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Psalms 119:54 - Verse of Controversy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 26, 2021 8:56 am

Psalms 119:54 - Verse of Controversy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 26, 2021 8:56 am

"We are made wise by our enemies." Based on the controversy Satan must want us distracted from the deep meaning. Robby digs in to that on this episode.

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 very interesting journey. Today, 19 Psalm one verse four: if you've ever heard the saying that I think true that I've been made wise by my enemies and when you find a verse that has a great deal of controversy. He didn't see but obviously Satan would like us not to understand this so Psalm 119 verse 54. There is much much much controversy, but let's just go into what it's it is and then we'll take it from there it says thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage and will you know.

Again, we are in the Zion section and so this idea of the sword and the beautiful thing about this verse itself is it starts with as I am like all the verses do and also the word that starts the verse is songs and that's that word starts with the Zion, which when you think about it. There's nothing like cutting through to your heart with us on the me know about you but I mean I can remember many times a song touched my heart and you know the tears began to flow, sometimes even pulled over on the side of the road may be the experience that to but the idea of songs and cutting through to you know what's really going on inside.

This is a beautiful thing.

And clearly, King David knew this above anybody. Oh here we have him saying that the statutes which are the hook about the higher hard that's Hebrew for statutes is Newcomen that that those of the sayings that commandments, the statutes that really are hard to understand, or may be impossible to understand. And so you're kind of walking with in faith when you're doing a statute you don't understand why you're doing it but you know God standard and so here you go and walk by faith into that in here, you know. King David says these these high heart statutes are been his songs in the house of his pilgrimage and in a before we get into the controversy that is the beauty of the verse is amazing because that the idea of these statutes being a song and then where there the song is just doubly beautiful to me in the house of his pilgrimage now word pilgrimage here. No doubt get John Bunyan love that word because it is obviously the building progress at end. Clearly, if you follow Christian very far in that book, you'll find that he goes on quite the adventure and all our lives are this Pilgrim's progress. I mean we are strangers, which is what the idea is of the Pilgrim were strangers trying to make our way through on this adventure where God can teach us all the stuff but in this case when we talk about the house of David's pilgrimage, you can't help but think that wow is this when he was running from his son Absalom I can't even imagine what was what that was like in that particular pilgrimage or the pilgrimage when he was running from King Saul in the caves and all that stuff so or is this a pilgrimage like where he always felt like he was a stranger, but if you like that, but I do. I feel like I'm a stranger.

So where are these songs taking place now to get to the controversy a minute I want to spend a lot of time on it, but it's worth noting because I think it highlights the fact that this Psalm has this particular verse as a great deal to glean from it from a standpoint of how King David's heart was and how our heart could be towards the statutes as well. So the controversy came because according to their mid-British and that you know these are sayings that Jesus referred to as your traditions and had one or they have on this day that since King David was punished for this verse, which is still a bit hard to understand and they said that for him to say that these very very holy commandments were songs that God didn't like that and so and not that it would've been a sin for anybody else but they believe that and that was a sin for King David and that some of what he experienced in his life was a result of writing this tickler verse once again, I think were made wise by our enemies and go, why, why would they be upset about that right and we know that this is Scripture so it's brief by the Holy Spirit, and so there's something very valuable here and to me it is just like highlights the fact that we should really take notice of this we know that Scripture and we know that it's opposed so it's a pretty good place to look and say wow there must be some phenomenal neat wisdom in this and so when I look at the word pilgrimage that is absolutely one of the most beautiful words in the verse because it has to do with these letters that go through one by one, that that to me make up this beautiful concept of what a pilgrimage it so it starts off with MM and MM as you may know, is the middle of the Hebrew alphabet often means water but it very much means King. So the beginning of kingdom the beginning of Malik which is the word for King in Hebrew.

They start with that mammon.

So this is idea that this is a royal Quiktrip that were talking about. This is the king and which by the way, we all are and King David certainly was. So this is a king in the second letter and we spent a whole eight versus honesty demo which looks like a foot so this is a trip and it's a great trip, as it were, because of the of the begin mall is this idea of chasing after right the dilated to to provide the riches that were stolen from them so that's part of the of of this is a king on this great adventure to return what has been stolen.

Well, what did Jesus do a look at Isaiah 1. I mean, Isaiah 61 will you look at Isaiah 1 to but anyway there is a king on this trip and then you got this five which we know is a continuation and it means like Jacob's ladder coming down and and so here's this great trip. That is being continued in an almost you know, obviously brothers was of live life you know it just keeps going on and on. The last letter course is the most spectacular to me and mystically verse and I don't know. Maybe the first letter. The last letter is a rage at and that would mean that the spirit right it's it's the.

The ration is the beginning of the word rock and it also quite often means the Holy Spirit, but it it also means preeminence.

This is the the right way to go. So when you think about the Israelites in the desert. They were on a pilgrimage right and how are they guided they were guided by the Holy Spirit. Okay the Holy Spirit working on the had a pillar of fire and the wind would be nice. Sometimes I got on the lower direction to go do my putting a pillow pillar of smoke or fire right there for me to see which way to go that that's what the Holy Spirit does in our lives right and so here we are in this pilgrimage, and we are all on it, but we are to be guided by the spirit and I don't know about you but one of the places that I really enjoy thinking about this particular verses you know I'm on a pilgrimage every single morning in my quiet time in the course. I know that those of you listen her on those voyages to write your your seeking God and in the end you're trying to find them and and so the spirit is the only way to get there and so it's kinda beautiful to me that I Miriam was the prophetess and she's saying to the rock in order for the water and I know this can be really complicated for some of you who never fought study bad and by all means something email me I'll take him through the verse by verse where you can find this, but it's in their that the the rock followed them in the desert and Miriam would sing to it an outward gush the water well. The board itself is obviously living water that is Jesus, and he says these do not come to me in a minute give you drink. That's gonna well up to living water right and so is we study the word like you're doing right now I'm so grateful that you are in on this journey with me as we study the word. I don't know about you but sometimes my heart just things to God like God, you gotta show me with this. This is an even his very first show me what this means. And as we as we sing this with our hearts because our hearts are getting cut through to the real deal, right then the Holy Spirit, he guides you to the passage and and so for years I Bible studies I'd I did this technique. I did that strategy.

I did all these different things and people would put me on and I would spend time doing that but I can so many times I'd come away empty. Until one day I came up with the idea of every single morning when I'm in my quiet time.

I'm asking God where are we going today and letting the spirit guide me on my pilgrimage right through the word and and as I'm going.

I'm singing right and out flushes the water and and I hope that you found some way that you are guided by the spirit like that and you can relate to this idea of singing as King David did in the house was pilgrimage and and I'm not so sure. As I think about it that this wasn't just David's pilgrimage through the Torah like he he was singing these statutes in order for that spirit to show him the corrections that he was supposed to go with absolutely beautiful son to ponder she can stay with me. Will that long today. I'm so excited about this verse pray that you will even understand or feel free to email me if you got something I would love to see if my emails always there

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