we were selling cars like they'd never been Chrysler's had never been sold in this market, but they did not like what I was doing and I really wasn't all that aware of it until the owner.

One of the owners took in another owner and they had a meeting with me one day and they came in and they told me I had to fire my used car manager and his name was Tim Sharp's good friend the mind of this day and and Tim was just very outspoken and so he would tell people exactly what he thought, which was a little bit course please. Good used car manager but they did not like him.

He was making enough money per car and all those kind of things that they wanted me to fire which you know being that I work for them.

I was going to go along with this idea of firing him well that was on a Friday afternoon is a Friday morning actually told me that in Friday afternoon before I had a chance to fire Tim. He had a heart attack and they took him off to the hospital actually got a heart catheterization and so now I had a dilemma to admit oh my goodness I was being told I needed to fire this guy but clearly I cannot do that with him in the hospital. It just wasn't anything you know and I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and sought God in this and it was very clear to me that this was just something I wasn't supposed to do. In fact it became so clear to me. It was, like the blues Brothers. I was on a mission from God is like when something clearly obvious to you that you know God does not want you to do some it makes it pretty simple to walk in liberty is in spite of the fact that I realized that it could get me fired.

I was not going to fire Tim Sharp in the hospital. This wasn't supposed to do so. I called the owner that I that originally hired me and asked if I could have a meeting with him and the other owner because I really didn't feel like I could fire Tim Sharp that he had this heart attack and he was in the hospital. It just wasn't the right thing to do will do everything you know that you want babe this is just something I can't do and I just don't feel right about it, I probably even told my prayed about it and did not want to do it felt God saying this is the time to do such a thing so what happened was, it wasn't long, about 45 minutes later they owner not both of them just the one that originally hired became anyone have a meeting with me and he sat me down. He basically told me said okay. You don't have to fire Tim Sharp but here's what we require of you if you're not going to fire Tim Sharp and these were the list of things that they told me no more Bible study on the presence on the premises. No more you know God and the message on hold no more talking about God in sales meetings. In fact they wanted me to rip keep my references to God is a bare minimum pits hit was clear that that obviously I had overstepped the liberty of thought ahead anyway.

You know, it was interesting to me that God was just with this risk is almost immediately I began to pray. Okay God what do I do with this I felt, like Hezekiah.

Here's a list of what you know Sennacherib is saying that you got a deal. You and I and so God just was like I was no problem. You know they own this property they they have the right to tell you all those things and and so you know you can have your Bible study because we did every Saturday morning before work. We just moved it off premises and we took the stuff off hold them. I took God out of the sales meetings and and did all the things that I felt like I need to do in order to meet the request of the course. We didn't fire Tim Sharp shortly after that, you know I got cancer and a lot of things happen.

I ended up getting fired you years later.

A few years later but at that time and that the point of the story that I don't want to miss is that once I knew that God did not want me to fire Tim Sharp. Once I knew that I wanted complete liberty is like okay you know I I know what God wants me to do here and if I get fired and that's just what God wants and it must be along the plans, which eventually I did.

It's okay if I wanted liberty in my own heart knew exactly what I felt like God wanted me and so I love I love love love they have first and I will walk liberty. I I thanks for listening

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