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Psalms 119:66- Good Judgement

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 11, 2021 11:24 am

Psalms 119:66- Good Judgement

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 11, 2021 11:24 am

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The opposite of Abraham Lincoln's quote, "If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will." Good judgement the Psalmist asks for - What does that look like?

Psalms 119:66

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Treasurers your time versus that section. As you may know letter Tet has to do with talk, which is goodness. And so it's all about goodness in the next eight verses as we started the last episode with the first in the lead in the Tet section, which was for 65 today we get to dig around in the goodness of verse 66 and as we talked about the Isaiah 11 kinda template that were laying over.

These are the seven anointing's are the seven different aspects of each of these letters that it would appear the psalmist is using.

So if we looked at the yesterdays being the wisdom of the letter Tet of of of this idea. Then today would be the understanding and I think you'll see that completely in the first that we have here so the 66th verse 11 it says teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I have believed by commandments. So it's absolutely once again, as all the verses will start with this letter Tet. The idea of teach in so many different ways has to do with that letter Tet because there certainly a lot of goodness and that one of the neat things about the word judgment and of course we see that judgments one of the 10 words in the PDF that I shared at the very beginning before even got in the verses, the 10 words that are repeated time and time again one of those is a judgments while inside of that word judgment is this letter Tet which speaks to the idea, which I love and of good judgment because when you look at judgment from a biblical standpoint which are looking for is the goodness you're looking for the hidden thing that would be good, and so many times were put into a situation where it seems like there's no good alternative.

Well, that's where judgment comes in as were trying to find the good way in and so is is fascinating to me. I remember going to my first Boot Camp messenger in boot camp and were talking about how to really love on your wife and and one of the things that they taught that just I've never forgotten, was to try to determine your spouse's glory. In other words, how do they reflect God. What's the what's that something in them that looks like their secret sauce. You know, there are two all beef patties special sauce something that is just very unique about your spouse. It really seems to be a gift that God gave them an wow if you can see that and call that out.

Another was you looking for the really really good thing in your spouse and then bringing that out. It's pretty easy to find the bad in somebody that famous quote from Abraham Lincoln. If you look for the bad and human kind. You know you'll surely find it while it's the same thing that if you really, really look for the good in somebody even if they appear to be struggling and call that out. That is, they begin to walk in their calling in mind how God made them. I mean, it's a beautiful thing to have good judgment right. It's just absolutely neat that that's almost here.

In this idea of goodness in this idea of the Tet is telling us if you understand this and that you are to be looking for the good and good knowledge presents recent teach me good judgment and good knowledge.

If some bad stuff we could be learning but all my goodness to learn this knowledge again is it's one of the anointing's that will get to later but it's absolutely beautiful that here we have these connected to the concept of good and then you know how cool is it that it's the reason he says that is, for I have believed by commandments.

In other words, if you believe the truth and love your neighbor as yourself, then you're gonna need good judgment accurately need good knowledge or if you believe you know all these different what they call nits for these good deeds you know I'm in a clean, not on the edges of my field like Boaz had good judgment. Any I mean he found the gift it is to get wonderful is a mess in your course David's grandfather's arming clearly his dad had good judgment.

Another way he he he he saw the good is he was doing his commandment in the Lord's commandment, that you you leave this for the poor and and he saw the whole picture you can see how that applied in his life right and and so when I think about you know if I believe the commandment is love you, your wife is, as Christ loved the church less work. Christ is trying to do for me what I'm trying to do for my wife so I came on from that boot camp. I couldn't help but note that Gino might my wife loves to hold babies.

She loves little children, and so when we were. You may have heard me say this before before I was teaching in special needs. My wife was in the nursery. Holding the baby. She she loves to nurture people and and so is interesting. I came on from that boot camp at I was asking Tammy as my kids were getting little bit older but you never thought about working in a daycare when I said that I mean her eyes lit up like it was a Christmas tree really like it. You know, just to be able to be around children everything they nurture them in whatever it was just like that's exactly where she reflected God's glory right right there and so it's it was fascinating to me that I could spot something in my wife and then allow her to walk in and see the joy that brought her hearts.

Of course you later is is is you you got perpetual children when it comes to specially know folks with autism and Down syndrome of those kind of things and we have a chance to work with those guys every week. Will you can see that that's my wife's glory immediate interest clearly is. And so what Naomi what a neat prayer. The psalmist asked for this goodness is a really good deal. He says teach me good judgment and good knowledge as I believe your commandments and is just a beautiful thing.

I'm so grateful that you have a good judge of the list. They share with me and I pray that God will continue to show you good things that that those of us who believe his commandment and I will have an opportunity in our lives.

Thanks again

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