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NRB Classic Interview from 2014 with Larry George & Faith Radio Uganda

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 28, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Classic Interview from 2014 with Larry George & Faith Radio Uganda

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 28, 2021 5:00 am

How fun to be with my old friend Larry George with Siloam Missionary homes at the NRB in 2014

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World vision reported.

I can tell you so cool because you come across your stand there and all the sudden here's Daniel from Uganda and Daniel has such a neat ministry faith radio bear are you talk about taking your passion and use that for the kingdom. How about faith radio and Uganda and so, tell us a little bit about faith radio, yes. Faith radio is a radio station that not Uganda. In a small town called Bali, and H is run by ministers Uganda and Dottie Epoque ministers Uganda, seen by a practical cub a week I try to my dog getting in on the path assignment faith in the radio voice. You can hear that she must've trained you earlier how to get old you get here. I got 20 years to be involved in the radio ministry I walk by faith radio Uganda for about three hours before a mold or much of the United States to get my training in radio broadcasting and I used to run a treatment structural on how children's rights can be respected because we've had a lot of incidents as well and out of children.

You still have your student select was my shoulder would bring in kids from different scores in different churches it would just interrupt and share with them, so faith, which is an area of about 10 million people and I we broadcast the gospel. We are ministry oriented and we feel it's time to just spread the gospel and shout what God is doing in your kind and also to just touch people's lives understand from my friend Larry Georgia is a place to go home work that you have somebody by the name of stripes. And there's a very neat story of how God works through that yesterday was yes actually stripes you mindful that my Dr. Price and that was way back in the 70s stripes was an eight year old man who used to walk you know we did talk with him even after today, people still walk very many miles to get photo tools to go to different places so stripes ministry was Houston walk and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ you will go to the market. Go to the villages and get spread the gospel and this was an ATF old man walked all the way around and he is willing them was not actually stripes stripes was actually a nickname because every time he would preach the gospel of Jesus Christ before. Yet you mean I'm sure many of you on how to view the ending way back that are used and Idi Amin forgot just to team up every time I would attend a meeting with him because he was spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and that that for the time when Christianity was on.a lot of prosecution that red bars said lots of rebel activities but stripes like a man would never give up preaching the gospel you went through different thing to get beat up. Now I'm not yet get beat up on your 20 beat up when you're 60, yet you know what I'm talking about S deferred. The average age of a person's 50 but God kept him alive and she was 80 beleaguered antichrist. Yesterday my.right.

We got it will get to relearn yes we left our hero strategies get beat and and what happened and preaching, you know, he never give up his main goal was to spread the gospel and people fed preach to what my and/or the time finally this so that'll mean fed up with this model never wanted to kill them because I don't mind you know what that and the defendant told one of the mind is done about that gun and broccoli state had to beat him up and broccoli state because the thoughts you know if you have no teeth then maybe might give up and stop preaching. But even after taking out his teeth. Stripes kept preaching the bus break Walking and preaching the gospel and that next time my dad no way. But then my react very I wrench marriages still hiring managers today my dad got married at about age 18 in my mind. I think 15 and got married and living a very tough life.

My dad was a fisherman and that life is not easy life is not easy. So he give up. He give up with life and decided to drink a lot in his life was torn apart, but that doesn't time stripes when my mother was giving birth to our firstborn son Charlie.

I've never met met before because he died at him and H and R stripes went home and brought commodities like this, like sugar for the little child and for my mom and he led my mom to Christ told my mom about how the rebels you know restricted demon being in my mom was touch for the next time you Kim and I… Charlie saw a man sucking for home and he told my dad about Christ's and my dad became a non-Christian pink TAT has a long way not having the Lord joined the camera your thoughts to overcharge their and at that time when what the youth pastor I did not charge what you attacked by the rebels of Idi Amin and he was killed.

So my dad was actually met the female pasta and affected hunting for my garden.

The rebels wanted to kill my dad many situations where you want to take his life away, but they decided to run away from northern you are stressed very tough. There and I moved on to peacetime Uganda where I know I rescued you comps and just left you comps well where all these people from the war-torn areas being looked after, and at that time there was a group formed by Christian missionaries from Britain came on I visited that refugee camp and my dad was the leadoff of the community and fascinated by my.story and if they once I didn't want to study a diploma in Bible school. You tell him Bali and later on was that in father heading went for bachelor's degree – sponsored into boy again for my status in Kenya where we all went with him and I can back to kinda decided to come back Uganda and seven demanding that principle of the Bible college in Uganda and now you got faith radio is yell here is this man just taken a beating for the gospel everywhere and look how God has blessed now. Bless you Daniel dear here at the NRB and how can people connect and pray for faith radio Uganda.

Yes, we would love you to keep praying for the walk of thoughts in Uganda and it's been a great revival in Uganda.

Many churches people are looking for God not the only hope because somebody comes to judge without food and drink only chicken to give us offertory. It just shows that you know the gospel is growing, then people just have the faith and will just want you to pray for us that you know more people will be reached with the gospel and one of our main goals is to expand our radio. We are trying to get our tower on top of the mountain so that we can reach more people for the gospel and yet we just need your prayers and the cucumbers are common visits Uganda side with us on the web yeah will impact yes Jenna backed ministries Uganda Archie yet article great having you on the eighth annual auto blessing and honor God's name great

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