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Mercy Me's Bart Millard from 2015 with Robby

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 31, 2021 7:00 am

Mercy Me's Bart Millard from 2015 with Robby

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 31, 2021 7:00 am

Another Classic Car Guy Interview - Bart Millard with Mercy Me in 2015


Knowing that may time, how exciting. I can begin to tell you how excited I am to be able to do this interview with Bart Millard from Mercy me and if you listen to the radio at all lately you know that coming next Saturday, 26 September mercy me. You can be part of a two day festival that actually goes on the 26th and the 27th and were so honored to have Bart with his welcome Bart and and you know I was thinking about it as I heard this opportunity to interview you, Bart.

That one your first albums was the worship project which I only imagine came on and was thinking about for the Truth Network and your song your new hit song flawless you say it so marvelously that the truth is where flawless and in doing so you're worshiping God in such a way that you lead other people to worship and what an honor. What a cool thing to be able to watch people falling more in love with God is you're looking out there in the audience. As you will be of, and often this concert. It is critical honor to do this for a living I get added it to 21 years, he told me that you note 21 years later, people still care about what you're doing out, I think you're crazy that it is pretty awful feeling and that you think the Coast Guard for a positive crazy are correct that in their time you thought you seen it all and you've done it all and and then all of a sudden you note. Looking back eight I feel like the gospel more alive now in my life ever had been.

And yet I am most grateful for.

More than anything else.

The data you know it. It you know it's a dentist like the perspective I have and just understating things in ways that never really seen before, and in its pretty cool riding it off with downstage with something to say in them and people willing to listen. I just probably do more here were were talking with Bart Millard of Mercy median. They are coming to this amazing concert coming next Saturday the 26th as part of the two day festival with her client note Frank Lennon German camp, and all sorts of folks but I know our listeners would love to hear Bart what is what process do you guys go through to create the music, who writes the lyrics and the music, or is it. Is it a collaborative thing or how does that work with you guys. Well, there is a set formula and try to write a book every time a different Marine you know a lot of it know, life experience, and in the chart, the profits go and that there's some songs like sunlight greater with the with the guitar riff and thought I did it my guitar player had brought able and and we recorded the music without the melody or lyrics written down and backward. Then, love the feel of it attracted men on the night guy when in later in and work on the melody wrote all lyrics and there some songs to where you know diligently driving down the road or in by myself that I bring to the family comes recording the customer all different angle by going public and for the news that I write about 99.9% of all lyrics and any in the melody can accompany you just could their experience or colic. If if I'm not feeling it, or didn't write it sometimes it Canada, the Lord hard shelled it hard to noted casino a conviction for me personally on statement that it is all right for summer youth always has had to come from. You know what I'm going through but you know that this is a car salesman.

Most my life that I can tell you the thing sales people always talk about is the first and most important, so you gotta make is the one that you make yourself. And so if you if you've experienced the worship and then now you're leading people. Have you ever been to a Jewish wedding. Bart, I have not actually there is an amazing thing that happens and I I went to one the summer and when I saw it. It was interesting how God taught me through this that the bride when they let go of the father's hand. They encircled the dream. Seven times right and the picture is that is similar to Jericho that they would bring down the walls of the heart of their broom by encircling the bride 71 Jeremiah 31 when Jeremiah sticks to give us a new covenant and idea. He says the Lord's doing a new thing that the bride is can encircle a man and I thought about wow how can I as a worshiper, which obviously you do this phenomenally birth.

How can I as a worshiper encircle my Savior's heart and so when you're writing the melody and the music to a song like flawless is can you share with our listeners. You know, obviously you are really in a worship place in order to to feel that in order to like you say write the music and lyrics.

It definitely you know it it it deftly much more than just a great idea. Volume looks right in how people like it. It's like excited furthest thing from our minds are my mind for when were writing a song. It every week were rarely rarely ever concerned with what people do not think that it flew in the middle of the writing process that you know it's it's it's it's almost almost more like it's something we have to get out of her system.

It's likely that a gift. It ended now. I play the blessing and the curse of the songwriter. It that writing mute writing song that part of my therapy we go through things and and and you know people always had people acting alive you choose the Christian music on my account. I think it's called by Gary chose to do this you a great songwriter writes about whatever consuming your heart and and this is just this is what I don't. I don't know any other way is this is what what confused me and that and so a lot of that through amazing. Oftentimes, a lot of through very gut wrenching, painful time and gift probably most effective fondly written have come out of the lead the harder times and I live know it. The fondly heard Mickey learn and you know I can only imagine an end and the lottery can bring a rain.

A lot of the song came out of this really painful times when you know in by nature.

It's like that of the times we find ourselves. You're desperate for the Lord and you know I never you know during 9/11 just realizing we went from a common city weekly related and of the bombing and through that 9/11. We saw you in my generation, we thought we'd seen how the country, rally together the tragedy and you know and it's amazing how we are reminded of our mortality and in this the spiritual side of things. Week one we go through the difficult times in men and know that and that that's the same throughout personal life. You know there's there's times when it's like manna, we have to be reminded that you not always you know I consider suffering a gifted time because it does reveal so much about us and remind us of of you know what's important, and that a lot of the songs you know come out of this moment and even songs like greater which there are an end flawless and shake. In the song there, happy song in a debate bared they were written coming out of you know coming out of the storm coming out of the yes and difficult moments in my life and realizing that man you know that grace is enough. Realizing that you know that I'm banged out pretty good. I'm still flawless in the eyes of Christ remind you remembering that you are the enemy doesn't want me to know who I am in Christ, but luckily there is a louder voice from the spirit that they scripted late Christ the dead dog by me to remind him holy right redeemed and not disqualified in and tell you not becoming God curate the song that you have muzzled most of the. The worship stuff that David's writing is on the tail end of some in you know I'm pretty hard-core suffering and employee. I think it's human nature. Did you know that's where it comes from its Oak charter process goes and you know it it's you know it's just I mean there's only thing that reminded of of how desperately we need Christ in an and and how it's a good thing. The crisis of Halo: and they are in and so yeah that's where a lot of the song come from and and just for me at finding the time to sit down in Canada can have some time to revisit some pretty painful thing this by the hardest part is it's kind of having the you know if the song don't come out experience there been times when it's time to write another album of Dunlap to sit down, revisit nowhere have been in at Best Buy.

The hardest part of all is, read reliving some difficult times in your life that you know it's part of it, you know, if I know little line in her negative note of Lord please don't let this go in vain and the whole point of that was me. I don't want to get to suffering in hard times and in tragedy and pain just for the sake of going through acknowledge something to come out of the beautiful and it's amazing and that's a prayer like Atman don't let me forget this. Don't let me walk away from this and not and refused to revisit or go back. That's how I don't want this to be in vain. I want this to to somehow point to use that even our worst lowest point have a purpose and have meaning in that and that even God's presence shows up in our worst times possible anyway. So I got on and then the reason that you want to come out to this festival was today so you can come in the Winston-Salem and stay enjoy all the music but it's all about the worship and in and when you get out there and you get to experience God in a crowd like that. That's all worshiping together Emma and Bart, I can't help think is you mentioned David that you know his heart was that he wanted to build the temple and he really, really, you know you Gotta Want to Build This Temple.

And As I Thought about That You Eat.I'm Sure You Seen Little Thing Where You Hold Your Fingers. You Say This Is the Church and This Is the Steeple past You to Say This Is the Church Need Winglet Will Wriggle His Fingers Slowly Go. These Are the People Well If You Think about It David Worship like You Do so in in Song and All Those Things That As He Let These Folks They Became the Template.

Yeah, Solomon May Have Built the Building but They Had Made the Worshipers and so You All Have an Opportunity to Go out There and with This Amazing Worship Experience That the That Your Hearing That Bart Sponsor You Get a Chance to Take Part That Mercy Me Kirk Franklin, Jeremy Camp I Mean Is so Much Stuff Going on. I I Am so Excited to Be Part of It Is Coming up Next Saturday, September 26 and 27. Bart, You Have No Idea How Disappointed I Am That Artifacts up Because I've Been so Enjoyed Hearing Your Heart and I Was Thinking Man. The Stones of Gotta Cry out a Far Distance of God Bless You and Keep up the Good Work We Have Both.

Thank You for Arrived and Were Looking Forward to Hearing Occurred Prior People from Your Preop Night.

I Want to Thank You for Listening Kingdom Versus Today Has Been so Much Fun Now State, As We Have so Much

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