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Psalms 119:63 - You Get A 100 Mothers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 8, 2021 8:48 am

Psalms 119:63 - You Get A 100 Mothers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Treasurers of team over for the delightful, delightful day digging around in my hundred 19 Psalm we are now in the seventh verse of the Hecht section, which you know is we have been talking all along that that's kind of significant that hat is this idea of marriage and unity and you know that's going to make fruit which we can talk about in the next letter will get there but is also we talk about that when you look in the Isaiah 11 passage of the annoying things of Christ, and we can see all these letters are anointed and it's it would appear that the psalmist is going in this order of the seven annoying things that we see there so the Holy Spirit guided them at least because you can clearly see it once again in this so today were in the 63rd verse, and just absolutely amazing verse it says I am a companion of them that fear the end of them that keep thy precepts services. The seventh anointing is a delight in the fear of the Lord.

It's interesting that he says I'm in a companion but another amazingly beautiful thing about the verse is that he's quoting a word you know when he says companion you know he was a Torah scholar and so he uses a word when you go back and look the first time to use this word is actually in the book of Judges when the Benjamite said that all the stuff and give you and all the men of Israel came around that city. Well, if you look in Judges 2011 it says of all the men of Israel were gathered of the city and knit together as one man so that idea of knit together that that is how that's translated in English but is using the exact same word that King David used here in Psalm 119 verse 63 so that word companion may insist all a lot more than just my buddies. This is the idea behind the band of brothers like that we do in the masculine journey that when you come together against a common enemy and and and your knit together in a community. This is the church.

Ryan and and how the church is supposed to be in it so much more than than than just a companion okay and in my own life.

You know what I've found here.

Sure, you probably have two but in Mark chapter 10, Jesus tells us that you know those who give up lands and family and all these things will not fail to receive 100 times as many mothers, sisters, brothers, and ate at an elephant board persecutions, but every little bit passage in Mark. It's a literal deal like as you follow Christ, you end up with all these companions and this is what King David is good and it is the idea of tested as we join together in the body of Christ.

We are becoming his bride so is in no shock to you that the seventh verse talks about this idea, being knit together in the body of Christ you know with those that keep the precepts you know if we talked about these precepts many times certainly tubing the love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength and your neighbor as yourself… To know it. So beautiful that this is the way this plays out. So you know I don't. As you have a thought down and started to write out your hundred but you know I do a devotion at a retirement home. I talked about before, and you know I have is hundred and four late-year-old lady that was. She was in her 80s. My first are going, but she passed away at it in 104 but often thought man Miss Beck is definitely one of my mother's head this month. This woman of God that that believe me, this was this woman read through the Bible, probably 80 or 90 times. Who knows how many times in her life. She knew the Bible like nobody I've ever known. She had such a sweet faith and of the hundred and four, she was still eating worship, she was still playing the piano. She was still getting people to Bible studies. She told me that you know as long as the war was over. Don't get out according to Ecclesiastes out you know this woman was a treasure treasure treasure and she was one of my mother's and if you think about it, you got 100. All my goodness to my hundred brothers right so what King David is sharing here is part of what happens with the fear of the Lord with a delight in the fear the Lord is that you will end up being a companion with those fear the Lord and keep his precepts knit together in this battle right that this this in the Lord's army.

I just think of Ms. Beck.

I can't help but think about that when I do that and how precious she is, but also all my brothers and sisters in Christ and all choose to this day Christian card I theater is not a week go by that she doesn't encourage me is a mother to me in semi-different ways. I it's just I could go on and on, but rather you thought about it that you thought about while since you been in Christ. How many companions he got how many of these that you are knit together within a new family. How many mothers how many brothers, sisters, right in God continues to bring people in the father me it's it's an absolutely beautiful thing.

And again, verse 63 I am a companion of all that fear the and then keep thy precepts is what we get. Verse eight. The whole idea of tested and union and marriage and is much fruit in all this.

As we come together. Thank you so much for the

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