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Psalms 119:61 - I've Been Robbed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 4, 2021 11:25 am

Psalms 119:61 - I've Been Robbed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 4, 2021 11:25 am

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The best things for us can be disguised as traumatic as The Psalmist shares. Robby links Psalms 3, Song of Songs 5:7 and Peter's Betrayal to this verse.

Psalms 119:61

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 all right position 119 is almost room. One of the head section which is so much to do with life and marriage and we talked about the different anointing's welding 61st verse is the fifth anointing, which would be knowledge is its wisdom, understanding, counsel, might and today would be knowledge and somehow think you'll see that is where your overarching looking at this, but is is one of those verses that I just blown away by how it connects a similar story throughout the Scriptures so the verse reads the bands of the wicked have robbed me, but I have not forgotten my law so you can see if women forgot my law that that somebody would knowledge but the interesting thing is that we hear. You know they actually the word robbed is plundered it in its own way and she may think or Robbie.

What does this have to do with the marriage. What is this have to do you know with this concept of being united with Christ and and it's interesting thing that if you look in the song of Solomon, which, if you want to look at the book of the Bible has been with marriage, that's a good place to look and you'll find in the fifth chapter.

There's a very peculiar verse. I studied and studied and studied it years ago because I could not figure out what it was talking about, but you might remember in the fifth chapter of the song of Solomon is the famous verse and I slept but my heart was awake and and you might remember her beloved head hair that was had drops of doing it in.

He came to the door and she didn't rise to when he initially knocked on the door, put his hands through the the lock and then she finally does get up and then she goes into the city and what happens is the watchman there. They beat me they bruised me. They took away my cloak and so here we have the same thing like the beds of the wicked have robbed me and interestingly she's not forgotten by law is the case, was, as you see throughout that fifth chapter you can find out that that's it's it's a remarkable love story, but like our story.

Like every great love story. There is some risk units needed.

There's always some battle that's afoot and I wonder if you just think with me for a minute about one of the most beautiful ones in the Bible that finally gave me some clarity would why this verse was in the song a song chapter 5, which also helps me with this verse being in the marriage section of the head section of the hundred 19 Psalm so when they were in the garden of Gethsemane right and you might remember Peter James and John were asked to pray with Jesus and and so you can't help but see that wow this was a case of I slept but my heart was awake to my referee couldn't get him to stay awake and you might remember that that was where Jesus you know had drops of blood in his hear from you know he sweat great drops of blood and and so when you read that fifth chapter of the song of Solomon. Note the way it begins like that and see the similarity to get the enemy and and then see that wow the next thing you know he is are the beloved shoe might woman is after Gartner cloak robbed well in the case of Peter right those watchman on the wall found him and they accused him right of being with Jesus and what happened was they took away Peter's cloak. They really, really did.

I is this a picture of it to me that he had a mask he was wearing that I I'm in a be for you, Jesus. I got this together him to be the guys dazed by your side. But it was a mask, and Peter himself didn't know it until it was stolen and that all the sudden he sounds where he really stood for the Jews teach this particular verse and the 61st verse has to do with when David King David was robbed by his own son Absalom right and and you may know, and it's beautiful if you can send second Samuel in the same similar way as King David leaves from being betrayed by his son do know he goes to the Mount of olives and you want to read something beautiful. Read the third Psalm because King David wrote the third Psalm from the Mount of olives, because where he wanted to go when he was in this position was he wanted to go see he wanted to see where the ark of the covenant was going to be in word some point time the Temple Mount would be in the they say from the Mount of olives. When you look over there where the Temple Mount is there sort of a away that the mountain has a gap in it there because the temple floor needed to be lower because he needed the water pressure did to help clean the blood off the floor that you know the ultimate service week and so there's a really neat dip in the mountain where the temple actually lays in there and a course King David knew you just based on the Scriptures that this was going to be where the meaning of it God would actually be and he would be in a position as he was reading the third as he was writing the third Psalm to do that but see is is you see he too was beaten and he was bruised and they took away his cloak service be your main heat. Here again, he'd been plundered in and subtly different ways. His wives were taken away his is his whole palace had been taken away, but look what he says that he has not forgotten my law. In other words, no matter what happens to us. The stories much bigger than us right Jesus went to the cross, you know, and then think about how Jesus restored Peter after the trail right Jesus said to them, right, Peter, do you love me, you see what happens you know as the restoration happens as we sometimes get our veil taken we get robbed.

I have a story in my own life lost the dealership and and really I was robbed in so many different ways but by not forgetting Laura realizing that God is really up to something is up to something beautiful and all of this will be 400 right all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and walk the corridors first so you know how cool is it that here we see a scene that been your own life if you think about it if you're totally in love with Christ. I guarantee it somewhere in your just like in the fifth chapter of the song of Solomon somewhere you will get beaten, you will get bruised and they will take away your cloak okay you're gonna get robbed, but when you do, just remember this is something that God's working ordinary visit the same verses can come back when we get to the sectioning hardly recapture all that with you but today just be thinking all my goodness, oh my goodness.

I look back at those times and I was beaten and bruised and robbed of my cloak.

You know what a one of thing God was doing to be able to restore me back right Robbie, do you love me or to insert your name, wherever that may be.

Thank you so much again the song of Solomon chapter 5 at verse seven is what I've been talking about abortion. This was 1/61 verse of the head section that fifth verse of the head section 61st verse of Psalm absent so study and love of God's word that you would do this with

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