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Special Bonus Show - Robby's New Year's Eve Eve Challenge with Dr Carson

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 5, 2022 10:05 am

Special Bonus Show - Robby's New Year's Eve Eve Challenge with Dr Carson

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 5, 2022 10:05 am

Robby's Hosted Steve Noble's Show on Dec 30th with Dr. Carson of Date the Word - fun discussions and calls

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network everyone Christianity meets the everyday issues of light in your home, at work, and even in politics well sometimes have this feeling like he is man alive if maybe you really are meat opportunities I haven't got the hosting show in a long long time but I got the call yesterday on Robbie Gilmore, of the host of the few shows on the Truth Network most people know Mr. Christian car guy, but I get the host like not only is it New Year's Eve Eve just say but but also its theology Thursday and so you know I got a put a call into my favorite geologist like I don't know if you've got one but I really what I knew, I got theology Thursday. I was like oh man, I'm to call my favorite geologist Duane Karsh Dr. Duane Carson and you may know I missed the host date.

The word, but from my experience right there are people that will in this life. Sam, I feel like the luckiest man on earth that when I get to talk about the word of God with somebody and I get to interview different holes all the time whether exchange Frankfurt and all these people we end up with an hour-long discussion on the Bible. After we do our show or whatever and we all just for you notes just like they please. People love the word of God always people that work with us here at the Truth Network and one of these is I gusted my good friend Dr. Duane Carstensen welcome Duane. I'm so good to be here with you and you're exactly right wheel a love for the word of God. I love shared were got with you and excited with you. Happy new year. Yeah, I really corner here and that sort of talk about today is 2022 and so are you listening those of you can call in and we would love for you to call him. That's the whole reason for the show is for audience to take part in it is, what are you excited what you pumped up in 2022 that you feel like God is put it on your heart. Theology wise to study where you where is he taking you what adventurer in his word right because I know you listening the Truth Network you do know that the word is God and you know that it that this is to follow and more in love with his word is to fall more in love with Jesus and so how you how you mindfully setting that up for 2022 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in and share 866-34-TRUTH and if you ever listen to mask and journey are some of the oceans. I do, you may have heard me talk about that we have a practice where we ask God in the month of December to give me a word for the year the upcoming year and and really cool Duane a life ever told you this but in 2021, you know, I've asked God and and he'd given me the word engage the right and we actually did show on the year of last Tuesday not rerecorded it and so I was preparing for that show and I looked through all my journals because Lord gave me this opportunity to share life with him in the mornings and I write down what he teaches me and and so I was reading all my journals.

I went through art.

I spent a lot of great deal. The day Sunday looking through all my journal to see where I felt like I had engaged along the plan of what he had done for me and Anna discovered again will you a lot what yeah I did I discover a whole lot. But what I really discovered was you know it wasn't me engaging God.

It was God engaging me. I'm a are you follow me lacking that yes if you've ever seen the movie Evan Almighty where it came up Genesis 614 all over the place because he was trying to get Evan's attention while lives. That was what he did for me and and you know because were good friends that he'd start a put it on my heart to memorize Scripture and I really had not been doing that in my life until 2021 and he was like Robbie wants to remember because I love the 16 Psalm. I love the idea of in your presence is fullness of joy strike that was the end. And so Allison got to live. Ever wonder how he got there. As you might go back to the beginning and then memorize that song and and and see how he got in your presence is fullness of joy right and and and and you'll find you know he's asking to be preserved.

Alexa and so was I. Memorize that that I got done with that and he said Rob you want to memorize the 13 Psalm in my immediate response was, which is absolutely where is my book. How long is the 13th well if you go 13 Psalm you know the first verses how long Lord only how I will you hide your face from the right and that's the that's the opening so his sense of humor was you know how long will you forget is forever. How will you hide your face resort. The 13 Psalm ended up being like I had no idea when I started memorize met Psalm. What a gift 13 Psalm is but let me to share the last two verses for you. Okay like oh my goodness, because it it says but I have trusted in the Lord's loving kindness which is tested in Hebrew so I have trusted in the Lord's Hasid and in my heart I will rejoice in your issuer in your salvation, but that word salvation in Hebrew is the issue itself in my heart I will rejoice and geez I mean get the picture.

So that I have trusted in your loving kindness and in my heart I'm in a rejoice in your issue. I will sing to the Lord who dealt bountifully with me so how fun is that. And then it says right word. Then it says I think the Lord of dealt bountifully, so I was like now word we going and he says okay now are going to the hundred 19 Psalm must think I'm 66 years I told how the world could I ever write any. What you memorize all 178 versus. There you go. And here we are, and I started in July, yes, and I meant I can commit hundred and 14 that I have that I can but I couldn't. But all 0000, did I get in. He engaged me it wasn't me. I'm just saying and and so guess what we come back a minute sure my word for 2022.

But my question to you is like as your listing what are you excited like where's what's the adventure God has for you in 2022.

Write that that dear Samhan, I can hardly wait to study this and one of the things that that you study just recently Dr. Carson is the date that the whole word idea of the idea of date know where you are getting to know the word and of much deeper level, not just casual but you delighting in the word and you got it.

Appetite for the word with Jesus that works is if you eat, the word becomes a party brings joy to you, then you have these incredible experiences engagements with the Lord is so much fun so you can see we got some serious theology from my favorite geologist coming up that we need your call right is the same. If you guys don't take part so I'm excited I've gotta talk to nobles on his longtime 866. Welcome back to the Steve Noble show Robbie Gilmore filling in for Steve today on theology Thursday and I get to host my favorite geologist since his theology Thursday Dr. Duane Carson with date the word and the question for today that we want to call in and tell us what what has you excited to study in God's word. Where were you where you really thinking man.

This is someplace that I can make traction to date this year and we need to call us to tell us about that.

866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH if you digitally gifted and neat new phones like that. I remember some I could do but nonetheless to Dr. Carson today and if you've never listened to date the word you need to consummate this is awesome stuff every single day insights into the word of God puts it, but today's date is is 1230 and Mark 1234 today. There describe it as Jesus. What is the greatest commandment wanted to know.

And Jesus is already been dealing with the Sadducees and they were asking some tough questions will mail what, what's the greatest commandment Jesus and he said all the hero is the Lord your God is one in Deuteronomy 6. Four then he says to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and might, that's the greatest commandment all comes down to a relationship with God and so form the end of the year December 30 12/30 Mark 1230 that you will be growing in love with the Lord and that you take it from the standpoint of his think about it in the year. How did you grow this past year and then your question would you excited about what he excited about growing next year of knowing more about got one of those components that you want to know about when it comes to theology you think about how God top us. You spend time and you stated that doctrine of adoption you think about justification and how he takes us as a person who is filthy, covered in unrighteousness and he will now cover us with his righteousness, and you study a doctor like justification, he declares us righteous and may indent and then there's reconciliation and then and you got all I: the yellow Indians and just go right down the list, the empty patient and endless sanctification. But it's it's studying God's word so that you know him better and the more you know him the more you can help but love him. We love him, not because we love him, but we love him because he first loved us and looking at 2022. Ill come up with 22 great things to learn about God this year I thought now that is cool so I remember some of the best advice I got one time I got fired from Bob Miller crushing from cheap Eagle back and I think this was in 98 or somewhere right before I bought the dealership and Marshall at end. A friend of mine said because I was all perplexed about what what's my next move where my supposed to go and and this friend of mine of Frank Vanek is his name. He said Robbie what if you always wanted to study in the Bible and you never had time to do an and I said well I really wanted to study leadership in biblical leadership. What is that any civil now you have time, it said what I would do is is digging into that what you wanted to study in the word and then just trust God to meet whatever that other need is for your Gino don't get hung up there. Just go into the word you you been dying to study that will you now have the time to study go study it. What advice that was like and support you to seek first the kingdom will get first things at me first and that's that's when the great things about the new year we get to start this thing over again get the first things lined up again will be those first things that were going after and what's interesting what I want you to said was one of the things just grab me back.

Then I remembered well is that I did. I went into Matthew ahead strong-arming that was that was where I spent a lot of that time and that seek first the kingdom of God was in our front and center in the in that study.

Of those days I can remember well at and it was interesting. You know how he led me not long after to the Christian courage right at end. You know a career out of the car business and into radio that I never would've dreamed in a zillion years right because I was not what I thought I had not spent almost 40 years. My carpet and so who would've thought that that was the next thing in my life, but because of my love for the word and my love of study and that it was like that's where he shut up and that's where he met me and that's where I grew in my relationship with them and so you know you got something out there that you been thinking I want to know 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is your chance to call in and Sharon just think all the people that are listening right in there and then like I don't know if I should call in unison. This is Robbie this is Steve, you know, when you encourage all those other people really like to call okay when you call in, then they see well if he could study this I can study that in the next thing you know, wow, God shows up and we would we would love to have that so so you can gives a preview of what's to Markham since his 1231 1231 will stick with Mark really lists Jesus didn't just give that one answer. You love the Lord your God with all your heart. He says secondly even ask for seconds. But Jesus gives a loose equity says to love your neighbor as yourself. And you know we just roll that real easy conclusion. What's life all about loving God, loving others, loving God, loving others and then evaluate yourself on how to do in 2021 and loving God, loving others, and nails. I move forward with 2022 hello Michael, love God grow in my love for God and increase my love for others.

That was what Paul speaks prayers fruit for the believers that they would always be an increase seen in their love for one another. So Mark 1231 for tomorrow's verse that is so cool because we get you guys have been telling every study in the hundred 19 Psalm and it's all about you. Neither these 10 words that you repeat over and over again one of those his commandments.

And so you hear commandments commandments into the Jewish way of thinking or 613, at but it's nice to narrow them down to wait there is to be easier and we go from there on out there is in South Carolina, then you're on the Steve Noble sugar morning or good evening. I'm so used to saying good morning, there were yeah and I get my work with.

They spread the word no.

The Lord I'm actually an old guy multiyear hear the word of God my lunch break around like that word of God's need to be planters of the black box. The Bible right Dave. Vernon McGee now. I love it I love absolutely in fact I have a dear friend is really saved you know 3J. Vernon McGee when he was listening to that between sales calls this power. Then, I can't tell you how glad I have you called because I like that that's a great way to live and how to get a break then you hang out with me right back and theology Thursday Robbie Gilmore filling in for Steve with my favorite geologist Wayne Carson but we have been as in South Carolina and when we left our hero Ben Ames talk about last year this time you're on a ventilator. So what was going on there. Well I made it really what might go but I don't and I count a lot about, but I was thinking we just need to return an epidemic like an epidemic for Christ in the word of God like what coronavirus is been turned most of the devil from the devil.

God will make good of his word, my word will not return void thank you guys. You know when I just wanted to say I be deliberate when you see people you get some stairs every once in a while, but give them a little bit of something that they can could put your teeth into spending, and I can't think of anybody better, but there's a few more but I'm looking for some young guy that can turn that boy boy they can pick up on the word of God and talk to their people and their language that people, like to hear sometimes so awesome I Dr. Carson's tell me been a second ago about his son and the college that is in now.

Tell Ben about it is over with Mid-America Memphis and Dave getting there that's it's been part of their requirement is that you do soul winning a once a week and I love that the my sons in a place that is emphasizing evangelism. You know that in your blood. People say they don't have the gift of evangelism will is not so much that you have the gift you have the requirement the he says to Timothy do the work of an evangelist in each one of us have a story and guides that constant working on the story so we can share how he's working in our lives so that others can know that he can work in their lives, and that the things is happening you over this past year is now giving you an opportunity, a platform to share more about what God can do in a person's life in first and foremost is that story of salvation shared how God loves every person he wants to see them come to a personal relationship with them if I would hope that every listener for 2022 is thinking right now.

Want to see at least one person come to know the Lord and Savior this year and that may mean that we witnessed 100 before we see the one but that there are be that passionate. Paul had Romans 10, one that he had a burden that he would seek Israel Saybrook who put put someone else's name in Romans 10, one set of it will put a person's name, their family member relative to associate a neighbor's only sake I just I've got to see them save. Lord, I'm begging you please give me the opportunity to share the Lord with them here in 2022. So awesome.

Ben, thank you for calling.

I was courageous and I'm so great that there yeah glad you're welcome. Always look at is no such word in the dental thing right there. Okay with it card something that would just nobody like out an old Boy Scout wasn't supposed to be doctors, but we could give the first day that could save a lot. That's right first date scriptures that can say there's truth in the word. That's the reason I like the guy that not dogmatic, but you girl.

I don't agree with everything all these people so I am on a list with you know them is that of the people to anyone on the station download that I'm talking on mailing elements but once a week a little more spot duck at night on the radios and stuff like that for truck drivers.

Just down the road toward God. At another thing that he said that was very, very interesting. Make it must be nearly cited yet well another thing that he said that I quoted you know what you since you lather and stuff like that but the other thing was, you don't have to do for dandelion. They got it from somebody clouded that you don't have to get him to lie to work on the line and let it work.

Praise God, and not allow get up there, thank you so much Ben. I impregnate you, thank you thank you call and you can see how encouraging it is a been called and you can call encourage. We hope you will 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth that you know it's funny about what he just said what Benson is. That's how I got saved is that somebody turned the line latest but actually I was selling cars and I want to be able to sell more cars and so I I bought the tapes that the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent.

Why no clue what I was in for. In the very first line. I can't tell you anything about that series other than this is what he said if you want a positive mental attitude. You need to get up an hour early every morning an hour earlier spray that God can show you what this word says and then read the Bible and I thought, are you out of your mind and sell cars. I don't want to pick it that suggestion changed everything because you know he came after me in that reading and and through that I came to know Jesus and and like just like he said you turn it loose on somebody if there really read it it it it it does not come back void. It doesn't come back void and it didn't think of it like that CDE gets planted and it doesn't work that it's it's miraculous. It's a miraculous work.

The seed is going to die, but no comes to life and it brings forth fruit and you have talked about that before and and what were like well if I don't I don't know if M would offend him.

It just turn the word loser person's life shared fruit with them and in their lives will little by little. Be completely changed and won't be then to get the change to be the word of God and more changes their lives. And I can assure you that is that that is on unbelievably powerful we have Joseph is in North Carolina so Joseph year on the Steve Noble show good afternoon gentlemen. Very impressive, very very inspiring and encouraging to hear you. I'll be great like a couple comments on what you said Bobby, I please the memorization of the word of God so incredibly powerful and I'm coming across your not getting a little because of the power of the word of God robbing what you dine to memorize all 13 very powerful.

The word of God is living yes my occupation is the light under the psychological, mental health paradigm that intersects law people in very critical situations in my work life is very very the living word of God so many times because it's a lie between my ears.

It is about my cat and I know I have. I have a knowing that is so supernatural by Holy Spirit. I cannot say how important what you can share today with living word of God. Take the time that discipline, self-control, and I do mean self-discipline to go before the Lord our God most high. Memorize his Word is so critically important and I worked for the airline 25 years I've spent a lot of time in Israel family but all I could tell you whether it's during a missile warning ordinance your whatever wherever my life is been one thing is not changed and that is the living word of God. So thank you about being on a both of you for propagating and sharing the word of the Lord our God, I cannot thank you enough today highlighting those what you said about memorizing the word of God it out. I'll conclude with that. There is a crockpot trifecta studying the word of God memorizing the word of God and having your mind as an open vessel.

The lesson here could be all ears. What he saying in regard to his living word and I will quickly but that gentlemen shall also be well you are saying that just God bless you, thank you so much for calling and in the well. I'm looking forward to 2022 and all these wonderful saints are out there like you said Less and I join you and many blessings upon your head into the homes where and when you dwell gentlemen to lie so is as Joseph was doing that he was Dr. Carson Triangle going man, you're right on your right on that stove expound over and over and over we hear people say and what they can't do will tell God that you can't and start letting him help you with the most important thing to do is get this one got into your heart word if I hid in my heart that I may not said something like Verizon so start thinking those new years resolution on the life force a day. Yes to God.

I will be right back. Welcome back side robbing him or filling in on theology Thursday with my favorite geologist Dr. Carson date the word and we need you because your you may may be my one of my favorite geologist out there. Your call 8663 for 878841 he excited about in 2022. What you looking forward to study and 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got an is in North Carolina and you're on the Steve Noble show good evening. I went outside and I was hoping I was like man I hope that's because talk about it geologist.

One of my favorite favorite favorite actress geologist I've ever met my life.

I have to say that you study the word and you have a love for like oh my goodness, it's so sweet.

I got outside right now how to lie in bed and say that I keep praying that you and I think that's so important to keep like a great like Brett Chris and Dave Chapelle date and we all that old. Why glycolic now like 13 pictures in all the wrong kind of people like doing me how I know guy I want that finally in New York City and 94 line.

What got you something like that.

Roger wanted to give you like, well, I don't think that not just my I quietly loaded that point on I like knowing that this all night and he gave me a word a couple years ago you need you with all the same time to get you everywhere time may God to their dictionaries. I like this mouthful right there is everyplace and replace all the same time I think what the next morning I looked, I just flamed my my, you know where he should have you bring up an awesome point which you do is that he knows our hearts better than we do and he knows the word that flips your switch like that would not want not flipped my switching he knew you and I made any word like he gave me that word.

You know, to engage and I promised her I would tell them my word for it and am so excited about my word for 2022 that I that God gave me. And here it is the light. This and which in Hebrew is Rhett's own and and so we just have to do this well is his delight in and so it's really really neat.

Those words right in back with this temperament, I write but I think Conan is always such a blessing to talk for those of you don't know and is an amazing actress on Coast Guard I theater also at one point time of adventures in Odyssey and so many other Broadway, off-Broadway Hollywood things that she's done over the years just what a gift to the kingdom. Thank you and guide you.

Yes so ubiquitous Dr. Carson. That's a mouthful thing theology Thursday theology greatest promise. God ever made. I will never leave you or forsake you will happily do that based on what you just sit right there. He has that ability on the present he is with every one of us. He's not just with me.

He's with you.

He's with every believer all over this. Will he never leaves never forsakes what an incredible got a little worried amazing God that is that it is easy. God might come to like it. After well that's it is like man yeah because when you think about that.

You know that unfortunately the only person who ever had to spend a moment without the father was was Jesus himself and the only person who ever really know experience that separation. In that way, was Jesus. He became sin.

The pain that must've been taken place lacrosse with that separation took place and again he did that because he's taken our sins and again that's going to cause us to cry out worthy is the Lamb beetle for those relisting right now just a reminder going to the 2022. God will never leave you nor forsake you the eat the Christmas word has been Emmanuelle God with us and I don't know what you may be going through right now at their it could be something physical could be something financial could be something relational. God is with you. As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is with you.

God with you. I love what she just sit there never leaves never forsakes his Robbie in the good section. There is some is just like that. Along those lines, and so precious to me as I meditated over what it is that the Psalmist said that what he said as I know in this know in Hebrew is yada which means you know that's a real get to know somebody, you know, that's deep intimacy. I know God that your judgments are right and that in faithfulness you afflicted me so that you didn't afflict me, unless you had something that was really that that was for my good and then he says the next. The this is let I pray the thy merciful kindness be under me for my comfort.

According to thy word on that. I serve them well that that that word comfort. There is like this, like, okay, God, I know I need a spanking but can I have a hug that's that's where I go without me. I realize that okay you know this was something that he had for me but it was in right right you know it was it was his faithfulness to me right at and then he then okay, that was hard. Can I have a hug hearing you to give a hug to someone else when they're going through it that God has that big picture. You know he's working in our lives so that later on he can use this to work in someone else's lives in that. That's the big picture that God has for us in light begins to make sense what weird when I don't understand what's going on this. Things have happened in 2021. Did that make all the since 2022 will start making sense because someone will been going through a trial that God has been prepared a testimony so they can share with someone else is going to the trial have got works. I'll give you little sneak preview I just recorded to New Year's Day ship encouraging pressure would change banks day at and it's we are now a year closer to Jesus and so as we date the word right there for 1 January and I want to cool thing that we are closer than we've ever been.

I always heard something on advertising but to go build it. Billy Graham and Billy Graham. I heard state that every day we woke up, except perhaps today word for today. Perhaps today the war will come will be home with him. So we gotta be fervent about our work because this could be the last day while in our it's really really been a pleasure. I can tell you I like I said I'm like yes ma'am I got to do this with my friend today that Steve gave me this opportunity, but also I got to share with you the listers a Truth Network, but maybe it's all possible right in so many different ways course, God made it possible for us but what a neat thing to join together you know clearly for me 20 years ago. I didn't know anybody you know none of these these folks for the Truth Network and always put all the saints in my life right in and if you go back to that that first saw me told me to memorize the 16th. It says right in that's online it says you know essentially in your saints, and I'm completely divided so wow delighted yes so we get to love God and love others. In 2022. Happy new year my friend Carson check out the word coming your way every day and Steve will be back with you. I'm sure soon. Thanks again so much for this first another program powered by the Truth Network

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