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Psalms 119:52 - Never Hang up

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 22, 2021 8:51 am

Psalms 119:52 - Never Hang up

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 22, 2021 8:51 am

Robby shares the story of the man who called God every day and one day he never hung up. So would it be for all of us if we could only "ZAKAR" Remember.

Psalms 119:52

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. Note today's verses that one of my favorites so I likely to dig around the mess today in the Zion section of the hundred 19 Psalm where you're get to verse 52 and I'll just go on and read it and will go into it so it says I remembered thy judgments of old, old Lord, and have comforted myself. As we talked about that whole idea of the Zion being the sort of sword sort of plowshare and that so much of the Psalm. The section of the Psalm has to do with the word remember and being mindful of God, remembering him which this verse really speak straight at that and that words the cars we talked about is that Zion tended to cut through what's going on in your mind to to actually hone in with that cliff that's in the middle and then that race making God the priority of of your thoughts. So I heard this story years ago and it was just like it just latched on the my soul and I've never let go of it because it just seems like this is my quest, like what is to accomplish with this little story talked about actually do a devotion at the retirement home behind where the dealership was in Marksville and I get to do that, to this very day. I couldn't for a little while because a coven, but they as we talked about. I got vaccinated and they let me in there so that I could do my devotions again. What I learned early on is that if you can give them something that that to remember what you talked about.

It means the world to them and so I always have my jokes that I would tell and then a little devotional story at the end and since I handed those out every single day I became known as the man with the papers because some of these people have notebooks not been doing this for really over 20 years and so these people Notebooks of all these things and people even steal each other's notebooks to get these parts but you know. Anyway, my jokes are all bad drugs and you know ponds and those kind of things, but they devotional stories of always had a lot of meaning to me and it all started really because my mother started sending the stuff to me and so I got this story one time I think I heard it on. Actually the truth radio network act. It was on Focus on the Family but I wrote it out because it was so powerful and I thought about all these times so I know that's a long set up. But I disagree. Great story and essentially it goes like this that this poor man lost his wife and he was a very religious man but after he lost his wife. He began to pray for the first time in his life really and as he prayed he can.

He sort of connected that to you.

Picking up the phone and calling God. And so it says that he would pick up the phone and call God.

You know, just because he needed somebody to talk to. Now that his wife was going to meet it. Obviously, the more he talked to God, the more he found out oh wow this is really what I been looked and so with his as he picked up the phone more and more until he got to the point where he never hung up and that's the punchline for me like that's that's what my quest is I just want to get to that point of being that mindful of of remembering God in ins in all my thoughts another word somehow or another I get to the point my life in my prayer life where I never hang up where I'm always mindful and insulated love this particular verse for that very reason is because here the psalmist is saying he's done that, you know, he's remembered any.

And again I know he's under pressure from the previous verse, that the proud and had them greatly in derision. But here he is remembering the judgments of old and the neat thing about that. Of course we talked about the words the car, but the judgments are the misfit of word the these are the ideas of actually work God is finding good in something you can sit. It ends with that tent which remained in a do that whole section here shortly.

But that means goodness. And so God is out there looking for the good in the given situation. And so it is document these judgments is it's translated old, but we've seen this word before we talked about.

I'll keep your law continually forever and ever will. That first forever is the same word that here is translated old sons really really neat thing.

If you sit there and go out when exactly was the greatest judgment. God judging in the history of the world and actually that was Jesus on the cross and so the neat thing about that word being forever. It's actually eternity.

It's eternity going forward in eternity going backwards.

It was very realistic to think the King David could comfort himself with eternity forward to see that these people that were mocking him and making fun of and the problem with that. Always as I can remember my own story. Is there you know I lost the dealership. There were a lot of people that thought I was a crook in the some extent.

I am completely honest I never you know got to the point where I wasn't selfish and I never got to the point were at times, you know, there wasn't something quite right about certain deals that I did you know that I didn't have it where I should abandon so you know there's some little sense of truth in that and him and the neat thing is, from my perspective is that we desperately need Jesus to make us right right were not right. Without them, there's just no way that you know we have that without the judgment of old right because when Jesus was judged on the cross.

All that stuff that those people that you know there's always just a little hint of truth and what people are thrown at you when they're making fun of you and the good news is Jesus paid for that I'm he paid it all and so I think it's absolutely beautiful when the psalmist says right that I remembered by judgments of eternity and an and given Jesus the credit for the one who actually you know took my judgment right and that comforted me and that word comfort again is we talked about before is the same word that we had to verses go up north and that word could easily be translated repent right in here. It actually uses the form of the word that normally you will win some you can say repent is repent. So I remember by judgments of old and have repented what a beautiful thing about true repentance and might you know it's it's his teshuvah to the Jews. Are you returning to God that you know that's the way you get the steak dinner that prodigal son when he repented right and he went back to the went into his father's arms. That's how we got the road that I got the signet ring and that's how we got the party with the steak dinner. I mean, this is all what's available is we actually turned back towards God. The whole feast is there waiting on rights to talk about comfort in the feast for us really. For those of us who love this word and is spent all his time in Psalm 119 with me right I mean this is the steak dinner right here I mean is that there's there's so much food in these verses is just absolutely unbelievable.

So as we return to comfort ourselves right it's it's it's absolutely amazing how much comfort there is in these judgments of eternity. I and so hope you're like me that that wow we need Jesus. And we need these you know when we I am blessed like I take communion almost every morning and and as I'm doing that is a really opportune time because Jesus said, remember, you do this in remembrance of me. So here I'm remembering you know that he was crushed for my iniquity. I'm remembering that blood that covers my sin and I'm remembering that I got it covered, and that I get to be in this unbelievable relationship with God and with other people. As a result, I what a precious precious thing it is that we can remember judgments of eternity right and repent. Go back in the father's arms to get the rope in the signet ring steak dinner.

I mean, it's all good. So enjoy repenting with me today hundred 19

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