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Psalms 119:53 - Time Changer

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 25, 2021 8:47 am

Psalms 119:53 - Time Changer

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 25, 2021 8:47 am

Time Changer Movie

Robby shares how the horror of what happens in the famine of no God's Law - with the emphasis of God's

Psalms 119:53

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 verse 53 and around Berquist today Zion section of the hundred 19 Rome and in verse 53 is loaded with Zions and when you think about this whole idea of this.

I am in a sword. Not only does it start with design and has Zion throughout it. I think you can feel fairly cut up here. This verse does not have any words but is plenty of power and it it says horror had taken hold upon me because of the wicked that for sake by law.

So as you might guess horror that word had it starts with design like every verse in the Zion section. And then I also think it's really helpful again. To lay that template of Isaiah 11's seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit again when you read Isaiah 11. The first, second, third, versus showing the seven different anointing and so this anointing is the anointing of knowledge. And so there's really something to learn here and when you lay that template over it. All this cutting menu, you begin to see that there something to learn. In fact, this is kind of something I've been learning and I'm sure I'm still struggling with it, but you know the idea that when people act in a way that is lawless. I mean it just absolutely in a freak you out and you can see that this is what's happened here that there's more than that because the word horror here is is used.

It's quoted from Lamentations where Jeremiah had said that that horror was caused based on this horrible famine that their skin was like as black as ovens left.

You know, that's pretty horrible.

I mean it. It's an amazingly horrible in fact I can't say that I've ever been in that kinda horror over this type of situation, but the beauty of it is almost has been, and so I think there's something to learn here so this horror had taken a hold of him because of the wicked that I clearly have forsaken the and then here comes the operating word thy law. Now that the beautiful thing in Hebrew is the way that the bylaw is pointed out, and so the is what Scott's been teaching me started teaching me in Pilgrim's progress. When the worldly wise men I anticipated to be gold and silver and money and all that but if you remember, if you are hopefully read Pilgrim's progress.

But if you haven't when Christian reaches Worldly wise men really Wiseman's teaching morals right because those people who think that they earn their way into heaven.

That's the wisdom of the world.

And so when we attach morals without Jesus we give the impression that you can earn your way into heaven at and so when it says thy law, it's it's really really important that the psalmist does that in a minute share what I've learned that this is wonderful movie by which Cristiano always done a couple movies with Gavin Gavin MacLeod before he passed away. Gavin MacLeod was the start of the love boat, you may not know is a fabulous Christian I got to interview one time and he's got an amazing story. He yet he has an amazing story monopoly log here in heaven anyway so in this movie it's called time changer and and what's happened is that that these are seminary professors that you hear in this clip their seminary professors in the 1800s okay and their argument over a book that this professor is written talking about morals and using morals to get people to act right would be good for society and in their suggesting in some ways it even without the biblical application of that that that's still good. So here you can hear Gavin MacLeod's argument to that and I think there's a lot of knowledge right here that we don't necessarily see, but the psalmist thought really clearly how often do we read with the profits per se, thus saith the Lord before they speak nationalist. However, these moral standards taught universally would greatly benefit social behavior. Gentlemen, gentlemen, please him. Satan is not against good morals he is opposed to Jesus Christ. A man can have good morals his entire life that you and I know he will go to hell when he dies. It is Jesus Christ that everyone needs and the devil knows this more than all of us, Dr. Anderson, Satan's goal is to remove the name of Christ from his commands, and when we do this, people are deceived into thinking that if they live a good life, they will receive God's attain heaven, we can use morals to attract people to the Lord yes but the ultimate issue with Christianity is the authority of Christ and the devil is attacking this authority by convincing us to teach morals alone saw in the movie time changer which I recommend you conceal impure flicks. It should in the home movies about this and if you watch this character. What happens is Gavin MacLeod's character sends him ahead in time is from the 1800s and ends up in the 20th century. I think it's the 1990s. Anyway, this guy is full of horror. I mean, you can see a minute there is an example of somebody being filled with horror.

I mean he goes in the movie that use God's name in vain and he's critique make all over the place is quite comical almost but you can certainly see that all man I don't have with this guy had because I'm been like the frog amount water just get hotter and hotter and hotter. The psalmist sees this and so there's there's wisdom here at and then I just absolutely love with this piece of understanding. If you look at the way in Hebrew that it says thy law okay because at the end of it. It doesn't just say law it says thy law and ease Kenny's cooking.

This offers and what the critical aspect of it is is that you know there's this top which means the end of the stories of this what time changer is so beautiful. To this understanding of knowledge is knowledge.

You know once the end of the story comes will know what the world is been going on right at ends of the board Torah, which means law.

It begins with this type of right and because again at the end will will understand the.

The law itself because it did all become very clear to us what all it was, you know, but as the word progress is no Torah and that you can see that it's expressed well when you say your law then you put another top of that the end of it. That means of you, so that that extra time of this is like saying of and then when you put the thick the letter cook and it's really beautiful because there's a final form of the letter cook when you put it at the end of the word than you're actually saying that this is your stuff right in the way that this works is like there's a line that goes across and down and it's showing that this is coming down from heaven like a king which the whole idea of the letter cook has to do with kingship and select the King comes down to give his servant something right, which is critical to understanding that the court Torah is not something that we invented our north of that, you know the whole moral thing. It's very, very clearly a piece of wisdom that comes in very very wonderfully as as we apply this verse to see that all my goodness when somebody's disobeying the law. That's one thing but when there disobeying God. You know that that's that's something that really is is is going to lead to some poor it's going to lead to their skin. Being black is another and right that this is the kind of horror and believing when you look in these words in all the Zions you can see things are being cut up and I couldn't help but think of no Peter you know that night in the garden. The horror had grabbed all of them because I mean, they literally were taking the law.

I mean that you know and and so he whipped out the sword and he was all there, but the good news is we know at the end of the story. Jesus put the ear back on the servant right and and that he was there to take away you know where we had transgressed the law.

I mean essentially a beautiful thing and if you meditate on this verse, you know, just I think it's really wonderful to think that she when we tell somebody something is wrong. It's really good like Gavin MacLeod offers here just the sort right source of this stuff is priced it without him we don't have a chance of having thought the hundred 19

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