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Psalms 119: 97 The Mem is The Middle, Messiah, Malek (King), The Torah, The Truth AND SO MUCH MORE!!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 29, 2021 8:36 am

Psalms 119: 97 The Mem is The Middle, Messiah, Malek (King), The Torah, The Truth AND SO MUCH MORE!!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 29, 2021 8:36 am

Psalms 119:97 MEM. O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day.

The reason we love this Psalm is we love the Messiah, the word, so we can't help but talk about it all day, the word translated meditate can also be to talk about, muse, discuss - no wonder you are listening...THANK YOU - Robby Loves to talk about this.

Psalms 119:97

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 light of deadlines were in the hundred 91 we get what some people consider the middle of the Psalm for interesting reasons as we are transitioning from the moment to the ma'am sober.

Verse 96 to 97, and these transitions are absolutely beautiful and I would be tremendously tremendously remiss not to talk about the transition to begin with because what's happening is. Hopefully it perking David with our alarm and we would be wholehearted and so is where wholehearted the object of a whole heart is the ma'am ma'am is just like oh I don't know if I can even begin to fathom all that it is, but it clearly is Christ in so many different ways. It is the first letter in the word water. It is the first letter in the word Messiah. It is certainly most elite considered to be the Torah itself is the man because in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. You know so the idea of Torah. The idea of water.

The idea of Messiah is a clearly the object of a whole heart would be this, ma'am, and you can kinda go on and on and on.

From the very beginning when the spirit hovered over the waters and my goodness, or just so much here and think about how many times water comes through the Scriptures and so much but there's really beautiful. I don't think well spoken of secret about the letter, ma'am, that King David brings to light here that were conceived throughout these eight verses that I want you to be a current cognizant of it was beautiful to me, when all of a sudden it was unlocked is one of the meanings of the letter, ma'am, it is more right. It is no accident. All that the word more starts with a ma'am. Believe me, and in so many different ways. These letters mimic our letters completely in English, but if you look at the whole section you know is going to get more understanding that his teachers.

These can have more wisdom then it ancients you know he's going to have more wisdom than his enemies numbers all these things are more more more more. Well, when you think about what a king brings to the babe table which again word king is Malik in Hebrew, and so again. It begins with a ma'am nationally and we say kingdom well there you go. Starts with MM again because it is more and more and more and so what are hearts long for more more love, more learning all these things are connected to this beautiful letter ma'am and so it's not a big shocker that this is where, when, in fact, the word truth. Emmett is is absolutely amazing that the way that it's spelled is in all of which we know is the first letter a ma'am which is the middle letter and a top of which is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet subtype. Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, but is also the men right in the middle and so and that spells out what truth so what is in them. Jesus is the truth. I mean all these things come together in such beautiful ways, especially when we are looking inside the Psalm so as we transition here to the 97 verse it's not surprising that the wisdom of anointing of this is.

Oh how I love thy law, it is my meditation all the day is the way that reads in English but it's really fascinating to me. As we studied this particular verse. I'm sure that the Holy Spirit was hard at work to give King David, an expression or the psalmist an expression of how can I say this about this letter. How can I say the wisdom of this letter so you know if you think about just drinking in the word. Oh how I love the law in the way that the that the Psalm mean that this verse starts is with the Hebrew word ma which is a ma'am obviously like all the verses would start with them ma'am section, but it's a ma'am and then it's a hey and so it's like the ma'am expressed to say oh what makes up. Oh baby, what this is huge. And then in other words, love, love that in this is the copy title of this is the big love. Oh how I love died Torah and meaning. Hebrew is just spectacular how he said that and it clearly is is the way he thinks that it is interesting because you know that King David wrote the first Psalm, he uses a completely different word for meditation here than he did for the meditation that is in the first Psalm, so you might remember, you are blessed is the one who blessed is the man who walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of the scornful.

But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in that law. He does meditate day and night will that meditate their is similar to the word infected is the same word.

God told Joshua to do with the law, you know, in the and right at the beginning of the book of Joshua where he says that he supposed to meditate on the word which that that word has the focal letter demo minutes he almost know how great thou art is that kind meditation. But this meditation is more commonly just plain discussion of the meditation it's used in this verse is like I talk about this stuff all the time and when you think about it you know when you really, really, really love something to talk about it all the time.

It was my remember.

I certainly remember when I fell in love with my wife. All I ever wanted to talk about was her and in hopefully I'm still there. I still want to talk about my wife and she's absolutely spectacular. But here we see the King David he can't stop talking about he can't stop talking about the law, which is probably why you are listening to this right this minute because this is my chance to talk about the law.

I love doing this and that's what I get to do this every morning is talk about the law is just spectacular because on my mind on my heart constantly and so when you dearly love something is what you do you talk about it all the time and if you were me, you know, is more than cool that I get to do interviews and discussions with lots of different talkshows and so as these people come in. There's never a time of these wonderful Bible scholars and all the people that are on the Truth Network in our broadcast network and all that stuff that we don't dig deep into the Torah into the law.

We were going to talk Bible from the minute they get in here we do. Their show. I never talk Bible for another 1015 minutes, sometimes an hour afterwards and then I've got several friends that if you don't want to get my wife won't even like don't let them get started because they'll be here all night just talking. I mean, when you find somebody that that is you know the just of like mindedness that just loves loves loves the Bible what they do when you begin that discussion. OH it just can go on and on and on it happened last night happened the night before. You know, and not only do I get to do that, you know, obviously, were you guys this morning was ungrateful very, very grateful. I get to do this but now find that I know throughout the day as I do these different interviews with these different wonderful house that they all have a deep, deep, deep love for the word of course I do. It's Jesus okay corset. The law and so here as we enter into the King section. I wonder if you would just meditate you know, sort of, and by the way, this word meditate and discuss talk about heavy want to say it is also the same word is dig okay so when we try to get to the root of something. This is this kind meditation. It's different than the meditation that is in the first Psalm, and it's in the book of Joshua.

This is a meditation where you dig, especially when you digging for roots because is also similarly word for Butch sees things that branch off of a root of some time in the root of this thing is Christ right he is in itself mean different ways. You know, as we talk about Isaiah 11 is a root write the rent rent comes out of just in this as we dig around in this we were finding the root of words refining the root of of concepts. Obviously, meeting with God and and just enjoying right being right here and so I thank you so much for giving us a chance to talk with you this morning and for listening to this, it is it is such an honor, and joy and love the Savior be in love.

I sure hope you're enjoying thanks so much

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