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Psalms 119 verse 55 A Call In The Night

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 27, 2021 9:47 am

Psalms 119 verse 55 A Call In The Night

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 27, 2021 9:47 am

Robby Shares how we long to be mindful of God even in our dreams at night

Psalms 119:55


Treasurers of team oh, today we are in the Zion section of the hundred 90 and were in verse 55 and so as we talked about this a car remember being a critical part of the Zion. Here we see King David using that sword again and this time in a real interesting waving as he says because he says I have remembered thy name all Lord in the night and if kept thy law. So what is so awkward and you know the interesting question you can't help but ask yourself is when he talks about night here is he talking about dark times and certainly he's had plenty of those. But when I read this verse I just immediately went to again this is this is the car of the idea being mindful even to the point of in my sleep and so I just began to pray. Honestly my own story and show you how much I've enjoyed working with his first memorizing this verse is is I just began to pray God when I dream can I remember your name in my dreams and honestly immediately when I tried that I had some tests as I was memorizing this particular verse. The first night I remember.

I dreamt that my brother was being killed and unfortunately woke up to the horror of the fact that I did not remember to call on God in the middle of the dream the next night. Similarly, this time my wife and I were going up amount of red very vivid dream, it was a Saturday morning, which means I had to show that day. I remember well were going up this mountain road in this dream, and we had our good friends with us in the backseat and I was watching the temperature and adopt down below 30 and then it began to mist and I was just thinking to myself, gee, I wonder if the road is getting icy. At about the time that thought crossed my mind. The car swerved right and left and my friend jumped out of the city just how the backseat is left his wife in the car with us and Tammy and I plunged down the mountain. Once again I mean here I was in a plunged and plunged. I can't even tell you it seemed like I plunged for you know, 10, 20 minutes that we were just falling and again I failed to call on the Lord and that the reason why that is even a little bit more vivid. Live it for me. As you may know, I I fell 35 feet out of the tree house in that time I did ask for. I was awake then and I was building a tree house for my wife. I mean my daughter and the and the board. I was sitting on broke and I fell headfirst down 35 feet in and actually hit my shoulder first thing goodness and just broke several ribs in class.

My light was a bad situation but I remember that in that moment saying God I need your help here and I can remember that but in this dream. Once again I was a failure and I will. I woke up and I was like God I got you got to help me. I'm just praying to know I want to remember your name in the night right. I mean, that seem like the critical aspect of it and I was just like I want to keep the law. I mean I I need to know how do I do this, and so on. The third night a means like it was interesting to me that I had dream after dream after dream. On the third night I dreamt that you knows this woman came on to me and it was just really distressing to me. It was not my wife and all the sudden I actually did call out to God, like Jesus, help me and he came immediately and I woke up rejoicing that I'd remembered God's name in the night and I've had several dreams since then, not every night like those came in succession, but and I got a good but if I'm honest, sometimes I fail and sometimes God comes through and I'm mindful because I want that sword I want.

That's a card to where you know when the auction goes in the ditch quickly want the mindfulness I want that I want that that sense of the Holy Spirit, taking hold of my mind and putting me in the direction of Jesus when the moment of truth comes right. Whether it's to save somebody in your family or whatever it is that that God is calling you on in a dark season. I don't know you know again what King David was talking about in this particular season, but I do know at the end of the of the deal that what he says is I'm going to keep by law. Well, once again, Jesus is the law and and we want to keep Jesus and we just we do that word is Torah and and it's and it's a beautiful gorgeous amazing word of how the end will be expressed to us. You know, when we read all the truth and so Jesus came to write bear witness to the truth and that's what we want in our dreams. That's what were one in the night seasons.

No matter where we are or when we are we want the truth so this being the seventh verse in the Zion section. Once again I want to lay that Isaiah 11 passage where he goes into the seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit, and so this would be the last of the seven anointing's because it's the seventh verse, which is a delight in the fear of the Lord you can see if you can remember Jesus's name in the night seasons.


You know that's using does the car that's using that Zion to delight.

This is the wisdom that that there are in the lighting and the fear of the Lord.

With this particular anointing on this particular letter once again I find it absolutely beautiful to see how the Holy Spirit outline this for us in each of these letter also. What a joy it is to study this on memorizing this and I'm so grateful I really really really those of you are calling this and enjoying this ride with me and I will write for you to email me with any questions or thoughts you have. Along these lines. Or maybe your dream. I would love to hear

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