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Eight Days A Week

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 16, 2021 4:02 pm

Eight Days A Week

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 16, 2021 4:02 pm

Robby is joined by Jim Graham to discuss teen driving and Ford’s Skills for life Program. Robby is also later joined by comedian Brad Stine.

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This is Sam from Alaska journey podcast of our goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast was starting just seconds.

Enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network and see all radio show. He may be for me eight days a week. Today on the Christian Car Guy show beloved Jerry everywhere you go or no man of God missed this morning's upper body passes her seatbelt said is ready for the ride. So, eight days a week.

Today I'm a Christian card I show she heard Buzz light year at the beginning from infinity beyond and if you know the word infinity is mate on that side maybe thought about that. I don't know.

And then the birds 8 miles on you might've heard that my course Herman sermons. One of my favorite will ring to do a little bit Don Mme. third segment on hermits and I'm entering and then of course the Beatles with eight days a week, which is the title of our showing. I think you can see why that was a hit, just a biblical idea in there that is just absolutely amazing that the Beatles came on and I don't know I might have time to do that so today show as always is brought to you by Hebrew letter likes Sesame Street in today's show, he may not be shocked to know that we can use the eighth letter thing going here, which is the Hebrew letter hat which very much means marriage in it and it kind of means life and so it's can be really fun to explore all this and I gotta tell you the reason why Jerry's laughing because he knows how much work in a general in the show. So, in the second segment today very special guest.

We have Jim Graham is a director affords driving skills for life because guess what it's national teen driver safety week starting next week so and and we're all about teen drivers being safe here at the Christian card I show and then in the third segment.

How fun we have not enough you knew this but it's kind like you may not have known there was a Christian card arrives, Roxie Moran will do know that there's a that God has a comic if you go to a comedy club you might be expecting a lot of things but we may not expect. Is Brad Stein, who we have coming up. What a treat. That's good to be in the third segment so getting back to what were actually talking about to Jerry and will try to carry through this show today, is there is an amazing connection between eight days and the idea of anointing right and if you know I've been studying doing a podcast on the hundred 19 Psalm and you may know that each verse of the hundred and I mean at each section of the hundred 19 Psalm has eight verses on each of the 22 Hebrew letters and so this number eight keeps coming up as I've been praying, praying, God show me what's going on with this eighth verse and as I've been praying, he's been opening up my eyes to a lot of things.

So you may know that the Hebrew boys circumcised on the eighth day as Jesus was his whole life is a picture of eights. If you really think about it and the word Jesus itself. Christ is the word anointed so is Messiah. You know, so the word Christ at the end of Jesus name Jesus Christ means Jesus the anointed one, or Yeshua salvation anointed and so when you when you get to this idea of the Messiah that that word has everything to do with being anointed to now consider with me and just do the math that Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on the triumphal entry on a Sunday, so if you count off eight days from hits triumphal entry would be the eighth day that he actually came out of the tomb okay now many many many many people including my boss have written on the subject of the seven last words of Jesus. And so he did have in you know, just some amazing amazing stuff. Stu was written on the seven last words of Jesus and things I pondered, but ponder with me. What would be the eighth words after he was put on the cross and those would be the first words that came out of his mouth. The eighth words on the eighth day after he had risen from the dead.

And if you're like me and you realize that we are the bride of Christ were all to an extent. A woman in the end I could make a biblical case for that. So is the bride of Christ. It's a female kind of thing. And so Jesus says to his church. Believe me, he says woman, why are you crying and who is it you are looking for.

Okay so as I described that to you mean I'm sure that the Easter sermon ready to pray try Jerry gearing up woman right. Why are you crying and who is it that you're looking for so is as you look at these verses in the hundred 19 Psalm you can kinda see this particular anointing that's on that eighth verse right, it is actually if if you look in the pay section which is you know, in the middle of it about. It's a believe it's hundred and 36 versus says I got the wrong patient is no wonder I didn't have it says, but says rivers of water run down my eyes. At first hundred and 36 river of waters. This is the eighth verse 100 of the hundred 19 Psalm of the pay section rivers of water run down my eyes because they keep not by law. It is see the sadness inherent in it. And if you think about the psalmist himself right.

He wrote the 13th Psalm which which is how long will you forgive me, how long will you hide your face from me you can get that sense he had of that anointing of why are you crying and who you looking for are you and follow me and and and when you really think about your life you you we have joy you and in his presence is fullness of joy and I get and with so many things are wonderful, wonderful down in our soul somewhere. Is this crying and in looking for Jesus to Universal Health ponder there for sure that you know thing is that that's what Christianity that's what our faith brings to us is that that that that fulfillment of that in which is only through Christ and because we live in a world that tries to replace that with everything else and it was still waterfalls or who are just pouring over us right right right in with so you may know this is really fun. I think it's cool that Hanukkah right you for that. It celebrate about the same time we celebrate Christmas. Yummy days they celebrate Hanukkah yesterday and you know what Hanukkah is about like there was a menorah that didn't run out of oil for how many days a and do you think oil is just a coincidence. I know this is significant connection between eight days a week right and and and anointing and oil and in and in its throughout the Scriptures right you can see that that the temple itself was anointed word or you know Aaron and Moses anointed the tabernacle on the eighth day and all these things that there's something really really cool so the Beatles hit that man 88 days a week think it was how hub was inspiration that the Beatles maybe there were they saw Hanukkah menorah in their thinking. As you know the of is really really a cool thing you know you know the Maccabees had come back.

Hanukkah is really cool thing you know, and when they got to the temple that all their oil had been defiled and all I could find was one days worth oil that had the this the priests sleep and seal on it that said, this was pure oil because only pure oil could be put in the menorah and it was one days worth oil, but they had to have the oil the menorah burning continually in order to meet the law and they wanted to start the sacrifices and so as they put this one days worth oil in they needed eight days in order to get more pure oil based on the laws of purification and so it was a complete miracle miracle anyone at the Maccabees, you know, got the Greeks out of the temple, but then the fact that they got the oil to burn for eight days to create that purity, so that they could get back on schedule and a course if it hadn't been for Judith Maccabeus. You know who knows what Judah's name with a bit just say about US is that is erratic Israel, but nonetheless as you think about eight days a week we get to like us and we got Ford coming up in the next segment he's gonna be talking about national teen safety week and you might say.

Robbie won the world is this oil have to do with cars and anointing.

Well let me just tell you that if your car is not anointed, it will go for you. I will belatedly rise most cars need at least 5 quarts of anointing in order to come up all the time.

They don't get the anointing that's for sure. See you may have thoughts along these lines, and regularly talk a lot about in the last segment next segment we got again Ford with his national teen safety week and looking very much forward to that.

Know that Brett Stein and third segments are much more Christian Karzai, I'm so grateful that you this is the Truth Network he and he turned to me and the days a week.

Today on the Christian Car Guy show and we love our teens eight days a week right and so you know I'm just delighted as I can be that Ford has this you know driving skills for life and were more than blessed to have with us Jim Graham who is the director of the ad for Ford in Jim it's national teen driver safety week coming up on the 17th right.

Time to reflect back on the right. The leading cause deducting the belt we want to talk about that will and I have in the studio with me here. Jim, my good friend with raised body shop and he was tell him actually during the break, you talk about a tragedy is watching a family, and clean out their child's car if they were killed in a car accident so you know this is a serious life and death like oh my goodness right source so I laid her head that that for this is got this initiative because these. These are critical issues, especially in with today's teens and their addiction to their phones while you're exactly right about 4000 lives every year and you want so you know the really Hewitt came to the lack of experience and many growing things like distracted driving, speeding, and things in you note a recipe for disaster.

So with poor driving skills for life.go around the country going on and on driving events actually were in Nashville day doing one I will clicking to special instructors and try to teach us is guilty and learning basic education to get them. You know, the next step in the learning process and get them some skills that donate to help keep them out of those problems on road cool is that said you guys have like a website like our listeners could go to to find out when there might be one of those events in their hiring.

Yes, we sure do the website driving skills for and there's an area and on event and there's a notification that you get on and what where in that area will send an email out to that person under the other thing I mention is that we have great online training to there's an area that copycatted and it basically simulates what we do our hands-on program in person and at the web-based curriculum picked couple hours.

I would encourage parents to edit other great stuff on thereto like guaranteeing contract, but that there's resources available, but you can come to one of our hands-on programs. They are free and you know that's probably the best you can get a substitute and talk right really really isn't and I know one of the things that I'm sure Jerry would say to that that I just freaks me out.

How often people lose it right here is when I go off the road and they try to correct to get back onto the road and that's where they flip and so many lose their lives right there said you have something along those lines that you're working with. We sure do we have a legal vehicle handling course and that's a very common thing overcorrected and got on a proper not knowing the process to get out of that felt the backend flight oversteer and you know they really overcorrected may end up going into traffic on the other way. So we have an exercise with diminish in a small bowl and we have a Mustang with Cass regarding the back of it looked very loose around the corner flight which you cannot control the supply and how to correct date yeah you know a lot of it used to be. I look where you want to go but you know you delete from turning to the slightly got it. What we want to go so in many cases been just over correct and that we find in most all the exercises we have another exercises call Heather recognition so it basically teaches what to do if something happened on the highway in front of there's a lot of options not disclaiming on the brakes and the left and go right with you tomorrow about what to look for. No situation but they all think they didn't learning drivers education it's really advanced instructors are really awesome Stella yeah it is a lot of fun in in the most important thing is they remember these things. Highway and can save them getting into deadly crash writing right now we need to remember the website tell us again when Scott yet driving skills for you just make it as you note during called it whenever less people on the highway increase significant increase in traffic and that's very disturbing and we know allotted to a speedy and we've seen examples of people speeding over hundred miles an hour common area statement that so I think the open highway kind of luck. People kind of release bearing guide you ever but that block crashes so you know what speeding is a big issue in young people have a disproportionate number crashes and speeding in a disproportionate number crashes overall and it just because lack of experience. So a great opportunity to focus on teen driving during this week I got a question. Is this Jerry can zero website or resource that can get information because once you, especially the online training as as Robbie said we need is just heartbreaking.

When a parent comes down has a cleanout of vehicle from from an accident where a child was killed in an dented tapas way too much and most of the time it is things it can be prevented. You know I really encourage you know when my daughter got a license, I took her out and we kind of went through and ran off the road had a bit try to get back, I'll just give things to walk through. We kind of take a lot of that stuff for granted and just that.

Just awareness of what's around you and how easy it is to be distracted and staff said and if there is stipulated resource that Jill had a pamphlet or something where I could yet be permanently where to put it in my place of business in because I'm I'm continually preaching what you're talking about right here because of it can be so much of can be prevented when you're exactly writing a nonrelated thing. We know that 94% of all crashes that Bob Hallett could be eliminated due to driver air driver education, we all do it so. 94% of that that 40,000 people a year a guy on US Highway up by kites and longtime 40,000 people. 94% and we know can be created eliminated if we just make better decisions being almost think so, yes, our website there's a lot of information there. I recommend you refer people to the Academy because it takes about two hours to go through. I encourage a parenting team to go through it together. It takes what were doing in our hands-on course. We've essentially filmed it and they get to go through it and it really teaches him all the things that we talk about hands-on course.

Excellent and the other thing on the website guaranteeing contract without encourage parents and teens get a contract together really makes a difference that parents are involved in lead by example and I think those are great tools that I'd recommend. So driving skills for has that and give off a contact area if you want to do more with us. We certainly can talk about even coming out.

When he and I would be so awesome and I would add, you know, if you drive safe and sunnier team right there watching you if you're always going six or 7 miles over the speed limit that's what they think you know so what we got a few I hate were out of time for your also manly. We really appreciate you doing this again with the website is driving and God bless you, Jim. Keep up the great work.

This is the Truth Network and I and and I told you there is a story behind that song in the beginning the show and actually in deal more lower they know that if if they ever take me someplace for the doing karaoke night with her can do is there always going to always dad you got get up there and think this is a chance for me to do my British accent your you know, like all time and really I thought. I am manly and oh we bring we daily bring on the house Carmen so speaking of bringing down the house if you actually picture that it's it's it's funny how I can. So Tammy and I are first date we were married 33 years ago yesterday and our first date was a comedy club that was in Raleigh at the time and you know we wanted to celebrate that this year so we went with. We actually went to the comedy zone in Greensboro last week and when we were there. I always thought a Christian card.

I was the ultimate like oxymoron but I found something like God's comic like what the heck.

And so we we went there we didn't really know what to expect but then there's this comic I am telling you week we were blown away at the Christian content and absolutely hilarious because he spoke the truth, the whole time.

I think nearly 2 hours and so I asked him if you possibly because I saw his goodness be in Greenville tonight right so is your listing on his radio in Greenville right now. Guess what brats can be there tonight and you want to find out a comedy zone there in Greenville, but welcome Brad.

Well, I can't imagine where I'd rather be than on your radio leaping after a long night of work.

People who believed it might wake up until I got. I like even earlier like I began that and just ask God what do like. Because clearly he chose the longer and I need to help him find his way through the wilderness into his crew calling, which I think is a used car now trying to hear from God.

I don't want belittlement but they are now filled with so you know Brad, you seem to have. You know when we we were talking about, you know it's teen safety week and some of the big issues out there these signs that obviously we all need to pay attention to and seem to be something you really have a heart for car sign like signs that on the road. Yeah, I have what I have a heart for them because they're so absurd I just know I think it you have to understand the teams that we now have in America. The millennial age clearly have got to be the most challenged mentally of all of the generation of America I saw a commercial that would tell the kids they shouldn't text and drive. Now do you.

We now have a generation of kids that need to be told when you're driving 65 miles an hour don't type out.

I didn't know that we are going to be an issue.

I don't remember growing up and you know when we work we didn't even have cell phone and Don't member anybody everything while you're driving. Don't read the newspaper. I don't member a laser mentioning that don't member.

Thing when you're walking down the hallway did continue to read a book can run into things like they do with it, and get back to what we have now we have to tell you this isn't a good idea to be reading and typing while driving a machine, so I knew that something had happened and this is really what I think comedy is great and what it's important and what it evaluated intergalactic on the lacquered that I collected large experienced joy at the God created time but but but the biggest thing coming to meet is exposing stupid things coolly and crazy things. Funny thing is weird. Thank about their culture so people can laugh at it, you know, we've lost so much freedom in America free speech is so in danger and guilt free speech is the barometer school beach and for all freedom because if I can control your speech. I get to control your thoughts. I can truly control your behavior early behavior. I can call me if I can call you I own you. I'm your master. This is not what America is the only good freedom and autonomy and that all of her rights came from God. So this is why when I'm doing comedy I'm talking ideas like this and talk about the value that the original intent of the founding fathers that talk about free speech and liberty why it's so important now why we have to fight for it and not wait for others doing what you can't be a coward when you can be brought down bike locust and canceling know you fight back you don't have to lie to be controlled by these ideas to the cancer killing silk yesterday expect that the comedy show good. Obviously there is very few comedians that lean right and who are Christian so that's really what I tried to do regarding asked me to do it. Why am in Greenville tonight at the county like 9 o'clock night trying to show that Christians in concerted words free speech amongst their own and so that's really what I'm trying to get the proof of concept will Christian come to a nightclub where their drinks and they don't have to drink you know some do some don't, but will you come out and support something to show that we will stand for and we think is more important then just wringing our hands and being concerned that things are going to sell get out there and invest in something you know protest by putting your money gram supporting thing that Allawi did tell our message in the dark places in our nation really actually thought about that you know and like you said, it's still funny lately fully sugar so much fun and I got to him and I look to the punishers can have altar call here any sex in my kind of my memory for today there is to just the envelope I did you know I believe it's God calling on my life obviously have a ministry have a podcast Monday night on Facebook right now about how obviously and then have to find other alternative plan important soon I'll be all be vanquished. I do that on 7 o'clock central time on Facebook like you I'm trying to get you guided given me the ability to be funny and but hopefully educated and concerned about you and use it in the marketplace of ideas, especially in America. This is where I was called where I was born I car about all people all around the world, obviously, but this is my territory. This is where I am and so I'm trying the missionary to America and that hopefully before it's too late. It's just so awesome and I am his name again is Brad Stein and yes he has the podcast there Monday nights on Facebook and you can find in the actually by Brad which Stein is spelled STI any like fine wine it very odd spelling it will not object any actually sound the way it actually sounds but no later spelled out like that. But I you STI

It'll tell you what I'm working. I work a lot of churches that look like I do a lot of ungraded pregnancy resource centers Christian school or churches or whatever. I do a lot of though they had Christmas parties who come for thing a Christmas Day or churches or whatever that would be some fun and different so you listen we don't have to take a backseat to the secular world as believers to have quality and sophistication in our entertainment and our art, not with the other thing that was really important to be able to bring the quality of comedy that you would see in the club in the Netflix specials installed and yet we committed to my faith into Christ into the value that I believe are consistent with Chris and I'm not political. I don't go around paying both this guy or that guy. What I am is culturally aware.

I call cannot be ideas that are happening in the cochlea that the purpose of Christianity to evaluate the culture and to please bring to the life and so to me and I both said that man is anointed to me when you have a gifting a complete gift like that there were other comedians and we heard that neither would anybody even close right so he stood on the stage, and you saw the energy and what he did for the length of time he did it. We just looked at each other. We went wow how in the world. And so when he said he was tired after a night of entertaining ontology we get that.

I mean it brings so much energy that I we were just blown away and so were just weren't just praising God for you and praying for you but again you have a big time there and and the first time I saw my realized when I saw him was at the NRB at the National religious party after his convention, so he'd been there as well. So you want to do some cool in your church. I'm telling bring Brad Brad Stein Brad okay. We got more eight days a week, not Fred, thank you so much for being with us Greenville. Come on out I comedy Greenville, South Carolina at the comedy zone 7 o'clock tonight. Thanks, Fred S all right, we got a basically, this is the Truth Network be paying and he will be in a days a week eight days a week. Today on the Christian car guy radiators.

We had a lot of fun with this topic.

The idea of well there's a connection between eight and the anointing and speaking anointing the cure is coming up today. If you listen to Truth Network and Montgomery talk about how family courts have gone wrong and with Eric care on that's going to come on at 1 o'clock on the truth if you're here in Winston-Salem on the Truth Network on this that and also I want to say talk about anointing addresses. I'm thinking that the city of Snohomish if I said that right and I'm sure they'll tell me I didn't in Washington which those guys are so wonderful. We have some he calls on the Christian Car Guy show from Snohomish where I got a call after I left the show last Saturday from Don in Snohomish I got.

She calls me at an inch shares in a what we're talking about last in last week's topic, but then she sends me in the mail this week that these really cool nametags right in and I can get them up there today. I hope to but I will get another Christian Car arrive you can order from Don. There are several different ones. One of them in my family will laugh at me forever because it says hi. I can't remember your name either one that was really really cool was it says Jesus.

But you have to delete it between the lines and you really have to stare at it in order to get an idea that it did. It says Jesus and you're supposed to put it right over there your heart.

And of course unite. It's a great talk starter like this thing you like or can't read between the lines it says Jesus. So we thank you for our friends in Snohomish and certainly what I met today, you know, I've been on this hundred 19 Psalm for long time hundred 19 Psalm gadget.

He looked at me like I'm crazy. It's 119 Psalm and and I've been working working working on it and I've had a sense of what the seven user matrix behind the seven which has to do with the seven spirits of God, but it was the eighth verse that was driving me nuts and I can I came across this idea of what was the eighth word from Jesus on the eighth day as he came out of the tomb on the eighth day after the triumphal entry and here it is. I want to say it again to you and let you just ponder this because I just think this thing just it just speaks to my solenoids. I never hadn't really noticed it before but he said woman, why are you crying and who is it that you are looking for and as the church right that that that's were woman right and why we cry and who are we looking for the site you just heard Brad's Stein Jerry right that he's the heat. He said it really cool that he's a missionary to America and left about all he said it probably resonated just just just that Burbage and Stefan that is true but you know what Robbie the truth is we all are, yet we are and read between the lines right now and in and so we see that person crying right.

We know what they're looking for whatever you want to say in the whole world is out there crying what they're really looking for is Jesus right but that is what they're looking for and I would not have known it anywhere close to have known it but you know I almost hesitate to say this but okay so we went to see Brad is retarding that we went to the comedy club comedy zone in Greensboro and oh my goodness did he offend people, but he could offend people get away with it. Most of them were just laughing right but clearly there were some people that earlier on, had said some words very strong curse words throughout the show. These people, they blew out of there so fast it was unbelievable because they could see immediately that this guy was not there property by an as I was sitting there thinking that it breaks my heart because what he is actually sharing is funny compared to what some of the guys before them. I got a B give me that's not funny but but when he got on there. It was funny and I thought unfortunately it won't be long at some point in time there going to be crying right and and and they need the anointing. I mean they needed. They need to know that why that will who they looking for.

It's it's Jesus just that you know we as as humans in a God created us with that that that boy dinar in our soul in her heart and Stefan the weed is assayed as humans, and then it goes for generation after generation and keeps trying to replace that instead of put Jesus Christ there. We keep interest with addictions on drugs, alcohol, ethnography, whatever it may be dated does feel good and want to tell you device an addict.

It does initially feel good. Then all the sudden that gaping hole was still there and in a crisis only things going to bring comfort there but yeah I think so many times we have the opportunity to share and then we are afraid that were going to step on some toes off the end look back Christ stepped on some toes that Christ offended quite a bit and so I looked it in on the one that just kept puzzling me. The first Puzzle and kept on being puzzled and puzzled at the end of the very first section of a person so it's the eighth verse in the out of section, it says I will keep your statutes well, that's a positive statement I meant to keep your statutes and the statutes from the psalmist point is you are the high hard and really difficult things to do some that we really know don't even know how to do. He said I will keep your statutes, and then he says this that this is the part that always confused me over for sake may not utterly in that word utterly in Hebrew is me owed and that's the same word with like all your heart, all your soul all your strength. In other words, when I talk about forsaken me a little bit okay were like throwing me out forsaking sick hope you know what good and and King David understood the word me out. Believe me of anybody did concede he was wholehearted right and he understood. So why, why was he saying over for sake may not utterly. I think because of this anointing. I think it was because David why are you weeping who you looking for I met me. I just really it just keeps resonating in my soul and as I go through the different verses and then as I said in the beginning section.

When you get to the pay right then he says rivers of water flow from my eyes this that eighth first, the professional rivers of water to run down my eyes because they keep on by law that your eyes is a tough one.

I mean it just is tough right in and in another part of the Psalm. He says you don't turn my ways eyes away from beholding vanity in Quicken, Maumee, in a way but you know it's pretty easy to turn your eyes to vain things right, but it's it's so easy to turn our eyes to things like what are we doing looking at that I is so subtle, and I think that's society now CN is so subtle it's always been an issue, but that think in today's time, but once again what are we really looking for right what we really looking for.

When her eyes were gone wherever they should be going. Which is you know it's this is good to know I share that with David Elizabeth that I says on the so anyway as you go through your week is think there's eight days a week and on the eighth day right that that at some point right week. He is coming back and am working to get to see what we look for and and don't miss that your car needs and anointing right and your kids need to check out this website driving go there with your team and spend some time there sounds like really amazed how he ended, I would encourage everyone spend time and remember slow down as you get to watch and Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done 33 years.

You're listening to the Truth Network and This is the Truth Network say what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible to Michael Woolworth my way from Bible, the international you probably say well and hop in my car I go to Christian bookstore or have one shipped to make one of those word options sing with him due to the faith.

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