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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 49 - Our Hope

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 19, 2021 8:43 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 49 - Our Hope

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 19, 2021 8:43 am

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The Wisdom of the Zayin as King David's asks God to remember His Word, what more can any of us hope for...

Psalms 119:49

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. How fun that elevator down in the mind and dig in this first of the Zion section which is verse nine.

As we talked about if you lay Isaiah 11 up against this.

This would be the wisdom of that letter Zion and the wisdom of this I find fascinating is that in other so much that we need to remember God and mindfulness of those kind of things but that is where David goes first. The first thing he does is ask God to remember and remember something very specific I think is really beyond call when you really analyze it. He says remember thy word unto thy servant upon which thou has caused me to hope so you know what course you can't help but wonder what word that might be in an the simple answer is the bar which means Jesus. The word wrapper thy servant. Remember Jesus. I mean it. What a wonderful continual remembrance, and I don't think you get away from that in this verse, no matter what you do, but certainly a lot of the Jews teach and I think it's probably accurate that he's referring to the word that Nathan gave him that the Messiah would come through his son. So once again you come back to its Jesus. Okay so where is his hope there. Of course, this help is, and that God the father is going to be mindful of what he's promised an end and I mean what could give you more hope than that in the course, you may delight in this. I hope you sure do as well as I do because is to be a time where hope becomes really really important to you and like I for example as I was thinking about this verse, you know, I am so grateful that God remembers right his word, which is Jesus. And because he remembers that you know when my mother died all of a sudden my faith got put to the test right.

My mother was the first of my close family that died and was just a few years ago but all of a sudden my faith took on a different kind of meaning like oh my goodness, my mother used to tell me all the time.

The older I get more my treasure is in heaven and what she was meeting by the is the more of her friends. The more of the people that she loved. Clearly her own parents and and so a person's older I get, I'm experiencing the same thing that the older I get, the more of my treasures in heaven. But what a wonderful hope. It is that I will get to see Jesus and I will get to see my mom again and I will get to see my dad let you know that when you're when you're at that crisis of loss than all the sudden you know that promise the Jesus made you no reason to make all things new.


That's what the word is all about. The word is all about hope and and it's all about what God is going to do to redeem all of us who was in, so it really comes down to okay. Not only is my hope obviously for me to be in heaven but I want my family to be in heaven and I want future generations to be in heaven. In other words, the same place that King David came down here in this particular verse, which would be the Jubilee verse right is freedom right freedom for the captives. That's why Jesus came. He is the word and is God remembers it outright. Lisa came to set the captives free, free of course to believe free to have eternal life and and so not only am I looking at all the past people that I knew that are gonna be my treasure in heaven. But then I all the people moving forward, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great great-great-grandchildren. Mother at the same thing that King David was hoping on here. There's no doubt in my mind that the freedom that he experienced through the word right where did you get it you know, where did he get his Jubilee was clear. It says upon my word upon which thou has caused me to hope writing to eat. This is where he got his freedom and this is what is hope is for future generations that they would get their freedom even who at this point am hoping her height to have a discussion with King David on this so as we talked about that first word is the car. It starts with the Zion, like all the verses that are gonna be in the Zion section and that Zion being like a plowshare is going to plow through like David is asking God to plow through and make make what priority right he's trying to get him to remember his word sweet is the plowing minutes of focus crown like that that cliff that if we talked about is like the palm of the hand it's gonna put that thought on priority and then the racial to be the first thing just like God remembered Noah.

And just like God asked us to remember him when we take of the cup. It all comes together in remembrance this word is so critical to the idea of the Zion. It's so critical to the wisdom of design right as we know, simply fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Well, it's all over this verse can cause you to be the one right is going to take him. It doesn't start with David trying to remember. It starts with God. I mean, it starts with David asking God to I fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

He's the one is going to make it happen. Goodness.

Thank goodness, and upon which is caused me to hope in so many things. I hope your hope in with me today certainly honored that you would listen as we are gonna continue in the Zion the next seven verse

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