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Christan Car Guy Classic Show From Christmas 2008 with Dr Sonny

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 26, 2021 8:30 am

Christan Car Guy Classic Show From Christmas 2008 with Dr Sonny

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 26, 2021 8:30 am

One of my all time favorite shows features Dr. Sonny and his amazing acronimic mind - Race Car Driver Clint Thomas with a call in from my mom - Both Dr. Sonny and my mom are with the Lord now but this show will forever live on in my memory as an all time favorite

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Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a form truck while working getting the stand of the market. A water buffalo open, more importantly, opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that. Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign welcome to Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians finds out cars by the book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

One 866-34-TRUTH 1-866-348-7884.

What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Roddy Gilmore only five shopping days left to Christmas and if you're in your car right now you may think you're in a race maybe a demolition derby in early to try to take out already this week in Richmond, but she escaped with only minor and as we already through these last five days.

If you're like me you would just want to stay on track and and maybe finish the race so you may have guessed by now, today show has something to do with racing we have on the show today. The Christian racing triple threat live from California. He is the master of motorsports parables. The wizard of wide oval racetrack biblical timelines. He refers to himself as a recovering bozo is Dr. Sonny Fox from team possibilities.

Dr. Sonny, welcome, good morning good morning what you were did well is look for something in your bio that stands out, you know, and bozo you know that just being that I lived in Chicago at one point, always had an affinity for all recovering so ministering to break double-click toward the gospel using motorsports parables and what God is there to do with the gift that he's given me tried to update fishing and farming in the wind or anything a tea party and all that into the 21st century. So everybody has a car know the car or been around the car 75 million people attend the motorsports event here in America. 200 million in Europe, so I came up with the motorsports parables, and then when I write in the motorsports that was rated also have a column called motorsports parables, and also I put together the racetrack Bible timeline because a lot of people think that he loved understand the story in the Bible but it just doesn't make any just the line and I don't know don't know what it work so what I did was take an old track and you got it up on your website morning and thank you very much. Thanks to go around the racetrack, so that you could see all of the events that occur and you can remember, turn through turn three and those kind of thing that I do. That's what he does is going to be awesome. I'm telling you, if you go to Christian Car someone and you check out the oval racetrack. The difficult timeline as you click on it that you can enlarge it. It's really cool. We have lines open so if you want to test Dr. Sonny he's up to it.

866-34-TRUTH here's what you can test. He has an acronym for any automotive word you can come up with it like a race was acting in for race Dr. Sonny, responsibility, accountability, commitment, and education. Those are the four tires on the car anyone about the fly did not go to get where you need. Our maybe you know it.

Maybe these dental well somewhere in your you try to put your car together once it was an acronym for well out there somewhere.

Dr. absolutely God's word equipped to love deeply. Just like when you use metal together welding.

We are quick to love deeply. The deeper you love the closer we get all right there you go if you want to test Dr. Sonny 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if you digitally gifted and you can do it.

You can go to 866-34-TRUTH and I be very proud of his ability that if you can think of any automotive word you know maybe a satnav think about Titania and Yahoo knows what call us with it. Dr. Sonny promises by the end of the show.

He's going to have a parent is never terrible for you, so works out about that. Next up are racecar triple threat today and we've got some holiday racing trips from our resident Christian racecar guy.

He's clipped Thomas with pain, performance he's going to school us on how to take out those lame cheaters hot egg locking that Primo all taught a parking spot right click welcome. That's right, you will have a few Dragon tips. We appreciate being back on the show space with our 12 ministries and wasting as I think they do some cool stuff that are 12 stands for Romans 12 so this is actually somebody who takes Jesus out on the track with him.

I mean it's going because we got that, not and then certainly if you got that holiday racing question no. I'm sick of this happening I met you call Clint 866-34-TRUTH. He's here to give you the really get bumped her out on the track and those kind of things happen you know so that part of our triple threat this morning from our our very own Christian body shop guy Jerry from Ray's body shop just in case you have to drop up.

It's like old red know there was a Nissan that kinda get my car versus a calyx. It was a tough thing of Richmond is like Jerry but he's here for some you know if you're in the pits Jerry.

What we need to do. I will talk a little bit about what can I get to give your car to get the key given back throughout the year and also a clan in here is great because I hope he gives advice and pointers how to brush up against somebody may keep us all in business. So welcome to the Christian Car Guy show I am Robbie Gilmore 35 years in the retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ Christian card I talkshow is changing the way people look at the cars they need to be paid for no debt. They need tender loving care and they need a name.

If you're thinking what's Robbie talk about old red.

That's the name of my truck think about you see old tractors out there that about mail since the 40s are still running.

Why do you think truth is if you maintain your car it can last as long as you do. They need to be safe and driven safely. Speaking of nonstop speed if you're following Jesus is regarding the right liners. We like to call him a Christian card are the righteous lame. It's estimated that Americans waste 96 million gallons of gasoline on speeding the fine prelates meeting. I think I'm a lot more we can pay the Christian Car Guy courses a talkshow so if we need to hear from you. That's what makes the show as our listeners, 866-348-7884 and then coming up in our last segment today that for you here will bit for me it's our praise about a real black segment book appraisal by the real black book segment that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding later in our praise about a real black book this race to Christmas.

You can't even get into the race unless you qualify to understand and really experience Christmas you have to qualify for the race.

So today I want to share my story of how I qualified for the Christmas race coming up within the show in our appraisal by the real black book really cool again on the website you can see Dr. Sonny's race oval racetrack plus link to his website got all our experts there and Tom's performance. Jerry spot Ray's body shop or any of those other people but also synthesis close to Christmas. You know there's some really cool Christmas present ideas that are there at the website as a base from juiced hybrids on if you're familiar. Those guys they put out some cool stuff they have this key way is called a Kiwi fuel saving device is sort of a color display, you can put one in your racecar clan and and and you may not need to pick quite so often because it creates are like a game plugs into your own car's computer and it plugs in the car to go back to like 94 and it makes it awesome that you can create this game to how you can save gas again. You know you can't met manage what you don't measure. So that's with the Kiwis about. You can see all that Christian card. Click on juiced hybrids then one great race that I know is going on today is with our flagship affiliate here in Winston-Salem. WTR you AM 830 has teamed up with every radio station in the area is a race against hunger. This Christmas, the second harvest Food Bank has them all lined up there about 30 radio stations out there, Greensboro, North Carolina Coliseum, and accepting both perishable and financial nonperishable achievement accepting nonperishable foods and financial donations understand this distant dollar can feed seven people.

So if you get $10 you I can save 70 people if you can't make it out to the Greensboro Coliseum. You can go to or call him at 336-397-2552. If you're in the area. You gotta see this of the Greenbrook Coliseum.

I mean it's time for my 30 radio stations. People all over the place.

Remember when want anybody to go hungry this Christmas. Dr. Sawyer still with me after all that you thought I was more the barges off. Thank you thank you thank you very much. You are going well. We got Jim in Missouri.

Jim you're on the Christian card. I do more than good morning, you got a car park for Dr. Sonny and I'll make sure our target mechanical or body either one. I yeah you go there but probably a lot easier than I think the third quarter panel quarter panel hi Dr. Sonny, here's your mission if you choose to accept it. By the end of the show that just a few words and quarter panel. I hope you spelling it right you know we got your your flight I can't spell my want my mother would tell you that. All right, Jim 5682 different here by the end of the show coming up this number is 1866 34 call us with your questions or comments you hear that race going on your list into the special Christmas.

Additionally Christian card. We have a Christmas race going on here today and I gotta tell you, there's a lot of cool stuff going on like if you happen to be in this area of the Greensboro Coliseum second harvest Food Bank. All the radio stations in the area, including our stations.

WP well the light and whatever you got Anita being the boss lady she's out there ready to take your donations one dollar can feed a family of seven. While cement unbelievable so you might make your way out there. The harvest food by Dr. Sonny when we left our heroes you're trying to make a parable for quarter panel. If you got it yet living in a dizzy dimple is existing and we have Dr. Sonny Fox. He is with motorsports parables are that it's actually team possibilities and we challenge you today you come up with your word any automotive term because it 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884, and Dr. Sonny will make a parable, you name it titanium summer. Now that's the my friend called and he said quarter panel layout is Dr. Sonny. Okay quarter panel. If you go to my website gave us you will see part of the oval racetrack is a crew cab Bible timeline at all, not quarter panel of one through 11 so you can walk somebody down the side of a crew cab and run the entire Bible timeline down there, but specifically my parable for you using quarter panel quickly undo anxiety. Repent today that the quarter will handle pride accumulates nonsense, and it eliminates love. So what you need to do is if your quarter panel is out of whack. Take it to the auto body shop guy is not eliminate that that's unbelievable I mean is just amazing.

You think we set that up funds, but all right you got your word.

Give us a call 866-348-7884. You gotta go to website… Christian card. because he is Dr. Sonny's over racetrack listen listen to Ali's aunt Sally. Since Adam has an accident right at the starting line. The track is flooded, in turn, one Noah track as a large fire in turn to something coming out of the turn to the Israelite race team is penalized for hundred years for not obeying the rules.

There's a huge wreck midway down the track, causing the Davidic kingdom race to the team.

The team split. Jesus is born in turn three. The Jeep.

The church splits in turn for the rapture happens just before the race is completed pit road is a thousand year millennium kingdom and the garage area is in the new heaven and the new earth. It's cool to see when you actually see it as a racetrack and I Dr. Sonny people asked me this story the other make anything like that. But let's make it a one lap 7000 year right and will start with the fallen will end up in the garage area where there is no more pain.

No more bodywork from those guys don't forget all done but I tell you that they've had a raise these guys. They have we got Harley. He's a trucker out there. He's been listen Harley welcome the Christian card morning good morning America. Merry Christmas to you what what it sounds like you got a part challenge for Dr. Sonny get her baby about the velocity going see the joint that's a good part Harley that's what you are.what one of the letters again CD drive and Carl Becker yes a lot of the joint… DD Christ victory is our joy that we needed Christ to great neck and your great and how I do it and I can't do it, but God gave me this gift and that's why I do it now.

You can see why he called me to present the gospel using motorsports parables and it is the gift and I'm telling you it is I'm I'm so thankful for, and I'm giving it back to people just like this car I see you got the test word you know you can think about it. 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-348-7884 email Sonny that he sent me basically a book that always parable is just a mind blower the things that we can just learn and you know every word has a humongous meaning than the Dr. Sonny can you help you remember things when you are not will try to remember geography he would save yourself how I remember the five Great Lakes word home. Thank you, when you like your on Ontario, Michigan. The barrier that the way you now you tell me my history classes sped by my kids are out to listen. And then that's good to be big for him because I think most of the final exams are over. At this point Dr. Sonny with the kid next master good, but those words in their powerful stuff until somebody or other favorites. You know our weight on somebody else because it 866-34-TRUTH disseminated for well I think the word bring SPR ING prayer provide prevent redemption is necessary for great if you want to bring it back with Christ to be definitive prior to the thinning prayer or redemption is not very for great you have it.

Sounds you need to spring on out 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

We want to hear your words.

You know it's a challenge and illegally got we got Clint here. He's with the R 12 and in Clint that was just the sick article where that come from come from chipping room and live in an age and what they've been trying to encourage people with churches in your life trying to pursue Christ in everything in your thoughts the way your actions are and for our race team. That's our car number and become our philosophy and it comes from Romans 12, which tells little bit about that for Romans 12 is like the thing that we try to encourage our board members is Romans 12 six. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man's gift is prophecy, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve if it is teaching, let him teach if it is encouraging, let him encourage his contribution contribution to the needs of others, let him give generously or fits if it's coming up with acronyms to maximize has not arrived. Dr. that what you call it actualization or what you out if you come up with some ointment but anyway what a cool ministry and so you guys out there racing and even out of the Fellowship of Christian athletes is come out and talk to you guys about how we can engage the young athletes in the him) yes, I think is one of those things where when you sit in the seat you try to wander from that's really an athlete going around the racetrack, but it saw the size just the physical part and running speeds from 50 to 200 is on the road courses you probably looking at 20 to 30 shifts a lab. Is it work so Matt and the mental part.

The middle is probably more than anything, especially under the heat and all of those safety gear that you actuator so there you have it if you got that racing question. You know what your right this minute. I know you're trying to that parking spot 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Clint's gonna come up with some tips for some holiday driving there keep you out of the body shop with Jerry here 866-34-TRUTH 8788 or you know I'm dying to hear some of the Jerry you got some Christmas presents that you think your car you know if you're in the pits and how can we help out our car resort take a car granted so much as the colicky given back. We all think that will going to give our loved ones what car should be a loved one. One of the things that we can do is then take a lot of money.

We always have to go get the oil change schedule change. Get all your precious check on your tires and that kind of thing in the Senate. If you want more longevity. Keep given back to you and that will go the extra mile give that little extra ticket to clean up our detail shop where they can do a undercarriage under body wash specialist, you get that all washed out the salt road grime get wax cleaned it up, get that body and you see on little dense out because you last of the lake away from the whole esteem of United. If you have steamrolled ready now you look at it you got happens to me. I can look pretty is not expensive and you can yeah now I mean that technology is change. There's that sometimes you get some of the demons out of the vehicle without even have defined work is doing the night was that repair which we doing Lotta shelter taken that all men initiate the great opportunities in the just a minimal amount of money to like back in your car because you know some people get new new car for the know you can save gazillions word for you gazillions of dollars by just fixing up old rents of think we got Greg. He's got maybes got apart for you, Dr. Sonny (catalytic rotor and dragged were not excited about the word man. What of what he got for us valve body one… Bumper bumper years ago, Dr. Sonny, what about bumper well believers that big, always easy believer, you can always do believers understand that the way my my work here, you could watch by my work as it lays out bumper is believers understand that the mission of people who redemption other thing soldier bumper on your car for a believer to which is way through life and bring Christ to others without my big bang bang bang bang bang bang cc.against Greg. You know I thought you had for minute now that you dredge your call very much God bless you. You're welcome your list of the Christian card. Our radio show.

If you try to, you want to stop Dr. Sonny with your automotive part, word that he can't make an acronym or about the car parable 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

That's 866-348-7884 Dr. Sonny you know I was thinking that you know that something about something you know people back on the track like you do some bumping. It will run into a few people now and then if you do have to get them straight here.

Alright, so maybe there was an underwriter will have a lot more racing, out with Christmas racing to find out more about A-list is more? I do come in my car you listen to Christian radio show will probably do more but today we got a special Christmas additional got Dr. Sonny proxies live out in California. He is with the team possibilities in need of Christian motorsports parables. We got Clint Thompson from aunt Tom's performance. Jerry from Ray's body shop and if you happen to be in the Greensboro North Carolina area want to mention again that we've got our whole team of our flagship station WTR UAM 830 out there. The Greensboro Coliseum working hard for the second harvest Food Bank. If you're in that area God or make a donation.

Dr. Sonny while we are at the break man. They have lined up on the phone they got parts for you buddy there flying at you.

Okay, we got shut up first job near Ramachandran Carnegie morning Merry Christmas to you later on in body we got show we're shutting down boy went some. Dr. Sonny will put an acronym with what is just like having reading your Bible every day. What you need to do is always have something in that. So it's wet so you have time to go. Be ready in and out of season. So what you would do if you want to make sure that you have the word wet stuff. The word interrelate or transmission others.

That's how you keep your software with the word Max, that's awesome and thank you your list of the Christian card if you can stop Dr. Sonny with your motorsport Park, 866-348-7884 we got Richard in Florida.

Richard laid on the body were looking forward to this Merry Christmas to you Richard what are you got form where you go all the saw antilock braking song matters and that when Dr. Sonny all all believers I like and I like break. There is no anti-.

It was apparently Richard got blessed was my first acronym, the master of Akron is in minimization here on the Christian card call is with your 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got a Canadian one, natural trip from Manitoba. Trent, Your Honor Christian card I good morning Lord is viewed in a white Christmas at their body. All you better place for Michigan played out there to back out there do the letter told school all well here we go. I love you all the commandments of the Bible rest going to do actual work of God and love others while you turn it so much. Got Greg Beatty in Christmas of their how cool that I learned that it's Douglas you're right, you can call us with yours. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 like us and we got Dr. Sonny is just one part of the triple threat letter they were raising triple threat we got got Jerry from Ray's body shop in case you need to go in the pits because you got that love them and we have Clint. He is our Christian racecar guy here is out there slop and paint with people weekly, but you want you want to give some tips you know you got this holiday parking spot, you know that's your headed there and so we try to beat until what's what's the plan. My plan is AZ Park away and she is to walk and think about how I'm going to do my shopping and and take time of the Lord and also like we ever take enough time and I try to use a little extra time to walk, exercise Delta, the Lord is I'm going to base you have battle with the other shoppers probably would cause a lot less frustration than to think if you not lupine in Lutheran outlook men trying to find it if you just go ahead and you can find a lot faster and probably own average space. A deer in the Haiti holidays increases me and maybe the number one this to having that little extra time you find a parking spot.

Quicken near the door a lot quicker than others, so a lot Correa there you have it.

But now you're out on the racetrack. Don't tell me that you that if they leave the door open. You stick it on and on, and I it's a big enough for you go you just going to take a Cadillac write a letter for me, Jerry. Now here's a result, I mean Alex Dr. Cadillac in there you go spot, you know, what can we do for merit raise positive we gotta start doing a little bit of repair work and knows about working on crime and a whole lot this year. Space after Elana and Deb's little story. Clint picked different parsing or car that he we just had got dissipated work and stuff and some go testing this weekend. Well, then, that Monday came back with a handful of parts or all find and wrinkled paint peeled off his advise walk. Don't push right the don't do what he does do it. He said you can you can check out those parking spots on YouTube with our toil sponge in our toil. The middle, or how to Christian Car and click on Hank's links. I have experts. We got Mark keep families got apart for a Dr. Sonny Markey are on the Christian card I good morning.

If I conquered the morning when all oh thank you Mark while Europe or not you are out there with Dr. Sonny don't tell us about your point is now concentrate all right.

I board potentially our men were there buddy go Dr. geometer is basically something in your car that tell you the potential of the battery) and the only way that you can become connected to God is to get across there and let that potential that he had flow through you out to other believers and so the P potentiometer would be prayer.

That's where you load yourself with the potential across the battery. I thought I had it I thought you did see I was a member buddy back of the book calling back and you have added man. I was a whole segment all right for all you Mark you listen to the special Christmas.

Additionally, Christian Car Guy radio show with Dr. Sonny Fox. He's the master bathroom sensation, not to mention Carpenter motorsports parables 866-34-TRUTH if you think you can stop and we got LaDonna she's in Richmond you know she's a southern girl she can do it, but on help us out man when we need help. We were taking a beating here when he can get potentiometer it on what you force.

While I was thinking of capital but I guess the one that I would offer didactic money in transmission transfer is okay list like this one good. That's a good one.

Thank you directly because I grew up in Fredericksburg at about 50 miles north of you there on 95 okay what what it takes the power of God and that motor the motor for transfers his love and power and strength into the rear wheels that they could where we need to go so the Trinity PR is for repentance, you need to repent.

Okay for the nation.

You asked actually naturalizing the power from the end it all back to the transportation okay BN is to never give up on him. Okay BN is to understand that your mission is the transmission to take the love of God and give it that overactive and take that car you're in and go through life and witness for him with no dance because the dead man's good to gather dance and keep it away now sadly now they're all three of us in one parable from Richmond Virginia.

I bless you bye-bye all right you listen to Christian card you know we got the motorsports triple threat on here and were working to get you yet. Working on 866-34-TRUTH 87884 James is in King North Carolina.

James taken on by you got what it takes man all man transducer that's outed part work there in my old navy day. That was a reactor operator on summary, your one of power and make that another part can you know what God does he take like the word meek the word meek shall inherit the earth being the Greek word problem PRA US and what that does is like a transducer to take the Wildhorse and it breaks it such that it power and strength can be used.

So a transducer is much like the word meek in the sermon on the mount backed by in the word proud is the word in Greek that shows that all that power can now be used without it running wild and hurting itself. Another transducer is God's way to make you make well that's amazing man. He's good he's good.

Thank you James. Bless God bless you have a great Christmas you are. Listen to the Christian card again 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you can stop Dr. Sonny we got past the neon pastor near you. Some religious cardboard on pastor but I have no you passed me on you. You do some of motorcycle. Don't you see you I laid on buddy Brett Brackett reminded me of the different ways, like different ministry arrived.

Gotta bring things around like your regiment when using a ghost click click it also has torque there, and Jesus can only use you with the gift you have with the torque that he applies to you at the appropriate time.

So what you have to remember to say that I mean you really like mentor on a little bit a lot more parables to not more from Clint Moore about the Christmas). Talk about that right after this breaks they tutor because it 866-34-TRUTH submitted Christian card number is 1866 34 columns with your questions or comments. All right where you race in the Christmas year five shopping days left on the Christian card radio show were trying to put out of his Christmas race with our rate threat. We must talk to me of a wife restart triple threat. We've got Dr. Sonny Fox in California he's with team possibilities.

He does motorsports parables and he also doesn't cool drawings like the racetrack oval timeline to Christian

You can check out that they are or you can email any of our expert like red Jerry at Ray's body shop.

I cannot remember my own name sometimes and we got Clint Thomas with Hank Tom's performance. My love to have them on together is because both of them work for a place that is not their name is easy to confuse me, but I Dr. Sonny and Dr. Sonnydid you have any more for the Harley-Davidson part of Dr. neon before we move on our praise about the right along. We can move right along. Okay well those very regular listens to Christian card.

I know that this is our praise about a real black time and have time for more parables for those you hang on. I know we got several that 866-34-TRUTH if you want to stop Sonny before the end of the show, but our praise about a real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure.

Cry out for discernment, and lift up her voice and understanding talk today about the Christmas race. You can even get into the race unless you qualify and an understanding really experience Christmas you have to qualify for the race to the dam. I share my story of how I qualify for Christmas race and that's coming up right now in our praise about the real black book know in 1991 a few years ago. As you can see him but Christian all along that I became the manager of Crown Honda Volvo in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was a car salesman and at that time we were living in Greensboro North Carolina since pretty good drive between the two and I was commuting. It was taken me about an hour every day and I try to figure out what to do it that time and so I bought a book on tape called the power of positive thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Bill know so I can learn how someone car that was the whole thing now is amazing how Jesus sometimes meets you where you are, but that's what I was trying to do and how to sell more cars, but in that tape set Dr. Peel indicated that you should get up an hour early every morning and read the Bible in order to get a positive mental one.

The world is after they were selling cars, but I search my house and I remembered I had one of those things. I had a Bible that somebody give me back like in the sixth grade and you know after all these moves and all I got. You just can't throw out a Bible tried it just is he going there but I still had a Bible. So I started reading that I was sure that this was foolishness but I bought the tape that cost me 100 bucks and I was so in that he said you know before you read this poster praying to be an orderly person like I am, I decided I would start the beginning and read through Genesis and exit this in the first part is really exciting about the time I got an exit is another talk about cutting out the fat of the liver not come from and what is this have to do with selling cars I was with discouragement. Some inside discectomy. Robbie got pushed through this every minute it got a little bit better when I got in the chronicles the then I got the Joe know there I was expecting Joe to be about patients. I thought that's what I always heard you. I'm still trying to figure out how to sell cars from others how to get a positive mental attitude but nonetheless I'm range of and man, the poor guy Satan takes them out takes kids all the stuff and then there's 27 chapters. It'll try your patience. As these guys give them advice about what he should do and I was just like man I can. I don't know if I can deal with another chapter and then you get to about the 38th after work.

God shows up in a whirlwind and he starts talking to Jehovah and what he says to Job as he says, you know, let me ask you a few questions minute pull yourself up by the stress. I will ask you something. When the Astro these questions like when did you bring up the sun one time or maybe you can set the scene for me and they start talking about this the home.

I said you can't stick a hook in his nose and bring it enough that led know what III don't think I could and I don't ever start to think about that for the first time in my life. I realize that I wasn't, and now I had a problem because if I wasn't God. I couldn't handle my own car so to speak of a Christmas race. If I couldn't be the driver that I needed another driver we needed a driver change the Christmas race so I can look at Hebrews 12 one to be the Christmas race theme verse says therefore we also since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight in the sin which so easily inspires us, and let us run with endurance the race that is that before so I think this if you picture what the writer is telling you this is Indianapolis 500 man. You got all the spectators, not just witnesses or spectators there watching you run this race as I did and I was 500 and how you can run the race when he got 500 anchors lead anchors in your trunk. That's the problem.

You gotta get rid of that that weight this way you down and you know I think those weights are, what they call the bottles. Simply put, if things are just not right with God. The first thing God wants right is for you to accept his Christmas gift is pretty simple.

Will you open it and take a look at it. He sent his son Christmas to take all those anchors on himself. If you believe he died for your anchors. Never was almost send all those things you didn't work right if you believe it he died on the cross for you and God raised him from the dead, you can ask him to forgive you for those things and ask him to be your driver man and he will take you through the Christmas race with Jesus as your driver Dr. so you can't lose can issue that I wrote Colleen Kelly, AK lose everything except the king well let it all away and except for getting a marriage your fair and you can win a Christmas race doing telephone is that hang on for ever. So there Joe are you still there with us there. We need to stop and we just got a couple minutes left. I believe I while I know that part well with all pressure valve pressure validated to relieve pressure or redirect pressure or something like that in one of the greatest things you can do to relieve the anxiety within you is like I LE AK lose everything that the bad get your island any relief you need lose everything except the king before I leave the radio today that people understand that this is a gift that I have been given, and I hope I didn't come across prideful because that's the wrong but if you think you don't try to hold you gotta get to Cheryl. She's in Norfolk, Virginia generally run existing cargo will for you usually hold that the Goodwin like you and what what the word repent means is to change direction and what that you've all done using several way to get hold cards bring together or get hold of things together like your driveshaft to be a leader in and what God is in your you both what he does he help you change direction and hold everything together while he taken all that power from the Internet taken it to the transmissions of God is your you go you understand the become a believer. Thank you, thank you so God bless you sweetheart. I any final thoughts from my Christmas card driver about this some else you want to say that humans dutifully went on the series are patients driving back and forth and do all the traffic and everything to be able to finish the race.

Just like we do is starts off with patients. I know you think you can make it next spot you end up having to go to raise some Torah that means everything slows down. You want to say Merry Christmas. I know everybody out there to hear. We would appreciate ever by the sports commission card along with R12 ministry. Check us out on you to thereby have a Merry Christmas and Jerry were you on the site well. One thing I like say just about have a happy Merry Christmas and and and really Satan and then if you do have Robbins make you think auto body shop, get it taken care of because at Carson's and given back to you throughout the year and talk about giving member what Christmas is all about mission. We give thanks for the greatest gift that was ever given to mankind. Jesus Christ is now wow and Dr. Sonny. I'm giving it a last word buddy and I know you Hamlet about the way the word why and if you keep your priorities right. J version oh others that I can why you lead, you will always have joy you other than you, joy you well I knew you could do it. I just knew I want to thank you all for listening to Christian card. I know this eyelashes before Christmas. We want to you listeners are what make this show for me, Lord. I just think I really do think the Lord is this ministry. I hope you'll pray for us and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I want you to think about this Christmas who is driving your Christmas race you know and if you turn over the wheel.

You know he can certainly take you and get you back on track and he can certainly help you win the race that's in front of us know. Again, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went 33 years and remember the first time he got a smoking section so people is the next week we got some awesome stuff coming on again, thank you so much for the thank you for listening to Christian card guy radio show Gilmore for more information about the show or to email questions go to Christian that's Christian Thanks for listening and be sure to join us at the same time next week for the Christian radio show

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