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Psalms 119:90 - Understaning For The Heart That Goes On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 20, 2021 9:03 am

Psalms 119:90 - Understaning For The Heart That Goes On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 20, 2021 9:03 am

Psalms 119:90 This year I made my Christmas wreath out of Franklin Fir branches. I really like a wreath of Franklin.

The Understanding our hearts need in the second verse of the Lamed section, God is Faithful to all generations - Robby shares a story along those lines

Psalms 119:90

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Treasurers love these verses in the moment that almond letter meeting. The heart and soul.

King David's point of view were talking about a wholehearted individual.

Here he's sharing with us in the Islamic versus you know what the wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, and fear the Lord would be when it comes to your heart because those are the anointing's of the Holy Spirit that we learned about in Isaiah 11 and and so as we go through each of the sections we get an idea of how to do that. So what is our heart need as far as wisdom and it's really cool that their byword is established in heaven.

In other words, our hearts, no that what a wonderful thing that they just know that you know God's plan is working out here that everything is going to be good. You know if that can make the journey for my head to my heart that's specifically the wisdom that my heart needs. So what would the understanding be inserted when read this in verse 90 that were trying out today and it would be the understanding verse of the law meant for the heart, so that I faithfulness is under all generations, thou has established the earth and it abided we need our hearts desperately need to know that God is faithful. In other words, he believes in you.

He has faith in you.

He has faith in your children. He is faithful to. He is faithful to all generations, our hearts need to know that God has faith, he believes in us right. I mean, this is absolutely to this beautiful and and it is more than true that he established the earth, and it does abided. I mean it is there just like we are to buy a Bible where you can abide is in your heart and so our understanding would be this that that God has faith in me. This is a beautiful amazing understanding that he has faith in you. He has faith in your generations so an example of that is I thought about this beautiful example. Actually when we do other mask under any boot camps.

Sometimes we do something called listing prayer which is essentially that it would break off in groups of seven or eight people and then we all listen everybody in the group to see if God wants to speak over somebody that's in the group so we all listen for a name and as we hear that name, and we all agree that that's who God wants to speak over then we start to listen what is God have to say over this person and it takes a lot of faith obviously to go into this exercise and it's always very awkward things very uncomfortable but I can't even begin to tell you all the fruit of it, but this one time we were at the North Carolina boys Academy and which is short of the drug and alcohol rehab place for young teenagers and these boys that were I don't know. There were 14, 15 or 16 and somewhere in that neighborhood.

And here we have a group of them. There's a couple older guys. Leaders with me and for whatever reason God put our hearts to do that with these younger people while when these boys were sitting there and supposedly listen for God if if I had the experiences I would never believe for the fifth first 15 minutes. All they did was laugh.

They just laughed hysterically and every time you have kids get tickled and they can't stop laughing every time the inmate apologized.

I'm so sorry. And then they laugh again and they laugh again and the whole time there laughing on displaying God where we going with this. I inarguably did this in a clearly this isn't something that make me feel is real and so as it turned out after like that 15 minutes it started to happen in one of them said one hearing. I don't recall the boys name the patent he heard the name and then one of the leaders heard the name and I confirm that that was the name and the next thing you know all these boys started speaking over this other young man, which was absolutely amazing in itself and and and you know I could see that this was awkward as it could be for them but they were doing it, but what happened afterward is what blows my mind is weak and probably spent 2030 minutes speaking over this young man and then one by one, the boy started coming up to me we are supposed to be in a break, but the first one came to me and he said cannot not talk to you in private lesson yeah and so we go over and in his his question to me was I mean, I clearly heard that name and then I clearly heard. Did I really hear this. Was that really God I mean I hurt you know when he was just in all that he had the ability to hear from God and then he went into his whole story.

I mean, Sharon, all of why he was there and what he experienced in and in all my goodness how he felt his response. In other words, he felt like God would talk to him. In other words, God had faith in him and he first began to sense that, and what a huge difference it made in his life will he know more in a walked away or I may have been talking to him when the second boy walked up and he had exactly the same question Mr. Robbie, do you really think that was God talking to me it is with it was almost identical experiences. I said the Army knew did you hear it.

I mean yeah because the boy started making reference to things that they were saying that they would not of known and less God told him and and so it was it was a miraculous thing that that they had witnessed and that they heard out of their own voice and it was one of those visits because of them that I feel like God you never showed up in and made it made a real impression and so you know we talked for maybe 20, 30 minutes and will and I walked away from them.

Then the third boy comes over and it was exactly the same thing, he goes through no. Did we really hear this. And then he tells me his whole story, how he just cannot remember. He was a little bit older than the other boys he was 18 and he was tell me you know what happened with his father and also something that that clearly what you see there you know I thought in them and I'm sure much the team amassed under any thought. Will these boys are just too young to really to take part in this listening prayer exercise like oh my goodness I'm a I feel that even call exercise visits up good. I mean, God showed up.

He showed up big time and impacted lives for eternity right in and when people hear from God and evicted there in that type of per thing. It's absolutely amazing and so this verse is precious to my heart just is because I know right that God's faithfulness is that all generations thou established the earth and it abide in me now coolest our hearts be that this is what King David that understand his abs chair next verse with you next time. Thank solicited

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