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Psalms 119:114 - Strength in Numbers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 3, 2022 12:16 pm

Psalms 119:114 - Strength in Numbers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 3, 2022 12:16 pm

Psalms 119:114 Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.


The idea of nullification 1/60th of something as the understanding of the wisdom or application of the Branches that abide... Robby shares a story.

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Treasurers of health funds without letter sonic and the actual understanding that would come wisdom that we got 13 today rotund about verse 114 first on apologize because once again I should've said we'll talk about this tomorrow. God willing, well, I apologize that we can have a podcast for couple days because that fertilizer fire in Winston-Salem North Carolina. You made heard about is actually only about a thousand yards right across the railroad tracks from our station and so we were evacuated on Tuesday we were never allowed to come to the station Tuesday morning. Are we here yesterday but I did get in the day and we are at Canterbury you this verse, which again is the second in the sonic and we talked about before that the sonic has to do with the number 60 which in Hebrew, or to the Jewish culture as much about that number that has to do with nullification and that word nullification and 60 has a lot to do with this particular verse which women are treated in the English and then go into why that's so cool that it's related to the number 60 because the sonic itself.

I should say maybe before we get started is looks like the letter zero.

It has so much to do with support, you know, it is far as like the way that you would sit in a circle in order to get support to the community. This is the church. The idea behind unity as we talked about in the first episode. So the understanding of this is absently spectacular. From my standpoint as we get into this first date says thou art my hiding place and my shield. I hope in my word, and so this verse really one week when you compare the verse 116 which will get to here in a few days when when Lord willing.

It's gonna be a really neat comparison between those two verses because they bear so related in this thought that he is bringing with this idea and again in Jewish culture. They're all about eating kosher, you may have heard that and so like if you were to have a pot of stew that had made an edit if it had any milk in it would not be kosher. However, if that milk right amounted to less than 1/60 of that the student then it would be considered nullified and and so that idea of nullification has to do with this letter.

60 at once something is been cut by more than 60% are brought you of the number 60, then it becomes nullified so that they actually teach that like this is really cool I think that the prophecy is 1/60 the 60th of a dream and there's lots of things that they have to do that that they talk about this nullification idea well when he says, thou art my hiding place. If you can think about that. If you're in a school of fish and there were 60 you know you would not be so easy to get that there's a lot of support that sin that that idea of nullification. So when we are his hiding place and a lot of times once were in the church, then we as being part of the crowd are not so easy to take on.

Just like the idea of the you know the baby seal that you know trying to avoid the note.

Tiger shark or whatever the situation may be your white shark. You know if there's a whole school of seals. You know it there's a more formidable situation and the same thing is here that his church. In this case when he starts out that very idea of hiding has to do with this idea of nullification and this idea of how we get support from the body of Christ from his church, and so how cool is it that is. We hope in my word that we as we join in the body of Christ, and we become more the church we find ourselves in this place of safety that has to do with being in community and and then he says that he's also my shield, which if you think about it, and of King David was all about the military writer mainland fought in the whole Lotta battles and and and is in the case of of Christ and his word. You know he's using.

This is not just his hiding place, but also his shield as as another way that the sonic supports the psalmist and so he says then I hope in my word, and and so you know when you look at this practically you know what we talked about many times about my accidents and how the church came and rallied around me and and the opportunity that you may have is is live very similar figures out I'll never forget that. You might remember I talked about that. I was crushed by a Jeep and almost lost my left leg and I was in a wheelchair there for a couple years because they had to do several surgeries to get my leg back to where it was supposed to be.

In the meantime you know this came about where I had the opportunity to be the church for somebody else because almost immediately I got a call from somebody our Sunday school class thing would you go visit this other man in the hospital is just had a motorcycle accident and he has almost the same injury to his leg that you had with your leg west of the cool thing is, even though that was over 20 years ago. To this day.

You know, every time we see each other there still a bond there that came from this sonic this idea being in community you know that I could be there for him to share with him the things he was going to encounter based on the injury that he had to his leg in the in the different apparatuses that he would be involved in in the different processes, but as just as it is no second Corinthians chapter 1 says the God of all comfort comforts us with the comfort that we been comforted with what this idea again has to do with the church right it so many times we are given opportunities. I know idea how many cancer patients. I've spoken to as result of being healed from cancer. I have no idea how many people that have had similar financial problems. You know, as a result of theft and those kind of things that I went through that it had a chance to talk to and it's amazing to me how cool it is that God is provided this idea of sonic this idea of community and how much he is our shield and and and this whole idea here of this letter. As you begin to see it and understand that as we push into Christ were literally pushing into his church, and as we push into his church. We get this wisdom we get this understanding that we then have Christ as both are hiding place and harsh, somewhat philistine. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Lord willing

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