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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 46 - The Russian Cycle Verse

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 12, 2021 8:56 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 46 - The Russian Cycle Verse

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 12, 2021 8:56 am

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Like a pro wrestler's signature move, this verse we can learn to be our signature move to share Jesus, The Power of our Witness.

Psalms 119:46

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 as we are digging around hundred 90 Saul we are the six of the vav section of the hundred 19 somata verse 45 and my friend Nikita, for probably say this is the Russian sickle. This is the signature move so to speak, of the above is just an absolutely amazing verse, and I hope you've experienced it as I have, I'll just read it and then we'll talk about it well before do that let me do this. I just want to say.

For those of you are turning in for the first time or have tuned in recently that you know we've done over 50 episodes of this you know going into every verse but also there's this whole matrix of what the hundred 19 Psalm is what actually I think before I stop and and and go on to the Zion I may spend a little time more in the matrix because it really is helpful for those of you who are memorizing or have memorized the hundred 19 Psalm to understand a little bit about why the verses come in the order that they do, but also for me it really really helps understand the letters that are that are, you know, the heading of it in the end essentially the anointing or the way the Holy Spirit spirit works through these particular letters and all that kind of comes together and that surrender spending more time on that but also if you haven't been carrying on in listening and understanding the Hebrew these things it would be helpful actually to go back. I think to the very beginning, where I talked about the matrix and there's a PDF of all these words so I don't want you to get left out there, and then you also notice in my show notes of every single podcast I put my email. The reason I do that is because in hoping that you will text me I mean email me and let me know if you have a question or something. I confused you because I know that a lot of times people just look at me like, what are you talking about Robbie, but I want that happen to you, so feel free. Believe me, email me anytime I would, they would make my day literally worked to get a little note from you about the hundred 19 Psalm as you can tell.

I certainly love it. So to get back to verse 46.

I will speak of thy testimonies. Also, before kings and not be ashamed name. I remember in acts it says and that's the wonderful thing about Scripture and for those of us who have the new Testaments.

Unfortunately, Jews don't get a chance to look at this because Jesus unlock so much of what this stuff means so you know the Holy Spirit will be in accord acts chapter 1 right Juergen and receive power to be my witness while witness and testimony go together like hand in glove. Okay. And yes, here in our King David is talking about the testimonies obviously of the Old Testament being the whole thing is testimonies stories, so to speak, eyewitness accounts of things that God has done. But I want to share this that your particular story when you've actually seen what God is done in your life that has phenomenal power and you can do that in front of anybody and in the cool thing about this is this is the this is an in-line with the anointing of the fear of the Lord.

In other words, when you know God is so big and is then all this stuff for you.

You'll never be ashamed to share those stories because you know that there's no reason to fear anybody other than God right itself.

It fits perfectly with.

I will speak of the testimonies.

Also, before kings and not be ashamed now what I see every I see it constantly because you know I get the chance to host a lot of different radio shows one of my host's kingdom pursuits were often have people to comment on the radio for the very first time and I wish everybody could see it come to life like I do. So often is the people are really nervous. He turned on the radio.

It's hard to get in front of a microphone. I get all that believe me, I get it because I feel the same way and you can watch them and if you can begin to get them to tell their story and a lot of them have some kind of agenda. They want to talk about their van or book or whatever it is but but the real power is their story right where God actually came in and did something and they were my witness to it, and so if you can ask the right question is a host and get them to begin to tell that story or as a friend. You see, is personally don't seem to to be on track with what they're trying to express asked him to tell you the story and watch what what transforms all the sudden the power of what they have to offer is phenomenal because this know this is an accident and receive power from the Holy Spirit we go to tell the stories all my goodness, I mean this is the stuff that literally if you you know you talk about keeping an audience. The reason I'm going to Walmart when you're in the middle of a great story, especially if they know God's going to show up in the story and and so these are the things that you can literally tell before kings and not be ashamed, so I can't tell you the times I've seen this or somebody was so nervous to be on the radio and then I want them to begin to tell their story. Now if you could see this because we do.

You know like I look looking at right now as I record this. I'm looking at at the wave of what I'm saying. Well, if you watch the recordings of these people and when they were nervous how short, how short the wave was how stubby the wave was until they begin to tell their story and once that story starts to come out watch the wave. It gets longer and smoother because they're completely relaxed because they can tell their story before kings and not be ashamed of telling of God in the story.

This verse has unbelievable power and I want to know that often you get opportunities to speak to the church and get opportunities speak to Sunday school speak whatever is it that that you get an opportunity speak. Don't miss this just tell your story. Tell the story. People relate the things that are in story form, and that story is where the power is going to be. You may wonder why every time I do I try to take these particular verses and turn them into a story of my own life, or the reason is is I know that that that should explain what's going on like the story itself of watching people get on the radio and and and being able to do this without being nervous is a way to illustrate what this verse is saying. So this verse to me is like the Russian sick with you get a chance to speak or even in front of your family or somebody is really important to you. You're heartbreaking because you want to see them come to Christ. Here's where power is the power is in the story okay it's in the story the gospel don't miss out on.

But it's also in your story where you saw God uniquely, whether that might be through the Bible or wherever it may be don't don't miss this verse that you can tell your story before kings and not be ashamed. The other thing I also want to highlight for a moment here is that again in the science section. When you read these in order, you see all along the lines of, and there's more. And there's more.

And there's more.

And so it's a it's a building up of what's going on because you might remember that that verse 44 so shall I keep the law continually forever and ever and I will walk at liberty, for I seek thy precepts. I will speak of thy testimonies also write so you can see and there's more.

And there's more and the placement of this one is all speak before kings.

You see, this is and I keep a law and I walk at liberty and I share my testimonies before kings and not ashamed to see the power event.

This is the inner meaning of the letter of which is that straight line coming down from heaven like Jacob's ladder. He is sending the stuff down to us.

He sent your story down to me how beautiful is that. And just think of the continuation of the blessing is continue to share these stories with you, and you can continue to be blessed and have a homeland. How fun is this thing around in the hundred 19 Psalm time

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