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Psalms 119:101 - Kingdom Behavior

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 5, 2022 8:50 am

Psalms 119:101 - Kingdom Behavior

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 5, 2022 8:50 am

Psalms 119:101 I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word.

Critical knowledge of Kingdom behavior, The Mem is the first two letters of Kingdom and here the Psalmist shares great knowledge to help in times of critical choices as he did with Abigail and Robby shares his story.

Psalms 119:101

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 1012. 119 Saul dig around further in the memo section.

We see some knowledge because rumba knowledge anointing. Once we get to that fifth verse absolutely beautiful to see if completely. There's one letter that we could see and know we need more knowledge of it.

It would be the mammas.

It has so many different aspects to it and I love all these different faces that we get to see of all the letters and especially you know, we could see the face of Jesus and the man from my perspective it's absolutely tremendous, and so the hundred and first verse in English reads I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word so he and I really had a good time studying this verse and to see it in Hebrew, and I was absolutely gorgeous because again were looking for words, the knowledge of the Mama in this verse at and so you get it in the word refrained because it you know he's gonna start every verse with a minimum, and this word roof refrained right that he talked about keeping his feet on the wrong way.

Well, a good place to start with this verse would be what that word was used by King David before it was used in first Samuel 25 when you might remember the story of Abigail and her husband, and I think it was Naboth who wouldn't give David's men substance after you know they had protected them from people that were robbing them like anything and Abigail fell at his feet and you know pleated pleated plated don't hurt you.this isn't something that is worthy of your servants time at Augusta and then at the aft as David is responding to her there in the first annual 25. See, he says, thou has given me great advice and I have refrained my feet. This is exactly the idea here is something you have refrained his feet and I think that we are getting the idea that the knowledge that we need here is the minimum that that ma'am, we've talked about it being water and and we talked about it, meaning more but here it's interesting that from my standpoint you get this kingly aspect. In other words, the beginning of the word Malik in the beginning of the word kingdom at beginning of word kingdom actually is to mems is this idea of majesty is this idea of of power and of and of directing and and being in charge, so to speak, and so one of the interestingly varied keywords in this verse, which also as amendment which I really think is the knowledge that this almost was going after that we would learn about the ma'am in this verse is in the word that which is a preposition, but biblically it's a preposition that is usually meant because of and and so when you think of you know what this almost is saying is because he wants to keep the law that it that is the reason he's refraining his feet, but when you think of how many things Jesus did, because right because his father asked him to do almost everything that you look at the Scriptures that Jesus did, he did it because of what his father's will. Was he did it because he loved us eat there so many because you know it's absolutely amazing and and this that right there, which begins with the ma'am to show you the force of what's going on here at and so when we think about the knowledge that we have this King that is get a step in there like Abigail and help us refrained our feet from evil paths right and and so you know, as always, I have a story and you know where I was not unlike King David and again this is this idea of refraining our feet from evil paths could go everywhere from clicking on some you should look at on the Internet to not going into road rage and all sorts of other things but not in her years ago I was the general manager Brown Honda Volvo and it was at the point time that I was a baby baby Christian and I had developed this prayer life that was really delighting in that I if you've heard me speak many times I often refer to it as the five slammer JAMA Katz pajama prayer in the basically the way this prayer work was that the you're supposed to listen for God and I've gone to see this. My wife fried narrator asked me to go with her to church even though I was a churchgoer and didn't believe in all that stuff. So here I am at this church in the very first sermon I hear is on this prayer were you supposed to imagine that Jesus is sitting right next to you and you just be quiet because you have two ears and one mouth, and so it's better to listen twice as much as you talk and series it does listen and basically listen for God will end up told some stories about that in the past, but this was one of those times as a baby Christian and I knew that I got myself into trouble and I was calling on this prayer for help. So what happened was this sales manager who will go nameless at this point time I could tell you his name anyway. I struggled with him because that he had a tendency to want to make too much money per car and so he would say what I would say the term I would use if he would pass deals that really should've sold the car and I tried and tried to counsel him.

He was there when I came there and and he is expectation was is that if you did make $1000, and that this was many years ago. If you did make $1000 a Jorgen to sell the car.

Well that is, there's a lot more money to be made in selling a car than just the prophet in the original sale because her finance and insurance.

There's all sorts of things that happen when you sell a car and so sometimes you take a $600 deal. Sometimes you take a $300 deal.

The unit was just things that you do in order to keep the car business going because you need the trade-ins and then there's all sorts of things that are involved in having a great deal more experience in the sales manager is trying to tell him don't be passing notes and sending customers away that are willing to pay a profit on car and so this typically day.

The salesman comes running out to me in you know I was outside at the time. For some reason and and he was talking about. This customer was leaving because you know they were only willing to pay a $900 profit not $1000, and so it was really really angry because I told him and told him and told him that I mean it seem like I gone over this many times and so I literally went down the feet. My feet went down the path of David's anger over the bodily. As I went in this showroom.

I let it all all my rage and you may not think I have on my have a horrible temper and I let it all fly at this particular sales manager and thought I made my point. Crystal clear and then you know went on about my duties was long after that that I got a call from the owner, Bryce Reynolds and he didn't mention the incident. All he distant Robbie Unitas got back from a 20 group meeting and I really want to meet with you some over some ideas that I learned at this meeting. Would you mind coming to Greensboro because Greensboro's away from Chapel Hill which mind coming to Greensboro tomorrow morning.

I want to meet with you and I said sure you don't sound exciting rights want to talk to me why not and out five minutes later the general sales manager comes in the my office and says you know I understand you're going to Greensboro tomorrow and I said how did you know that and he goes well, the sales manager had gone to Royce over you screaming at them in the showroom will now I had a predicament right. I could see that you know I'd been betrayed and in the and I was turning to people for advice of general sales manager was just clear. You know you cannot put up with this. You know you been as patient as you can be with the sales manager and you gotta put your foot down and tell Royce know and and and so I listen to that and then I called my father who was, you know it been a management consultant in the car business forever told him the whole scenario the whole story and my father gave me the same advice you know you just need to tell Royce that you know you're right in the situation and if he wants you to run the dealership. You know you gotta run it your way and I listen to that and then I thought, you know, there's just something that isn't quite right. And so I guess the Holy Spirit was refrigerating my feet from an evil path, will I really think back on it is beautiful so I decided that I would be a good idea to employ the five slammer JAMA Katz pajama prayer. In other words, you know, get my mind quiet and just listen and try to get God's counsel on this situation and so I did that the night before I left for Greensboro.

I got quiet and I listened. And Jesus told me something quite different than the Council I'd gotten from the other people. He was like you shouldn't of done. You should never scream. You are right in what you were saying, but you did it wrong and shouldn't screamed at him and from the showroom and so you the counselor Jesus gave me was to go to Royce and say I know I'm in this meeting and you know I was wrong.

This is what I did and I really need to get better at that and so interestingly I went again to the meeting. Royce was clearly white non-me up in the office and as I sat down just as Jesus had described to me.

I said, Royce I know I'm here and and I need to tell you that I was wrong and that I shouldn't of corrected that sales manager Matt temper in front of the entire showroom that I can or ashamed. The dealership and myself and and you and I need to get better at this and I met some I need to work on and and that is just bad behavior and I you know sure you on the work on it.

You know I've learned you know you don't tear people down in public you you do that in private and and I will do it again and and and he looked at me and hates you, know Robbie always liked you, but man I never had more respect for them right now for you to come in here admit what was going on. He said that that you know that shows leadership in here he was and he said and and what they do and when I told him what with the sales manager had done. He flipped hot at the door he don't worry, Roy thought at it turned out to be this a beautiful conversation. As a result of getting the right counseling and in the Holy Spirit, refraining my feet from what was an evil path and giving me wisdom and a point in time when I really needed it and you can't help but think of that passage in James. He notices and I'll ask for wisdom when you need it and and and he comes through in time and time again everything gets quiet you know it's a beautiful beautiful thing so you know I think there's some great knowledge here on how Jesus can direct our past when we get ourselves sometimes and clearly worked out great for King David with Abigail you know I got of the wife of the and and and and and certainly in my work. Faced with these challenges is no better place to go check with Jesus, thank you for listen

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