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Psalms 119:112 Stetching Your Heart For Holiness

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 21, 2022 10:03 am

Psalms 119:112 Stetching Your Heart For Holiness

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 21, 2022 10:03 am

Psalms 119:112 I have inclined mine heart to perform thy statutes alway, even unto the end.

A miracle verse having our hearts stretched to perform holiness to shine the light of our candles... Once you've seen it you never forget it. Robby shares his story.

Psalms 119:112

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 hello I love the miracle versus and we will miracle verse today. The Newman section, which has to do with our faith.

It is to do with our soul and what a beautiful one. This is verse 112 today and it reads in English.

I have been climbed. My heart performed by statutes all away even under the end. And so you can't help but know that wow it's interesting to me that this miracle verse here in the nun section is very, very similar to the miracle verse in the aleph section which you might remember. He said you know I will keep your statutes. Forsake me not utterly.

That was the end of the aleph section and the end of the bed section.

It says I will delight myself in my statutes, and your word. I'll never forget and so here we come to the nun section and we kind of see this concept again only here is inclining his heart and I do love this word in climates with very similar to the word pitch like you would pitch a tent and so it's a stretching forth and so you might remember in Exodus. There were several passage where he talked about how he would redeem Israel with an outstretched with a mighty hand and outstretched arm with that word outstretched is the same word that that that the psalmist use here to talk about what he's doing with his heart he eats stretching it to to the statutes which are these holy when you look at that word in Hebrew.

It's a hat and a cliff, and the idea of that to me is is this idea of Mary Dowling SME Mrs. a.

These are the things that really really really really holy. Those commandments and when you review those and in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy. You can see that these are the things that are pretty hard understand and so again we get this idea of when our hearts long before we have eyes to see, and so when we incline our hearts and we stretch our hearts for holiness for for our our union for God and holiness. Then you know this is a it's a miracle that we actually get to do this because unfortunately my eyes will go to sin so quickly. It's unbelievable how quickly I see things I shouldn't say or how quickly I you know what I'm looking chainsaw parts or whatever it is that I may be looking for where my heart is my eyes just can go right there.

So if we can stretch our hearts for God's holiness than all we get to see that light that are none. You see our little candles. There are no good unless they reflect the light right and settle.

You gotta have that light in a far hearts. You see, are inclined.

If they're stretched for God's holiness well is loneliness is his glory right and working to see this light and when see this light in so many different things you know and and I just go back to you know when I was one of the August points my life that I would consider to be the lowest when I had the infection in my brain and that was called an abscess in and you might remember my head was swelling and I was in this phenomenal pain and God sent a Ramona Seachrist and Ramona Seachrist. You see, she she was what she was the miracle verse right. She was the light that my soul needed. In other words, when she came in and I realized it was her and I knew that God had sent her.

You see, I saw God's face and that is all the holiness and that was the light that I needed desperately in this particular situation right that that are little; little but our souls need there there. These candles right but they can't reflect something that isn't there an answer was, we can see God's holiness in our daily you know it is as you're studying this and you all of a sudden spot God will immediately when you spot God, that's is holiness and you now begin to reflect that you see in and so it's completely a miracle that we get to see it because unfortunately our dark our sinful nature wants to see other things but when God pitches our hearts. When he stretches puts that tension on our hearts to see this light all my goodness what a phenomenal light that will be which is critical as we are going through this letter because this would again be our transition organ to go from the nun section to the sonic section and and the sonic section, you get to see the power of God and some very, very unique ways and I can't even imagine going into the sonic section without having some sense of God's holiness is literally for in so many ways you can get blown away immediately.

Almost in the sonic section. If you don't have some light to guide you as is this power in the structure of of what's coming is so critical to what God's doing to build the church right so we have the ma'am section that we did before we got the nun actually Christ right and now we've got this light that we can take to the earth to tenant that's you know hopefully out from underneath a bushel and up on the top of the hill and now as we come in the community with the sonic and the power of that in the might of what's gonna happen. It's going to be absolutely beautiful. So what an adventure were on and we need these miracles that will be see the light in an orderly reflection for you today is just when did I know that I saw that my heart was pitched to see that light and it just lit up my my soul in ways that I can reflect my family. The other people.

I hope you saw that and for you that keeping is to love him with all your heart, with all yourself and with all your strength. You, thanks for the

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