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Pslams 119:67 The Good In The Bad

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 12, 2021 8:48 am

Pslams 119:67 The Good In The Bad

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 12, 2021 8:48 am

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The Hidden Good in the Hebrew letter Tet

Before I was afflicted I went astray - The counsel of the Psalmist is forever embedded with this verse, Robby shares several stories to illustrate

Psalms 119:67

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 having such a good time to get around to section of the hundred 19 Psalm of a week to get begin the verse 67 and as we talked about the letter tapped is the letter that begins the word top of which means good and there's so much goodness, it's often hidden in this verse. Here we can see that really well. I believe so. Verse 67 is the third verse in the tech section. So if were following along with that Isaiah 11 anointing the seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit. So they would start out with wisdom like the first first we did yesterday we did the second verse today would be with wisdom, understanding, counsel is the third and counsel in Hebrew. When you look at it you can see very much pointing you in the right path, and so with what's direction to go in your current situation. So counsel is what we need here, especially that way.

This reads so verse 67 reads before I was afflicted I went astray.

But now I have kept thy word so you can see that they were going in the wrong way, but the affliction apparently made a course correction or area we had the hidden goodness right that the infliction itself caused them to make a course correction and then they Got word right.

They kept Jesus on the Mets gets essentially what it means when you keep in the word so but in this case a course are talking about. The psalmist was talking about when he was afflicted at and clearly you can see a lot of times working David well when a fleet was afflicted, but before he was afflicted it, saying he went astray, so it's interesting that the affliction there and you can save anyone astray with Bathsheba that would be the easy one, and then he got afflicted and then all of a sudden you know the word became very important to them. As you can see in in many of the other Psalms that he wrote but let's just put this in practical terms, once I did a show on the Christian Car Guy bay. I'll never forget it because I was like the Holy Spirit just guided me to do a show that was called. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel so my my thought was that I was gonna get a bunch of callers to call in and share with me.

You know were God, help them avoid accidents and when Jesus took the wheel.

There you know send that at the idea of counsel was all about that Jesus take the wheel, but the first call changed everything and actually change that entire show and it has everything to do with this particular prayer that that the psalmist is thinking except oh what the first caller said well let me tell you where I was when Jesus took the wheel. I was driving on my way to an appointment with my girlfriend and she ran a red light and we were sideswiped and now as a result of that accident, I'm paralyzed from the waist down.

He said, but that situation sounds horrible, but what happened was, I'd gotten into Buddhism and as I was laying in the hospital I realized that wow II have gone astray, and went back to Jesus and he said all I I was certainly in this situation so that I could find my way back to God. And so it's not like I've never forgotten the stories not likely. Jesus said if your arm is is is messing you up, cut it off well here we have a situation of the man he lost use of his legs, but I've never forgotten that call. As long as I live it it set up several other calls that were all along the same line in the last call that day was from a man that was a preacher's son and that he had been preached to all his life. As you might guess, in he one-day walked in the living room announced both his parents. I'm done with religion. I don't believe in God. This is ridiculous.

I'm not doing this anymore and he went out and got in his car and got in the race and got in a horrible accident as well. He didn't have the tragic circumstances. Other than that with the time it sounded like it was pretty tragic and when his mother heard the ambulance. She told the pastor for. Come on God's had you known our son out in the woodshed so again I don't know how this works in your own life if you see that where you been afflicted and then all the sudden oh my goodness, you know there was a course correction buzzing about my own story last year I was determined to play classical gas and I had this idea really on the letter health that gives us this idea. Verse desire strong and of God's, come to your aid and help us to do it while I play the guitar and played it when I was younger and put it down for many many years and so I was just like man. This is what I've I want to be able to play classical gas a whole time I was playing before that was my dream that I'd always given up on and so was hoping I could break that agreement and and be able to do that. Why fact, I made the commitment to that the boot camp in the fall of last year I was in play classical gas and so long about August. I'd been practicing, practicing, practicing in a finally got to the point like a play about half the song is very excited about my progress and then all of a sudden one day I decide got a new hedge trimmer people that know me well know this dangerous and Robbie's hands so unfortunately you know I didn't follow the directions and you know to make a very gross story short, I really injured my little finger really really bad. In fact, some of it was gone for appearance on the back, but then the result was a hospital visit all kinds of stitches.

Well it was on my left hand, right, and if you are familiar with the song classical gas it requires quite a bit of use of the little finger in order to knit hit all the notes that are involved in that particular self because you get to stretch your fingers way out. In order to be able to do certain things in that song.

So there I was, I had this commitment and all the sudden is I was praying through this God. How did you let this happen, you would do well before I was afflicted I went astray, and I realized that all my goodness I although I wanted to do this. Forgot I wasn't doing it with God.

Right because I was doing it in my own strength as learn to play classical gas all on my own will.

Now I was in the situation where I was going to have to play it. Essentially, with three fingers of your thumbs hold other ones down so now I was like God or eat your you shared with me that if I do this with eager to help me and what an adventure that started in an for 2 1/2 months.

He and I worked every day to be able to play that song which I played at the but before I was afflicted right. I was not my adventure with Jesus. I was on the adventure thinking that this was some I could do for Jesus, but I wasn't on the adventure with Jesus. So I love love love this verse and the idea of goodness rightly see that the goodness is hidden in the affliction and then there is also this concept is Mike hello is this not counsel. This is not beautiful counsel, and so you know I love this verse. Enjoy studying with me today at 190

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