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Psalms 119:115 Breaking Fellowship

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 4, 2022 8:50 am

Psalms 119:115 Breaking Fellowship

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 4, 2022 8:50 am

Psalms 119:115 Depart from me, ye evildoers: for I will keep the commandments of my God.

Hard words, yet Jesus uses them in Matthew 7:23 - Ho does this fit into the counsel of the letter Samech. Robby shares along with a story.

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 row.

I finally another treasure this time.

In verse one, 15 were still in some section and as we follow along in our template that we but I certainly just marveled at how this all fits the template of Isaiah 11 anointing's of the wisdom, understanding, counsel, might knowledge your Lord in the light with your Lord of of Christ that occur since every letter has an anointing because every letter is Christ in you get this and and and so here we see phenomenal from counsel when it comes to the summit and the whole idea that we talked about the sonic of community of of the church you know in an idea of the number 60 which is the number of the letter sonic which has to do with nullification.

We talked about all these things that have to do with the strength in numbers and then we come to this today which gets back to this idea of the very first verse which you might remember, vain thoughts.

I hate was these broken off branches. These people that are in derision and so verse 115 in English reads depart from me, you evildoers, for I will keep the commandments of my God and and this verse Jesus certainly quoted in the sermon on the mount of it in Matthew 723 right when the heat unit was going into while many will say that they did this Matt, but when they get there. He's gonna say depart for me, you workers of iniquity is a very scary verse in Matthew but it points to this idea that the broken off branches. The people are not truly abiding.

The people are really not in Christ are workers of iniquity. They are doing things for their own benefit, rather than for the kingdom and their broken author not there not attached and so you know it's kind of an interesting thing that part of the wisdom here and I will.

It's the wisdom of the sonic is obviously that he hates broken off branches that the Council here because were always counsel is trying to get you on the path that you get on the path well. The best news you can think when it comes to the sonic is in order to stay on the path you can have a bunch of people that are broken off branches, giving you counsel and and so here the psalmist tells you, you know you need to tell depart, and so is interesting thing and II really think that when you study Matthew 18, where Jesus goes into what you do, it starts in Matthew 1815 Webb somebody trespasses against you and this is really when you think about the idea of the sonic and the idea of the church.

It gives you an example of how you do this, how you get people to depart from you in a biblical way so that you might remember when you're brother trespasses against your sins against your supposed to go to them you know there obviously a broken author branch release for that active sometime in your supposed to go to them and have a discussion with them in private. Right just you and them and if they repent and lives good. I mean, they're back in the you know you know abiding position where you go, but it's as if they don't, what you do more than you go to the elders right and in and were here's the idea of the sonic once again strength in numbers coming back into agreement. Is this what's really going on. You're getting good counsel in your writing. Here in Matthew 18 and the elders say, and oh yeah this is what's going on so they meet with this person's person still want repent and what then you go to the whole 60. I mean you go to the whole church right and and and think the wisdom that's involved in that. I can't tell you, you know how many times I've seen people violate this with all group of people comes to somebody before ever anybody ever went to them as an individual works, you know, I see this all the time at work were in Illinois to be a manager and people would come to me with a problem that they have a coworker and you'd ask him every ever talk to him about it will no they come to you while you not.

Fortunately, Jesus gave us this idea of knowing that since you're in this community in the church you have this backing right and you can say, depart from me, you evildoers and and know that as you know, put the process in place.

Eventually, the idea of Matthew 18 is to restore the person into abiding right.

That's the idea of all of it right is is it is God is all about redeeming all of us right and he doesn't hope it anymore. So is not a matter of of of trying to get people broken off forever.

It's an idea of when they realize a consequence of what they've done is the dinner break fellowship than it it it it. They start to begin to want to repent and that's the idea is that as they come back into abiding the way you go so you I thing is phenomenal counsel just phenomenal counsel there. In Matthew 18 and especially when it comes to this whole idea of community and in the sonic and and so you know the story would be for me. I I've told you about my office manager that sold this money and it was a tragic, tragic situation and it is always been my heart that she would be restored completely, but I did go to her personally. You know and ask what's going on and she unfortunately lied to me right and and so then we had the hopes we had her come in front of the whole board of the of the dealership. At the time. In other words, we went to the elders and and and once again she she wouldn't comment or whatever and and so eventually you know the entire organization had depart from us evildoers and and and she went to court and and all that stuff happen. According the process, all in hopes in it. Still, my that that Frankie and my relationship would be renewed because she was a dear friend.

She was Mossman. She was a stockholder in the company I and we work together for a number years and it really is my hope that that we both into abiding in the vine right that that she has that love doesn't want anybody to spend eternity away from the love of Christ to mean who wants that and so is this is our opportunity to follow this wisdom of the sonic that there comes a point where people need to know there's a consequence to what they do in a broken fellowship is really a powerful powerful means of repentance because nobody wants to be left out, nobody will know but doesn't want to be part of of what's going on and I could have seen it time and again and I hope you have too. This counsel right you go to them first.

Just on your own hope and that there repent and you get more sonic with the right you get more of the church with you to go in and then eventually unfortunately you gotta go all the way and of course Jesus doesn't want that day aware he's standing there and stand apart from me. He wants you. Nobody wants you to come to know him. He wants you to accept what he did on the cross and and he wants to to live in him and put in abiding in my minutes, the whole idea is that verse in Matthew seven, no love, no joy, no peace, no patient ever what wisdom is there in the sonic anointing of counsel given here are verse sonic section apart from me, you evildoers.

I may do the commandments

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