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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 47 - Delighting in - No Payback

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 13, 2021 8:58 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 47 - Delighting in - No Payback

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 13, 2021 8:58 am

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How hard is it to delight in not avenging or holding a grudge, Robby shares his own struggles with this amazing verse.

Psalms 119:47

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 oh digging around in verse 47 today a bit challenged, honestly, as I look at this verse not understand it but apply it there so many things that enter into understanding as I feel like for me anyway as I will just you to read the verse and keep in mind the course.

We are in the vav section and there's more.

And there's more.

And certainly we got more today and you know the idea that these things are building on one another so that the idea that it's the Hebrew letter vav which is looks like Jacob's ladder is just a straight line that comes down and it's really really cool.

All that means we'll get into more when we get into the habit, but it's critical that the debt we get here because as we lay down some of the template over hundred 19 Psalm negotiators eight versus an you know we we gotta get to the point where were looking at why is this eight and II really when I looked at it and I studied and studied, the more I see that Isaiah 11 the seven spirits that are the anointing of Christ which would be the anointing of these letters because every letter is Christ line up perfectly with the matrix of this Psalm, and so when we get to this particular verse, it becomes extremely helpful. So I studied Isaiah 11 a lot a lot a lot and it simply just to go over that. It's simply saying that you know Jesus is going to be anointed with the seven spirits which are wisdom and understanding, counsel, might knowledge fear of the Lord. Anna delight in the fear of the Lord.

So yesterday's first being the sixth was the did you notice plain fear of the Lord.

But today we get to delight in the fear the Lord and so here we will see how this works out because when you read verse 47 it says and I will delight myself in my commandments which I have loved okay so sounds easy enough to understand that you're going to delight yourself in these myths which are you notice the word for commandments and so some of those I'm on with you. I it's not hard for me to delight in celebrating Passover you know is not hard for me to to delight when I get to help somebody out like a lot of the mixers are those ones that are a bit challenging. Okay, so it's really helpful to me to go okay some out of them and to delight myself in the fear of the Lord here, meaning that God is bigger and and and and anything I can possibly imagine.

And so what he is explaining to me is showing me how to do life and if I can get to the point I just trust and to the point that I delight in some of these commandments I can get there in the challenging one to me. When I look at it and clearly Jesus. Jesus had me right here this morning. I hope that my Bible. It turned right to Leviticus 1918, and I think 70 times in a we quote that Leviticus 1918, just the bottom part of it which is loved by neighbor as thyself. But the real challenge in the verse to me that's on the list is the beginning of Leviticus 1918, which reads, thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

I am the Lord. That's the whole verse oh you know when somebody cuts you off in traffic at, you know, you immediately want to teach them a lesson, or will you know there's so many different ways that you know that we want to avenge or bear a grudge and and unfortunately this gets really really close to home now. Somehow or another were supposed to delight with you is going to challenge that limited the light and not bearing a grudge drama delight it in. Not wanting to avenge and it sounds you know I okay well you can do that will let me just show you how up and close and personal. This is for me.

Maybe you got it. III really struggle here, be honest, I really struggle to to trust.

Let the Lord, to the point where I can get to reckon delight in this kind of commandment so and I know the commandment so is not a matter of knowing it's a matter of delighting or trusting to the point that I would actually delight so I actually have someone in my own household that lives with us that really really hurt my wife. I mean over the years in so many different ways at at and so yeah I got these grudges that that that really seemed.

I want Holland and the challenges.

Not only did they hurt my wife when she was young that you will they continue to belittle and hurt and and do things that are just very difficult for me to process oh yeah this is the way this works out for me, practically like my mice flesh just wants revenge.

It just does so in this person wants me to go get the mail.

Somehow or another. Unfortunately, rather than me delighting and going getting the mail and not holding a grudge loving my neighbor as myself. I seem to delight and not getting the mail you know if I know this person loves it when I mow the backyard backyard doesn't get mowed near as much. It's sad.

It's sad that that that I not only not only do am I holding the grudge and I know it and I know that that's why Jesus had me here at this particular commandment today was listless just take a look at this and just go okay for me to delight in this commandment are clearly a supernatural and so I love King David's prayer you know I will delight in other words, got I got to get this to you somehow.

II this is not something I can do in my own strength. This isn't something I can do on my own. I need your help. Help me to give you this grudge. Help me to give you this desire to revenge. You help me to get to the place where I just delight. I know you're gonna make all this right in the end it all, and in the neat thing about this being in the above section for me when you when you when you look at the beginning of it right. It says let thy mercies come also to me under even my salvation. In other words, I've been forgiven so much right God is done all the stuff for me. What am I doing holding onto grudges and wanting to avenge and so the beauty of it is is is is is like the Lord's prayer like help me to forgive is I've been forgiven and clearly that's what's happening and obviously I can't just put up with abusive behavior for my wife but help me to do this in a loving way like this is a real interesting in a God type of situation where there's no doubt in my mind is part of my journey in the way that he is going to teach me how to delight right and this is my prayer that I would delight in this commandment not to avenge not to hold a grudge and I would certainly delight if my kids could get there and everybody I know to get there right and love thy neighbor as thyself.

What a beautiful thing that is challenging. It's challenging for me but nonetheless I love love love how the word of God comes together. Isaiah 11 these annoying things of this letter.

Understanding King David is going here with this is that he he is wanting the Holy Spirit to help write we needed related and I'm so thankful that there there and I can pray this kind of prayer in the waking David understood that there was so much that I am trying to get done in my own strength. King David and his only chance.

My only chance I thanks for listening

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