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Classic Comedy with Dr. Erwin Lutzer from 2014

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 21, 2021 7:00 am

Classic Comedy with Dr. Erwin Lutzer from 2014

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 21, 2021 7:00 am

A Rare treat to hear this side of Dr. Lutzer - hilarious!!

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The survey I'm excited but I'm going to proceed would be an understatement of blood them in proportion because we have Dr. Irwin Luther with those who you may know was regular listening to the Truth Network host of running to win the Moody church and for the normal show and you often get to see here is phenomenal Bible teaching, but every European RB passes breakfast where we get a chance to see something that everybody was CMS 0M Truth Network I wanted to be able to share that with you today you met one thing I know about Pastor Luther is the joy of the Lord his strength and that I get to see that strength every year and so I have this opportunity to share a little bit that with you is a couple years ago he gave this newscast from Chicago that I would love for him to do for our listeners now welcome Dr. Luther, I'm glad to be with you Robbie and I do want to explain to the listeners that you will hear a different site to me when I do this but I have found that humor often times opens people up in the sense that they connect with you. And after that, of course most important thing is that they be open to the word of God that I hope that you have a sense of humor and without any further ado, Robbie. I guess I could begin now the news release fired over the heads of riders in Miami this morning, killing several people in a second-story apartment building Chicago man attempting to walk around the world. Ground up the coast of New York yesterday afternoon.

Monday will occur twice next week though the phenomenon happens only once every million years and scientists can explain it. They do say that they're happy to have that extra day to study it in Chicago.

A man was arrested today by federal authorities and charged with illegally using food stamps. Now he was using those food stamps to mail a watermelon to animal stories in the news tonight the dog exploded on a downtown street corner 40 fleas lost their lives in three pedestrians were overcome by her truck carrying 2000 pounds of goat hair overturned on the Chicago Expressway yesterday afternoon please are still combing the area. A ship carrying 100 metric tons of yo-yos had a reef off the coast of Florida yesterday afternoon. The vessel sank and resurfaced 64 times also in the news, Doug Tincher, world-famous Scrabble player died in California this past week is buried in Los Angeles today six down and three cross and by the way, now I am noticing that some headlines are coming into our newsroom and all give you the latest headlines as they are being directed to us San Francisco dockworkers walk off the pier as rescue operations continue at the club disbands due to lack of interest plastic surgeon melts tool and die worker dies after being struck with the tool. 21 are killed in a 21 gun salute and finally in the headlines. Thousands are found dead. When a cemetery was excavated in Boston and now we have some latebreaking baseball scores actually and baseball is being played in this season, 6 to 5827 in extra innings. By the way, the winner of that extruding thriller was a series of partial score Kansas City Royals to around-the-clock around the world join us every 30 minutes for the news. The news as it happens right here on CK news complete

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