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My All Time Favorite Show of Our 17 Years - Jesus Take The Wheel from 2009

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 2, 2022 5:00 am

My All Time Favorite Show of Our 17 Years - Jesus Take The Wheel from 2009

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 2, 2022 5:00 am

This show really changed everything  as God showed up big time with the first caller and kept on amazing us through the last caller.

As I realized how powerful these God stories were I changed my formatting to try to always get God stories on the show and have focused on that ever since.


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Welcome to Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians binds all cars by the book will book knobby orange book by God's book the Bible regarding your questions, 186-6342 that's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Ronnie Gilmore.

I've had it All we that question. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel if you want a blessing.

Go read some of these testimonies people are posted there. In one case German by the name of Bob.

He posted where where he was, where Jesus took the handlebars is in his case. He had a motorcycling incident. That's it's it's clearly a miracle that it that he survive it's it's quite a story. We need to hear from you. What was your testimony when it Jesus take the wheel in your situation, you can call us this morning the Christian Car Guy show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or for the visually gifted 866-34-TRUTH you know I been want to do the show for a couple of weeks, but I'm wanted to wait till I had my friend in my Christian body shop guy Jerry Mathis weathers here this morning and so you if you have those bodyshop issues, but Jerry you've got a story of your own Juergen Sharon a few minutes to go absolutely as reading your story might look beyond and around maybe think about when is that I had in the awesome EI wheat we did things when we were younger. In fact, I'm a tell my story here in a minute. In fact, go ahead and tell it right now but we need to hear yours. You know when was it Jesus took the wheel, 866-348-7884. My story happened back in actually 1971 on a date myself a bit. I had been driving along that my father's dealership traded for this little Fiat spider and I begged the used car manager.

I was working some washing cars and or so and asked my dad but I begged the used car manager let me take anything you know and unfortunately they had annihilated that he gave him. He said yeah go ahead take it this about 3 o'clock that afternoon my father knew nothing about it. I ran home and my little brother.

The time I was 15.

He was about 13, You Could Dr. in New Mexico back then, at that age and I picked up my brother and off we went in.

In New Mexico you would go up on the Mesa. That's where you go to do crazy things that we shouldn't be doing.

And obviously no longer try this at home so they were building houses up there and there were some residential State Street said Artie been paved and they have the curbs and gutters up and they had these wonderful curves in this little Fiat spider was a convertible and it just hug the road like nothing I've ever driven before and so I just had to see how fast can I go and make these curves so we would go around the track lead may bear my monkeys residential streets and we would see how fast we going on faster and faster. Well up in the Mesa New Mexico there's a lot of sand in that sand makes it way it's midway into the curbs and and and I caught the inside wheels of my car in that curb and that little Fiat just started spinning and we were going really fast. I didn't know what to do. I actually really just like it says in the song, I let go the wheel and we were to slip and swims swap around swapping Sartre try to figure out where the car was going and it what seem like was probably 20 minutes only ended up being just a few seconds, probably, but then the car just kind of sat in the little road and just rocked back and forth. I looked over my brother. He was white as a ghost as I are you okay and and we get out we look in that car had spun six times down the middle of that road how it didn't hit a curb and all I can say is it when I let go.

I'm pretty certain this point in time. Like another one of my friends posted at the website Sonny. He said that his mom must've been painful and I'm pretty sure my mom settled around the world. But Jesus took the wheel and say that I need this morning.

That's my story of when I let go of the steering well how about you when did Jesus take the wheel. In your case, we want to hear from you this morning. I'm a Christian card I show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 which we certainly want to hear those testimonies. Jerry you you you had a similar story. Yeah, I was probably 17 years old, a member had low Mustang convertible and 48 just got opened up in West Asylum, the eastern part of it were running down the road it'd been writing just a little bit had a car load of guys went to school with out a sigh doesn't get over the past 90 just kick it in. Well I kicked in I started doing same thing you have ever how may times we looped it and have member going across the medium at that time didn't have that cable that you go to get called into anything, so next thing I know I'm still proceeding but I'm in the westbound lane, my eyes were about as big as saucers and I just knew one thing I had to get someone to clean my drawers out because I don't know how I did a fair and it was a lot of traffic on the road. I don't know how I avoid it from hitting anybody. While the gas that I mean you can really drive oil truth is somebody else's drama because there is no possible luck. You could've done that I say to this day of a noun and a Red Cross a couple those geysers who call with many.

Always remember that experience and I do table because absolutely I select the cushion of the seat up how it's it's one of those things written you. You can't help but wonder.

I just got had something for me because I made some really bad decisions to get myself in that position will absolutely think the way that age you think your bullet proof and get behind that wheel and think someone posting a drilling going in the manhood, and you think you can conquer the world for. Thank goodness that that we have praying mothers that that that but we want to hear your story. I would love to you. Note it's just it's fascinating for me always to hear how God's working out there, insert note, don't be stingy.

Call us at 866-348-7884 and shared with this. Good morning.

You listen to Christian card I radio show on Robbie Gilmore, your host over 35 years in the automobile business but more importantly your brother in Christ Christian card I was changing the way people look at their cars and need to be paid for.

Note that they need tender loving care and they need a name like old red. Think about you see those old tractors out there in the elements there still running when you think well if you take care of your car it'll last pretty much as long as you do course can driver the way that during our describing earlier. Speaking of driving safely. Don't speed if you're following Jesus.

He's a guy in the right lane or as we like to call here in the Christian card.

I the righteous Lane is estimated. Americans waste 96 million gallons of gas a week on all the speeding the fine may be more than we can pay the Christian card a is a call-in talk show. As we got lines open. What's on your mind. Maybe you're upset about what happened with the dealers this week at Kaiser GM maybe looking for answers on what these bankruptcies mean lady got a car issue or we would love to hear your testimony about where were you when Jesus took the wheel this morning 866-348-7884. Again, you may not get a chance on the show to tell it. You can go to the website it Christian Car and there you can see these amazing these amazing testimonies that are Artie there and you can add yours because I'm sure everybody that went there and I've had lots of comments this week about people Robbie that story about an animal Robbie that story by Dr. Sonny wow you know these things are amazing. We need to hear yours 866-34-TRUTH we had chosen Utah Aaronic Christian card.

I good morning, what if you got force. Well, I got you a ride with my girlfriend. Your chiropractor well and you run a stop sign got broadsided and I lived through it, not day to control it by car wow really, really, and so was there more injuries because of the accident. I find paraplegic out a while so you found yourself just in a whole different world. On the other side of that accident where different world but my role. You share that just a little bit without listening to Dr. Mike got into giving up migration Judith about that accident on four and that was that something that that you had been taught as a younger person and then you started to see it again. Yeah, I was right Christian. This redline got me into standard business that accident. I I was like what testimony you have. I would think Joe you know in your situation as other people look and see what what what do you tell them when they say what what reason do you have or hope to and what what a blessing that is I can't eat. I've often heard that the reason that Jonah was so effective. Jonah and the whale right was that when he was swallowed by that fish that that apparently that's happened in history a couple of people that it bleaches their skin out towards just bright white and they have no hair start and so here comes Joan in the Nineveh of a bright white looking guy with care in the member gets around this guy's been swallowed by official events that now he tells you to repent know it comes out a little stronger in that case, Joe.

So that's why think you got a rare testimony out there and I'm so thankful that you call this Joe got you there God bless you you you you keep given the hope out there. Thank you Joe sure looked like questions or comments. Where is the question today on the Christian guy this morning that we need to hear your story. These always so wonderful to hear what God's doing out there and and other people can be encouraged like I'm sure you were by June story in Utah 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is how you can get in on this. We want to hear from you.

We got Kathy is in North Carolina. Kathy are on the Christian Car Guy show good morning Blake and Bill Nixon. That's right, I got a story to tell. It wasn't like taking the whale is not card and layout and I was going down to our traffic had stopped in the right lane.

There was no traffic going in the left lane lane highway. They had the big medium that had climbed over in the mail the right, you don't step five on the case that he speaks thing that made him so I like the last car in line. I can say what was going on and I looked in my rearview mirror and it was a car coming wide open and he went and even slowing down and not my first thought was God. He hit me. I'm dead and I was shaken I live only had seconds to think of what should I do and I thought should I get out of card by data pay rent either make a Getting out ran out to heal, not not not and then he was almost only water to the last line he hit that a sets light to medium his car went straight up in the air landed, went straight near again and landed part since Carl is everywhere and he gets Going and it was just a miracle that he did not hit me it was God the Lord thanked my life and I never saw him again. Never felt car again. Anything to this day when I talk about a Houston what God did a lot of times things get her attention. No, we appreciate this relationship will we apparently have let you down a little bit that's that's a wonderful story Kathy.

God bless you and appreciate you sharing that so much. Thank you for taking my call and got blast God blessed, blessed my heart when people share.

Thank you Kathy dear welcome you listen to the Christian card radio show or talk about where were you when Jesus took the wheel. These stories and I know are warm in your there.

Certainly one of my heart. You know, how can we, how can we explain some of these things that happen, we need to hear from you and 866-34-TRUTH. We got Steve is an Illinois Steve you're on the critical cargo show good morning. Bless you what, what if you got for Steve, it doesn't.

You can adjust it where Jesus took the wheel. Sometimes it could be. In my case my whole life. 55. Stayed to try to steer my own way. I think I've been in bed to sleep out all though I doubt that you will be. The father bought it are very outdated, but a good ballot you got started. After about that all would call out the dock ride out to the Lord right. People cried a little bit about how would you come back I will back the next Friday I don't go my record and I would live all what they were crying in the courtroom. Steve yeah.

See what the Holy Spirit thought you but thought about which cloud, there will route you have for my wife who got you got you got though you are a neck with both but felt the love that I cried out to the Lord to help all block the light of God will make you right now.

You never know.

Thank you. I appreciate your call so much. I know everyone else out there is just what a story, and that unity that's a cool thing. Not only can he take the wheel of your car, but more importantly I can take the wheel of your life which ends up that you get to drive to heaven. Thank you Steve.praise God. I appreciate you very much. You listen to Christian Car Guy show where were you when Jesus took the wheel, but we also have Jerry with us here from race body shop you may have those kind of things you want to talk about this morning or you may be one of the contestants and the ultimate auto accessory contest is going on. You can still go to the Christian card. website and click on your and you vote for who you think should be the ultimate auto accessory a very close race number one and number two slot positions overnight, then were back with the rebuke yourself horn and then the pop up sign with the first and back-and-forth is quite a racist family got the sleeping child loader portable garage all their Christian We got Sammy in North Carolina spinning on forever. Sammy you still with you and make it but we got let's see, Jennifer is in Michigan. Jennifer you're on the Christian progression of the morning I'm wonderful tell us your story and then I started my name and we can acquire an errant route and we had a black eye and later in a minivan and scientists who have any Kelly slipped down that antler flipping. I remember being right at me a line and likes to marry white.

I registered them at the time of being dear, I think I like him a line of them there like a shimmering lay in right in front of the huge huge tree flipped over at Leroy like Me great and I have the training I hear anything and we didn't think about the back of the car like what I never thought he dear and I didn't Forget about that cave and then about 10 years after the accident. I would train one day and got show me something again and I knew an Angel air line of them to bury their Angel and they'd gently help you not get that big tree that was right) my story and it's really been a constant testimony for me know what to say but it is so wonderful and I know how safe and how they can trust in him. He didn't take care of the children and anything I can hear your voices know they say perfectly. I say the Bible says perfect love drives out fear and it sounds like during that time you were weren't terrified like you a lot about hey, how about this dear what a cool cool waited to look at yeah yeah you know for you to get on national radio until the doctor had set he does and I'm so thankful that you have the courage to call us and share it with us. It blessed me. I'm telling you, thank you so much okay I think if I meditate I was thinking I buy you can hear all these that you know there's to be a podcast loaded up here in a few hours, probably by 10 o'clock tonight and you can share these and some to hear that Christian Car is more Christian, dry house here in as I could tell you that 863487884. We want to hear your story. I'm sure you've been blessed by these stories, but everybody the Lord laid it on your heart you got share it. Give us a call at 866 I know it's hard to get in but just keep trying 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Where were you when Jesus took the wheel. We have a very very special collar hear this. It was reported according to the computer.

This might be my mother mom you're on the Christian card, good morning. I have an insight of what your story may be, but I would love to hear it again. Well I know this story a new story. Boy am I glad to find something before you were born first night that I little Baptist Church always starting an old Chevrolet with switchbacks to get down into town and even though it was April how headmounted and switchback was covered with black eye and started down a flashing height at the foot of the break and you know what happened to the wrong people who lived at the and then I went back again and I around and facing back up the hill and the now bank well and what the flashing light at the bottom of the hill where Ali wanted carpet smashed Mom, this is 1955, and since I know you probably weren't wearing a seatbelt work it out and let it crack up their car to check in the creek. There were no I didn't cut that out what you tell it like it was the car around and went on to church and I wanted to crack. I love you. Thank you. Just Jesus took the wheel.

Even back in the 50s. While there's no doubt that cropped up the car hit another car. Something he said you and then you played a lot for me later and tell them about thanks mom and praying for you.

It took a lot of thanks mom. God bless you car got show 866-34-TRUTH 87 I was expecting that when I have never heard that story I can't believe I've never thought of you exactly what she did.

866-34-TRUTH 878841 hear your story. There is an old on forever in North Carolina. Mary, on the Christian progression of the morning good morning Lord, yes, yes, I am calling. I'm glad you took the call.

I'm calling Jesus took the wheel about five years ago. I would drive at me in my knee and we would drive it, it stopped at a stop sign stop stop light and a car rear ended up just rear ended up while we stopped at a stop light and we will cannot shake it. What really hurt, but we will kata shaken and that have the driver got out and came around and said, well, are you okay, you'll there is no damage to my car on your call and at that time acted well.

My need for what her neck with her and she was a basketball player and she said her neck is hurting and mad you. I'm a prayer warrior. I would get the local television stations in the prayer room where warrior for you and I heard the Holy Spirit say Monteith it will call to believe what they say. The police wanted to know who wanted the Emma Lancelot will we really hurt whatever the day of the fire truck came the amaranth came the police came, everybody came and they would say the same thing you card not damage but at that time I begin to hear the Holy Spirit say let the avalanche take you and get you checked out the day they begin to say well you can you know you could drive you fail, you can wait till tomorrow and the Holy Spirit begin to tell people allow to let the whole it let the last take you to the hospital to be checked out.

So I said okay I am going to let the avalanche take us to be checked out at the local hospital and he said well you know even though you car it could be driven if not damage someone would have to move it so money, which was just a couple blocks around the corner and Edna told him that we were in an accident and he need to come and move back if not damage, but come and move it so he came and now they will put on the stretcher he came and he said honey are you alright I say well that honey we go to be checked out. We just going to be checked out.

He said okay I'll go ahead and move your car and not a cook at the hospital in them in back in the examining room at the emergency room of the hospital and a wildland day of the nurses you got a visitor you won't company that yeah I would think it was my nieces mother and up and walk my husband and he said to say thank you that honey are you okay I say well you know they feel have been checked out yet, but the you not wait to be checked out.

He said okay and went over and that in a chair and had a heart attack had in the emergency room and I looked at he had a Google is the most horrific gurgle that I could imagine he was there gurgling look and I begin to scream at and they were running so bad they almost ran past the room and looked at me and not leave my and they look took one look at him and knew what was happening. He had had a massive heart attack right in the emergency room and they they got EM and and you know they think they put them on the table and they shock them to why he was he when he literally died they shot him twice. He came back and when they brought it back.

He he died again. They shock him twice. He came back and the doctor told me he said ma'am he said your husband is in serious condition. He's adamant about that heart attack. He said he had we have to do surgery.

We don't have to make the decision on what you want done at and I begin to weep, a cry he said that the doctor said, ma'am, I don't know how you believe he said but if he had a bid anywhere else. We got to go this right while, but you hang out with us. We got we got a couple follow-up questions we need.

So you you come back as I was like okay okay I will hold on 1866 34 questions or comments. Christian radio show. This is an amazing time we've had as he spoke share their places were, Jesus took the wheel of either their lives, as the case may be, or maybe their car and just blessing after blessing. And whatever we want to hear from you. Certainly still this morning.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 and again I will get this podcast uploaded myself, but by about 4 o'clock. I'll do it myself because this this is something you're gonna want to share with some people this afternoon so you gotta hear the show what God's done in these people's lives.

Mary, are you still weightless.

I am Mary, I have to ask your husband made it that he make it make it yeah yeah yeah he is alive. He's alive and whale and so it's obvious when you let the Holy Spirit take over even though you didn't think you may need to go the hospital. He had a reason for it is involved in everything there and Jerry was talking about it during the break the that God just steers us so many times and God bless you for sharing that story. It is so wonderful. Thank you Mary yeah we appreciate it so much that you welcome.

Thank you. All right, but all right where were you when Jesus took the wheel 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Elizabeth is in North Carolina. She's been hanging around about have to show Elizabeth you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning Holly near line online gaming carbonate aren't the ultimate auto accessory, tumors we might hear from John Wayne here in a minute they're going to send these people to Israel or the Oberammergau passion play always to replace his John Wayne. There were words yeah he's coming up the go-ahead. Elizabeth tells tells you rebuke yourself warned. They need to go vote for this ghost evening to go to Greece is to be a missionary right now.

Please walk down when we were younger on 1999 Weaver crack. We were never actually pending kid. We were going to my great grandmother and my mom went and we cannot tell Rachel a little are copyrighted and on the route and I'm on click hot time where I actually ran we actually went down and back and demand that he we were sort went out and we can't like that again. Thankfully the hallway from the van and trapping at the very front now we didn't. We had that horrible night, with a course titled the windshield flew out and we get like even for something now he's been called to be a missionary to Greece. What I want to thank you for calling and sharing that one after the other just blesses me to see how God's he's out there working every minute for Sydney. Thank you for calling. Thank you for taking part of it that accessory contest is awesome if John Wayne ready to he's trying to get there you go. I nearly tumors and 109 you pull it all the parts.

Thank you so much Now all right we got Bonnie in Texas. She's been hanging on, but you gotta cause with your story, 866-348-7884 Bonnie is still with us, please share it back when I was younger and it was before I would ever with serving the Lord our may the Lord with all my heart that I would lick my boyfriend and we had been drinking and now people now from Wharton 29 hi my area with a clearly led my boyfriend had told me that I needed to drive because he wanted any condition to drive and neither went by and the only thing I remembered why getting behind the wheel and getting on the freeway and waking up the next morning and going out in my car with perfectly parked in the parking by and how we made it.

How I have no idea well with me and actually were driving the car so it was amazing for me.

That let me do not care for me. Thank you for sharing that Bonnie God bless you. Appreciate your call very much. We a lot more coming up an email list is more Christian, wow, what a show we talk about where were you when Jesus took the wheel testimony after testimony miracle after miracle you don't think I'm alive and well. Listen to this 866-34-TRUTH got a couple minutes left on the target will wanted two more callers in the gotta go quick though very you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning, good morning.

Yes, here, can you share with us and I was in college when it happened very popular leader and really like the PK, I would expect the church so anyway on July 30 that given your mother pulled me aside condition of my life but I told her you like to have because I really any hypocrite nosily not love the church are in final mind, I would quit playing with you kind of shock that mean I had never been to school. It was always the leader in search of the she was totally shocked to see that movie had a long discussion midnight and I'm tired of going to. Can we play told you I don't believe in God you want me to pray for the summer and I don't believe it, walked out to the bathroom finished up and as I got out I was hearing.

Client went before the Lord just carrying on like this black great and the next day I went to work all day at work. It totally ended the day I'm driving home driving home I would. I wonder when could my weekly fill cart for my whole car was driving frontally caught up with the guy talk with them and what the featherweight well so here I am on the city street and I'm ready in the city of Milwaukee at time and were ready to roll Like standing next to me and I had the car which they then write so great thing barely has the lane and I have okay I worked very well for doing in excess of 90 miles an hour and settling in front of him either Skylark car and it only got I would've killed somebody so I'm trying to figure out how to get past the Cadillac that were going to explode out and get behind it. Meanwhile, the caddie fees mind cut me off and so now I have no choice what I got for the caddie and neck to clean good work at the guy lab. I don't know but later on, we figured out he plopped over the car to save his life, and I think anyway I don't have my feet built. I am falling clear across the cart.

I think I could control to the cart I get back up, pulled the steering wheel of going to yet I getting into bingo port OPP and collect it with a head on collision and that was the end of the ambulance driver picked me up and they said but you got to finish up force here you you can only was hanging tells about the prayer that did later followed what what happened was my mom actually had that day that the Lord she was praying for my life and what will go past the house you get up, get ready to go to hospital you gave your heart to the Lord. The Lord turned their led me back Lord of life that is a true story. One way to one social thank you Harry so much. God bless you. We got a Ron but you might want to consider given that wielded Jesus yourself this week. It's pretty easy to talk to him. He says in Matthew 11 come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, I will give you rest

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