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Psalms 119:92 - Strength For Your Heart

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 22, 2021 9:38 am

Psalms 119:92 - Strength For Your Heart

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 22, 2021 9:38 am

Psalms 119:92 Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction.

The fourth anointing being Might, in this verse the fourth in the Lamed or heart section shares where King David's Strength came from, his delight in the Torah... Robby shares his own Conversion story that happened in his Bible reading.

Psalms 119:92

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. How fun we get to in my first day in the Monmouth section Gina, what is the mind of your heart. Pretty cool concept.

And so this is actually we get to do the 92nd verse, which will resist read in English here and less dialogue had been my delights. I should have perished in my affliction.

And so as I studied this verse is just absolutely amazing concept. The thing that stuck out at me like a sore thumb from is this word perished in my affliction and again that's the last thing you want to happen. Obviously for anybody is for them to perish, and in the idea they are of perishing. It is is literally your your light goes out your candle blows out Hermione related that and you know it's fascinating to me that again along the lines of my right.

We know the joy of the Lord is our strength and so here he is delighting in the law which you know since you know essentially we are a reflection of God's light. You know, the more we read, the more we study the more we delight in his word clearly that the more oil we ever mean the more that that fuel that we have to burn to make it brighter and essentially if you get the idea of your candle not burning. How are you not going to stumble. How are you not going to fall how unifying the way if if you don't have any light right. How can you even see in the and in the dark times that are coming in. Obviously, if we delight in the law, you know it's it's it's her strength. It's the strength of your heart right and so here we see the strength of this wholehearted psalmist which we know as King David and he his whole heart right was after dialogue you can see it throughout this Psalm clearly because of that you know he he could certainly find his way in the dark, and certainly the enemy would've liked to have had him perished before you just write all these amazing words so wonderfully. When we apply this to our own lives and you think about a time that you are being greatly afflicted write a timer. It seem like you know is getting close in, and certainly have had that in my life and in the numerous ways that what I really think about is hope for whatever reason I didn't come to the Lord until later in life right. It was 36 years old and it was through the Bible itself that he lit my candle okay so I don't know if I told you the story before but essentially here's what here's what happened. I bought the series from Norman Vincent Beale because I want to sell more cars. Not because I want to get my candlelit met.

The idea was that that I was gonna sell more cars and by doing that I bought the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Beale well the beginning of that series. It was a tape that one of the first things I remember him saying fact only thing I remember the whole series that he said was if you want to have a positive mental attitude right which is some all salesmen need if you want a positive mental attitude. You need to get up an hour earlier every morning and read your Bible that was wisdom above wisdom actually was given me right up the good him he was giving me your meeting time with Jesus as I would begin and I and I was that the time it seemed absolutely lunatic to me that I would really mean read the Bible is given somehow or another help me sell more cars and so it can imagine is I am going through the Scriptures. Either pick it up in Genesis I start reading is pretty exciting stuff as I had no idea what was in there and occurs when you get in the Exodus. It's a lot like the movie the 10 Commandments very very exciting.

But as you get further and accidents all sudden there start to talk about equipment out of a live in how to make the tabernacle in all these details and and I was just like wow how in the world can this have anything to do a sound has been in one of the things that really grabbed me was when Aaron's kids offered the wrong incidents and essentially ended up in a both perishing deserved snuff that got snuffed out big time and I was just angry at God over that I was like, really. I thought you're supposed be loving and kind and I mean all these guys did was offer the wrong incidents or whatever and it just didn't seem fair. And then it just went downhill from there. Because I remember getting terribly pathetic God over Aikins kids knows one thing they can. The devoted things, but you might remember it. I think it's in numbers where he keeps Seminole notes and judges coming in in Joshua where Aiken keeps the devoted things after they conquered Jericho and then they go up to i.e. in the struggle. So they cast a lot and I find that it was this guy and then they stone him.

Not only him but his whole family and my God. How can this be right. You and Mimi this just can't be the I've heard this, you know, loving God. All these years and this just this is was making me madder and madder so fast forward to the book of Job right I get to jail and I'm expecting you know, just being me the pagan I was as I expected Job to be about patients and then when I realize that oh my goodness. God, you know, this seems to be like a bet between you and Satan over this guy and and really you know it is kids dying in everything he has and gets the sores on then you send these horrible people is that they are accusing him of all the stuff and I was getting madder and madder and madder.

And interestingly God had me right where he wanted me because when all of a sudden he shows up at the end of the book of Job, and says okay Job since you're so smart. When asked you a few questions. Well, the problem was got Robbie.

Robbie thought he was God. Robbie thought he was really smart and he can figure all these things out when God turned on Job and said okay if you're so smart in her just glad make it snow since you know all of why all these things happen you know, make it snow or if you want bring in the tide know there are several things he said. But the one that really hooked me was can you stick your hook in about home.

Well I didn't know what a moment was so it sent me on a mission because I needed to understand this and I just sensed it was critical to my own understanding of God lighted here was the moment of truth and it really was a moment of truth and and as I went and actually bought a can't still believe I did this, but I did. I went to a Christian bookstore bottom. Matthew Henry commentary so I can figure out what of the home with was what in the world. This meant and as I read and understood what of the home with was from at least Matthew Henry's point of view. All the sudden right, it hit me that while I I don't know how to make it snow.

I don't think I can or do I want to stick a hook of the home of Ann and I realized, wow if I'm not God I surely need one. And apparently he has a really high standard that you know clearly I don't mean and so I had a real problem and end with that real problem came wisdom right to fear the Lord and that wisdom was the desire to get my candlelit right to be quickened to to see my way and and so as I got to the New Testament. He lit my candle right I saw that. Oh Jesus died so I can meet this standard. Jesus died and in and is accepted Christ.

He lit my candle right now I act as is I was saved in the word of God.

I have such a delight for and delight to dig around. I think this this verse is just super precious to my heart and as clearly it was to David's that here is the might right as you delight in these things, and I know that if you listen and follow missiles. You might in the word and this believe me where your heart is finding its strength when it comes in the dark places it has plenty of firepower light your candle. Thank you for listening today in the hundred 19 so

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