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Psalm 119:80 Dads and Shame

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 6, 2021 8:29 am

Psalm 119:80 Dads and Shame

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 6, 2021 8:29 am

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When we feel shame it's like a warning light on our dash boards flashing - I need a dad! Seeing how God can Father you will help you to put down your fig leaf. This verse is that prayer and Robby shares his story along these lines.

Psalms 119:80

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Treasurers oh I love verse of each of these sections. Today we get to do.

The eighth verse of the section left early. The miracle verse for the hands of God and boy, this one would be a miracle.

There's no doubt I'm sure dear. The psalmist says in English let my heart be sound in my statutes that I'd be not ashamed. And so that words sound is not unlike the first verse where it's perfect and so you have a perfectly wholehearted and again this is working. David was headed so much of his life was to get that whole heart and for it to be sound in my statutes that I be not ashamed and you know one of the things I really learned about in probably the last 15 years is just been a constant lesson plan is on shame right and how often I find myself ashamed and what I have discovered through is a lot of Bible study and a lot of wonderful teachers, especially John Eldridge's missed messages with wild at heart is shame is very much connected to the orphan spirit of words because of our view of God not being our father, we end up in the situation of feeling ashamed about a lot of things and one it's really shame is a really good thing. From the standpoint of it shows us where we have work to do.

So if you're feeling shame in something like the perfect example is is you know you feel behind in your yard work or you feel behind in your housework. Do you feel behind in your work at work and there's a shame that cadets ask associated with that or you walk into if your man and you walk into a chainsaw store it in yet you know you you feel like you don't know anything about what you talking about do you know there's a sense of shame because you're looking for a father that somebody to follow you through these many different things and you know if you've ever finished may be in you did not get the fish off the hook and you felt like your dad should be there to show you how the stuff done or how to Tylenol or or So many different places in life where we feel shame, especially in relationships and we need a father and so as we begin to see if God is our father, and walk in that relationship is very much has to do with this verse that that we would be sound because that statutes is the hook commit. If the that the idea of these highly holy commandments which require Sun ship. I mean they just really really do. So if our hearts could be sound if they could be perfect and son ship we we would walk around not like Adam covering up everyplace with our fig leaves and posing but what we in a we could walk out of shame. And so here's this opportunity that did that the you read the hands of God can pray that God will work on our hearts right and make them sound that we would be not ashamed when it came to know how he wants things done as we being his children and the beautiful thing. If you think about it you know the old story is a beautiful story about the young boy who was standing on the shore. Looking out of this cruise ship that was miles and miles away, waiting for the communist man smarties study and so were you. You know so intent on looking at that current cruise ship and and little boy said well I want to waive you know when it comes close to shore. You know that I want to waves of the C meet the man said you don't think that that Capt. is just Dan and I love you know bridge that ship looking out to see if he can in a wave and some kid standing on the shore to go so you will. He's my dad that's the picture that's the picture and so often when we find ourselves feeling shame. It's a great like check engine light on your dashboard flashing saying you need you need to check under the hood, you need to see what God is trying to show you that you you know he wants to follow you through this and here's ways that he can do that so I thought I was sure story this crazy story, but if you're the greatest Garda you may be understand is that one of the places that I first are doing the show because the National Public Radio show the car talk was so tremendously popular. Back in those guys were alive.

Everybody expected the Christian card. I showed to be like a Christian version of Quicken clack hits a lot of people back in those days would call in and asked me questions on how to fix the garden course I would have mechanics on the help me not you know I worked in the service department when I was younger I know a lot about cars but I'm clearly not.

I'm not a mechanic and and so there was a lot of shame always for me when people begin to ask questions and I'm like I have not even yet you know the greatest mechanics have areas where they don't have expertise I can tell you is just like a surgeon that works on feet is not necessarily great on hands and so you know or on hearts.

You know whatever the case may be, but my point is that you know here I am. I'm supposed to be this I would feel the shame can elect to do this well you know what we're going through a hard time.

We really didn't have a lawnmower for lawn and I didn't have the money and so actually to borrow some money to get this old riding lawnmower and when I checked it out. It seemed fine and everything was was good because we had a great big yard in this house. This is maybe 10, 12 years ago was right after I started going to boot camps and finding out about this message about walking with God as father.

Unfortunately, the man who sold me the tractor did mention that almost every single time that you mow would distract with this particular engine you need to check the oil so like the third time I mowed with my brand-new used lawnmower. The engine seized. I mean literally that's up I was with this lawnmower with the seas engine right and I didn't have the money in.

I'd spent all that infected by all the $500 to get the lawnmower and so I was just my wife was not happy like what if you done, you know, we gotta get our lawn mold and so I found used for new engine or whatever on eBay. That was a 12 hp that would fit this particular lawnmower and it was only like $110. And so, believe it or not I still can't believe I did this, but I had the courage I was like, walk with you gone on this and so I before I bought the engine I YouTube right just so I could get some fathering on how to replace an engine in this kind of lawnmower and fortunately in a God provided me with the perfect video to show me exactly how to do it and so I like had a father and so I ordered this engine and I put in a I got the engine in I put it in the lawnmower.

It it was a chore on the tell you it was. It probably took me two days no of working on it in order to get that engine in that lawnmower, which probably should take an hour, but nonetheless I got it done and can I just tell you that the matter shame that one away is God fathered me through fixing that lawnmower and when I was riding around my lawn mowing my lawn knowing that I had replace the engine. There was no there is no explaining the sensitive of like man God you are so good like you you you walk me right through this you fathered me and and you know what an opportunity we have every time right we begin to feel that shame in whatever area that is is God.

Okay, how can you father me in this, how can you walk me through this.

Is there somebody do I need to be humble enough to go as somebody you know can you help me do this and I have a friend he talks on and on about you know when he needed the brakes done on his car and he asked her friend to come over and help him and you want a wonderful thing to be fathered by somebody else does God has been providing fathers all over the place with her. That was a coach when you were young are so many different things even if you didn't have a father and of God is continually providing fathers. It's wonderful, wonderful message and I know in my heart of hearts that the psalmist you know struggled with his father Jesse because Jesse thought, you know that he wasn't.David M was everything it was supposed to be sent in a David had his own sense of shame and so many different ways but here he's working on a Denny's working on it with the father begin with the last of the good section is another let it be put in on God, God, to make her heart sounded perfect in my statutes that we be not ashamed

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