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Pslams 119:103 Asking The Boss That's Sweeter Than Sweet

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 7, 2022 9:48 am

Pslams 119:103 Asking The Boss That's Sweeter Than Sweet

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 7, 2022 9:48 am

Psalms 119:103 How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

When you have the really big questions, who do you go to - The Boss. This delight in the fear of the Lord verse for the Mem section gives insight to how great a Boss/King we have - sweeter than sweet.

Plus Robby's story to illustrate ...

Psalms 119:103


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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. Oh how I love them and oh how I love the light of the Lord will no doubt I would love this verse today as we get to dig around today. In the memo section of the hundred 19 Psalm. Specifically, verse 103 which is the seventh verse which if were following the anointing of Isaiah 11.

This would be at the light in the fear of the Lord, and if you missed out on this when I but you know when you get the idea of the ma'am which is Messiah, which is Jesus which is King which is more regular so much. We talked about water and then here we get to this verse is like a goodness so verse 103 in English reads.

How sweet are thy words onto my taste. J sweeter than honey to my mouth so there's some delight right there, but there's even more delight in the Hebrew in my month in my view, and that that the first starts like the first verse of the memo section. You might remember it says oh how I love by law without how is actually the word ma in Hebrew, which is MM Anna hey and so it's like if you think about what the hay is mean something expressed what was being expressed. The ma'am itself is being expressed and so fascinatingly this is an interrogative pronoun now.

It's funny to me that I used to hate English when you studied all the nouns and pronouns and all that other kind of stuff but the idea of an interrogative pronoun is okay these are the big questions like how in this case or what do I do now or who is responsible and interrogative pronoun is trying to to get somewhere and it's really really cool that they in Hebrew this word ma because it's it's even God when the first time you find this word is when God, you know, that of an even like who told you, you know what what what was the reason you rate the same of the that's the big questions right and and the beauty of my is when we've got big questions usually take him to I mean who the boss right. The delight in the fear the Lord is telling us here that that we can go with our biggest questions to the one who sweeter than honey. The word write the word itself is Christ, and Christ is the word, and so here you have got this unbelievable idea that he illustrates with this beginning of the verse right was gonna start with this ma'am is going to give us a delight in the fear the Lord. This should explain to us why ma white and in its really really cool that the words we also begins with the ma'am and so to go more sweet. He throws out another memo on top of the word sweet and when you go stand sweeter than honey, what, when he goes just sweeter. He throws another ma'am on top of the ma'am, and you get this idea of more sweet so you know you get this combination of what a king does right, he makes the kingdom like fit like a place for trigger for his subject and and for a king, and I can remember how my father loved to provide for us in so many neat ways take us to fancy restaurants in our to Disney World or whatever and, and kings love to delight in giving us sweetness, but they also delight in the neck when we come to them with the big questions and so this this idea of mama like why likewise is going on, and so I've got a story that may not seem like it sweeter than honey, but it ends up sweeter than honey and in so many different ways because it taught me so much because when you got those big questions. That's what I like to you use the five llama JAMA Catherine Jammer prayer. I've talked about in other episodes where you just listen you. You take a big question to God to Jesus like you would, you know, here's the boss that's the delight in the fear the Lord to take this big question to him because we know that his words are going to be sweeter than honey to our taste or to be sweeter than sweet even though they may not be what you're expecting as you process it further. You're gonna find that it will be so one of the big questions that I talked to them when we lost the dealership and we lost all her money and all we had been obviously this is very very difficult on our children who were in high school my daughter was a junior in high school.

My son was a senior in high school and the turmoil in the family was crazy because they had been pretty well provided for. We lived really well and that all the sudden we didn't have anything. It was quite a shock. And so my daughter decided to go to work at Panera bread, and when she did she fell in love with her boss who was at the point time she was 17 and he was as I recall, 23, and this led to very difficult relationship.

As you might imagine. My daughter was a junior in high school, but she felt warm head over heels and within just a few months she wanted to marry him. I mean seriously like they were going to get married like she was dropping out of school and they were getting married and it's in. She was in a Christian school, we have the same height as gorgeous talked about the last episode she was in that school. But this was like a freight train that had come on us and I could not stop her mother and I were both dressed up in arms and so you might imagine, this was a question that was above my pay grade 8, so the night of Tess's wedding right and she was getting married of the magistrate. It was in the wedding that you would plan for your daughter. It was just awkward. I will mourn all the details but the difficult thing was this was ripping her dad's heart out and she was dropping out of school and marrying this guy had 17. It was very, very difficult and so I am at night in employing the five llama JAMA Catherine Jammer prayer, which is just simply thrown a question other like why God or what this is interrogative pronoun like what is going on or you know that that that's the deal and after you really didn't quiet before the Lord and spending time with him and and and just allowing him tell me what it is that you want to tell me share share with me what it is really going on, and so he is often he does. He throws these words into my mind and I know that they were thought that I did not think what he said was, he said Robbie are you morning the loss of what I have for your daughter tests are you mourning the loss of what your dreams for your daughter tests are reticent feel all that sweet with when you get that and and then he added this little thing that doesn't again sound all that sweet. He said you know you will mourn more of your plans for tests, then you are morning now, but this is what I have for your daughter and in this is this is what and it the neat thing about the. The answer he gave me was he was right on the money. I told you know invested in all this that my daughter was going to go to college and she was going to do this that and the other in midweek. Serve God in our all that work right and and there were some really difficult time for test based on the decisions that she made. She wasn't pregnant when she got married but it wasn't long and she got pregnant and we had our granddaughter Lila, which is by the way, one of the joys or joys of my life is my granddaughter Lila and her husband that turned out to be very difficult situation and they divorced very shortly because he started cheating on her and you can imagine the difficulties that that she went through.

However, to her credit until you know God's credit and she went back got her GED yourself then went into the you know community college program and got her nursing degree and then from there she is a nurse. She became a nurse at Baptist Hospital and then they put her in college to get her other nursing bachelor's degree at University of North Carolina Greensboro and and I can't even believe all that my daughter of those kind of things have happened as it is, God is just taking care of her in ways that are on believable and taking care of my granddaughter and the joy that is been between our family.

In other words, I have a phenomenal relationship with my daughter tests.

I have a phenomenal relationship with my granddaughter Lila that it wasn't at the expense of all. It shenanigans up in that. Yet, this was a moment of truth.

Where were you just don't know what to do when we went to it with Jesus and Jesus made it clear to me that his plans are way better than my plans that sometimes I need to let go of my plan and and and allow him to do what it is that he is doing and as it turns out right because I accepted it by faith. It was sweet. It gave me that even that night that I got that word it meant became a lot of tears, but he gave me an understanding that you know it's a delight in the fear the Lord.

It's like he has this even when it makes no sense and fit it make anything that night but it was a complete delight in the fear Lord because I knew his words are sweeter than honey, when we have the big cube questions. Those with the Ma. Those are the ones go to the king for answers right now. I help this is where so is almost a finish of member section next time because it's so so so so fresh.

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